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Soldiers of Misfortune



2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
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2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
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Soldiers of Misfortune RPG Open Beta Version 0.1

Design: Kyle Aho & Closed Beta Testers

Art: Vlad Walent Gheneli, Kyle Aho

Closed Beta Testers: Victoria T., Jesse K., Greg I., Alex O., Josh W., Reese M., Bob P, Mark F.,
Don W., Gaurav G., Max L., Nick W., Mike P., Mike R., Jesse D.

Contact us at to provide feedback for the game, ask questions, send
us pictures of your group or just to say Hi!. Wed love to hear from you!

A Soldiers of Misfortune Publication
@SoldiersOfMisfortune on Instagram

Copyright 2017 Soldiers of Misfortune

All rights reserved.

First published in 2014 by Kyle Aho.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or

transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,
recording, or otherwise, without the prior express permission of the publisher.

However, if youre doing it for personal use with your buddies then go for it.

Thats not only allowed, it is encouraged as this is a free roleplaying game.

For those working at a copy shop and not at all sure if this means
the person standing at your counter can make copies of this document, they can.

This is express permission. Proceed.

We hope you have fun playing in the world weve created!

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
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Corporations run the universe. They provide the products we use every day and supply us with the
money to buy them. That feeling of safety and stability they advertise only means their marketing
campaigns are working. Every aspect of our lives is controlled or manipulated in some way by people
at the top of the corporate food chain and we are forced to live in their shadows.

Most companies are willing to conduct clandestine operations to drive their competitors into the
ground. Blackmail, vandalism, thievery, kidnapping and murder are just some of the ways companies
knock each other down a peg. No self-respecting businessman would sully his hands with such a
project, thus an underground network of civilian operatives fills that need.

Individuals who are brave (or insane) enough to assist in these secret missions are rewarded with
either a fat check or a dirt nap. Due to the dangerous and unpredictable nature of these missions,
civilian operatives are often called

Soldiers of Misfortune

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
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A Letter From The Designer

Hello Soldier of Misfortune,

Over the years I have played a lot of tabletop RPGs, tabletop miniature games, card games, board
games and video games. While many have held my interest none have been the perfect storm of
form, function and fun. I want to change that.

Using those products as inspiration I created what you are now reading with the intention of making a
game I absolutely love playing. All my favorite themes and mechanics bundled into one single product
that I could never get bored of.

It has not been easy and it is far from over.

You are looking at an open beta version of this game, which means I am still developing new and
exciting content for it but I want people like yourself to start playing and give me some feedback.

Each update moves one step closer to the ultimate goal of making the perfect game.

Thank you for playing!


2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
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What You Need

If this is your first time playing a paper-and-pencil role playing game you may not be familiar with
everything you need to begin playing. Dont worry, well help you out.

A decent-sized table
Some dice, coins or poker chips (for counters)
A standard deck of cards for each player
A couple of friends
A gaming mat (optional)
Character figurines (optional)
Some snacks / drinks (required)

If you choose to you can print out the character sheets available for download on the SoM website to
keep your character stats and gear more organized than with regular lined paper.

An old photo of early beta testing.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
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How To Play
To begin you need at least one player character (PC) and one game master (GM). Ideally there would
be two or more PCs. The GM can also add non-player characters (NPCs) to the group.

The GM will have prepared a contract or campaign ahead of time. This can be a detailed write up
with maps and reference images or a few notes and a lot of improvisation.

Then the GM will explain the setting and give the players some sort of introduction and an objective.
Seeing as you are soldiers of misfortune, a new contract is a simple way to begin. Players will take
turns asking questions and declaring their actions while the GM narrates the outcome. As you do
things that require skill from your character you will flip cards to determine the success or failure of
such actions.

As events unfold the GM will gradually reveal more of the story and the players will become further
entwined in whatever this particular contract has asked of them. Toward the end of the session they
will reach some sort of climax, cliffhanger or maybe just a good lull in the action and decide to stop.
Next week theyll do it all over again.

Sample Game Play

A small group of two players and one GM have gathered on this particular evening and have already
finished creating characters. Balton is an infamous gambler with an android handler / bodyguard
named Dhalia. They are tasked with taking care of a local politician who is trying to make it illegal for
synthetic life forms to baby sit children under a certain age. Their employer, a company well known
for its caretaking androids (who Balton happens to owe a favor), doesnt like this idea. We are at the
end of the session and they have already found out the politician will be speaking at a hotel nearby
but security is tight.

Dhalia: Can I hack into the hotel security system Dhalia: Thats OK, where does the help go in? Is
and watch any of the cameras? I want to try and there a restaurant in back or a staff door?
find the path of least resistance to our mark.
GM: There is definitely a restaurant with doors
GM: You could probably hack it if you were inside at the back of the building for staff and supplies.
already but its a closed network so you cant You could get in that way but there is a pretty
from out in the hover vehicle. strict dress code that neither of you are following.

Balton: How many guards are out front? Could Dhalia: What about a fire escape?
we just walk through?
GM: There are several fire escapes and other
GM: There are four guards out front. Two are unmanned maintenance doors around the
on lookout and two are patting people down building but they are all locked from the inside.
for weapons. You could maybe get through but
youd have to be unarmed. Also, since Dhalia is Dhalia: Thats what they made digi-keys for. Lets
synthetic they may be suspicious. go to the door with the least light and traffic.

Balton: Well Im not going in without my revolver. GM: On the west side of the building is a door that
happens to have a light out. Make a perception
flip, challenge rating 3.
2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
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Dhalia, with a Perception of 4 gets to flip up to four janitors outfit and a waiters outfit. Dhalia you
cards. She flips her cards and declares her suit, find some pretty tough stain removal supplies.
resulting in a 14. Balton only has 2 perception
and declares the better of his two cards resulting Dhalia: Nifty.
in 7. The GM flips 3 cards and declares his suit,
getting a 9. Balton: I show the outfits to Dhalia. Can we use
GM: Dhalia, you see a security camera pointed
toward the door. Balton, theres a pretty cool Dhalia: Hmm... I have an idea. You put on the
looking coin on the ground. janitor outfit and Ill put on the waiter outfit and
we can-
Balton: Im gonna pick it up!
GM: This is an anti-synthetic event. You walking
Dhalia: Is it dark enough to hide us with that out there is bound to not only get attention but
light out? piss some people off.

GM: The camera probably wont be able to get Dhalia: Of course it is... OK, change of plan.
your faces very clearly but anyone watching will Ill wear the janitor outfit and you pretend to
be able to tell Balton is holding a gun. be a waiter. Grab something messy from the
kitchen and spill it on the floor during our marks
Dhalia: Well lets hope the security here arent presentation. Ill come out a moment later with
good at their jobs. Im gonna pick the lock with some towels for you.
my digi-key.
GM: A swanky event like this probably wouldnt
GM: Challenge rating 2. let a janitor out amongst the blue bloods.

Dhalia flips her TechWar skill of 3 and flips a red Dhalia: Well well have to risk it.
joker. The GM flips two cards, resulting in a 6.
Balton: What about my gun?
GM: Not only do you hack the lock but you
prevent it from ever locking again. It will have to Dhalia: Ill hide your gun in the towels I bring out
be replaced if they want this door secure in the and you can blast him when I get it to you.
GM: That will get a lot of peoples attention.
Dhalia: That gives us a nice escape route.
Balton: Sounds like a good plan to me.
Balton: Is anyone on the other side of the door?
GM: Just thought Id warn you.
GM: No one is on the other side. You guys enter
a well lit hallway with an open door to a janitors Dhalia: OK, I put on my outfit -
closet. Up ahead you can hear sizzling sounds and
muffled voices. Balton: Me too.

Dhalia: Probably the kitchen. What is in the Dhalia: - and stuff Baltons gun in some towels.
janitors closet? Anything useful?
Balton: I head out to the kitchen and look for
GM: Flip perception. Challenge rating 2. some soup or pasta or something messy.

This time Dhalia only gets a 2. Balton gets a 10. GM: You enter the kitchen and everyone is
The GM gets a 9. bustling around you. They are pretty used to new
hires so not many people seem bothered by your
GM: Balton, under a stack of towels you find a presence. A gout of fire erupts from your left as a
2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
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chef spritzes some fine meat with a special sauce. crowd and get as close to the podium as I can.
On the warming rack are several bowls of soup.
GM: Everyone except the wait staff are sitting so
Balton: OK, Im going to grab a tray and put its not too difficult.
three or four bowls on it.
Balton: I drop the tray.
GM: OK, you get the bowls and... actually, flip
luck. GM: The room falls silent. Everyone is staring at
you and the mark stops his speech to glare.
Balton: Challenge rating?
Balton: Ahem, can I get a little help here?
GM: Just flip it, lets see what happens.
GM: OK Dhalia, what are you up to?
Balton flips a 2.
Dhalia: Ive been waiting by the door with the
Balton: Oops. towels for some kind of signal. Do I see or hear
GM: You spill all four bowls on the floor, each of
them breaking and coating the area in soup. One GM: Flip perception, CR 1.
of the other waiters slips and falls, dropping his
tray as well. Dhalia: I got a 9.

Balton: Whats on it? Can I try and catch it? GM: You see him drop the soup and call out for
GM: More soup but it would be tough to catch.
Dhalia: I burst through the door with the towels
Balton: Can I try? and gun.

GM: Flip acrobatics. CR 4. The GM flips for something, getting an 8.

Balton flips an Ace which is worth 14. The GM GM: Security are definitely suspicious and are
flips four cards, declares their suit and only gets converging on your position.
a 12.
Dhalia: What? Why?
Balton: You were saying?
GM: Probably because you are a janitor holding
GM: You... somehow manage to catch the tray gun shaped towels.
and not spill any of the bowls, even though the
entire kitchen is mad at you. Dhalia: Frak it, I run up to the podium and pull
out the revolver. I fire.
Balton: I walk out to the party area.
Balton: But thats MY gun!
GM: Outside the kitchen doors are a small army
of corporation heads, politicians and other sleazy This gives you a basic idea of how the game is
rich folk. Your mark is standing at the podium played. The rest of the encounter would play out
talking about the perils of letting synthetics take in combat phases. More on that later!
care of our children and how he plans to put it to
an end.

Dhalia: Sounds like a dick.

Balton: Im going to work my way through the

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 10

Creating Your Character

Take a look through the character creation pages and get an idea of what possibilities are available to
you before starting your character. The list below will help you get started.

1. Choose a race.
2. Allocate your 12 attribute points.
3. Choose your starting profession.
4. Allocate your 5 skill points.
5. Choose two talents.
6. Create your contacts.
7. Purchase your starting equipment.
8. Fill out other miscellaneous details.

Things To Consider
Where am I from?
Were you born on a desert planet that covets water as if it were gold? Were you born in a city ruled
by an iron fist and now youve grown rebellious? Were you born in space on a ship that was regularly
attacked by abyss pirates?

What did I do?

Are you a politician that has grown tired of all the corruption and wants to make a difference? Perhaps
your father was a gunsmith and taught you all about how to build, repair and modify firearms. Maybe
you were a street rat that is just trying to get by.

What are my goals?

Was someone in your family murdered and you are now trying to investigate the killer while making
cash on the side? Maybe you were picked on as a child and have something to prove. Perhaps you are
just an adrenaline junky and jumping from air transports while getting shot at is the most fun way to
get paid.

What are my strengths?

Has a life of petty crime and running from police made you a skilled acrobat? Did your time in the
Human Liberation Army reveal your talent for marksmanship? Has struggling to survive in the lower
red given you the tools you need to talk your way out of anything?

What are my weaknesses?

Does your obsession with knowledge constantly pull you from the task at hand? Does your fear of
crashing force you to walk everywhere? Have your past experiences with partners left you unable to
trust anyone?

These are just a few examples of things that can help shape your character. Be creative!

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 11

Playable Races
The universe is a diverse place with more races, cultures and sentient beings than most brains are
able to fathom. The following pages have just a few of the races encountered by humans over the
last few millennia that are generally accepted in societies open-minded enough to allow synthetic or
xenos life among them.

Human Perks &

(Hyoo-mun) Detriments

Humans are one of the fastest growing races in the universe. They breed Skill Point
quickly and like to explore, making their reach to other planets almost
epidemic in nature. Not until they bumped into other sentient life forms Attribute
did their stellar pioneering slow but they continue to immerse into other Point
cultures and expand their reach. +1

An often brash and emotional race, humans tend to react in the moment Talent Extra
as opposed to considering the implications or ramifications of their actions. Talent
They are natural explorers and jacks-of-all-trades due to their ability to
adapt to almost any environment.

Home Planet: Terrunda

Average Height: 56 (Male), 54 (Female)
Average Weight: 180lbs (Male), 140lbs (Female)
Average Natural Lifespan: 68 years (Male), 73 years (Female)
Galactic Stereotype: Impulsive, brash, arrogant, eager.
Notable Physiology: The humans ability to adapt either the environment
or themselves to nearly any situation has proven to be a game changer
on the intergalactic playing field. They are able to live in almost any
environment provided there is an oxygen rich atmosphere and access to

In-Game Changes
Starting as a human grants one additional attribute point, one additional
skill point and one additional talent at character generation.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 12

Furiax Perks &

(Furry-axe) Detriments
Furiax are considered feral and barbaric by most other civilized races
because of their obsession with violence. Positions of power are taken AGI 4
by force and the few rules they have are upheld with severe and often Agility MAX
disproportionate punishments.

They are characterized by their scrunched and bat-like faces that are home PHY 4
to several rows of thin, jagged teeth. Their weapons and armor come in a Physique MAX
variety of pointed, spiny or otherwise piercing varieties.

Fura, their home planet, is largely covered in treacherous jungle growth RES 2
teeming with the most dangerous flora and fauna known to intelligent life. Resolve MAX
Because of this, Furiax are known for their survival skills and ability to eat
just about anything.
Biology Wings
Home Planet: Fura
Average Height: 410 (Male), 44 (Female) Talent Blind
Average Weight: 100lbs (Male), 80lbs (Female) Fighting
Average Natural Lifespan: 58 years (Male), 56 years (Female)
Galactic Stereotype: Savage, cunning, resourceful, ill-tempered. Talent
Got The Drop
Notable Physiology: Furiax have a thin membrane of flesh between
their arms and body that expand to wings capable of flight. Their wings
can fold behind their arms to facilitate normal every day life. While the
membrane does grow back from small tears (such as cuts or bullet holes)
some furiax choose to remove the skin entirely to blend in better with non-
furiax society. Otherwise many furiax are forced to wear shawls, dresses
or cloaks to remain clothed and not restrict their movement.

In-Game Changes
Starting as a furiax grants wings* in addition to the Hearty Constitution
and Blind Fighting talents.

*You may fly. A wing membrane stretches from your wrists, down your
arms and toward your hip. This means you cannot fire a weapon and fly
at the same time (since your arms are busy flapping).

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 13

(Marf-in) Perks &
Marphans are taller than the average human but their physique is more
lithe and their skin typically takes on a more pale shade. They are known
for extensive tattooing and piercings in addition to fangs, horns and oddly
Agility MAX
colored eyes that sometimes take on a metallic hue.

Marphan society stresses the importance of knowledge and culture in much STR 4
the same way humans do, perhaps more so due to their depressing home Strength MAX
planet. Every marphan grows up in a harsh and cruel upbringing focused
more on surviving the barren wasteland than any life passion.
Most have accepted the poor hand the universe has dealt them and treat
Luck MAX
it with stoicism. They often disdain humans for their comparably paltry
complaints and raw emotional reactions to unlucky events. Biology Unnerving
Home Planet: Nihiloma
Average Height: 72 (Male), 69 (Female) Talent
Average Weight: 216lbs (Male), 191lbs (Female) Stubborn
Average Natural Lifespan: 92 years (Male), 121 years (Female)
Galactic Stereotype: Indomitable, proud, independent, svelte. Talent
Notable Physiology: Marphans have long limbs well suited to climbing and Relentless
acrobatics. Though lean, their muscles are like bundles of steel cable and
they often surprise those foolish enough to underestimate them.

In-Game Changes
Starting as a marphan makes you unnerving* and grants the Stubborn and
Twist The Blade talents.

*Because of fangs, ritual scarring, tattoos or demonic looking horns you

are simply unsettling to be around. Non-marphans suffer - when making
Bravery checks in your presence.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 14

Anqyngo Perks &

(On-king-oh) Detriments
Anqyngo are a peculiar and elusive race that resemble bipedal versions of AGI 4
chameleons native to Terrunda. They have large eyes that orbit individually, Agility MAX
a long tongue that is able to eject and catch prey, prehensile tails and the
ability to change the color of their skin at will.
The anqyngo home planet has not yet been identified by human astronomers
Intelligence MAX
and little is known about their culture. Based on aggregate reports from
various sources they are a largely non-violent race that tends to scavenge
Strength MAX
The largest anqyngo are about the size of a human child and their ability
to change the color of their skin coupled with their small size makes them PHY 2
well-suited to stealthy endeavors. They have a fascination with technology Physique MAX
and are surprisingly crafty with it.

Home Planet: ????? Biology Chameleon

Average Height: 35 (Male), 211 (Female) Skin
Average Weight: 45lbs (Male), 36lbs (Female)
Average Natural Lifespan: 36 years (Male), 32 years (Female) Biology 360
Galactic Stereotype: Astute, clandestine, skittish, deft. Vision
Notable Physiology: Anqyngo are small and generally frail but their
unique physiology and obsession with the pursuit of knowledge easily Biology Prehensile
compensate. Guanine crystals in their skin allow them to change color at Tail
will, an adaptation they use for stealth and non-verbal communication.
They also have a prehensile tail, eyes that orbit individually and ballistic Biology Sticky
tongues. Tongue

In-Game Changes Biology

Starting as an anqyngo will grant you Chameleon Skin*, 360 Vision**, a
Prehensile Tail*** and a Sticky Tongue****. Because of your small size
soft cover is considered hard cover.
+ +

* You may change your skin color at will. Gain to Subterfuge.

Clothing and equipment do not change colors with you so yes, you have to
be naked. Find a leaf to cover your bits.

** You see your entire environment, front and back, when determining
line of sight and suffer no penalties when snuck up on from behind.

*** You may hang from sturdy objects by your tail. You may also grab
things with it. Your tail does not have the dexterity to manipulate objects
such as weapons, tools or technology.

**** You can eject your tongue to grab small items a short distance away.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 15

(Selah-key-eye) Perks &
Selachii are a subterranean race known for their large jagged teeth and
insatiable appetite. STR 4
They evolved from being the apex predator of the seas to the apex predator
of their planet. Although they are now bipedal and have lungs to breath
air on land, gills never left their biology. This allows them to hunt and live PHY 4
underwater or in their subterranean caves that honeycomb their planet.
Physique MAX

They typically keep to themselves and havent expanded their galactic

reach as far as most other races. Many non-selachii are intimidated by their
Agility MAX
appearance and mannerisms so only the most adventurous or desperate
selachii ever leave home.
Home Planet: Menoetia Intelligence MAX
Average Height: 55 (Male), 60 (Female)
Average Weight: 322lbs (Male), 368lbs (Female)
Average Natural Lifespan: 155 years (Male), 182 years (Female) Biology
Galactic Stereotype: Headstrong, ravenous, unforgiving, resolute. Gills
Notable Physiology: Selachii are built for taking and dishing out
punishment. If an enemy is injured they will often frenzy and rip their foe Biology
apart, feeding on the remains. They can also breathe underwater. Jaws

In-Game Changes Ability Blood in

Starting as a selachii grants Gills*, Jaws**, Blood in the Water*** and the Water
* You may breathe underwater. Feeding

** You may use your teeth as a melee weapon. Teeth: WPN 3, Bleed.

*** Gain to hit any already wounded enemy while in melee.

**** Gain PHY worth of HP after consuming at least 10lbs

of meat. May only be used once per hour.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 16

Perks &
Android Detriments
Androids are not a race, per se, but their influence on the daily life of Resolve MAX
sentient creatures cannot be overlooked. Essentially just complicated
robots, androids are synthetic beings capable of emulating emotions and
Talent Quick
logic in much the same way a sentient life form does. They are usually
built to look like the race that manufactured them and are programmed
with similar traits but they can look like anything and act like anyone.
Talent Hearty
Androids typically start their lives in servitude to whomever purchased Constitution
them and gain their freedom either through their masters death, escape
or sometimes they are simply manufactory defects that find their way Talent
into society. Some people consider the self awareness that free androids
exhibit as a bug in their software and harbor a general disdain for synthetics.
Open minded individuals are able to empathize with the androids situation
and treat them as equals.

Home Planet: Varies by model.

Average Height: Varies by model.
Average Weight: Varies by model.
Average Lifespan: 100 years.
Galactic Stereotype: Detached, calculating, shrewd, manipulative.
Notable Physiology: Androids manufactured after the Synthetic
Awareness Initiative have glowing, often unnaturally colored eyes and
a synthetically enhanced voice designed to easily distinguish them from
organics. Any android without these features is deemed illegal and may be
subject to modification or disassembly.

In-Game Changes
Gain an additional skill point on levels where you would normally gain a
skill point. You get three free cybernetic upgrade points.

Players may choose to be either a legal or illegal android.

Legal Androids: For an android to be considered legal it must have cosmetic

vocal and ocular augmentation. The vocal augmentation gives
the androids voice a metallic echo that easily identifies it as
synthetic. The ocular augmentation must be a glowing
non-traditional color to identify it as an android from
afar. Many legal synthetics are treated as inferior
beings or simple tools.

Illegal Androids: If an android chooses not to

have these augmentations and is discovered to be
synthetic they are subject to immediate dismantling by
law enforcement. Citizens are encouraged to turn in illegal
synthetics via a bounty.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 17

On Synthetics
Synthetics are complicated. Like, teenage girl complicated. Playing as one makes you very different
from other characters and youll have to keep several things in mind. If there is too much to follow I
suggest you pick another race. Or go cry in a corner with your weak fleshy emotions.

Synthetic Slaving Organic Problems

Assuming you are a free android there is still As a synthetic you dont have to worry about
the possibility that you can be slaved. A hacker the problems of your fleshy counterparts like
with the right skills and equipment can pass your breathing air, blood loss or concussions, right?
firewall and put you at risk of manipulation or
sabotage. Sort of.

While slaved the android must pass a TechWar Air - No, you dont have to breathe air so you
check against their infiltrator at the beginning of can technically be in space or underwater without
their turn or else their actions are dictated by the incident. However, you still need protection against
infiltrating hacker. the harsh radiation of space, not to mention the
extreme temperatures that could freeze or melt
Once an android has kicked an infiltrator, the your circuitry. Being underwater is less of a
infiltrating hacker must pass the firewall again. problem because only the most rudimentary of
androids dont have an aquaphobic coating but
Firewalls the pressure of deep water will still effect you.
Your base firewall (FW) is equal to your INT + 1.
You may purchase upgrades to improve this. Bleeding - No, you dont have blood but you do
have vital fluids that absolutely leak in much the
If a hacker passes your firewall with a sufficient same way blood does. Treat bleed normally
TechWar check then they can begin to manipulate
your actions or shut you down. Stun - Your processors can lag from the same
impacts that cause organics to be stunned. Treat
Shutdown it normally.
Shutting down a synthetic does not destroy
the synthetic in question but instead renders it Organic Benefits
useless until a manual reboot has been initiated. Im a furiax android, I can fly right?

Disruption No.
Synthetic life forms are particularly fragile against
electronic weaponry and interference. Watch out While you resemble furiax your chassis is not
for items with disrupt and overload. designed to be able to support self-propelled
flight. The same goes for each other races
benefits. You are an android that simply looks like
something else.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 18

Although you are now a mercenary, most people have previous job experience that they may or
may not be proud of. Depending on what your character did, their last pay check and the skills they
learned may vary.

Armed Forces (35 ) Scientist (50 )

Maybe it was a sense of duty or it was for a Maybe you want to design the next atomic bomb.
poor mans scholarship. Whatever the reason, Maybe you are a pioneer in cybernetics. The kinds
you joined the armed services and got what you of people youll meet as a soldier of misfortune
wanted out of it or were discharged for some would no doubt be interested and supportive of
reason. your work.

You are trained in: Athletics, Melee Weapon: You are trained in: Digital Crafting, Engineering,
Small, Martial Arts, Firearms: Large, Firearms: Medical, TechWar.
Small, Demolitions, Mechanical Crafting, Medical,
Perception, Initiative. Self-Sustained (20 )
You hunt for your food, build your shelter and
Celebrity (75 ) survive through savagery most civil people only
Youve always had the limelight and at times its see in holo-films. But you want more. You know
a pretty cozy gig. Whatever your motives, youve you can put your skills to use and make some
chosen to move away from the glamor and into real money.
the gutter.
You are trained in: Athletics, Melee Weapon:
You are trained in: Perception, Initiative, Perform, Large, Melee Weapon: Small, Endurance,
Savvy. Resistance, Subterfuge, Perception, Bravery,
Criminal (35 )
Maybe youre a petty thief, maybe youre a Techie (50 )
convicted murderer. Regardless of your rap sheet Your fascination with circuitry and data streams
you know it pales in comparison to the people has gotten you this far in life but you can only
who post the contracts youre after. You might as watch so many videos of cats before even they
well cash in while you can. get dull. Hacking your way into someone elses
accounts or reprogramming nuclear warheads
You are trained in: Melee Weapons: Small, Martial seems like it might be fun.
Arts, Resistance, Firearms: Small, Subterfuge,
Perception, Dirty Deeds, Initiative, Negotiation, You are trained in: Drive, Firearms: Small, MExA
Savvy. Operation, Pilot, Digital Crafting, Demolitions,
Engineering, Techwar, Savvy.
Entrepreneur (60 )
Maybe you were a photographer that caught the None (100 )
wrong people in bed or maybe you made a shady You have either been homeless your entire life or
deal that went south. You still get to be your own maybe you just woke up in an alley without any
boss except now your clients hire you to be in the memories. In your pocket is a credit stick with
situations that got you here in the first place. some scratch to get you going but without any
skills or previous knowledge of your existence
You are trained in: Resistance, Subterfuge, theres only one job you can really take.
Perception, Dirty Deeds, Negotiation, Savvy.
You have no training.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 19

Profession Benefits
Occasionally you will gain benefits based on your profession. These benefits may be skills, talents,
contacts or other things to distinguish your character from other mouth breathers.

Armed Forces
Lvl 3 Gain two skill points. May only be used for STR or AGI skills.
Lvl 8 Gain the Projectile Dysfunction or Come At Me Bro talent.
Lvl 13 Gain an Arms Dealer or Mexa Technician contact with five friend points.
Lvl 18 Choose either S. Firearms, L. Firearms or Demolitions. That skill goes to rank three.
Lvl 23 Gain the Berserker or Deadeye talent.

Lvl 3 Gain the Good With Voices or I Call Bullshit talent.
Lvl 8 Gain an Adoring Fan or Drug Dealer contact with five friend points.
Lvl 13 Gain three skill points that may only be spent on RES skills.
Lvl 18 Gain a Corporate Sponsor contact from any corporation with seven friend points.
Lvl 23 Gain the Call You Out or Cool Headed talent.

Lvl 3 Gain 50 Black Market loyalty and a Black Market contact with six friend points.
Lvl 8 Gain the Sneaky Bastard or Paranoid talent.
Lvl 13 Gain two skill points that may only be spent on AGI or RES skills.
Lvl 18 Gain three skill points that may only be spent on AGI or RES skills.
Lvl 23 Gain a Lawyer contact with nine friend points.

Lvl 3 Gain a Faithful Client or Old Boss contact with four friend points.
Lvl 8 Gain a Media Rep or Corporate Liaison contact with five friend points.
Lvl 13 Gain 50 loyalty with any single company.
Lvl 18 Gain three skill points that may only be spent on INT or RES skills.
Lvl 23 Gain an Personal Assistant with 8 friend points.

Lvl 3 Gain three skill points that may only be spent on INT skills.
Lvl 8 Gain 40 Syngularity loyalty.
Lvl 13 Gain a Corporate Backer or Research Assistant contact with five friend points.
Lvl 18 Gain the Gifted or Gearhead talent.
Lvl 23 Gain six skill points that may only be used on INT skills.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 20

Lvl 3 Gain the Pathfinder or Quick Feet talent.
Lvl 8 Gain the Stubborn or Hearty Constitution talent.
Lvl 13 Gain the Lurker or Crack Shot talent.
Lvl 18 Gain the Hack & Slash or Double Tap talent.
Lvl 23 Gain five skill points.

Lvl 3 Gain 25 loyalty with a corporation of your choice.
Lvl 8 Gain the Clever Bastard or Pack Mule talent.
Lvl 13 Gain three skills points that may only be spent on AGI or INT skills.
Lvl 18 Gain a Police Dispatch or Corporate Insider contact with six friend points.
Lvl 23 Gain two skill points and one talent.

Lvl 3 Gain a level.
Lvl 8 Gain a level.
Lvl 13 Gain a level.
Lvl 18 Gain a level.
Lvl 23 Gain a level.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 21

At character generation you have 12 points to spend on attributes. In many ways these are the most
important points you will spend because they define the base statistics of your character that will
effect the rest of the game.

Check the section on races to be sure what your max attributes are.

The six attributes are:

Strength (STR)
Determines the amount of punishment you can deliver.
Great for brawlers, athletes and other muscle heads.

Physique (PHY)
Determines the amount of punishment you can take.
Great for meat shields, pack mules and other strong
backed individuals.

Agility (AGI)
Determines how many actions you take in combat and
your proficiency with firearms. Great for marksmen,
acrobats and other dextrous types.

Intelligence (INT)
Determines how quickly you learn skills and how fast
you can react in combat. Great for hackers, savants and
other intellectuals.

Resolve (RES)
Determines your ability to make decisions under duress
and gain control of a situation. Great for CEOs, gang
bosses and other leaders.

Luck (LCK)
Luck is elusive and unpredictable.
The GM may call upon your Luck whenever they see fit.

Good places to call on luck are when determining loot or

if a circumstance outside the players control is at stake
(such as a guard deciding to change his patrol and go to
the bathroom).

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 22

Skills Purchasing Skills

Each skill costs a number of points equal to
the rank you are purchasing and they must be
While traversing the universe you are bound to purchased retroactively. For example, if you want
learn and discover tricks about the things you to have rank three in TechWar you will actually
do on a daily basis. Maybe youve screwed up need to spend six skill points. One for first rank,
enough times to figure it out or maybe someone two for second rank and three for third rank.
told you all the answers. As long as you are alive
after the lesson it doesnt matter. Skill Ranks
For each rank you have in any given skill, you
The skills in this section are designed to represent may flip an additional card when using that skill.
general knowledge. They are catch-all terms used
to describe a certain type of events and should be Attribute Modification
used with reasonable flexibility. Each skill has an attribute that modifies it. Add
the respective attribute to checks made for that
Training VS. Ranks skill.
For a handful of credits and a few weeks of your

3 xxx
time many companies will train you in a skill of
your choosing. If you are not trained in a skill,
you suffer a - card penalty to flips regarding

that skill. Spending a skill point to get rank one in Flip
x xx
a skill automatically trains you in that skill. + =
3 5
Athletics T 1 2 3
+ =
Melee Weapon, Large T 1 2 3
Melee Weapon, Small T 1 2 3 + =
Example of cards flipped based on skill ranks
and corresponding attribute.

Strength Skills Physique Skills

Used for outrunning a predator, jumping over a Endurance
chasm or climbing up the side of a building using Used for maintaining a high level of performance
bullet holes as finger grips. over extended periods of time.

Melee Weapons: Large Martial Arts

Used for melee combat involving two-handed Used for hand-to-hand combat. Grappling,
weapons including staves, spears, claymores, striking, throws, take downs, joint locks or even
greataxes and large hammers. using someone as a meat shield all apply.

Melee Weapons: Small Resistance

Used for melee combat involving one-handed Used for protection from bacteria, viruses, drugs,
weapons such as swords, hatchets, maces, alcohol, poison or other debilitating substances.
batons, daggers and shields. Also used for resisting bone breaks, bruising and
muscle damage.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 23

Agility Skills Intelligence Skills

Acrobatics Digital Crafting
Used for feats of dexterity and finesse such as Used for building and repairing digital objects
balancing on a tightrope, tumbling through a such as computers, holo-displays, drone / android
window, or back flipping off a rooftop and landing circuitry, remote devices, etc.
on a narrow windowsill a floor below.
Drive Used for explosives, grenades, bombs, nukes and
Used for difficult or dangerous tasks in ground other things that go boom.
vehicles. Examples include making a ninety
degree turn while traveling at breakneck speeds Engineering
or evading a child in the road while on a police Used for manipulating drones, portable combat
chase. turrets or other unmanned vehicles / machines.

Firearms: Large Legal

Used for firearms that usually require two hands Used for exploiting the complicated world of local,
to operate such as sniper rifles, assault weapons planetary and galaxy-wide law.
and shotguns.
Mechanical Crafting
Firearms: Small Used for building and repairing mechanical objects
Used for firearms that usually require one hand to like engines, firearms, robotic chassis, etc.
operate such as pistols, sawn off shotguns, sub-
machine guns and a Furiax splinter. Medical
Used for treating wounds and identifying illnesses.
MExA Operation Knowledge of anatomy, biology and neuroscience
Used for operating mechanical exosuits of all sizes are just a few of the things you may be familiar
and functions. with.

Pilot Perception
Used for daunting tasks in aerial vehicles such as Used for spotting things that you arent deliberately
dodging an incoming missile or flying between looking for. Examples include finding a coin on the
buildings. Hover vehicles, airborne vehicles and ground, seeing a drop of blood on black clothing
space faring vessels all apply. or discovering a trip wire.

Subterfuge TechWar
Used for general clandestine activities. Examples Used for technological warfare such as hacking,
include moving silently, hiding or covering your network manipulation and synthetic slaving.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 24

Resolve Skills Luck Skills

Bravery There are no luck skills at this time. Its luck...
Used for fear and pinning related checks. When
bullets are whizzing by, can you stay cool?

Dirty Deeds
Used for gambling, forging, fencing goods, using
slight of hand or otherwise utilizing black or grey
market activities.

Used for your initiative order in combat. Could also
be used for quick thinking in high stress moments.

Used for charming, intimidating, coercing, bribing,
blackmailing, commanding or otherwise persuading
an individual to do something.

Used for acting, singing, playing music, causing a
believable ruckus or somehow putting your skills
on display for the entertainment or distraction of

Used for detecting other peoples bullshit. Also
used for determining if a document is fake or
someones outfit is legitimate. General awareness
of ones surroundings.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 25

Contacts, Favors & Obligations

In this age of information and networking its easier than ever to keep our friends close and our
enemies closer. Every character has a small stable of individuals who they can rely on to bring them
to a spaceport at a moments notice.

Contacts Obligations
At character generation you get contacts equal to Asking for a favor is almost never a one way
your RES and get 3 FP for each. You may allocate street. While you may have enough friend points
these FPs across the 3 contacts however you to ask for a specific favor, some day, and that
please. day may never come, they will ask for a favor in
These are individuals players can call upon to
help with certain task in varying capacities. These Failing to reciprocate such an act can easily
tasks are known as favors (see below). result in a loss of friend points, refusal to conduct
future favors or, depending on their influence and
Most people will not do things out of the kindness irritation, possibly a price on your head.
of their heart and will often ask for a favor in GMs are encouraged to ask as much of their
return or some other obligation (see below). players as they are being asked.

GMs should use contacts as side quest and Sample obligations are fulfilling a hit pro bono,
roleplaying opportunities as well as supporting giving a child an autograph of their favorite star
characters in their campaigns. or helping someone move.

Depending on the friend points (FP) that youve
Sample Contact FPs
earned with a specific contact they may or may Contact FP
not want to help you. This is largely impacted by A homeless man you bought 1
what youre asking of them as well. a meal for.

For example, you buy coffee for a homeless man A clerk or waiter whos 2
and earn one friend point with him. Asking him to business you frequent.
then put his life on the line for your next mission A coworker you like but 3
will only result in you getting hot coffee to the promoted passed.
A retailer after making a 4
VERY large purchase.
Friend Points (FP)
Friend points are a passive stat that cannot be A personal friend you see 5
simply bought or sold, they must be earned by regularly.
fulfilling obligations and doing favors.
A beloved mentor of several 6
Contact FPs cannot fall below your RES.
A gang boss who youve 7
made a lot of money for.
A long time lover. 8
A childhood friend whos life 9
you saved.
Your mom. 10

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 26

As you experience the universe you will discover talents you never knew you possessed, like patting
your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. Or breaking concrete with your head. Whatever.

Ambidextrous Cool Headed

You do not suffer the - penalty for using your Immune to pinning and fear.
off hand.
Crack Shot
Berserker Your effective range for all firearms is increased
You may charge for one action. by one level. (S goes to M, M goes to L, L goes to
E, E goes to bonkers.)
Blind Fighting
You do not suffer penalties in combat for being Crazy Dodge
blind or in a low-light situation. If you are hit by an attack you may re-flip your
defense. The result of this flip is final. Must have
Bounce Bullet
Ignore hard cover. Must take Curve Bullet first.
Curve Bullet
Ignore soft cover.
Call You Out
Target enemy must pass a Bravery check against
your Negotiate skill or else they become pinned.
You may make precision strikes for one action.
China Shop
Dirty Fighting
Your attacks have demolish soft.
You may add one flipped to attacks with Martial
Arts and melee attacks with short blades.
If your attack kills a target you may make another
attack as long as the next target is in melee Dodge
range. Must have STR 2 or higher. If you are hit by an attack you may make an AGI
flip at the same target number as the original
attack to avoid being hit.
Clever Bastard

Gain when using TechWar, Digital Crafting, Done This Before

Mechanical Crafting or Engineering. If you reload as your first action for the turn, it is
considered a free action.
Cocky Bastard

Gain when using Athletics, Acrobatics or Double Tap

Perform. You may fire twice from the same firearm for one
action. This cannot be used with full-auto. Must
Come At Me Bro have AGI 3 or higher.
You take no penalties for being outnumbered.
Frakking Beast
Counterattack You can wield large weapons as if they were
If your attacker fails their melee attack, you may small. Must have STR 3 or higher.
immediately make one melee attack against
them. Counterattacks can be counterattacked. Gearhead
You may only use this once per round. +5 cybernetic points (CP).

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 27

Gifted (Skill) Knicked Ya

You are gifted at a non-combat skill of your choice. You always do at least one damage on a successful
You may declare all red or all black cards when hit, regardless of DRD.
flipping the chosen skill.
Like A Boss
Good With Voices You are immune to dismemberment.
You imitate other peoples inflections and cadence
so well it is almost indistinguishable. Must have Lucky Bastard
Resolve 2 or higher. Your weapons never jam or get hot and ties are
now in your favor. Must have 3 Luck.
Your attacks do +2 damage to enemies not in Lurker
cover. Gain additional

for DEF while in cover.

Got The Drop Martial Artist


Gain to hit enemies that are not aware of your You may add your Martial Arts rank to damage
presence. done during Martial Arts checks.

Got Your Back Master of None

You may become the target of an attack targeting You are trained in all skills.
an ally within 10 feet.
Hack & Slash You may have an additional drone under your
You may attack twice with the same melee weapon control, regardless of INT. Your first action with
as one action. Must have AGI 3 or higher. any drone is considered a free action.

Hate (Race / Faction) Pack Mule

Gain 20 GP.
+ +

You hate a particular race or faction. Gain

to hit foes from that race or faction.

Head Down Gain when making initiative checks and any

While prone you do not suffer AOE damage and non-combat check regarding your safety.

gain to DEF against ranged attacks.

Hearty Constitution You ignore free strikes as long as you have a
You are immune to poison, disease and the effects melee weapon equipped.
of drugs, stims or alcohol.
I Call Bullshit You ignore the movement penalties for rough
+ terrain.
Gain to Savvy and Perception.
Projectile Dysfunction
In Yo Face If your last action was a move or charge ranged
You may use small firearms as if they were melee
weapons and without penalty. attacks against you suffer a - penalty.

Jawbreaker Quick Draw

Your unarmed melee attacks cause stun. Drawing / holstering a weapon counts as a free

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 28

Quick Feet Sucks To Be You

As long as your first action of the turn is to move, If you are hit by an attack you may redirect the
it is counts as a free action. damage to an ally within ten feet.

Quick Learner Tough Cookie

When you gain skill points from leveling up, gain You get +1 damage reduction (DRD).
one more.
Twist The Blade
Relentless After a successful melee attack you may spend
When you take damage in combat from an attack an action point to immediately deal WPN damage
you may make a single move action. You may as if you hit again. You do not add your STR to
only use this ability once per round. this attack. This attack ignores DRD. You must
Twist The Blade the same turn you hit.

Gain to initiative.
You may perform a whirlwind attack for
Scarred one action. A whirlwind attack targets
When you gain HP from leveling up, gain everything in melee range, friend or foe.
one more.
Work, Dammat!
Sentinel You can clear weapon jams as a free
If your last action of the turn was action.
a move action, you may enter
Overwatch as a free action. Yoked
Double the damage added by your
Shhh... STR in melee.
Make a melee attack on a target
unaware of your presence. If
successful, causes instant death.
The target makes a Perception
check against your Subterfuge
immediately before the attack flip,
but after the attack is declared. If
they succeed, the attack causes
regular damage instead of instant
death. Must have Got The Drop.

Sneaky Bastard

Gain when using Subterfuge,

Perception or Dirty Deeds.

An attack cannot bring you below 1 HP
unless you are already at 1 HP.

Stubborn As Hell
After an attack brings you to 1 HP you
cannot lose HP until after your next
combat turn. Must have Stubborn.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 29

Remaining Statistics
There are a few more empty boxes to fill on your character sheet and this section will explain each
one. After this you can start spending those hard earned credits!

Action Points (AP) Hit Points (HP)

Action points determine how many actions you Hit points determine how much fatigue your
may take during a turn of combat. All characters body can take before you are incapacitated. At
start with 5 AP but it can go down depending on character generation you start with HP equal to:
the armor worn.
HP = PHY + 10
Defense (DEF)
Keeping your head down, evading incoming Cybernetic Points (CP)
attacks and otherwise doing your best to avoid Cybernetic points determine how much you can
getting killed would be much too complicated to upgrade your body with cybernetics.
write detailed rules for. Instead, your character
has a Defense statistic that is measured by the CP = PHY + 5
following formula:
Firewall (FW)
DEF = INT + LCK Firewalls only pertain to synthetics and organics
with cybernetics. This represents your defense
Damage Reduction (DRD) against technological warfare.
All characters have a certain amount of protection
based on their armor, modifications, terrain, gear FW = INT + 1
and physical ability to take punishment. This is
known as damage reduction and is calculated by
the following formula:


Gear Points (GP)

This value represents how much equipment your
character can hold. Every item in the game will
have a GP value that subtracts from your GP total
(though some items have a value of 0 and dont
effect your GP).

GP = STR X 10

Get Lucky Cards (GLC)

At the beginning of combat players draw cards
equal to their LCK +1. The GM draws cards equal
to the number of players +1.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 30

Weapons & Gear

As a soldier of misfortune youll need a variety of tools and weapons to complete your missions and
live long enough to collect the check. Fortunately for you there are a many companies itching to take
your hard earned credits in exchange for their products, some of which are listed here.

Buying Stuff Legality

Intergalactic free trade is tough to regulate
and most corporations work with government
It is assumed that characters are smart enough bodies to keep tabs on which individuals have
to supply themselves with everyday needs such the deadliest arsenal. More often than not it is
as basic clothing, cooking utensils, office supplies legal to purchase and carry small weapons as
and the like. The only time a character should have long as they was procured from a legitimate
to look for / buy things is for specific purchases, megacorp. Most establishments have their own
big ticket items or story supplies. Players should rules regarding possession of firearms or deadly
discuss with their GM what is reasonable in weapons and some local governments are more
regards to their day-to-day needs. prohibitive than others. Large firearms and two
handed melee weapons are usually prohibited
Credits ( ) also. Your GM can decide if their location is firearm
The symbol represents how many credits friendly or not and what laws and punishments
an item is worth. This is a symbolic value that they observe.
represents wealth and is interchangeable
throughout most galaxies.
Planets, regions and even cities may have their
own form of currency with various exchange rates WPN
but credits are universal. Represents how much damage the weapon does
after hitting a target.
Many times this value represents more than
just the cost of the item itself such as shipping, Ammo
paperwork, headache from smugglers, delivery Represents how many firing actions a character
drone fees, etc. can take before they must reload the weapon.

Reselling Items Basic Ammunition

You may sell an item at an Purchasing and keeping track
appropriate location for half of ammunition is tedious and
the buying cost rounded down. boring. Instead of buying
This is assuming someone is bullets and maintaining an
willing to buy the item, which Its a big universe out there
and companies across inventory it is assumed that
largely depends on what you your character is smart enough
are trying to sell and where numerous galaxies are
creating new weapons and to purchase basic ammunition
you are trying to sell it. for their weapon and carry
gadgets every day. If you
have something special in enough to finish a mission.
Gear Points (GP)
mind for your character that
Gear points represent the While in combat players must
cant be cobbled together
amount of space an item keep track of ammo in their
with these items, discuss the
takes in your inventory. You weapon for reloading purposes
tool in question with your GM.
may not carry anything that but beyond that you dont have
surpasses your current GP. to micro-manage your supply.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 31

Skill For
Tells you which skill you need to effectively use Certain upgrades only apply to certain models
the firearm. or brands. This informs you which weapons this
upgrade applies to. Keep an eye on this to make
RNG sure you arent wasting money on an upgrade
Represents how far the weapon can fire. you cant equip!

S = Short, M = Medium, L = Long, E = Extreme. Cosmetic Upgrades

It is very common for people to customize their
Consult the combat section for more detailed gear or want it to look a certain way while still
information on ranges. being functional. We want every character to be
unique and interesting in their own way and thus
Abilities encourage any sort of creative cosmetic upgrades
Tells you which abilities this item has, they can think of. This should be confirmed
good and bad. If a symbol such as with the GM and follow the Rule of Reasonable
precedes the ability that means Expectation.
that the indicated suit must be
declared before the ability will For example, if you want a crescent shaped blade
activate. that you hold with one hand then give it the rules
of a sword or axe (depending on its primary
function) and call the shape a cosmetic
Upgrades upgrade. No additional rules are allotted or
taken away from this weapon.
Marks & Upgrades
Each model, or mark, of However, if you want a three meter long
a weapon can hold more sword you would take the greatsword
upgrades than the rules and make it entirely unable to
previous one. Better conceal. Perhaps you can give it the
models are also more reach ability as well.

Each mark increases the Armor

number of upgrade points,
or UP the weapon has. For ARM
example, a Pistol Mk. I has one Represents how much damage the armor
UP and a Pistol Mk. II has two prevents.
Each mark is a separate and Represents how much this armor effects
unique item, you cannot upgrade your usable action points, if at all.
from one to the next by paying the
difference in cost.

Upgrade Points (UP)

Each upgrade uses up a number of
upgrade points, or UPs. All upgrades
are modular and can be swapped
from weapon to weapon as long as the
upgrade applies to the weapon.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 32

Corporations & Loyalty

Many corporations offer customer loyalty
programs that have exclusive items for those
willing to ignore the competition.

Corporate Loyalty (CL)

As you gain corporate loyalty you unlock new tiers
of equipment with the chosen corporation.
Merder Corp.
Bronze Level: Items at the bronze level are
fairly easy to find in other markets and offer few We make the best and break the rest.
frills. Its not uncommon to see the same item in
different flavors depending on the company you Primarily an arms and armor manufacturer,
buy it from. The main difference with items at this Merder Corporation sells more ways to kill a man
level is preference. than there are men to kill.

Silver Level 250+: Items at the silver level are The company takes its name from its founder
tailored more towards the companys strengths Ares Merder, a gifted mechanic and well known
and are generally more exclusive than others. You soldier of fortune.
may find a similar item at this level with another
company but its properties and functions will Famous for upgrading his weapons with whatever
likely differ. materials he could scavenge, Merder quickly
became the go-to-guy for soldiers looking for extra
Gold Level 1000+: Items at the gold level are punch. Word of his craftsmanship spread quickly
specifically made for professionals in the fields and once his military career ended (allegedly
supported by each company. Here you will find because he ran out of things worth shooting) he
items you cant find anywhere else and youll be was approached by several arms manufacturers
charged accordingly. for his skills.

Earning Corporate Loyalty Ares started his own company instead and
Gaining loyalty with a corporation is easy but personally designed an entire arsenal of weapons
somewhat enigmatic. Some actions that influence and armor that would give any honest soldier a
your corporate loyalty are: raging boner.

Making a large purchase. His meteoric rise in the universal arms market
Taking a corporation specific contract. did not go unnoticed. After surviving multiple
Get media attention while brandishing assassination attempts, Merder was finally done
corporate items. in by an orbital strike targeting his corporate
Disrupting, destroying or otherwise frakking headquarters.
up competitor plans or resources.
Assisting employees or clients of a corporation. Most believe he was vaporized in the strike but
some think he escaped and is lying low until he
Your GM may award or reduce corporate loyalty identifies his attackers and has an opportunity to
based on any of these actions. deal with them once and for all.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 33

Syngularity Enterprises MediSyn Universal

Precision redefined. Innovating evolution.

Popular with hackers, covert operatives and tech The number one place to find the best genemods,
aficionados because of how advanced and precise cybernetics and stims on the market, MediSyn is
their products are, Syngularity is the first choice a universal leader in personal enhancement.
for professionals who want something done right
the first time. MediSyn offers generous repayment plans and
easy access to qualified staff so anyone and
Apart from boasting the most cutting edge everyone who wants an augment or enhancement
technology in the known universe, Syngularity can get one within twenty four hours. With
is famous for being the only Anqyngo mega clinics in every city across numerous galaxies, its
corporation legally shipped throughout the almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing
intergalactic sales network. MediSyn products or one of their child companies.

Many believe they were accepted into the ISN to Everything from gene-splicing, neural remapping,
allow competitors easy access to their technology memory erasal, cybernetic implants, cosmetic
and reverse engineer their products. No company surgeries, hospice care and millions of prescription
has admitted this however and though cheap drug variants are at your fingertips while in a
knock-offs have been manufactured Syngularity MediSyn clinic.
still holds a large market share for the products
they design. Although noteworthy for being the largest human
controlled company in the universe, MediSyn
Much of Syngularitys technology is such a closely is best known for the drama that circulates it.
guarded secret that their senior engineers are The founder, Cyrus Opulen and his son Dante
often ushered into a sort of witness protection have engaged in a public feud since Dante was a
program as part of their retirement where they teenager. The fact that Dante is an accomplished
are taken care of financially and provided with holo actor and war hero only adds fuel to the fire
many exclusive services in exchange for their and media outlets can never get enough.
continued silence and loyalty.

It is unclear if the company is owned and operated

by a single person or a conglomerate because,
like the rest of their business, such files are kept
under strict secrecy.

Whether their penchant for hiding information is a

marketing tactic or because they have something
to hide has yet to be seen.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 34

The Black Market Black Market Mishaps

Purchasing from the black market is risky.
Whaddaya buyin?
You may bundle items together in a single
purchase or get them one by one. Once you
-Mysterious stranger
have decided what to buy you must first pay the
required amount and then the GM flips on the
Sometimes you need an item above your corporate
Black Market Mishaps table below.
loyalty or maybe you just hate supporting their
greed. Whatever your reason, an underground
Mishaps occur before any items are received.
market exists to fill your needs.
Note: You do not have to flip for mishaps with
No one person or entity runs the black market,
but there is definitely an organized network of
buyers and sellers to tap into.

Not only can you buy any items from regular

corporate stock, you can also buy black market
exclusives like drugs, dangerous mods and
augments, illegal weaponry and a whole lot more.

Black Market Mishaps

Soldiers Hackers Detectives Corporations
Red The package arrives at your door and after checking your bank account a transaction was never posted.
Joker Free stuff!

Ace The dealer throws in some The dealer throws in a The dealer throws in a The dealer throws in
cheap random grenades. cheap random cybernetic cheap random weapon or some cheap random
King augment. armor upgrade. drugs.
Queen Merder Corp wants your Syngularity wants your The dealer likes you. MediSyn wants your
business. business. +25 Black Market Loyalty. business.
Jack +25 Merder Corp Loyalty. +25 Syngularity Loyalty. +25 MediSyn Loyalty.
9 The deal goes down without a hitch.
8 Congrats, you didnt get burned by the Black Market.
6 Shipping mix up, you Your identity was stolen. You receive your items You are forced to pay
dont get your items till Your finances are frozen but authorities are tax. You lose 1 per item
5 next session. until next session. keeping an eye on you. purchased.
4 Wrong package. You Wrong package. You get Wrong package. You get Wrong package. You get
get weapons of equal or cybernetics of equal or upgrades of equal or drugs of equal or lesser
3 lesser value. GMs choice. lesser value. GMs choice. lesser value. GMs choice. value. GMs choice.
2 The package is hot. Someone is looking for you. Youve been stiffed. No money, no items.

Black Your dealer stiffed you and ratted you out. You lose your money on this deal, dont receive the items, gain heat
Joker with an authoritative body and lose 50 loyalty with the Black Market.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 35

Corporate Items On The Black Market

You may purchase any item sold by corporations
on the black market but because of the legal
loopholes and risks involved these items frequently
cost more than buying them legitimately.

Consult the following table to find out how much

your item would cost.

Corporate Loyalty
Black Market

Bronze Silver Gold


Bronze +1 X2 X5

Silver - +1 X3

Gold 1/2 - +1

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 36

Merder Corp. Firearms

Name WPN Ammo GP Skill RNG Abilities
Bronze Level

Compound 4 1 4 Lg. Firearms M Silent, Bleed

Pistol 4 3 2 Sm. Firearms S Unreliable, Light, Penetrate 1

Revolver 6 2 3 Sm. Firearms S Reliable, Recoil, Penetrate 1

Shotgun 6 1 5 Lg. Firearms M Spread, Onslaught, Recoil, Penetrate 1
Rifle 8 1 6 Lg. Firearms L Recoil, Heavy, Penetrate 1
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
SMG 4 4 3 Sm. Firearms M Automatic, Unreliable, Recoil, Light, Penetrate 1
Assault Rifle 5 6 5 Lg. Firearms L Automatic, Recoil, Penetrate 1
Machinegun 8 9 7 Lg. Firearms M Automatic, Unreliable, Recoil, Heavy, Penetrate 1
Launcher - 1 5 Demolitions S Recoil, Penetrate 1
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Hand Cannon 5 2 4 Sm. Firearms M Reliable, Penetrate 3, Recoil
Rail Rifle 10 1 6 Lg. Firearms E Reliable, Penetrate 5, Recoil, Heavy
Rail Cannon 15 1 12 Lg. Firearms E Reliable, Penetrate 10, AOE 3, Recoil, Heavy

Syngularity Firearms
Name WPN Ammo GP Skill RNG Abilities
Bronze Level

PEW 4 4 2 Sm. Firearms M Energy, Light

Ion Rifle 4 2 4 Lg. Firearms L Energy

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
E. Gauntlet 3 2 2 Engineering S Fire or Cold or Overload
Beam Rifle 3 5 5 Lg. Firearms M Penetrate 3, Beam, Overload
SynthSmash 4 3 4 Lg. Firearms M Energy, Arc, Overload, Disrupt 2
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Ion Cannon 5 2 6 Lg. Firearms E Energy, Penetrate 5, Heavy

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 37

Merder Corp. Firearms (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

Compound 4 6 8 - -
Pistol 2 5 10 15 20

Revolver 3 6 12 18 24
Shotgun 5 10 16 24 32
Rifle 8 16 24 32 40
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
SMG 5 12 20 30 42
Assault Rifle 8 20 32 48 60
Machinegun 10 25 40 55 70
Launcher 15 30 45 60 75
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Hand Cannon 10 20 30 40 50
Rail Rifle 25 50 80 - -
Rail Cannon 55 120 - - -

Syngularity Firearms (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

PEW 4 10 16 24 34

Ion Rifle 6 12 24 48 65
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
E. Gauntlet 8 16 32 - -
Beam Rifle 10 24 32 40 50
SynthSmash 12 20 30 42 56
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Ion Cannon 20 40 60 80 100

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 38

Black Market Firearms

Name WPN Ammo GP Skill RNG Abilities
Bronze Level

Furiax Splinter 5 2 2 Sm. Firearms S Bleed, Penetrate 2

Harpoon Gun 5 1 2 Lg. Firearms S Penetrate 5, Tug

Dartgun - 3 1 Sm. Firearms S Administers drugs / stims.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Flamethrower 4 4 3 Lg. Firearms M Fire, Spread, Beam
Particle 4 2 3 Lg. Firearms M Spread, Penetrate 2, Onslaught, Charge, Energy
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Mono Net Gun 1 1 5 Lg. Firearms S Unreliable, Heavy, Dismember, Penetrate 5
Lighthammer 100 1 3 Lg. Firearms E AOE 10, Onslaught, Penetrate 100, Explosive,
Demolish Hard, Vaporize

General Explosives Merder Explosives

Name WPN Abilities Name WPN Abilities
MagNade 1 - See description, AOE 1 Bronze Level
FoamNade 1 - See description, AOE 1 Standard 10 2 AOE 1
HoloNade 1 - See description Incendiary 10 3 Fire, AOE 2
Smoke 1 - AOE 3, Concealment Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
TechSmoke 3 - AOE 3, See description BUST 10 3 Penetrate 5, AOE 1
Tear Gas 1 - AOE 3, Blind
Flashbang 1 - Stun, AOE 2

Would you like a semi-

automatic or fully automatic
doughnut? And will that be
standard or with armor piercing

- Lower Red Baker

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 39

Black Market Firearms (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

Furiax Splinter 10 15 20 - -

Harpoon Gun 3 6 10 - -
Dartgun 3 6 9 - -
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Flamethrower 8 16 24 - -
Particle 20 32 48 - -
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Mono Net Gun 30 45 60 - -
Lighthammer 10,000 - - - -

Syngularity Explosives Black Market Explosives

Name WPN Abilities Name WPN Abilities
Bronze Level Bronze Level
Tundra 5 2 Cold, AOE 3 Nerve Gas 2 AOE 3, Stun
EMP 5 2 Disrupt 2, Overload, AOE 1 Acid 10 3 Acid, AOE 2
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty) Needle - 2 Bleed, AOE 3
PCABO 2 - + + Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Subterfuge, AOE 2
Shredder 5 4 Onslaught, Dismember,

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 40

Able to shoot the wings off a fly as long as the
person behind it knows what theyre doing.
Able to poke an eye out if they dont.

Submachine Gun (SMG)

A good balance between the efficiency of a
Merder Corp. Firearms handgun and the firepower of an assault rifle.
Plus it has so many bullets you dont even need
If youre looking for ways to kill, maim or make to be a good shot!
noise youve come to the right place. Merder
Corporation has some of the best long range Assault Rifle
weapons on the market and is happy to sell them This weapon has become standard issue when
to any buyer with a need for them. things really hit the fan. It is large and sometimes
cumbersome but the size to firepower ratio is one
Compound Bow of the best you can buy.
Not technically a firearm, but good for hunting
game of all varieties, this carbon fiber bow is sure Machine Gun
to confuse and terrify your enemies as they fall This monster is the first option for people who
one by one without a sound. Unless, of course, dont understand the meaning of overkill.
you strap grenades to the arrows. Or maybe they understand but dont care.

Pistol Launcher
A standard handgun used for many self-defense Name three things that are fun to shoot at people:
and law enforcement purposes. Also looks great T-shirts, beer cans and grenades! Now you have a
when you have two of them and jump through a way to shoot all these and more all while looking
window with doves flying behind you. like the champion you are.

Revolver Hand Cannon

A handgun with a little more stopping power and Are you tired of wimpy handguns that have more
reliability thanks to the cylindrical firing chamber bark than bite? Do you wish your weapon could
separated from the barrel. Raspy voice and cigar blow holes in a target so big you can stick your
not included. head through it? Look no further.

Rail Rifle
One of the most advanced weapons Merder
provides, this easily portable rail weapon uses
an electromagnetic rail system to fire projectiles
more accurately and at longer range.

Rail Cannon
Bal, do you see that armored MExA over there?
Yes sir?
Shotgun I dont want to.
One of the best close combat boom sticks on the Aye sir.
market. Think of it as a bird catcher, lock pick and
ego boost all in one.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 41

Beam Rifle
Another industrial tool upgraded for use in
combat, the beam rifle fires a steady stream of
destructive power. Able to cut through vehicles
like butter, in the right hands this weapon can
wreak horrific chaos.

Syngularity Firearms SynthSmash

As artificial intelligence grew, Syngularity
Boasting a line of exclusively energy-based realized they needed a fast and efficient way to
weapons, Syngularity is the only company capable immobilize or destroy synthetic constructs in case
of actually competing with Merders product line. of an emergency. The SynthSmash was born. It
What these weapons lack in sheer brute force essentially fires an ion grenade that strikes the
they make up in versatility and reliability. primary target and arcs to nearby targets. While
the effect is harmful to organics it is downright
Personal Energy Weapon (PEW) devastating to synthetics.
Contrary to popular belief, this weapon is not
named after the sound it makes while firing. The Ion Cannon
anqyngo have been using these for centuries The ion cannon is a standard defense weapon on
as a standard self-defense weapon and didnt most spacecraft and once Syngularity figured out
fully understand the human translation of their how to make a lighter weight version for individual
flagship firearm. The constant jokes provide free use it became a staple of mounted vehicle
marketing so Syngularity has little incentive to weaponry and big gun fanatics everywhere.
change it.

Ion Rifle Black Market Firearms

A more militarized version of the standard
PEW, the ion rifle takes the range and stopping Moral bankruptcy and implements of destruction
power up a notch. With better range, a larger often go hand in hand. If youre willing to take
ammo capacity and the trademark flexibility the risks, the black market has many heinous
of Syngularitys energy weapons this is a solid weapons for you to take advantage of. They can
contender for any frontline unit. also hook you up with legal but hard to find items
if you are in a pinch.
Elemental Gauntlet
Originally designed as a mining and construction Furiax Splinter
tool, the elemental gauntlet has developed into A popular weapon with furiax guerilla teams, the
an interesting frontline weapon. Essentially furiax splinter fires a volley of needle-like shards
turning the wielder into a sorcerer, the gauntlets that embed in the targets skin and tear apart
three settings allow one to shoot gouts of flame, their muscles and internal organs with each step.
freezing liquid or bolts of electricity. Many ad
campaigns compare its application to that of an Harpoon Gun
ancient sorcerer, with some vendors going so far Although legal, heavy duty harpoon guns have
as to bundle a large wizards hat as a gimmick. become more and more popular with Abyss
pirates because they aid in both getting to the
ship they are raiding and disemboweling the crew
once aboard. For this reason their distribution is
monitored more closely than one would expect.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 42

Another item that is legal in most sectors but its
General Explosives
compact nature and ambiguous ammo make it a
Three... two... one...
threat. One could easily smuggle one of these into
a political function and poison an official with little
resistance. As such, these are closely monitored.
Though not technically a grenade its method of
use is similar enough to be identified as one.
Needle Gun Once activated this item becomes a high powered
Yet another item that is technically legal but magnet that pulls metallic objects within a small
notorious with poachers. It offers the same range toward it.
benefits of a standard dart gun with added range.
Creative combatants have used MagNades to
Flamethrower disarm foes, rip open doors, harass synthetics
Popular for clearing brush and invasive vegetation, and a variety of other unconventional uses.
this tool can easily be modified for use in combat.
The volatility of this weapon makes it dangerous FoamNade
even when used legally as a simple tool but as A popular item with firefighters and standard
a weapon the flamethrower can be outright equipment for most soldiers, a FoamNade ejects
devastating. a fire retardant gel that expands upon contact
with oxygen much like a shaving cream.
Particle Shotgun
Many believe the particle shotgun to be a lost or At the end of the ejection cycle a chemical is
stolen Syngularity patent that went into mass introduced that momentarily thickens the foam,
production by enterprising pirates but Syngularity making it useful for car crashes and similar high
claims to have never engineered such a device. It impact scenarios. There is enough gel in a single
is capable of firing a massive shot that can cripple FoamNade to fill up an elevator or vehicle interior.
even the most robust of target.
Mononet Gun This item will project a downloaded or recorded
Illegal in practically every civilized sector, the message with surprising realism. An advanced
mononet gun fires a web of monomolecular wire particle system allows the hologram to remain
that wraps around its target and constricts, often opaque and create the illusion that it is actually
grievously wounding the target if not severing real, allowing combatants to use it as a decoy.
their limbs.
Lighthammer Disperses a cloud of smoke that provides visual
This devastating weapon is actually a simple concealment to those inside.
targeting device that is connected to an orbital
satellite armed with a sophisticated energy TechSmoke
cannon. You must maintain sights on your Same as a regular smoke grenade but contains
target for three turns to sync with the satellite. metallic particles that interfere with infrared
After establishing the connection a pillar of light imaging.
vaporizes the target. Lighthammer purchases are
only good for one use and the satellite needs 24 Teargas
hours between shots. A nonlethal way to subdue multiple targets,
irritating their eyes and often causing intense

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 43

Flashbang trick organic and synthetic optics alike. While not

Designed as a safety precaution for breach-and- completely invisible, one is much harder to see
clear missions, this grenade emits a blinding under its effects.
flash and deafening blast that severely disorients
Black Market Explosives
Merder Explosives Theyre gonna feel that one in the morning.

Is it dead? Throw another one then. Nerve Gas

Attacking the nervous system with variety
Standard of chemicals, this illegal substance quickly
A standard issue grenade that goes boom and incapacitates organic targets and leaves them
breaks stuff. vulnerable to further attack.

Incendiary Needle
This grenade expels a slow-burning gel over an As the name implies, this grenade shoots thin
area which ignites during the explosion. Targets barbed needles over and area, piercing between
are lit on fire and often have difficulty removing armor plates and embedding deep into the flesh
the flammable gel, resulting in painful burns over of its target. The needles then rip and tear their
an extended period of time. way out of the skin as the target moves.

BUST Shredder
The Battle Use Salvo Targeting, or BUST, grenade This horrific device erupts with tiny bladed
fires a battery of tiny high velocity, high explosive bearings that pierce into their target and continue
projectiles that pepper an armored target and spinning, rending flesh and bone for some time
explode in the weak points causing significant after the initial explosion.
amounts of damage.

Syngularity Explosives
Now you see me, now you dont.

A Syngularity exclusive, this grenade emits a You got a permit for those
freezing cold compound that instantly chills an rocket launchers, son?
area to sub-zero temperatures.
Nope. But I do have an active
EMP grenade.
Though Syngularity makes much of their money
selling synthetics, they are no fools. These -Exchange between law
electromagnetic pulse grenades are standard fare enforcement and an as yet
in most facilities, just in case. unidentified gun smuggler

Also known as a peekaboo, the Personal
Conceal, Blind, Obfuscate grenade showers and
area with light bending particles that temporarily

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 44

Merder Melee Weapons

Name WPN GP Skill Abilities
Bronze Level

Nucks 2 - Martial Arts

Short Blade 3 1 Sm. Melee

Bleed, Light
Long Blade 5 3 Lg. Melee
Hatchet 3 2 Sm. Melee
Onslaught, Light
Axe 4 3 Lg. Melee
Onslaught, Dismember
Hammer 4 2 Sm. Melee
Fracture 3, Light
Sledgehammer 6 3 Lg. Melee
Fracture 5, Cumbersome
Staff 3 3 Lg. Melee Reach
Spear 5 4 Lg. Melee Reach, Penetrate 1
Mace 5 2 Sm. Melee
Fracture 5, Penetrate 1
Flail 5 3 Sm. Melee
Fracture 3, Penetrate 2, Reach
Grapple 2 3 Martial Arts Penetrate 3, Tug, RNG = S
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Katar 4 2 Martial Arts
Bleed, Light
Greatblade 6 4 Lg. Melee
Bleed, Onslaught, Cumbersome, Heavy
Greataxe 5 5 Lg. Melee Onslaught, Dismember, Cumbersome, Reach, Heavy
Massive 8 4 Lg. Melee
Hammer Fracture 7, Cumbersome, Reach, Knockdown, Heavy

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

Butterblade 6 3 Lg. Melee Fire, Dismember, Demolish Hard, Melt
Thunder Fist 8 4 Martial Arts
Fracture 7, Knockdown, Disrupt 2, Heavy

Syngularity Melee Weapons

Name WPN GP Skill Abilities
Bronze Level

Electro Baton 2 2 Sm. Melee Overload, Disrupt 1, Stun 3, Light

Shock Whip 2 1 Sm. Melee Overload, Disrupt 1, Reach, Stun 3, Light

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
No options at this time.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
No options at this time.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 45

Merder Melee Weapons (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

Nucks 1 - - - -

Short Blade 1 3 10 - -

Long Blade 3 6 12 24 -

Hatchet 1 3 10 - -

Axe 1 3 10 20 -

Hammer 1 3 - - -

Sledgehammer 1 5 10 - -

Staff 1 3 6 - -
Spear 2 5 10 15 -
Mace 1 4 12 - -

Flail 1 4 12 - -

Grapple 2 5 12 - -
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Katar 3 6 12 - -

Greatblade 4 10 20 32 -

Greataxe 3 8 16 - -
Massive 3 8 20 - -
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Butterblade 25 50 80 - -
Thunder Fist 8 16 24 - -

Syngularity Melee Weapons (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

Electro Baton 3 8 20 - -

Shock Whip 3 8 20 - -
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
No options at this time.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
No options at this time.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 46

Black Market Melee Weapons

Name WPN GP Skill Abilities
Bronze Level

Selachii Serket 10 4 1 Sm. Melee Bleed, Onslaught (Must be reloaded for effects. 1 Ammo.)

Migraine Mitts 4 3 2 Martial Arts

Knockdown, Demolish Soft, Fracture 1
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Zoramaxs Tail 6 3 1 Sm. Melee Reach, administers chems.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Mono Wire 25 1 - Martial Arts Dismember, Penetrate 5
Torch Sword 20 5 2 Sm. Melee
Fire, Onslaught, Melt

Typically used as a tool but very popular with
marphan berserkers for their ability to deal horrific
damage in a short time.

Much like its little brother the hatchet, axes are
Merder Melee Weapons not typically designed for combat but they are
such a common tool that many races have created
Merder corporation has gone to great lengths to larger more robust versions for defense.
create battle-ready versions for the modern war
zone of these once archaic weapons. Great for Hammer
weapon enthusiasts and combat veterans alike. You can drive a nail through a board or a skull
with equal ease. Many combat variants are
Nucks slightly larger and heavier to help break bones,
Good ol fashioned brass knuckles. Often thugs even through armor.
will buy nucks that spell something intimidating
and adorn their knuckle dusters with spikes, gems Sledgehammer
or other gaudy flair. A beefier version of the hammer, the sledgehammer
requires two hands but is considerably more
Short Blade dangerous. Be careful not to over swing though.
One of the most common self defense tools in
circulation. Short blades can be anything from Staff
knives, kukris, switchblades, tantos and other Make your enemies regret denying an old man
similarly sized edged weapons. his walking stick by sweeping their legs out from
under them and shattering their rib cage. Or you
can go hiking.
A common weapon in ancient times, modern
spears have been designed to keep armored
targets at a comfortable distance.
Long Blade
Less popular than short blades because of their Mace
difficult to conceal and considerable weight. Long Designed to pierce armor and turn bones to paste,
blades can be longswords, machetes, katanas or the ancient mace has been upgraded to be lighter
other roughly arm length edged weapons. and more lethal on todays battlefield.
2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 47

Black Market Melee Weapons (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

Selachii Serket 10 18 26 - -

Migraine Mitts 4 8 12 - -

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Zoramaxs Tail 6 12 - - -
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Mono Wire 25 - - - -
Torch Sword 20 50 80 - -

Flail Massive Hammer

Law enforcement learned from the Sortia Rebellion Another item that regained popularity from MExA
that this archaic weapon had renewed value as combat, this weapon is large and very much in
rioters deployed a nigh impregnable shield wall charge. A casual swipe from this guy will lay you
to protect their assaults. Updated for the rigors flat on your back with a broken rib cage.
of modern combat, this weapon was able to wrap
around the shields and hit their targets without Butterblade
collateral damage. So named because it cuts through anything like
butter. This Merder exclusive can heat up to
Grapple Gauntlet scalding temperatures at the flick of a switch
Once Merder figured out how to stop the blood while still somehow retaining its durability.
and gore from jamming up the gears it gained
massive popularity with Selachii soldiers who Thunder Fist
wanted to level the playing field when fighting Not to be confused with the popular female
furiax or other winged creatures. Essentially just entertainment system, this electrically charged
a forearm mounted harpoon, many use it as a gauntlet is an absolute ball buster in combat.
punching spike once their target is reeled in. Synthetics beware.

A spiked or bladed punching implement popular
with furiax because they could hold it while flying
and dive for a devastating strike without having
to time a swing. They also use katars as a tool to
help cling to the massive trees on their planet.
If anyone says you are compensating while
wielding this just take comfort in the fact that
you can cut them in half with as much effort as a
bowel movement.

Originally used for executions, this old timey
favorite surged in popularity once MExA combat
became a sport.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 48

up and away, assuming they arent killed by the


Canisters must be reloaded between uses,

otherwise it loses bleed and onslaught.

Migraine Mitts
While there are much more dangerous weapons
Syngularity Melee Weapons that are legal, migraine mitts became outlawed in
most sectors because they were a cheap and easy
Though not their specialty, Syngularity has a small to find means of breaking through walls and could
roster of weapons for specialized tasks. Their easily kill a man with a simple punch to the jaw.
catalogue may not be as impressive as Merders,
but their quality certainly is. Zoramaxs Tail
A simple whip with a syringe at the tip, enterprising
Electro Baton criminals named this weapon after the recurring
Many law enforcement agencies utilize this nemesis of Dante Opulens famous on screen
weapon, especially in synthetic heavy zone, character Rex Hammer. The brand familiarity has
because of its simple efficiency and ease of use. put many of these into circulation despite their
official banned status.
Shock Whip
Marphan slave drivers often used these to keep Mono Wire
their projects on schedule but as synthetics have Monomolecular wire is essentially just a very thin
become a larger factor of life they have become a fiber wire roughly one meter long. Though not
staple in slums because of their reach and stealth actually able to split molecules as the advertising
capability. suggests, this strand of carbon nanotubes can cut
through many dense objects with little effort.

Black Market Melee Weapons Torch Sword

A volatile and difficult to use weapon, the torch
Some of the most vicious and brutal melee sword is basically a large blow torch. When
weapons are found only in the black market. properly calibrated the weapon can slice through
Fortunately the people selling these items rarely flesh and steel with the flick of a wrist.

Selachii Serket
This devastating and deceptive weapon looks
like a simple knife or dagger at first glance.
Once stabbed into a victim its true function is
revealed when a thumb button is pressed and
the hidden carbon dioxide canister in the handle
is decompressed through a small syringe in the
blade forcing a burst of cold air into the victim.
This often freezes internal organs and expands or
ruptures them as the gas effectively explodes the
victim from the inside out.

Selachii have used these weapons for underwater

self defense for centuries because the instant
injection of so much air causes the target to float

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 49

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 50

Merder Corp. Firearm Upgrades

Name UP Effects For
Bronze Level
Silencer 1 1 - - Perception against hearing this firearm. All

Melee Attachment 2 1 Add Sm.Melee weapon to this firearm. All

Collapsible Parts 2 1 -1 GP for small firearms and -2 GP for large firearms. All
Enhanced Barrel 2 1 +1 WPN All
Ammo Upgrade 5 1 +1 Ammo All
Precision Parts 6 1 Reliable All
Longer Barrel 2 1 Increase range by one level. +1 GP. All
Hair Trigger 6 1 Automatic Merder
Well Balanced 4 1 No off-hand penalty. Sm. Firearm
Scope 2 1 Accurate Lg. Firearms
Tactical Sling 2 1 Gain Quick Draw talent when drawing this firearm. Lg. Firearms
Bullpup 5 2 +1 WPN, -1 GP Lg. Firearms
More Powder 4 2 Knockdown Shotgun
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
MAS 10 3 This weapon gains a non-upgradeable shotgun. Assault Rifle
UBGL 10 3 This weapon gains a non-upgradeable launcher. Assault Rifle
Missile Guidance 8 2 Ignore concealment. Launcher
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Gyroscope 20 2 Reduce full-auto penalty by 1. All
Aerosteel 25 2 +
Gain to Initiative.
BFG Upgrade 10 3 Merder
Onslaught, +1GP for Sm. Firearms, +2GP for Lg. Firearms.
Big Bada Boom 8 3 Launcher

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 51

Syngularity Firearm Upgrades

Name UP Effects For
Bronze Level
PSS 3 1 Prevent unauthorized users from using firearm. All
FFF 3 1 Eliminate chance of accidentally hitting allies engaged in melee. All
Disruptor PMB 10 2 Disrupt 1 Merder
Armor Piercing PMB 10 2 Penetrate 2 Merder
Gel PMB 10 2 Stun Merder
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Laser Range Finder 10 1 Increase range by one level. All
Bronze Syngularity 25 3 Fire selector switches between Disrupt 1, Penetrate 2 or Stun 3. Merder
Flechette PMB 15 2 Bleed, -1 WPN for small firearms, -2 for large firearms. Merder
Incendiary PMB 15 2 Merder
Liquid Nitrogen PMB 15 2 Merder
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Power Array 20 3 Gains Vaporize when weapon is fully charged. Syngularity
Silver Merder PMB 40 3 Merder
Fire selector switches between Bleed, Fire and Cold.
Explosive PMB 20 2 Explosive, Demolish Soft Merder
Hypercapacitors 15 1 Syngularity

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 52

Merder Melee Weapon Upgrades

Name UP Effects For
Bronze Level
Serrated 2 1 All
Armor Chain 2 1 Cannot be disarmed with this weapon. All
Motorized Teeth 6 1 Penetrate 2, . All
Nanosharpen 5 1 +1 WPN All
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Core Forged 10 2 Indestructible All
Hydraulic Haft 5 2 You may toggle Reach off and on. All
Pneumatic Haft 5 2 All
Fracture 4 (stacks with existing Fracture value)
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Diamond Edged 20 2 Penetrate 5 All
Magma Mod 20 2 Melt All

Syngularity Melee Weapon Upgrades

Name UP Effects For
Bronze Level
Collapsible Parts 3 1 -1 GP for Sm. Melee, -2 GP for Lg. Melee All
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Ice Imbued 8 1 Cold 1 All
Electricity Imbued 8 1 Disrupt 1 All
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Synthecide Chip 10 2 Overload All

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 53

Firearm Upgrades FFF

Short for Friendly Fire Function, this upgrade
comes with five remote chips that can be
Not only can I blast those dirty synths to bits but dispersed to allies. This firearm will not fire if
I can hack em part with my new barrel mounted aimed at someone with the appropriate chip.
axe. Best creds I ever spent. Effect: When shooting into melee combat you
are not at risk of hitting allies.
- Satisfied Merder Customer
Balances and compensates for recoil, allowing
more accurate fire. Effect: Reduces full-auto
The largest and heaviest parts of this weapon
penalty by one meaning your first and second
are replaced with Merders patented aerosteel
compound. Effect: to Initiative.
shots are at full accuracy but your third is at - ,
your forth is at - - and so on.
Ammo Upgrade
Utilizing a larger magazine, upgraded cylinder or Hair Trigger
other expansion this weapon carries more ammo. A slight modification to the weapons trigger
Effect: +1 Ammo. mechanism allows for automatic fire. Effect:
BFG Upgrade
Merders best selling upgrade to firearms Hypercapacitors
enthusiasts and backwater customers, the Big By swapping out the standard capacitors and
Frakkin Gun upgrade takes everything you love rerouting the power supply this weapon is capable
about your weapon and makes it bigger (and of superheating its projectile and melting through
therefore better. Effect: Onslaught but armor. Effect: Melt.
adds +1GP to small firearms and +2 GP to large
firearms. Laser Ranger Finder
A barrel mounted tool to increase accuracy by
Big Bada Boom helping judge distance, wind, height and other
Modifies your launcher to accept special factors. Effect: Increases range by one level.
ammunition manufactured specifically for this
upgrade. Effect: Projectiles fired from this Longer Barrel
weapon have AOE 3. An extended barrel helps the projectile achieve
greater muzzle velocity and increases range. Also
Bullpup makes the weapon slightly harder to conceal.
By putting the action behind the trigger the user Effect: Increases effective range by one level
can benefit from having a shorter weapon while and increases GP by 1.
not compromising muzzle velocity. Effect: +1
WPN and -1 GP. MAS
Short for Modular Accessory Shotgun, this
Collapsible Parts upgrade attaches a non-upgradeable shotgun
Weapon is engineered with automatically under the barrel of your assault rifle.
collapsible parts. Makes storage and smuggling
significantly easier. Effect: -1 GP for small Melee Attachment
firearms and -2 GP for large firearms. A short blade or hatchet is attached to the
weapon for close quarters combat. You may use
Enhanced Barrel the attachment in melee instead of suffering the
Barrel is enhanced to accept a larger round than normal penalties for shooting.
it would otherwise. Effect: +1 WPN.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 54

Missile Guidance Precision Parts

Uses an advanced (by Merders standards) The mechanical components of this weapon have
onboard computer to target concealed targets been manufactured to within a few nanometers
and fire at them accurately. Effect: You may of recommended specifications. More robust
ignore concealment such as smoke while firing materials are also used to avoid wear and tear.
your launcher. Effect: Reliable.

More Powder PSS

Reinforces the breach and modifies the weapon Short for Personal Security System, this upgrade
to accept rounds with extra umph, often knocking locks out unauthorized users via fingerprint,
down those struck by the weapon. Effect: retinal scan, voice activation or DNA sample
Knockdown. depending on user preference.

Power Array Scope

Redistribution of the standard power cells allows A standard combat scope with advanced optics
this weapon to charge up and vaporize its target. allowing X10 optical zoom, night vision and
Effect: When weapon is fully charged, gains infrared imaging. Effect: Accurate.
PMB, Armor Piercing A silencer is built in or attached to the barrel
Part of Syngularitys proprietary Particle Modulation to reduce muzzle flash and sonic boom of the
Barrel system to one-up Merders product line, firearm. Effect: Perception checks against this
this upgrade converts the standard round to a weapon suffer a - - penalty.
tungsten carbide round capable of penetrating
moderate body armor. Effect: Penetrate 2. Tactical Sling
A simple shoulder sling attached to the weapon
PMB, Bronze allows for easy access on the fly. Effect: Grants
Part of Syngularitys proprietary Particle Modulation the Quick Draw talent when drawing this weapon.
Barrel system to one-up Merders product line,
this PMB actually provides a fire selector to toggle UBGL
between any of the modulations at their bronze Short for Under barrel Grenade Launcher. Attaches
level of service. Effect: You may toggle between a non-upgradeable launcher to your assault rifle.
Disrupt, Penetrate 2 or Stun rounds.

PMB, Gel
Part of Syngularitys proprietary Particle
Modulation Barrel system to one-up Merders
product line, this upgrade converts a standard
round to a non-lethal gel-like substance that can
easily incapacitate a foe without causing severe
bodily harm. Effect: Stun.

PMB, Disruptor
Part of Syngularitys proprietary Particle
Modulation Barrel system to one-up Merders
product line, this upgrade converts a standard
round into a small electromagnetic pulse that
interrupts synthetic function. Effect: You may
toggle the Disrupt effect with this weapon.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 55

Melee Weapon Upgrades Ice Imbued

Syngularitys weapon imbuement has been
something of a mystery since it hit the open
Get em while theyre hot! Yes, I know theyre market. This version makes the weapon freezing
always hot, its supposed to be a joke numb nuts. to the touch and emanates a thing layer of mist
as is cools the surrounding air. Effect: Cold 1.
- Butterblade salesman
Magma Mod
Despite the name, this upgrade doesnt actually
Armor Chain
incorporate any magma into the weapon but
This lightweight yet surprisingly durable chain
rather an energy coil that rapidly heats the
connects your weapon to your armor and prevents
weapon to scalding temperatures for brief periods
you from being disarmed. Effect: This weapon
of time. Effect: Melt.
cannot be disarmed.

Collapsible Parts Motorized Teeth

The item is upgraded with a small motor that
Designed to allow covert ops a wider range of
rotates a chain with sharpened teeth. Effect:
tools, Syngularity provides collapsible versions of
Penetrate 2 and to intimidation attempts.

the most common melee weapons. Effect: -1 GP

for small melee weapons, -2 GP for large melee
weapons. Nanosharpen
Edged or spiked implements on this weapon are
sharpened to such fine precision that is cuts with
Core Forged
greater ease. As the weapon is used, particles of
On of Merders closest guarded secrets, this
the blade shave off and fresh teeth are exposed
weapon is forged from special alloys in what they
at the micron level, meaning you never have to
call their core forge. Whether they actually have
sharpen it. Effect: +1 WPN.
a forge at the core of a planet or if this is just
marketing spin is irrelevant because the product
speaks for itself and is virtually unbreakable.
Pneumatic Haft
Utilizing a pressure sensitive pneumatic system
Effect: This weapon cannot be broken or
this weapon releases greater force on contact,
destroyed by conventional means.
often breaking bones. Effect: Fracture 4
Diamond Edged that stacks with current fracture value (if any).
A sharpened wedge of diamond is inserted into
the weapon offering greater cutting potential. Serrated
Effect: Penetrate 5. The item is manufactured with teeth that cause
more grievous wounds and can saw through wood
Electricity Imbued and thin metal if given time. Effect: Bleed.
Syngularitys weapon imbuement has been
something of a mystery since it hit the open Synthecide Chip
market. This version makes the weapon crackle As the leading developer and seller of synthetics,
with electricity and often short circuits synthetics. Syngularity has been forced to develop ways
Effect: Disrupt 1. to keep its creations in line. This upgrade is a
simple microchip installed into the handle of the
Hydraulic Haft weapon with some wiring and battery power. It
With relatively simple hydraulic system this doesnt have an effect on organics but has proven
weapon can extend its reach for greater damage devastating to synthetics. Effect: Overload.
potential or retract to normal size. Effect: May
toggle Reach on and off.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 56

Merder Corp. Armor

Type ARM AP Abilities
Bronze Level
Carapace 2 -1
Teraplate 4 -2 - to Subterfuge.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
The Meatlocker 5 -3 Cannot be knocked down. Immune to fire and cold. - - to Subterfuge.
Marauder 3 -2 Immune to Fracture. - to Subterfuge.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Berzerker 2 -1 Immune to Onslaught.

Syngularity Armor
Type ARM AP Abilities
Bronze Level
Synth Leather 0 -
Aramid Bodysuit 1 -
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Armored Secondskin 2 -1 +

to Initiative.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Flickerfiber 3 -2 + +

to Subterfuge, to DEF.

Armor Berzerker
Designed with frontline combatants in mind, this
Does this teraplate make me look fat? Like armor offers great protection and mobility with
around my thigh area? Be honest. a layer of sheer-thickening fluid that helps the
wearer survive the most brutal of attacks.
Whether you want tasers to tickle or bullets to
feel like bumble bees this section has what you Carapace
need to stay safe in the heat of battle. Thin alloy plates are molded over the most
vulnerable of areas for a decent balance of
Aramid Bodysuit protection and mobility. Not the best thing to be
A thick weave of synthetic fibers allows the wearer wearing when bombs are going off but its better
to benefit from a little extra protection without than being naked.
sacrificing their mobility.
Armored Secondskin A staple for covert operatives across many
This armor uses a mix of thick synthweaves sectors, Syngularitys flickerfiber armor has active
and thin malleable plates that provide decent camouflage to deceive enemy perception. Though
protection and mobility. Because of its flexibility it the armor doesnt render the wearer invisible,
is general more expensive than simple carapace more than a few operatives have hidden in plain
armor. sight long enough to accomplish their objective

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 57

Merder Corp. Armor (Cont.)

Type Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level
Carapace 8 16 24 - -
Teraplate 25 35 50 - -
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
The Meatlocker 25 50 - - -

Marauder 30 50 75 100 -

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

Berserker 50 60 70 85 -

Syngularity Armor (Cont.)

Type Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level
Synth Leather 8 16 24 36 50
Aramid Bodysuit 18 30 42 54 -
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Armored Secondskin 30 40 50 60 70

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

Flickerfiber 50 65 80 95 110

Teraplate enjoying significant protection from firearms and

Thicker full-body plates hamper mobility but explosives. The onboard servos make a decent
provide significantly better protection than your amount of noise and thus make this almost
average vest or jacket. Youll clunk around a little useless for anything but a straightforward attack.
more but you can take a lot more hits.
Synth Leather
Marauder While the combat effectiveness of this armor is
Developed by Merder as an answer to combatants negligible, it does offer a robust home for various
tired of getting ran over by vehicles, crushed by upgrades one might need in battle.
bull bardox attacks and large machinery accidents,
the reinforced metal alloy sections of this armor
make the user almost impervious to blunt force
trauma without sacrificing too much mobility. The
plates have a tendency to grind together, being
so close to avoid gaps, and make stealth difficult.

The Meatlocker
This suit of armor is an exoskeleton and AI
away from being a light MExA suit. Designed
to withstand the most pitched of battles, users
will find themselves immune to the effects
of extremely hot or cold environments while

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 58

Merder Corp. Armor Upgrades

Name UP Effects For
Bronze Level
Frightening Decals 2 1 +
to Negotiate.
Magnetic 3 1 May attach yourself to metallic objects at will. All
Extra Pockets 3 1 +5 GP All
Grappling Hook 3 1 May eject grappling hooks to scale sheer surfaces. All
Propulsion 5 2 May activate to fly short distances in gravity. Full flight in zero gravity. All
Steelsilk Inlay 5 2 +1 ARM All
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Kinetic Actuators 5 1 +
to Athletics.
Titanium Alloy 6 1 Immune to Onslaught. Merder
Doubleweave 6 1 Immune to Dismember. Merder
Threat Monitor 8 1 Suffer no penalties while outnumbered. Merder
Graphene 12 1 Reduce Penetrate effects by 1. Merder
Nanofiber Mesh 12 1 Immune to Bleed. Merder
Hydraulic Joints 5 3 Gain the Yoked talent while wearing this armor. Merder
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Endorphin Rig 10 2 +1 DRD Merder
Exoskeleton 10 3 Gain the Frakking Beast talent while wearing this armor. Merder

Syngularity Armor Upgrades

Name UP Effects For
Bronze Level
Targeting Beacon 5 1 +
May mark target, granting yourself and allies to ranged attacks.
Thermal Regulator 6 1 Immune to Fire and Cold. All
Joint Pneumatics 5 1 +
to Acrobatics.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Risk Calculator 5 1 Ignore free strikes. Syngularity
Electric Insulation 8 2 Immune to Overload. Syngularity

Liquid Armor Layer 12 1 +1 DRD against ranged weapons. Syngularity

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Prototype Camo 15 2 + +
to Subterfuge.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 59

Armor Upgrades Graphene Composite

Graphene, a crystalline allotrope, is layered into
Yeah its expensive but you can carry two rail the armor and making the result significantly more
cannons at the same time. THE SAME TIME! robust. Many manufacturers add a hexagonal
pattern to armor treated in this way to mimic the
Armor is more than just protection. It can be atomic structure of the composite. Effect: Reduce
a tool, a means to an end. Spend your credits Penetrate effects by one.
properly and you can be dangerous just standing
in the middle of a room. Grappling Hook
A shoulder or hip mounted projectile grappling
Doubleweave hook allows the user to scale buildings or other
A second layer durable synthetic fibers prevents sheer surfaces and get a better vantage during
the fabric from tearing do to stress, keeping battle. Effect: May fire hook up to 25 feet or two
safety plates where they belong reducing the vertical stories and use to climb surface.
effectiveness of certain weapons. Effect: Immune
to Dismember. Hydraulic Joints
Small but powerful hydraulics increase the amount
Electric Insulation of force that your limbs can give and receive.
An electrically resistant polymer is layered Effect: Gain the Yoked talent while equipped.
between the armor and the wearers skin to
protect from sudden electrical bursts. A favorite Joint Pneumatics
with synthetic combatants. Effect: Immune to Pneumatics embedded in the armors joints allow
Overload. the user to absorb the impact of falls in addition
to giving great jumping height and agility. Effect:
to Acrobatics.

Endorphin Rig
Specially formulated cocktails of endorphins
are grafted to the armor and can inject into the Kinetic Actuators
wearer in times of high stress to allow a greater Clever use of actuators in the armors mobility
resistance to pain and injury. Effect: +1 DRD. centers allows more efficient use of energy,
allowing the user to accomplish feats of athleticism
with greater ease. Effect: to Athletics.

Extra Pockets
More efficient used of the armors real estate
allows the user to carry more tools into battle. Liquid Armor Layer
Effect: +5 GP. Shear thickening fluid under the armors main
plates increase resistance to projectiles by
Exoskeleton hardening locally on impact. When not under
A modular addition to existing armor that bridges extreme force the liquid remains soft and doesnt
the gap between normal armor and MExAs. The inhibit mobility. Effect: +1 DRD against ranged
addition of a mechanical exoskeleton allows the weapons.
user to manipulate objects far larger and with
greater ease than they would otherwise be able. Magnetic
Effect: Gain Frakking Beast talent while equipped. Popular with spacefarers, this upgrade puts several
magnets in the hands, feet, knees and elbows
Frightening Decals of the armor with a built-in switch to activate
Skulls, blood stains, unicorns, whatever you each set at will and allow users to stay affixed to
metallic objects such as ship hulls. Effect: User
think will soil your enemys pants. Effect: to

may attach to metallic objects at will.


2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 60

Nanofiber Mesh Risk Calculator

Lightweight carbon nanotubes are woven together Augmented reality projects in real time to help
to form an almost untearable synthetic fiber that the user identify the safest routes during combat.
protects the user from most grievous cuts and Effect: Immune to free strikes.
wounds. Effect: Immune to bleed.

A means of propulsion allows the user to achieve
short bursts of flight in a gravity environment and
full flight in zero gravity. Effect: What you just

Prototype Camo
Syngularitys signature upgrade, a combination
of lightbending particles and reactive camouflage
allow the user to become remarkably hidden even
in broad daylight. Effect: to Subterfuge.
+ +

Steelsilk Inlay
Merders most popular bronze-level upgrade is
easily their patented steelsilk. So named because
it is as strong as steel and as light as silk, this
synthetic weave is a staple for anyone that needs
just a little more protection. Effect: +1 ARM.

Targeting Beacon
A small projectile ejects from your forearm and
projects a hologram on the target, making it
easier for you and your allies to hit. Effect: User
may mark a target at short (S) range. User and
allies get to hit target with ranged attacks.

Thermal Regulator
A layer of protective synthweave provides the
user protection from extreme temperatures.
Effect: Immune to fire and cold.

Threat Monitor
Augmented reality aids the user in finding the safest
vectors while fighting multiple enemies. Effect:
You suffer no penalty for being outnumbered.

Titanium Alloy
Replacing armor plates with a lightweight titanium
alloy provides an extra layer of protection against
the most savage of attacks. Effect: Immune to

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 61

Tools & Gear

Ill tell you what, you buy five medi-gel and Ill
throw in a nano-splint free of charge. Just think
of how long you can torture the guy!

- Rakk, Independent Pharma Vendor

In this section youll find various items and

equipment in such wide circulation that no single
company claims any market share.

The Little Things

Keep in mind that small items and trinkets such
as mobile phones, smokes, a lighter, a deck of
cards, jump drives, eating utensils, pens, paper
and other ancillary items are cheap enough that
your character is assumed to have them or at the
very least is able to purchase them on small lines
of credit.

Items in this section are designed for specific

functions and in-game mechanical benefit.

General Tools / Gear

Name GP Abilities
Comm Unit 1 - Allows hands-free audio communication to others on network.
DataPad 1 1 Basic communication device with phone, video and networking capabilities.
Razorcuffs 1 1
- Dirty Deeds, 1 DMG / Escape Attempt
Tool Kit (Object) 1 2 +

to checks made with the chosen build/repair (object) skill.

Melt Magnet 1 1 A magnetic device that melts a hole one meter in diameter.
Backpack 2 -
+10 GP, - Initiative
Medi-Gel 2 - Flip Medical. Heals HP = cards declared in suit + target PHY. One use. Organics only.
Nano-Gel 2 - Flip Repair. Heals HP = cards declared + target PHY. One use. Synthetics only.
Digi-Key (Skin) 2 2 +

HoloPad 3 1 Hands-free version of datapad that displays information in holograms.
Nano-Splint 3 1 Repairs broken limb. One use.
Combat Shield 3 2 Grants soft cover. Generally used in off hand.
Reload Rack 3 3 Allows you reload pistols as a free action and without a free hand.
Portable Radar 4 2 Determine the general layout of nearby areas and what is in them.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 62

Syngularity Gear / Tools

Name GP Abilities
Bronze Level
No options at this time.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Drop Pack 8 1 Device that slows your descent enough to survive an aerial jump or fall.
Electro Bola 1 1 Used for capturing or entangling a target. Electrocution optional.
Firewall Hardware 5 1 Increase FW by 1. Stackable. Max = 3.
Digi-Key (Muscle) 5 2 +

TechWar, +1 FW
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Digi-Key (Skeleton) 10 2 + +

TechWar, +2 FW
Master Blaster Rig 35 5 Equips up to four small weapons. Use your engineering skill to operate them. 2 handed.
Blink Bracelet 50 2 Allows teleportation. See description.

Black Market Gear / Tools

Name GP Abilities
Bronze Level
Torturers Kit 2 1 + +
to Negotiation checks. Target must be subdued.
Prisoners Collar 3 - An explosive device that detonates outside a specific area or with a remote.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
No options at this time.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
No options at this time.

Where the hell did they go?

-Last words of PCBO victims

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 63

Tools & Gear Drop Pack

A small device usually attached to ones armor
that slows the decent of a fall, usually from an
aircraft, and allows the user to land safely. The
A place to store all your loot. Also makes a great
device activates automatically during free fall
flail when filled with heavy objects. or can be toggled to work manually, though it is
generally not advised.
Blink Bracelet
Allows the user to teleport. There must be open Electro Bola
space to teleport to or else they will be bisected An updated version of a classic hunting tool, the
by the object. If the user cannot see the location electro bola is a simple conductive wire with two
they are teleporting to, (ie. the other side of a or three weighted batteries at the end. The item
wall) they must succeed a Luck flip at the GMs is thrown and the cord wraps around the target,
discretion. assisted by the weighted ends, before shocking
the target into submission.
If used more than once per day user must pass
a LCK check. The CR of this check is equal to the Use either Athletics or Acrobatics for this throw.
number of times this item has been activated over
the past day. Upon failure, causes instant death Firewall Hardware
as you are sucked into an interdimensional vortex For increased protection from malicious software
and never heard from again with a satisfying pop. and hackers you may run your devices (or
cybernetics) through this small firewall box. You
Using this item takes one action. may connect up to three of these devices together
and their effects stack.
Combat Shield
A forearm mounted retractable shield that Holopad
offers mobile cover and protection for frontline Similar to the datapad in function but this device
combatants. only requires one hand to operate because of its
holographic nature. Often taking the form of a
Comm Unit wrist watch or bracer, this device is compact and
A simple ear bead or headset that allows wireless unobtrusive while still providing flexibility.
communication between users on a network.
Master Blaster Rig
Datapad An anqyngo creation designed to reduce he
A basic electronic device used for communication, drawbacks of their small stature, this back
data storage, net surfing and other common tasks. mounted rig holds up to four weapons that can
This item can also be used for manual hacking all be used simultaneously.
with proper access to the target but provides no
firewall protection. Requires two hands to use. They must be small melee weapons or small
firearms. The rig requires two hands to operate.
This is a small device used primarily for MediGel
technological warfare. It was a multiport hard A cocktail of regenerating stimulants, nanobots
line, magnetic remote module and wireless and painkillers to help stave off death just a little
transmitter allowing it access to almost any longer.
electronic configuration.
This item only works on organic targets.
The three levels of digi-key are skin, muscle and
skeleton. Each of these is an improvement on the Target heals HP equal to their PHY + the number
last and greatly increases performance. of cards in their declared suit on a Medical check.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 64

Melt Magnet reload their handguns without having to holster

A small magnetic disk designed to attach to them.
metallic objects and rapidly heat up to extreme
temperatures, causing the area to melt. It takes Tool Kit
roughly 30 seconds for the magnet to melt steel A general term for many different items. Players
and a minute or two for it to cool. may purchase a kit of tools for any of the following
Similar in function to MediGel, this cocktail is Athletics, Acrobatics, Digital Crafting, Mechanical
largely composed of nanobots programmed to Crafting, Medical or Dirty Deeds.
repair and reconnect damaged cables, servos and
other important cybernetics in synthetic targets. Generally speaking your GM will ask you to
specify what kind of a toolkit youre buying for
Only works on synthetics. Target heals their PHY the respective skill. For example, you buy an
plus the number of cards in the declared suit on a Athletics tool kit that contains climbing gear or a
Mechanical Crafting check. Dirty Deeds toolkit that has lock picks.
Nano-Splint The user gets to checks regarding that skill.
A popular frontline addition to many a medics
kit, once placed on a broken bone or joint this Torturers Kit
device will drill pins into the damaged area and Various blades, acids, garrotes and other horrific
automatically re-align and set the bone while tools make up this intimidating kit. While they
providing a solid base or hinge so the limb can be can be used to physically harm a target the mere
used once more. This is a painful process but the presence of them in a room can instill enough fear
benefits usually outweigh the discomfort. to get someone talking.

Repairs a broken limb in about a minute. Razorcuffs

A staple with the Askaro prison guard, these simple
Portable Radar handcuffs have razor blades embedded inside a
Allows user to see rough layout of surrounding pressure sensitive guard. With full compliance the
area and general position of solid targets such as wearer is perfectly safe, but if they struggle or
people, drones and vehicles. Requires one hand. attempt escape it quickly slices open their wrists.

Prisoners Collar
A politically correct term for an explosive collar.
Can be remotely detonated or activate when
outside of a certain perimeter.

Reload Rack
Made famous by the renowned (fictitious) crypt
delver Mara Hoft played by the stunning Aphrodite

In the Mara Hoft franchise, the character uses

dual pistols to vanquish her enemies and the
creators wanted a way for her to be able to reload
her weapons without putting them away. Thus,
the reload rack was born.

Extra magazines are loaded into a device strapped

to the users hips or thighs, allowing them to

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 65

How To Use Drones & Combots

Beep boop beep, sinking points into the engineering skill gives you access to a variety of automated
offensive and defensive tools including drones and sentry turrets. This is an expensive but very
helpful option to add to your team.

How Many Can I Have? Routines

You may purchase as many as you want, carry as For one action you may run a routine, which
many as your GP allows and operate a number automates the drone or sentrys actions until you
equal to your engineering rank at any given time. cancel the routine. While a routine is active you
may not give commands to that unit until the
How They Work routine is canceled. Canceling a routine is a free
They work similar to your character in that you action. You may only have one routine active per
use your actions to give them commands. The unit.
main difference is that you can program them to
use different routines. Follow Routine - Unit follows target. Must have
LOS at activation.
For attacks with drones and sentries use your
engineering skill. Patrol Routine - Unit follows specific path.

Active VS Non-Active Search Routine - Unit meticulously searches for

When a drone or sentry is active it is removed a specific person, place or thing.
from your inventory and becomes autonomous.
When a drone is inactive it takes up GP in your Overwatch Routine - Unit remains stationary
inventory and cannot receive commands. and searches for signs of enemy movement, then
Hacking A Drone
Since they are almost exclusively wireless
devices, drones may be hacked and manipulated
or sabotaged. First the hacker must pass a
TechWar check to break the drones Firewall (FW).
If successful they must then pass an opposed
01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100011
TechWar check against the drones controller.
01100001 01101110 00100000 01110010 01100101
01100001 01100100 00100000 01100010 01101001
If they succeed that check they gain control of 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00111111
the unit. Either re-hack the unit or destroy the 00100000 01001110 01100101 01110010 01100100
infiltrating signal. 00101110

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 66

Drones & Combots Hit Points (HP)

Represents how much damage the drone can
take before it is unusable.
No Carl, I wont put a slice of pizza in the storage
compartment of your drone. Get off your ass. Armor (ARM)
Represents the static armor value of the drone.
- Carls roommate
Gear Points (GP)
Ranging from Merders mobile menaces to Represents how many gear points this item takes
Syngularitys stylish sentries, this section up when not activated.
provides a detailed look at drones and remote
combat robots (or combots) of all kinds. Fly?
Determines if this drone has the thrusters or
Firewall (FW) grav plates needed to fly or if it is a more simple
Measures the static onboard firewall of the drone. tracked or walker type.
Can be upgraded with firewall hardware.
Defense (DEF) Informs of any other important info.
Represents how difficult it is to hit this drone.

Merder Drones & Combots

Model FW DEF HP ARM GP Fly? Other
Bronze Level

Tempest 10 2 3 10 3 5 No Immobile. Holds 6 GP.

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Araknid 20 2 4 15 2 6 No Holds 5 GP. Ignores knockdown.

Ignores rough terrain.
Spherehead 35 3 4 25 4 8 No Holds 7 GP.

Paingolin 60 3 4 30 6 10 No Armed with assault rifle. Holds 4 GP.

Syngularity Drones & Combots

Model FW DEF HP ARM GP Fly? Other
Bronze Level

AidBot 15 3 4 5 0 5 Yes Holds 3 GP.

Raven 25 3 5 10 1 4 Yes +

Holds 4 GP. to Subterfuge.

Chironex 40 4 5 20 2 6 Yes Armed with Shock Whip. Holds 4 GP.

to Subterfuge.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Mantis 60 4 6 20 2 6 Yes Armed with 2 PEWs and 2 Short Blades.

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

Hellminth 50 6 7 20 3 4 Yes + +

Holds 1 GP. to Subterfuge & TechWar.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 67

MediSyn Drones & Combots

Model FW DEF HP ARM GP Fly? Abilities
Bronze Level

Phoenix 15 4 4 20 2 5 Yes Holds up to five MediGel or NanoGel. Comes with


three MediGel & two NanoGel. to Medical.

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

No options at this time.

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

No options at this time.

Black Market Drones & Combots

Model FW DEF HP ARM GP Fly? Abilities
Bronze Level

BoomBot 8 2 4 5 0 3 Yes Holds up to 3 grenades.

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

NecroBot 20 4 3 10 - 1 - See description.

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

No options at this time.

Drones & Combots of translucent materials to aid in stealth.

Save me little phoenix drone, youre my only Hunters and farmers use these to keep certain
hope. predators at bay or subdue their prey. Law
- Wounded combat engineer enforcement has also been known to use them
to aid in hostage situations, subduing an enemy
Aidbot without actually killing them.
A common service drone that comes in many
varieties. Usually used to carry packages, hold an Hellminth
umbrella, harass pets, etc. This top-of-the-line drone is tailor made for digital
breaking and entering. Its thin worm-like design
Araknid makes it ideal for sneaking through air ducts,
Though it only has six legs, this spider-looking pipes or other small areas.
bot is popular for its ability to traverse difficult
terrain. Because of its extra legs, the Araknid Once inside it uses an array of technological
cannot be knocked down. warfare tools at its mouth to extract or manipulate
data with ease.
Basically a low-grade AidBot with grenades Mantis
strapped to it. Used for suicide missions. Arguably the only drone built by syngularity
specifically for combat, the mantis is armed with
Chironex both PEWs and short blades, making it a versatile
A specialist drone that looks not unlike a jellyfish and deadly addition to your robot army.
due to the shock whips dangling from its chassis.
They are incredibly quiet and generally made out

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 68

NecroBot variant to keep their product safe in the line of

Make zombies that follow your every command! fire, allowing it to tend to more people.
The only drone that is not actually a drone but
rather a fist-sized conduit for remote manipulation Raven
of an inanimate subject, usually an organic corpse A cheap but effective option for hackers and
but could also be used on synthetics. droneheads looking to increase their arsenal. The
Raven is relatively average across the board but
The device must be connected to the spinal makes a great scouting tool or combat assistant.
column or brain and the nervous system must
be intact for the device to operate the subject in Spherehead
question. When on the move this robot curls into a ball and
rolls through tight spaces to find its target. It then
For example, if the target died of old age or poison unfurls its weaponry, plants itself into the ground
you would be able to manipulate them fully with and destroys whatever it was set after.
this device. If their arm was severed but is still
dangling by a thread, you would not be able to Tempest
use that arm. The only immobile variant in Merders line, the
tempest is an armored turret designed to provide
The subject being manipulated follows basic flanking or covering fire in addition to forcing
commands like any drone, but cannot complete enemies into choke points.
complex tasks or anything requiring more than
rudimentary dexterity (like fixing electronics, It comes with magnetic stands to it can be fixed
sewing or not being a complete noob at video to metal walls or ceilings for optimal line of fire.
games). The turret can rotate a full 360 degrees and can
tilt up and down about 80 degrees, allowing for
Once resurrected the target gains 10 HP and ease of targeting.
retains the armor it is wearing. All of its attributes
are reduced by one and it is considered trained in
all skills but has no ranks in them.

Once the target dies again the body is too

mangled to manipulate further and cannot be
the target of another NecroBot. You may retrieve
your NecroBot from its corpse and attach it to
something else, however.

Merders premier remote operated mobile tank,
the Paingolin comes equipped with an assault
rifle and some of the best armor the company
can feasibly weld to a mobile unit.

It also has a reasonable carrying capacity for

outfitting other weapons or storing valuables
inside a well protected mobile safe.

The Phoenix was designed to help doctors deal
with multiple patients while operating solo.
Combat medics started falling in love with them
and MediSyn decided to roll out an armored

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 69

This page left intentionally blank.

Therell be art or something later, right now we need the following

two pages to be a right next to each other when printed out.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 70

HoloTools & Software BUFFs & DOTs

While there are many variations on software
types their application generally falls into two
You get a spark and you get a spark, everybody categories: BUFFs and DOTs.
gets a spark!
BUFFs, or Beneficial Unit Frontline Functions,
- Enthusiastic Legion Owner are typically streamed to the target and provide
friendly users with an advantage over a small area
For those who put the war in TechWar, this section of the battlefield such as concealment or dummy
details the holotools and software available to holograms to confuse opponents.
nerds across the universe.
BUFFs take concentration and must be actively
sustained. Taking an action other than movement
HoloTool Marks
will stop the effect granted by the software.
Unlike weapons and armor, buying a mark II
holotool does not increase how many upgrade
DOTs, or Destructive Obstacle Tasks, are typically
slots the item has but rather how many programs
targeted on enemies to interfere with their
you can have installed at one time.
targeting, pinpoint weaknesses in their armor,
cause damage or harm them in some other way.
HoloTool Static Attack
Even without any software installed a holotool can DOTs can be shot and forgot as the nanobots
initiate a feedback loop within a synthetic target will carry out their function without help. These
that causes minor damage. effects do not persist after the round they are
Note: These attacks only work on synthetic
targets or organics with cybernetic augmentations
Passive Properties
because of the digital ability.
Some software grants passive properties to your
holotool while installed. These do not need to be
Using Software activated and do not consume ammo.
Software consumes ammo just like a firearm
because you are sending nanobots to accomplish
Installing / Uninstalling
a task and eventually they must be replenished.
For one action you may install or uninstall
programs on the fly. You may never have more
Priming & Firing programs installed on your holotool than its mark
It takes one action to prime a DOT or BUFF and value.
one action to fire.
For example, a Mk.III holotool can have three
programs installed at one time.

Syngularity HoloTools
Name WPN Ammo GP Skill RNG Abilities
Bronze Level

NanoBuddy 2 3 2 TechWar M Omniscient, Overload, Digital

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Legion 2 5 2 TechWar S Omniscient, Overload, Digital
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Wildcard 2 1 2 TechWar L Omniscient, Overload, Digital

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 71

Syngularity Software
Name Abilities Type
Bronze Level
Aim Assist 10 + BUFF
Attackers receive to hit this target.
BuzzBot 10 BUFF
Target suffers - to hit in combat.
Icicle 10 Cold DOT
DigiKey: Skin 10 + -
Passive: to TechWar.
Shred 20 Bleed DOT
Frazzle 20 Disrupt DOT
HoloFriend 20 Generates a hologram of the target that mimics their actions. BUFF
Vexing Hex 20 Target must pass a DC 5 Initiative check or else they attack an ally. DOT
Nightmare Fuel 20 Target must pass a DC 5 Bravery check or else they flee on their turn. DOT
HoloWall 20 Provides concealment. AOE 1. BUFF
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Spark 20 Lights target on fire. DOT
Icebox 20 Cold, rough terrain, AOE 2 BUFF
SuperSlick 20 AOE 1, area becomes difficult terrain. DOT
Crucible 30 Melt DOT
Suicide Scarabs 30 Passive: WPN 4 -
DigiKey: Muscle 30 + -
Passive: to TechWar and +1 FW.
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Thunderstorm 30 WPN 4, Overload, Arc DOT
DigiKey: Skeleton 40 + + -
Passive: to TechWar and +2 FW.
Inferno 40 WPN 5, AOE 2, Fire DOT
Heckler 40 AOE 3. Targets suffer -X DEF where X is your TechWar rank while within AOE. BUFF
Kill Cloud 50 Up to AOE X where X is your TechWar rank. Bleed, rough terrain. BUFF
Cerebral Skewer 50 Target must make a Resistance check against your TechWar. If they fail, they take DOT
10 damage. Overload. Consumes 2 ammo.

Syngularity HoloTools (Cont.)

Name Mk. I Mk. II Mk. III MK. IV Mk. V
Bronze Level

NanoBuddy 15 35 60 - -

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Legion 24 36 48 60 72
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Wildcard 32 64 96 128 -

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 72

MExA Suits
MExA is a colloquial term for mechanized exoskeletal armor popular with anqyngo for centuries due
to their small and frail biology. Many recent models, however, are heavily influenced by marphan
combat variants. Because of the hostile conditions on their planet, many marphans use MExAs as a
second line of defense against the elements and raiding parties.

Labor VS Combat Piloting A Mexa

MExAs are commonly split into two groups: labor MExAs are essentially an extension of the pilot,
and combat. Strictly speaking, most combat greatly amplifying their abilities and providing
MExAs are actually mechas but the term MExA them with protection.
has become such a common part of modern
vernacular that they have become synonymous. Each MExA grants several talents that activate
while you are piloting it. Of course, as soon as
Labor MExAs are generally designed for a you exit the MExA they no longer apply to you.
specific function and are overall more clumsy in
operation. They dont have to meet the demands While inside a MExA with HP your character does
of combat so they are designed to be cheap and not take damage, instead the mexa takes it for
efficient at their task. More often than not they you. Once your mexa runs out of HP it is no longer
have an open chassis that the pilot enters to operational (with the exception of the cambion
operate the controls. High end models may offer class, which is a simple exoskeleton and does not
skulljacking or wireless manipulation if the pilot take damage).
has the proper cybernetic augmentations.
To repair a MExA it requires an appropriately
Combat MExAs offer a wider variety of models equipped shop and incurs a cost of 1 per HP
with multiple applications but are significantly repaired.
more expensive to own and operate. Small models
may be piloted by a single operator without
augmentations but high end models could require
several operators simultaneously jacked into the
system. Another advantage to combat MExAs is
that most of them offer a blast shield if not full
armor plating to protect the pilot. This means the
mexa will take damage instead of the pilot until it
is no longer operational.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 73

Merder MExA
Model FW HP ARM AP Fly? Abilities

Bronze Level

Cambion 25 2 0 0 -3 No Pack Mule, Yoked, Frakking Beast

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Nephilim 100 3 25 2 -3 No +20 GP, Yoked, Frakking Beast, Stubborn, China Shop

Diablo 150 3 50 3 -2 No +20 GP, Yoked, Frakking Beast, Stubborn as Hell, China
Shop, Double Tap, Hack & Slash, Ambidexterous
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

Scorned 250 3 100 4 -2 Yes +20 GP, Yoked, Frakking Beast, Stubborn as Hell,
Valkyrie China Shop, Double Tap, Hack & Slash, Ambidexterous,
Immune to Free Strikes, Ignore Cover & Concealment

Syngularity MExA
Model FW HP ARM AP Fly? Abilities

Bronze Level

No options at bronze level.

Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)

Vespid 125 4 25 2 -2 Yes +10 GP, Yoked, Frakking Beast, Quick Feet, Dodge

Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)

Odonata 200 6 50 3 -2 Yes +10 GP, Yoked, Frakking Beast, Quick Feet, Crazy
Dodge, Deadeye

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 74

Cybernetic Augmentations
Although the legality and morality of cybernetic augmentations is widely argued from planet to planet
it is still a very real part of modern society. Whether you are an augmentation hobbyist, addict or an
android this section has a variety of options to upgrade yourself.

If one more kid walks in here asking for a Implanting Weapons

pneumatic elbow I swear Ill quit. You must purchase the weapon in addition to
paying for the aug cost. You may upgrade the
- Frustrated cybersurgeon weapon normally. This weapon still counts against
Abstract Benefits your GP.
Many of these cybernetics grant abstract benefits
instead of statistical gain. An example is the Leg
Stabilizers which state Immune to unstable Implant Repossession
footing such as ice or standing atop vehicles. Many companies offer flexible payment plans to
ensure that you have the ability to get any aug
Using the Rule of Reasonable Expectation we you want or need. However, failure to pay on time
could also apply this to being magnetically may result in the implant being forcibly removed
attached to a spacecraft, standing atop a goliath from your body, without your consent.
eviscerator wyrm or lining up an accurate shot
during an earthquake. There is also a sizeable black market for mods
and some of the more confident thugs have been
This would NOT apply to a trap door opening known to steal cybernetics and sell them. If you
beneath you or a branch you are standing on to have visible augs and are not in a good part of
break because there is no longer anything for town, it is wise to carry protection. (See firearms
your feet to be stabilized on. and melee weapons.)

Use common sense. Cybernetic Points

Similar to the upgrade points on weapons, your
Aug Stigma body has cybernetic points to spend on cybernetic
Depending on the planet, public opinion of upgrades.
cybernetic augmentations varies but most
people are at the very least unnerved by visible Your CP is simply:
modifications beyond simple prosthesis or
replacement. 5 + PHY

There are also groups of radicals in all races that

see augmentation as tainting the natural body and
are therefore opposed to it, sometimes violently.

Conversely there are radical groups that believe

the flesh is weak and that upgrading themselves
is an honor.

If you are worried about the social ramifications

of an aug either spend a lot of money on it or
simply dont get one.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 75

MediSyn Cybernetic Implants

Name CP Abilities
Bronze Level
Skulljack 10 1 Manipulate electronics with brain via cable. Must be open network.
Standard Optics 10 1 Allows eyes to take pictures / video and save to internal storage.
Aural Filter 10 1 + +
to Resistance checks against audio and to Perception checks against soft noises.
Vocal Modulator 10 1 +
Grants Good With Voices talent. Acts as comm unit. to Negotiation.
Tool Implant 20 1 +
to a non-combat skill of your choice.
Magnetic Limbs 20 1 Attach to metal objects at will.
Retractable Claws 20 2 May retract a short blade from each hand at will.
Wrist Motor 20 2 +
Grants the Quickdraw talent and to Subterfuge checks regarding slight of hand.
Short Range Radar 30 1 Reveals general position of objects within short range, regardless of line of sight.
Biometric Scanner 30 1 +
Able to read blood pressure, perspiration and other data. to Savvy.
Data HUD 30 1 Tracks timers, trajectories, flight paths, etc.
Signal Jammer 30 1 Increases FW by two. Scrambles enemy radar.
Sm. Compartment 30 1 Gain 5 GP.
Pheromone Unit 30 1 +
to Negotiate.
Cardiac Regulator 30 2 Immune to Bleed.
Synthetic Lungs 30 2 May breathe underwater. One hour oxygen tank.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Ammo Dispenser 25 2 You dont need a free hand to reload.
Wireless Modem 25 2 Manipulate electronics with brain without cable. Must be open network.
Tactical Optics 25 2 Benefits of Standard Optics + thermal & night vision. Immune to visual impairments.
Tactical HUD 25 2 Benefits of Data HUD + keeps track of enemy shots fired, ARM values, etc.
Chem Filter 25 2 Immune to airborne gas and toxins.
Subdermal Mesh 25 3 +1 ARM
Metal Alloy Bones 40 3 Immune to Fracture. +1 DMG in melee.
Thermal Resistance 40 4 Immune to Fire and Cold.
Kinetic Pulse 40 2 Spend one action to eject a pulse that causes Knockdown to everything adjacent.
Sm. Weapon 40 3 Implant a small weapon. Must purchase weapon.
Bicep Fiber Bundle 40 3 Push, pull and lift objects up to 10X your weight. +2 melee DMG.
Micropistons 40 2 Unarmed attacks gain Demolish Soft. Jump 2X higher.
Ligament Shocks 40 2 Move completely silently. 1/2 fall damage.
Cybernetic implants continued on next page...

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 76

MediSyn Cybernetic Implants (Cont.)

Name CP Abilities
Gold Level (1000+ Loyalty)
Upgraded Radar 30 3 Know general position of objects in medium range, regardless of line of sight.
Nerve Dampener 30 3 Grants Stubborn As Hell talent.
Frost/Fire Fist 30 3 One hand becomes an Elemental Gauntlet.
Bionic Shield 30 3 One arm may expand into a shield that grants soft cover.
Mag Hands 30 3 Directional magnet that allows you to will metal objects within short range to you.
Gyroscopic Hips 30 3 Mostly immune to knocked down.
Programmed Gait 30 3 +
Grants Quick Feet talent. to Martial Arts.
Cable Tendons 30 4 +2 DMG in melee.
EMP Insulation 30 3 Reduces Disrupt effects by 1.
Pressurized Arm 30 3 A single arm may be primed to deal X2 DMG in melee. 1 action to prime.
Lg. Weapon 25 4 Implant a large weapon. Must purchase weapon.
Lg. Compartment 50 3 Gain 10 GP.
Additional Arm 50 4 You have an additional arm.
Fraus Cloak System 50 4 + +
to Subterfuge.
Flight Boosters 50 5 Allows short bursts of flight. May not boost more than two actions unless in zero gravity.
Micropiston Upgrade 50 5 Unarmed attacks gain Demolish Hard. Jump 5X higher. Must have Micropistons.
Nanocell Regen 50 6 Gain your PHY worth of HP at the end of combat.
Ferrofluid Armor 75 6 Activate at will, +10 DRD for one round. 10 minute cool off period between uses.
HypeReflexes 95 6 +1 action point.

Black Market Cybernetic Implants

Name CP Abilities
Bronze Level
Dermal Secretion 20 2 Secrete a loaded chemical at will.
Finger Syringes 20 2 Fingers can expand into needles that administer chems.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
HUGS 30 3 Hidden Underarmor Grenade System. Holds up to 3 grenades.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 77

Cybernetics Cardiac Regulator

Redundant blood pumps release a hypercoagulant
Dispatch to officer Horden, did you just say the that almost instantly stops bleeding from cuts
suspect has four arms, a jet pack and is turning large or small. Effect: Immune to Bleed.
- Hive city Vytal dispatcher Chem Filter
A filter placed between the mouth and lungs
Additional Arm prevents gasses, toxins and other harmful
You have an additional arm grafted to your rib airborne particles from entering the bloodstream.
cage. This arm is considered an off hand, even if
you are ambidexterous. Data HUD
Displays important information such as bullet
Ammo Dispenser trajectories, timers, jump and flight vectors,
Mechanized auto-loaders eliminate the need for altitude and distance monitoring.
extra hands while reloading. The device will grab
the appropriate ammunition and move it to an Dermal Secretion
easily accessible area for the user to reload. User may secrete a loaded chemical from their
hands, lips or other area of the skin. Once the
Aural Filter secretion has activated a new chemical must be
Ear canal is replaced with synthetic variant loaded to use this effect again.
capable of blocking out extreme sounds or
magnify imperceptible ones. Effect: to EMP Insulation

Resistance checks against auditory damage and Electromagnetic pulse shielding is woven into
to Perception checks against soft noises. your skin, greatly increasing your defense against

electrical attacks. Effect: Reduce Disrupt effects

Bicep Fiber Bundle by 1.
Muscles in the users arms are replaced with
cables and carbon fiber bundles that function Ferrofluid Armor
exactly like a normal muscles but with greater A layer of black ferrofluid envelops the user at their
speed, efficiency and force. Effect: Push, pull and most dangerous moment, granting unparalleled
lift objects up to 10X your weight. +2 DMG in physical protection when it matters most. Effect:
melee. Once every fifteen minutes you may activate a
full-body shield that provides 10 DRD until your
Biometric Scanner next turn.
Blood pressure, perspiration levels, respiration
speed, pupil dilation and other biometric data are Finger Syringes
streamed to the user via an augmented reality Retractable syringes are embedded into the users
HUD. Effect:
to Savvy checks. fingers, allowing them to inject a loaded chemical
into a victim. Once used, another chemical must
Bionic Shield be loaded into the syringes to use them again.
A collapsible combat shield is implanted into the
forearm and can be expanded to provide soft Flight Boosters
cover. Shoulder or foot mounted boosters allow bursts
of flight in gravity and full flight in zero gravity.
Cable Tendons Effect: Achieve flight for up to two actions in
Major tendons are replaced with cables that gravity or full flight in zero gravity.
greatly increase the force of melee attacks.
Effect: +2 DMG with melee attacks.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 78

Fraus Cloaking System Large Weapon

With active camouflage that mimics its A large weapon, such as a large blade or shotgun,
surroundings you are considerably more difficult is embedded into your arm. Weapon must be
to see, often just a shimmer of light to the purchased with upgrade.
untrained eye. Effect: to Subterfuge.
+ +

Ligament Shocks
Frost / Fire Fist Shock absorbing struts are grafted to major
The mechanics of an elemental gauntlet are joints, allowing for almost complete silence even
embedded into the users hands, allowing them to at a full run in addition to significantly reducing
throw fireballs, shoot frost beams and electrocute fall damage.
their enemies. Effect: Your hand becomes an
elemental gauntlet. See the Syngularity weapons Mag Hands
section. A focused electromagnetic field emits from your
hand and pulls metallic objects toward you within
Gyroscopic Hips short range.
The addition of a gyroscope to each of your
hip joins allows you to manipulate your center Magnetic Limbs
of gravity effortlessly. Difficult or mobile terrain Powerful magnets are embedded in the hands,
cannot effect your posture and you can balance feet, elbows and knees allowing the user to attach
on one leg without incident. Impacts that would themselves to metallic objects like ship hulls or
cause you to stagger can be ignored. Unless both skyscrapers at will.
legs are forcibly removed from under you, you
cannot be knocked down. Micropistons
Small but efficient pistons are implanted into the
HUGS users joints, allowing for extraordinary bursts
Acronym for Hidden Underarmor Grenade System. of physical power. Effect: Your unarmed attacks
User may load up to three grenades in their have Demolish Soft and you can jump twice as
chest cavity that can explode at will. Explosion high.
is localized into a cone in front of them, doing
half damage. User takes no damage unless they Micropiston Upgrade
chose to forgo the safety shield, in which case Efficiency improvements and a few new parts
the grenades explode and envelope the area as if make your previous micropistons significantly
they landed where the user is standing. Grenades better. Effect: Your unarmed attacks have
exploded in this way do double damage. Demolish Hard and you can jump five times as
A network of fiber optic cables enhance your Metal Alloy Bones
nervous system and improve quick thinking and Bones are lined with a metal alloy, often titanium,
reflexes. Effect: +1 action point during combat. making them unbreakable by conventional means
in addition to increasing melee damage output
Kinetic Pulse because the user has reduced inhibitions while
A burst of kinetic energy knocks nearby targets fighting. Effect: Immune to Fracture and +1
off their feet. Effect: For one action you may DMG in melee.
cause Knockdown to all adjacent targets.
Nanocell Regen
Large Compartment A hive of nanobots react to high stress and
A compartment large enough to hold a submachine physical damage, working to repair superficial
gun or compact rifle hidden in the arms, legs or cuts and bruises as your body comes down from
torso. Effect: +10 GP, hidden. an adrenaline high. Effect: Heal your PHY worth
of HP after combat.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 79

Nerve Dampener Skulljack

Chemicals are released into the users body as A cranial port for jacking in to electronics via
they sustain more damage, allowing them to cable. User may manipulate the object or software
absorb significantly more punishment than they within using only their mind. Normal firewalls and
would otherwise be able. Effect: Grants the security apply.
Stubborn As Hell talent.
Standard Optics
Pheromone Unit Eyes are replaced with synthetic versions capable
Synthetic pheromones are implanted into the of recording video or taking pictures. Comes with
user and released at will. These pheromones can 5X digital zoom and a hard drive to store recorded
induce fear, aggression, lust or any number of images. Natural and artificial colors are available.
emotions to organic targets within roughly ten
feet. Effect: to Negotiation. Pressurized Arm

Small tanks designed to pressurize at will are

Programmed Gait implanted into the shoulder, elbow and tendons
Signals from your brain to your legs are via cable to allow a vicious melee attack when
programmed for maximum speed and efficiency. primed. Effect: When primed, double the amount
Effect: Grants the Quick Feet talent and to
of damage this weapon does. It takes one action
Martial Arts. to prime.

Retractable Claws Subdermal Mesh

Blades are implanted into the users hands that Nanofibers are woven underneath the skin to
may be ejected at will. Effect: You may equip a provide extra protection against weapons. Effect:
short blade at will in each hand. +1 ARM.

Signal Jammer Synthetic Lungs

Emits a localized frequency jammer that increases Modeled after selachii biology, these synthetic
the users firewall and scrambles radar within a lungs allow the user to metabolise the oxygen
short distance. Effect:
firewall and scramble in water. The lungs also retain up to one hour
radar, rendering them ineffective. of oxygen, should the user be deprived of air or
Short Range Radar
For increased battlefield awareness a short range Tactical HUD
radar is embedded in the skull that provides real All the benefits of data HUD with the addition of
time augmented reality displays of nearby rooms metagame data such as enemy shots fired, ARM
and their inhabitants. values, DEF ratings etc.

Small Compartment Tactical Optics

A compartment large enough to hold a pistol, All the benefits of standard optics with the addition
short blade or similar sized item is embedded in of 10X optical zoom, night vision, infrared (heat)
the arm, leg or torso to provide a hidden alcove vision and immunity to organic visual impairments
for smuggling. Effect: +5 GP, hidden. such as flash bangs, smoke, etc.

Small Weapon Thermal Resistance

Implant any small weapon for instant use in A layer of dermal insulation protects the user
combat. The weapon must be purchased along from the effects of extreme hot and cold. Effect:
with the cybernetic upgrade. Immune to Fire and Cold.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 80

Tool Implant
A tool kit for a chosen skill / discipline is embedded
into the users flesh. This can be lock picks or
a soldering iron in the fingers, pitons embedded
into feet or something else. Effect: to skill

checks with the chosen skill / discipline. Cannot

be for Martial Arts, Small or Large Melee weapons
or Firearms.

Upgraded Radar
Augmented reality allows user can see the rough
shape of rooms and inhabitants within medium

Vocal Modulator
Larynx is replaced with synthetic vox box allowing
the user to change the tone, inflection and pitch
of their voice at will. Effect: User gains Good With
Voices talent and gains to Negotiation. Also acts

as a comm unit, allowing vocal communication to

others on a network.

Wireless Modem
A wireless modem is embedded to allow cable-free
manipulation of drones and electronics. This also
leaves the user susceptible to wireless attacks.
Investing in your firewall is recommended.

Wrist Motor
A carefully calibrated motor in the users wrist
allows for smooth and rapid hand movements.
Effect: Gain the Quick Draw talent and to

Subterfuge checks regarding slight of hand.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 81

Corporate Services
Since taking your money is their top priority, most companies have a multitude of training courses,
subscriptions, freelance errand boys and other ways of making your life easier if youre willing to pay
for it.

Im sending a car there right away, we have a Palm Greasing

comfy subterranean suite for you and your guest Because of the inherently grey nature of the
that has provisions for two weeks and free wifi! mercenary lifestyle, bribery is a common way to
make corporations look the other way.
- Dial-A-Hide Operator
Skill Training Your GM can decide based on the outcome of
Learning a new skill is easy and relatively cheap. a mission, loyalty levels, contacts and NPC
All you have to do is spend 5 and allow sufficient personalities if such an action will be tolerated.
time to complete the course. This is usually done
between contracts or during some other period of

Once a skill is trained, you no longer suffer the -

penalty for using that skill.

Other Services
Many services will specify when they occur or
for how long. Negotiation between you and the
company providing the service (your GM) as to
any special instructions.

Hiring someone for a service doesnt always mean
it will be carried out without question. If youre
asking for something illegal from a legitimate
company it is within their power to refuse.

If through misinformation or outright deceit

an illegal act is performed by the requested
service, such as hiring an armored transport
for a kidnapped individual, most corporations
will be more than happy to assist authorities in
apprehending you.

Should a vendor supplying a service be harmed or

killed there will most definitely be an investigation
with a paper trail leading right back to you.

Services that expect resistance, such as a hot

extraction, are naturally more lenient of this as is
the black market.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 82

Merder Services
Name Effect
Bronze Level
Armed Protection 8 A single armed guard will post at desired location for a single eight hour shift.
Vault Access 10 May keep an item of value locked in protected vault with insurance. Lasts one year.
Armored Transport 15 Armored vehicle with two armed staff will transport an item or person to company safe house.
Hot Extraction 30 Will enter combat zone and withdraw single item or person to company safe house.

Syngularity Services
Name Effect
Bronze Level
Synthetic Backup 10 Will backup an androids skills and personality for upload into new body.

MediSyn Services
Name Effect
Bronze Level
Cadaver Pickup 10 Will pick up a corpse and dispose of it.
Injury Pickup 20 Will pick up an injured person and bring them to a clinic for medical attention.
Memory Erasal 15 Will erase biological memories. Side effects vary.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Hot Pickup 50 Same as injury pickup but in a combat zone.
Donor Clone 50 Visit a MediSyn Clinic to replace a damaged organ or extremity.

Black Market Services

Name Effect
Bronze Level
Cadaver Pickup 5 Will pick up a corpse and dispose of it.
Cause a Ruckus 5 Will cause trouble within bounds of the law.
Make a fake ID 5 Will forge a fake ID good enough to fool low-security environments.
Silver Level (250+ Loyalty)
Drive By Shooting 15 Will take an appropriate vehicle and briefly harass a target with gunfire before fleeing.
Fall Guy 50 Will hire someone to admit a crime.
Judgement-Free 10 Will keep a single target safe and under the radar for a day.
Safe house

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 83

Item Abilities Blind

You cannot see. Victims suffer - - to hit until
Some weapons or gear have special abilities built
in while other abilities may be activated under the blind condition is removed or wears off.
certain circumstances. You will see these symbols
if an item has an activated special ability: Cold
The target loses one action. Brrr...

Using this weapon costs two actions.
Hackers Detectives Soldiers Corporations
(Hearts) (Diamonds) (Spades) (Clubs) Demolish Hard
This item can destroy concrete, steel, thick wood
or other hard cover object. Destroys hard cover.
If an item has two or more symbols in the special
ability section that means you may declare any of
the suits shown to activate the ability. Demolish Soft
This item can destroy sheetrock, sandbags,
aluminium and other soft cover objects. Destroys
soft cover.
You may add a single to your declared suit for
attacks while aiming.
Only works on synthetics or targets with
Acid cybernetics. When making attacks with this
Attacks with this weapon ignore ARM. Acid wears item the defender uses their FW instead of DEF.
off after 3 rounds. Ignores ARM.

Arc (X)
This attack also hits the closest X characters from
Any limb damaged by this weapon is removed
your target.
unless the hit sustained is to the body.
Dismemberment causes bleed.
You may use the full-auto action with this weapon.
Disrupt (X)
This weapon forces electronic, cybernetic or
otherwise synthetic non-mechanical objects to fry
This weapon fires a sustained beam of destruction.
or reboot depending on how well insulated they
Once you hit the target, you do not have to flip
are. Synthetic life forms and cybernetics effected
to hit for additional attacks immediately after the
are shut down for X actions.
first. Running out of ammo, losing line of sight
or using a different action interrupt the sustained
attack. Energy
This weapon uses power cells as ammo. Declaring
a 2 or the black joker causes this weapon to get
hot. The user takes one damage ignoring DRD.
This weapon effects the surrounding area. The X
The weapon needs two actions to cool off.
equals roughly the number of meters the effect
You may hold down the trigger to build power
before firing. Each action spent charging takes
Bleed one ammo. Once fired the weapon deals WPN
Targets that are bleeding suffer one damage per damage multiplied by the turns it was charged.
round ignoring DRD. At the beginning of your turn You may not charge more actions than your
flip a card. If it is red you are still bleeding and if weapon has ammo.
it is black you are not.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 84

Fire Reach
Damage from this weapon ignores PHY. Once hit, This weapons melee range is extended. Attacks
the target is now on fire and suffers one damage against adjacent targets suffer - . Targets
per round ignoring DRD. It takes three actions to passing the extended melee range to close into
put out a fire without some sort of retardant. A normal melee range suffer a free strike.
fire will go out after three rounds if not put out
sooner. Recoil
Firing this weapon takes two actions.
Fracture (X)
This weapon is capable of breaking bones. If the Reliable
attack hits an arm or leg the target must pass an This weapon never jams. In the event of a black
Athletics check with a CR of X to avoid breaking joker the round simply fails to discharge. You fail
the randomly flipped limb. the shot but do not have to clear a jam.

Heavy Silent
User suffers - to Initiative checks. Does not Attacks from this weapon are completely silent
stack. and dont alert nearby enemies.

Knockdown Spread
Target is knocked down. This weapon fires multiple projectiles, dangerous
liquid or somehow creates a larger damage area
Light as it gets further from the source. This weapon
User gains

to Initiative checks. Does not stack. does full damage at short range, half damage at
Must wield only light weapons to receive benefit. medium range and no damage at long range.

Melt Stun (X)

Targets ARM is permanently reduced by one. Attacks from this weapon knock out or otherwise
incapacitate the target if they fail an Endurance
Armor must be repaired to gain its original ARM.
check at DC X. The target wakes up after one
This item does not require line of sight
against synthetics or organics with cybernetic Tug
augmentations. This weapon pulls the user and target together.
Whichever object is lighter gets pulled to the
other. If both the user and target are roughly
Onslaught equal weights they are pulled to each other and
Damage caused by this weapon (after DRD and
meet in the middle.
other modifiers) is doubled.
This weapon jams or otherwise malfunctions on
This weapon deals double damage to synthetics
a black joker, 2s or 3s anywhere in the declared
and cybernetics. An organic with cybernetic parts
is only effected if their cybernetic modification is
hit. (Flip for hit location after a successful attack.)
Damage from with weapon is utterly devastating
Penetrate (X) and leaves no trace behind.
This weapon ignores X ARM.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 85

Character Traits
When creating your character you may want to give them a quirk or personal trait to help differentiate
them from the rank and file. These serve no in-game benefit or detriment (unless the GM says so) but
it makes role playing more fun. You may come up with your own traits, select one from the list below,
or shuffle your deck and flip a few cards to determine them.

Trait Flip Table

Soldiers Hackers Detectives Corporations
Ace Missing finger, toe or eye. An awkward twitch. No sense of smell. Sweaty palms.

King Horrific or sexy scar. Crazy haircut. Chain smoker. Refuses to shake hands.

Queen Visible acid or fire burns. Permanent slouch. Overly superstitious. Gassy.

Jack Pronounced limp. Strange odor. You have a street name. Uses air quotes.

10 Sub dermal bullet or Has gold particles sub Cannot discern faces, Can only remember
shrapnel that trips metal dermally implanted and even if youve known names by singing them
detectors. designed like a tattoo. them for years. aloud.
9 Blind in one eye. Embarrassing stutter. Habitual sniffer. Never late.

8 Deaf in one ear. Uselessly double jointed. Audibly drags feet. Always late.

7 Takes a trophy from every Collects computer Refuses to consume food Unable to refuse paltry
job. hardware. of a certain color. wagers.
6 Bad breath. Painfully honest. Easily irritated. Life must be scheduled.

5 Extensive tattooing or Cosmetic implants Debilitating phobia of Refuses to consume

war paint. to make you look something very common. anything not sealed.
4 Unibrow. Bad at simple tasks. Completely apathetic. Particularly cowardly.

3 Multiple piercings. Easily distracted. Always hungry. Bold faced liar.

2 Unusual eye color or iris Speaks in movie quotes Loves to sing, tone deaf. Always argues the
shape. whenever possible. opposite point, even if
you agree.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 86

Playing The Game

Events unfold in the Soldiers of Misfortune Role playing Game through a series of card flips that
determine success or failure. These card flips are directly related to the attributes and skills you chose
during character generation and are modified by other rules based on equipment, talents, situations
and choices. These are known as flip checks.

The Rule Of Reasonable Expectation Opposed Flips

There are a handful of numbers in this game, but Checks between players and NPCs may already
if you want to crunch sophisticated math there have opposed stats to flip such as Negotiate and
are plenty of other games out there for you. Enter Savvy or an opposed strength check during a
the Rule of Reasonable Expectation. grapple. In these cases the offensive player (the
one initiating the check) flips their cards and
For arbitrary things like push/pull weights, declares a suit.
jumping distances, breath holding and other crap
just be fair with your estimate. Certain in game The defending player then flips their cards and
numbers like Strength or Physique influence these declares a suit. Whomever has a higher declared
values as will equipment, cybernetics, genetic spread wins the check.
modifications etc.
Challenge Rating (CR)
Basically, dont be a dick. Some actions you take have a difficulty associated
with them. This is called a challenge rating. For
What Is A Flip Check? checks that arent already opposed, the GM will
Flip checks are taken any time an event within give you a CR that represents the difficulty of the
the game requires you to determine success or challenge.
The GM tells the players the CR before they flip.
How Flip Checks Work This forces players to decide if their declared suit
Actions taken succeed or fail based on if the is strong enough to accept before knowing the
corresponding flip exceeds a challenge rating exact number they need to succeed.
(CR). Your level in a skill or attribute dictates how
many cards you may flip. Example: Balton is chasing a thief across a series
of rooftops on a rainy night. The thief jumps the
After flipping the appropriate number of cards the gap between two buildings and Balton chooses to
player declares a suit and adds all cards in the jump after him. The buildings are fairly close to
spread that match that suit. The resulting number each other, so the CR for the jump is only 1.
is their value for the check.
However, the heavy rain makes the jump much
Ties are in favor of the defender. more difficult, adding 1 to the CR for a total of 2.

Attributes Skills Balton has an Athletics skill of 3, which allows him

0 = 1 card 0 = 1 card to flip up to three cards. He flips a 5 , J and
(-5 penalty) (-5 penalty) 10 . He declares Hackers as his suit and adds
1 = 1 card his cards together, equalling 15.
T = attribute
2 = 2 cards
The GM flips an A and Q . Declaring Hackers
1 = 1 card + attribute
as their suit as well, the check becomes 15 - 14
3 = 3 cards 2 = 2 cards + attribute and the player wins.
4 = 4 cards 3 = 3 cards + attribute
Balton makes the jump without incident.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 87

Your Deck
Every player, including the GM, has their own 54 Face Card Values
card poker deck including the two jokers. Red Joker = Success Black Joker = Failure
Ace = 14 King = 13
Getting Lucky
During combat you can use cards in your hand to Queen = 12 Jack = 11
get lucky. Basically, you may replace any card
in a spread (except jokers) with a card from your
hand as long as the suits are identical. You may Card Suits
replace the cards of ANY player, even the GM, For the sake of flavor, the Soldiers of Misfortune
during a check. RPG has special suits for game play. These suits
correspond to a regular deck of cards as follows:
Example: In your hand you have a 3 . An
enemy attacks you and declares with an Ace
(which is worth 14) in the spread, so it is very
likely they will hit you. You choose to get lucky
by replacing the Ace with the 3 in your hand.

Hackers Detectives
Allow players an opportunity to narrate what their (Hearts) (Diamonds)
Get Lucky cards are doing. If they just saved a
comrade from certain death, how did they do it?

Note: Players do NOT draw new Get Lucky cards

until the next combat. The GM draws an additional
Get Lucky card any time a player cycles through
their entire deck and shuffles during combat. Soldiers Corporations
(Spades) (Clubs)
The Spread
The Spread refers to cards being flipped that Suit Triggers
have not yet hit the discard pile. While flipping Some weapons and gear have special effects that
cards they are sent to the spread until their trigger when a certain suit is flipped. Suit triggers
success, failure or other effects are resolved. only activate if the suit is declared as the active
suit for the check.
At the beginning of a gaming session every player Jokers
shuffles their deck and places the it in front of Every standard deck of cards should have a red
them. You do NOT shuffle your deck again until and black joker. These cards will have the most
you are unable to draw more cards, combat dramatic impact on any check.
begins or combat ends.
Red Jokers are an automatic success and
The Discard Pile something good happens in the narrative.
Once cards have left the spread they go face-up
to your discard pile. They remain here until the Black Jokers are an automatic failure and
deck is shuffled again or another rule specifies something bad happens in the narrative.
they can be manipulated in some way.
Card Values When flipping cards a check, any ties go to the
As you flip cards they will be worth a value equal defender of the check.
to the number flipped. Consult the table for face
2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 88

Combat Extended Firearm Range

Shooting a target past your effective range forces
a - penalty per range increment.
The universe you have entered will not hold your
hand or coddle you. Survival is difficult and the
only thing that will save your brain from a bullet Melee Range
is quick thinking and dumb luck. Here are some Basic melee range is roughly five feet. Weapon
rules to help you stay in one piece. abilities, feats and cybernetic enhancements may
change your melee range.
Combat Phase
Ranged Weapons In Melee
0. Shuffle your deck and draw GL cards. A character trying to use ranged weapons while in
1. Flip for initiative. a melee suffers a - penalty.
2. Take actions in order of initiative.
3. Resolve damage or effects from items. Shooting Into Melee
A character shooting a target engaged in melee
4. Repeat steps 2-3 until enemies are finished.
combat suffers a - penalty to hit. If they miss,
5. Discard your hand and shuffle your deck. all characters engaged in the melee flip a single
card. On a black joker or two, that character is
Basics hit.

Using Weapons Action Points (AP)

Any weapon you use will have a skill associated Every character has a five action points unless
with it. For example, pistols are small firearms otherwise modified by their armor. You may use
and thus use the small firearms skill. these actions to do the following...

Using a weapon with your off hand also forces a Move

- penalty, which stacks with other penalties. Characters can move roughly 5 feet per action.

Ties are in favor of the defender. Rough Terrain

While moving through water, over ice, up a sand
Initiative dune or similar terrain you are at half movement.
Flip your Initiative skill. Once everyone has
flipped for initiative, someone should write down Attack
the order or hand out dice to remember who goes You perform an attack with your equipped
first, second and so on. weapons.
Attacks must be within range or they
Firearm Range (RNG) automatically fail.
The three ranges are short (S), medium (M), long To hit with an attack you flip your skill with
(L) and extreme (E). For those of you who like the chosen weapon against your opponents
numbers, consult the table below. defense.
Attacking with two weapons only costs
Numerical Ranges one action but normal off-hand penalties /
Short 50m / 165ft restrictions occur.
Medium 200m / 650ft
Drop Object / Weapon
Long 500m / 1640ft
You may drop an object or weapon as a free action
Extreme 1800m / 5905ft but it will no longer be easily accessible for quick

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 89

Draw / Holster Weapon Cover

You may draw / holster a weapon in each hand as Hiding behind cover grants a defense bonus to
one action. ranged attacks. There are two kinds of cover:
hard and soft.
Each weapon has a magazine filled with Soft cover is wood, brush, sandbags or similar
ammunition that eventually empties. You can no materials and grants to DEF.
longer use this weapon until it has been reloaded.
You must have one free hand to reload. Hard cover is metal, concrete, or similar

materials and grants to DEF and +1 ARM.

Free Strikes
If a character leaves an enemys melee range Concealment
the enemy may immediately make a single Characters benefit from concealment while
attack action against that character. surrounded in smoke, shadows, fog or other
If you are engaged in melee with an enemy conditions that make it hard to see. Concealment
and a third character enters or exits your breaks line of sight going into and out of the
melee range you do NOT get a free strike. You concealed area.
are too focused on the first opponent.
When using thermal vision or some other means
Aim of detection through concealment attacks suffer
If a character spends an action to aim they gain
+ a - penalty.
to hit with their next ranged attack.
Knocked Down / Prone If a character is engaged with a number of enemies

This character has to hit with ranged equal to or more than the number of allies next
attacks. to them they are considered outnumbered. A
Ranged attacks against this character suffer a character that is outnumbered suffers - DEF.
- penalty to hit.
Adjacent attackers (ranged or melee) have Charge

to hit. Charging allows you to make two move actions

You move half your normal rate. and make an attack. If you miss the attack you
suffer a - DEF until your next turn.
Get Up
This character is no longer knocked down / prone.

Weapon Jams
Firearms without the energy ability jam if a
suit is declared with a 2 in the spread or in the
event of a black joker.
If a weapon is jammed it may not be fired
again until the jam is cleared.

Clearing A Jam
For one action you can clear a weapon jam.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 90

Advanced Combat Dual Wielding

You may hold one weapon in each hand but
the weapon in your off hand suffers - to hit
Full-Auto (without proper talents, cybernetics or other
You may fire multiple bullets from your means of improving your accuracy).
You may fire both firearms or hack / slash
For each bullet beyond the first you suffer a with both weapons as a single action.
cumulative - to hit. You need to holster one weapon in order to
If you use three or more ammo this attack reload.
causes pinning. Additional cybernetic limbs are considered off
The pinning DC increases by one for every handed, even if you are ambidexterous.
bullet after the third.
Full-auto has recoil. Precision Strike
Declare a specific area on your target.
Overwatch Reduce the targets ARM by two and any
You focus on a certain area for signs of enemy location specific effects such as dismember or
movement. Make an attack action against overload are dealt to the declared area.
enemies that move within your weapons range
Precision strikes suffer a - penalty.
and line of sight.

Covering Fire
You unload your magazine to keep an enemys
head down. Costs two ammo. Does no damage
but causes pinning.

Gets Hot Combat Actions

Your weapon gets hot on twos and the black Action Cost
joker. The user takes one damage, bypassing
DRD, and must wait two actions for the weapon to Drop Object / Weapon Free
cool. You may take other actions during cooling. Move 1
Attack 1
Pinning / Fear
Draw / Holster Weapon 1
Certain actions can make a character fear for their
lives and cower behind cover instead of fight. Reload 1
At the beginning of your turn make a Bravery Use Skill 1
check at DC 5.
Aim 1
If you fail you cannot make attack actions
against the target that is causing you to be Go Prone 1
pinned or the object of your fear. In addition, Get Up 1
you cannot move closer to it. Burst Fire 1
Clear Weapon Jam 1
At the beginning of your turn make a Resistance Disengage From Melee 1
check at DC 5. If you fail you cannot take actions Called Shot 1
for that round. Full Auto 2
Overwatch 2
Charge 2
Covering Fire 2

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 91

Damage / Dying Death

If you are unfortunate enough to fall below -5 HP
to your head or body then you are dead.
The universe is brutal and unforgiving. During
your adventures you are likely to be shot, stabbed, See You In Hell!
blown up, dismembered, burned and otherwise Upon death you immediately have one action to
hurt in a variety of horrible ways. give your last words, pull the pin on a grenade or
flip someone the bird.
To represent this every character has a certain
amount of hit points. For this action you are considered to have flipped
a red joker.
Hit Points (HP)
At character generation you get 10 HP + PHY. Use your last moment well.
Each level you gain your PHY worth of HP.
Cosmetic Damage
HP represents the amount of punishment you GMs are encouraged to chop off fingers, gouge
can endure before your body gives up. If your HP out eyes, knock out teeth and otherwise maim
reaches zero, you are incapacitated. This means player characters often. You can always buy a
you only have 1 AP until your HP goes back above cybernetic replacement.
Red and black jokers are good opportunities to
If you continue to take damage while at zero HP write in this sort of cosmetic damage. Its up to
you will go negative. If you take damage while at the GM if this also incurs some sort of mechanical
0 or less HP flip to find out what damage zone is detriment.
effected and possibly ruined beyond repair.

You can lose limbs, organs, motor functions, sanity

or whatever else the GM feels is appropriate. HP A

Damage Zones
Each character has 10 damage zones, one for
each arm and leg, hands, feet, body and their 1-5
head. As you sustain damage it will be allocated
to these zones. 6 7

For simplicitys sake armor and cybernetics

apply to your entire body but if you are being
dismembered by a weapon make a flip to see
which zone is dismembered. J

Lethal damage (damage that brings you to 0 or

less) must also be allocated to a specific zone 8 9
and will cause permanent damage to the effected

Damage Reduction (DRD)

Your Physique, armor and body modifications Q K
provide damage reduction. When taking damage
from a weapon simply subtract your DRD from
the WPN to determine actual damage taken.
Damage Zones
2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG
Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 92

Leveling Up
As you take on contracts and experience the universe you will pick up new skills and discover hidden
talents along the way. This is reflected by leveling up.

Leveling Up In theory you never have to stop gaining levels

There are no experience points in this game but by level 50 you are a living legend and it is
because keeping track of them is tedious and suggested you retire your character and let them
boring. Instead there are 50 levels to grind enjoy the rest of their life.
through! These can be awarded at the end
of a session or in the middle if the party does
something particularly difficult or amazing.

Feel free to reward players with additional levels

for outstanding role playing, bravery or dumb

At character generation you are level one.

If my good looks and charm
Once a character has leveled up they are awarded
dont kill you, that sucking
the following:
chest wound probably will.
Every odd level you gain HP equal to your
-Bren Beltrami, Professional
Every even level you gain two skill points
Every five levels you gain a talent.
Periodically you will unlock profession benefits
(PB), described in the professions section.

Level Up Rewards
0 10 20 30 40




5 HP, Talent HP, Talent HP, Talent HP, Talent HP, Talent





10 SP, Talent SP, Talent SP, Talent SP, Talent SP, Talent

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 93

Skills (Expanded) Martial Arts

There are many kinds of martial arts with varying
purposes and using one skill to encompass them
So you picked your skills and are excited to get all does none of them justice. Instead of picking
flipping. The problem is, youre not sure exactly a style and writing an exhaustive list of rules for
what is and is not allowed or simply want ideas each, simply consult the flow chart below for
for how you can utilize some of the more abstract some ideas.
skills. Read on, my friend.
Each item in the chart is a separate action and
Note: These rules are optional. If your group feels thus warrants a new flip check.
that the pace of the game is too slow or you just
want to make one flip to get things done then
ignore this section.

The expanded rules in this section are designed

to give greater depth and dramatic tension to the
skills they represent.

Simple Strike Sweep or Throw

(Punch, kick, headbutt.) Disarm (Causes knockdown.)

Initiate Grapple

Choke / Strangle
Break Limb
(Causes Stun.)

Use as Meatshield

(Need one free arm. to DEF & LCK against

attacks. Target must be roughly your size or

(Must have deadly weapon equipped or rank 3
Martial Arts. Instant death.)

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 94

Demolitions Flipping a red joker on the throw or when

determining the direction of a miss simply puts
the explosive at the desired location flawlessly.
Set Up Us The Bomb
Items in the explosives, passive grenades and Grenade Delay: To prevent damage to the user
combat gas sections are all designed to be fired explosives have a built in delay. The grenade will
from a launcher, thrown by hand or set up as a remain at its location and explode at the beginning
mine and detonated via proximity sensors, timer of the throwers next turn.
or remote control.

All grenades have a magnet that can be toggled Mine Function

on and off, a timer and a remote detonator for Using demolitions as a mine allows you to
ease of use. plant the device and either set a timer, activate
proximity sensors or use a remote detonator to
This makes them very versatile and dangerous activate it. It takes about five seconds (or one
tools for your kit! combat round) for the grenade to remote arm
itself, at which time you may spend an action to
detonate it.
Grenade Function
Using demolitions as a grenade allows you to
throw the explosive into position and after a Missile Function
delay it will explode. Grenades may be thrown at Using demolitions from a grenade or rocket
short RNG. launcher gives you the option of a timed delay or
explosion on impact.
If you are throwing a grenade to a location it has
a static CR of 4. Obviously this can be effected by
other circumstances.

If you are throwing a grenade hoping to get the Fear not what bumps in the
magnet to stick to their armor you check your night. What beeps is far more
Demolitions versus their Defense. dangerous.
Missing A Throw: If you fail a throw the grenade -Anqyngo grenadier motto
will scatter from its intended location. Flip a card
to see where the explosive lands.

Jokers: Flipping a black joker on the throw or

when determining the direction of a miss results
in the explosive detonating adjacent to the user.

Distance From Target
Queen King
Meters /
Soldiers 1
J/10 9/8
Corporations 2

Detectives 3

7/6 5/4 Hackers 4


2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 95

TechWar: Combat
Most military grade holotools are capable of
effecting combatants with a small army of
nanobots that resides in the holotool housing.
They can also remotely link to throwable discs for
a more set-it-and-forget-it style of warfare.

Depending on the software installed on your

holotool the nanobots within have a wide variety
of abilities that can help or hurt combatants.

DOTs, or Destructive Obstacle Tasks, are typically

targeted on enemies to interfere with their
targeting, pinpoint weaknesses in their armor,
cause damage or harm them in some other way.

BUFFs, or Beneficial Unit Friendly Functions, are

typically streamed to the aforementioned discs
and provide friendly users with an advantage over
a small area of the battlefield such as concealment
or dummy holograms to confuse opponents.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 96

Sample Enemies
You can use the player character creation system to create your NPCs with only slight modifications
to curb difficulty, but here are a few sample enemies to get you started. Feel free to re-skin them or
modify stats at your discretion. Eventually I will create a document full of miscreants and madmen
for your players to defeat!

Common Human Street Thug Common Human Street Thug Stats

Low-level muscle that usually works for someone Difficulty
higher in their chosen food chain.
Easy - A level one party should be able to deal with them at
a 2-1 enemy / player ratio.
Social Tactics: Street thugs are typically
territorial and will confront anyone encroaching STR PHY AGI INT RES LCK
on their space but often try intimidation tactics 2 1 2 1 1 3
before the bullets start flying. HP AP DEF ARM DRD FW
11 5 4 0 1 -
Combat Tactics: They dont have great weapons
or training so they often fight dirty. They prefer to Weapons
work in greater numbers and arent too proud to Pistol Mk I DMG RNG Ammo
run away if a fight goes south. Sm. Firearms 4 M 3
Abilities Unreliable, Light, Penetrate 1
Potential Loot: A pistol (mk.I) and / or short
and / or
blade (mk.I), dirty clothes (often patched or
Short Blade Mk I DMG RNG Ammo
branded with their gang or corporate affiliation),
recreational drugs, a flask with cheap booze, a Sm. Melee 5 (3+2) - -
datapad filled with smut, a good luck token. Abilities Bleed, Light
Athletics ...........2 Sm. Firearms...4 Medical.............1
Lg. Melee ..........1 MExA Operation..1 Perception.........1
Sm. Melee........4 Pilot.................1 TechWar............1
Endurance.........1 Subterfuge........2 Bravery.............1
Martial Arts........1 Digital Crafting...1 Dirty Deeds........2
Resistance.........1 Demolitions.......1 Initiative.........2
Acrobatics.........2 Engineering.......1 Negotiation.......2
Drive................2 Legal................1 Perform............1
Lg. Firearms......2 Mech. Crafting....1 Savvy...............2

Talents & Special Abilities


2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 97

Marphan Underboss Marphan Underboss Stats

When kingpins want someone intimidating but Difficulty
not a complete meathead they often employ
Moderate - This enemy should always accompany thugs or
marphans to add class to a situation while still other easy enemies. High damage output and decent skills
maintaining a level of danger. make this character more challenging than the rank-and-
Social Tactics: Eloquent but off putting, STR PHY AGI INT RES LCK
the marphan underboss has the authority to
2 2 2 2 2 2
negotiate on behalf of the organization and will
likely attempt to resolve things in a way that is HP AP DEF ARM DRD FW
profitable for both sides (but more so for their 16 5 4 1 3 -
own). If a situation gets heated they are often the Weapons
first one to pull the trigger. Shotgun Mk I DMG RNG Ammo
Sm. Firearms 6 M 1
Combat Tactics: The marphan underboss
will direct their lackeys to take out the largest Abilities Spread, Onslaught, Recoil, Penetrate 1
threat first, working down the enemy food chain. or
They refuse to back down, intent on sending a L. Blade Mk II DMG RNG Ammo
message, and arent afraid to sacrifice their team Lg. Melee 7 (5+2) - -
mates for the sake of their own survival.
Abilities +

Bleed, Penetrate 2, to Negotiate

Potential Loot: Shotgun (Mk. I with sawn- Skills
off upgrade) and / or a long blade (Mk. II with Athletics ...........2 Sm. Firearms...4 Medical.............1
motorized teeth and collapsible parts), aramid Lg. Melee .........4 MExA Operation..1 Perception.........3
bodysuit (Mk. I), keys to a vehicle and / or Sm. Melee.........2 Pilot.................2 TechWar............1
safe house, a locked datapad (TechWar DC 4 to Endurance.........2 Subterfuge........2 Bravery...........2
Martial Arts........2 Digital Crafting...1 Dirty Deeds........3
unlock) with company or gang correspondence, Resistance.........2 Demolitions.......1 Initiative.........2
some cheap cigars. Acrobatics.........2 Engineering.......1 Negotiation.....4
Drive................2 Legal................2 Perform............1
Lg. Firearms......2 Mech. Crafting....1 Savvy...............3

Talents & Special Abilities

Sucks to be You - May make adjacent allies become the
target of an attack against this character.

Stubborn - An attack cannot bring this character below 1HP

unless they are already at 1HP.

Twist the Blade - After a successful melee attack, this

character may immediately spend one action point to deal
weapon damage (without STR) as if target was hit again.

Cybernetics: Biometric Scanner - Can read perspiration

levels, heart rate, pupil dilation and other biometric data to

aid in lie detection or social discomfort. to Savvy.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 98

Corporate Security Android Corporate Security Android Stats

Expensive but well worth the cost, these androids Difficulty
are manufactured and contracted for important
Moderate - The party should have a few levels under their
security jobs that will likely see combat. Remote belt or deal with this enemy in small quantities. This enemy
hacking capabilities may be used to shut down can deal massive damage to unarmore targets and harrass
enemy electronic defenses. synthetics, engineers and other tech types very well.
Social Tactics: These androids are typically
1 1 2 4 2 1
deployed where resistance is expected and not
tolerated. They will only give one warning, if any, HP AP DEF ARM DRD FW
before opening fire. 12 4 5 3 4 6
Combat Tactics: If there is a digital threat (such Shotgun Mk. I DMG RNG Ammo
as a drone or augmented adversary) they will
Lg. Firearms 6 M 1
make an attempt to shut down or disable it with
their wireless modem. Assuming there are more Abilities Spread, Onslaught, Recoil
threats, they will always save at least one action or
to fire upon the enemy who has gone farthest SMG Mk. I DMG RNG Ammo
into the area they are guarding, allowing others Sm. Firearms 4 M 4
to escape if they choose.
Abilities Automatic, Unreliable, Recoil, Light

Potential Loot: Shotgun (Mk. I) or SMG (Mk. Skills

I), carapace armor (Mk. II with electric insulation Athletics ...........1 Sm. Firearms...4 Medical.............3
and steelsilk inlay upgrades), key card for the Lg. Melee .........1 MExA Operation..1 Perception......5
Sm. Melee.........1 Pilot.................2 Techwar..........5
protected area, nanogel, firewall hardware,
Endurance.........1 Subterfuge........2 Bravery...........2
wireless modem (digital crafting CR 5 to remove Martial Arts........1 Digital Crafting...4 Dirty Deeds........2
without damaging). Resistance.........1 Demolitions.......4 Initiative...........2
Acrobatics.........1 Engineering.......4 Negotiation.......2
Drive................2 Legal................3 Perform............1
Lg. Firearms....4 Mech. Crafting....4 Savvy...............2

Talents & Special Abilities

Hearty Constitution - Immune to the effects of chems,
toxins, gasses and other organic malladies.

Cool Headed - Immune to pinning and fear.

Armor: Electric Insulaton - Immune to overload.

Cybernetics: Wireless Modem - May use techwar against

remote targets to shut down or otherwise manipulate them.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 99

Law Enforcement - Riot Squad Riot Squad Stats

There are many flavors of law enforcement that Difficulty
players could run into and this variety is called out
Hard - Slow but tanky, these enemies should only come
when bullets have already started flying. Armed out when the party has really messed up or for a boss
with shock batons, revolvers and combat shields encounter. They are particularly devestating to synthetics
these units are designed to get to the source of a and heavily augmented characters. Note: because of their
problem and force it to submit. high armor, some players may be unable to damage them
with low level weapons.

Social Tactics: This unit will not negotiate once STR PHY AGI INT RES LCK
shots have been fired and they are typically 2 2 2 3 3 1
only summoned under the same circumstance. HP AP DEF ARM DRD FW
A designated negotiator may try to talk down a
18 3 4 4 6 4
subject but it is unlikely.
Combat Tactics: The squad will stand shoulder E. Baton Mk. II DMG RNG Ammo
to shoulder with shields raised for maximum Sm. Melee 4 (2+2) - -
protection as long as they can. If being fired Abilities Overload, Disrupt 1, Stun 3, Light,
upon they will fire back indiscriminately. When Penetrate 2
they reach their target they will try to subdue
via shock batons and attempt to outnumber the
chosen target for ease of submission. Depending
on the situation they may simply subdue the Sm. Firearms 3 M 4
target and take them alive or rid society of them Abilities Energy, Light
for good. Skills
Athletics ...........3 Sm. Firearms...4 Medical.............3
Potential Loot: Electro baton (Mk. II with Armor Lg. Melee .........1 MExA Operation..1 Perception......4
Chain ((this weapon cannot be disarmed)) and Sm. Melee........4 Pilot.................1 Techwar..........3
Motorized Teeth ((Penetrate 2, to Negotiate), Endurance.........3 Subterfuge........1 Bravery...........4

Martial Arts........3 Digital Crafting...2 Dirty Deeds........3

PEW (Mk. II), police marked Teraplate (Mk. II),
Resistance.........2 Demolitions.......3 Initiative...........4
razorcuffs, vocal modulator and ammo dispenser Acrobatics.........1 Engineering.......2 Negotiation.....6
(removable with Medical check at CR 6), MediGel. Drive................2 Legal................4 Perform............2
Lg. Firearms....2 Mech. Crafting....2 Savvy...............3

Talents & Special Abilities


Gear: Combat Shield - Provides soft cover ( to DEF)

when raised.

Tactic: Shield Wall - When adjacent to another member of


the riot squad both members gain hard cover ( to DEF

and +1 ARM) as long as their shields are up.

Call You Out - Target enemy must pass a Bravery check

against this characters Negotiate skill or else they become

Cybernetics: Vocal Modulator - to Negotiate (already in

above stats).

Cybernetics: Ammo Dispenser - This character does not

need a free hand to reload.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 100

Drakeling Drakeling Stats

The infant form of any particular drake species is Difficulty
still a potent threat. They are commonly poached
Hard - Great mobility and many powerful attacks make
for their scales, which are worth a small fortune drakelings a lethal foe. A couple of these make for a great
on the black market because they retain the look boss fight or a quick reminder of the players mortality.
and feel of the adult scales but are smoother and
lighter to wear.
2 3 2 1 3 0

Although they come in a variety of colors and HP AP DEF ARM DRD FW

scale patterns like their dragon cousins, they 24 4 3 1 4 -
cant breath fire or other elemental properties. Weapons
Most do spit some kind of acid or venom though.
Breath Weapon DMG RNG Ammo

Social Tactics: Drakes tend to be less intelligent Martial Arts 6 M 1

than dragons and rarely learn any language Abilities Acid, Melt
beyond animal screeches. Occasionally they
know a handful of words and can reason with
Claws X 2 DMG RNG Ammo
other intelligent species.
Martial Arts 6 (4+2) - -
Combat Tactics: Drakes generally keep to the Abilities Bleed
skies unless hunting or provoked. If their territory and
or eggs are threatened they will attack with
Maw DMG RNG Ammo
relentless ferocity and use their breath weapon
Martial Arts 8 (6+2) - -
Abilities Dismember
If their glands are empty they prefer to pounce Skills
on an enemy and hold them down while they claw
Athletics ...........2 Sm. Firearms...1 Medical.............1
or bite them to death. Then they usually eat their Lg. Melee .........1 MExA Operation..1 Perception......4
prey or offer it as a gift to a mate or young. Sm. Melee.........1 Pilot.................1 Techwar..........1
Endurance.......5 Subterfuge........2 Bravery...........4
Potential Loot: Drakeling scales, drakeling claws, Martial Arts......5 Digital Crafting...1 Dirty Deeds........2
Resistance......5 Demolitions.......1 Initiative.........4
drakeling teeth, drakeling glands (Medical CR 5 to Acrobatics.........2 Engineering.......1 Negotiation.......2
remove), whatever happens to be undigested in Drive................1 Legal................1 Perform............2
their stomach. Lg. Firearms....1 Mech. Crafting....1 Savvy...............3

Talents & Special Abilities

Berserker - May charge for one action.

China Shop - Melee attacks have Demolish Soft (destroy

soft cover).

Parry - May ignore free strikes.

Quick Feet - If first action of the turn is to move, it counts

as a free action.

Biology: Wings - Can fly, ignoring rough terrain.

Biology: Survival Instinct - Increases this creatures DEF

(already marked above).

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 101

Sample Challenge Ratings

This section will give you an idea of what target numbers you should expect to meet for specific
situations. Dont forget that environmental conditions, disabilities, distractions and dumb luck can
modify these numbers in favor of or against the players!

Strength (STR) Agility (AGI)

CR 1 Open a jar of pickles. CR 1 Dodge a ball thrown underhand.
CR 2 Kick open a locked door. CR 2 Avoid being touched on a crowded street.
CR 3 Bend a small steel bar. CR 3 Juggle several objects.
CR 4 Tear the servos off a combat drone. CR 4 Land a back flip onto a small surface.
CR 5 Lift a small vehicle so someone can escape CR 5 Catch a thrown dagger safely.
from underneath.
CR 6 Navigate a laser security system via
CR 6 Force open a blast door. tumbling.
CR 8 Rip a streetlight from its foundation. CR 8 Shoot a bird while falling upsidedown.
CR 10 Stop an aircraft from taking off by holding it CR 10 Avoid being shot while charging a
down via chains. machinegun nest in a narrow hallway.

Physique (PHY) Intelligence (INT)

CR 1 Walk a city block without sweating. CR 1 Recall a common fact.
CR 2 Stand for an extended period of time. CR 2 Solve a casual puzzle.
CR 3 Swim across a running river. CR 3 Put together a makeshift tool.
CR 4 Run a marathon. CR 4 Learn a new language simply by listening.
CR 5 Carry someone twice your weight up several CR 5 Reverse engineer a mechanical object.
flights of stairs.
CR 6 Discover an irregularity in a data stream.
CR 6 Endure the effects of abyss vapor.
CR 8 Create a robot with unrelated spare parts
CR 8 Take a bullet to the chest and not care. and no tools.
CR 10 Win a fist fight underwater without oxygen CR 10 Deduce the identity of the killer based on
against multiple selachii. a single obscure piece of evidence.

Resolve (RES) Luck (LCK)

CR 1 Make someone smile. CR 1 Find a cool coin.
CR 2 Earn a good tip while waiting tables. CR 2 Get the last dessert in the lunch line.
CR 3 Get an attractive persons phone number. CR 3 Not get ticketed for a traffic violation.
CR 4 Receive a standing ovation for your speech. CR 4 Bump into a celebrity you actually like.
CR 5 Talk your way out of a mugging. CR 5 Double your money at a casino.
CR 6 Convince someone to loan a substantial CR 6 Be a part of a significant giveaway.
amount of money without interest.
CR 8 Clip the correct wire out of 20 with no
CR 8 Brainwash people into joining your cult. bomb disarming experience.
CR 10 Have two mortal enemies open borders and CR 10 Fall from orbit without safety gear and live
hug after a single conversation. to tell about it.

2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 102

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2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
Pg. 103

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Common Play Terms

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NPC - Non-Player Character, typically controlled by the GM.
Munchkin - Someone who takes skills / talents / gear purely for statistical gain rather than character
Rules Lawyer - Someone who argues over semantics in the rules, often for their own benefit or to
the detriment of others. This can also be someone nominated by the group to consult a rule book for
the wording of a rule while everyone else argues about it.
OOC - Acronym for out of character.
Meta Gaming - When a player is using knowledge of the game system or events unfolding with other
characters that their character wouldnt know.
LOS - Acronym for line of sight. See the combat section.

Hackers Detectives Soldiers Corporations Credits Card Card
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2017 Soldiers of Misfortune RPG

Soldiers of Misfortune
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