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Mark Jordan Cruz

Ab-Philo 3


The ideal city of Plato where the intellectual persons lead the city, the soldiers protects

and maintain the balance and the farmers give supplies to the city. If the classes would do their

duties there would be justice, because justice is gained through the harmonious collaboration of

the three classes and they should know their boundaries: that soldier cannot lead the city or the

farmers because of lack of knowledge, same principle is applied to the intellectual persons

because of lack of knowledge in the field and in the battlefield. These three classes is experts on

their own area, because of their intensive learning but the problem is that they cannot be put on

the other positions because of lack of knowledge. This city of Plato seems too easy to follow but

we cannot make it. For me the problem lies in the desire of a human being. A person is not

satisfied in what he has and he wants more and more until he is the one on top of the pyramid,

not knowing that he has no capacity or weapons to be on top. A classic example would be a

baranggay tanod, at first he was a tanod, then he aspire to be councilor in their baranggay, after

that he want to become a baranggay captain, then a councilor at their city, a vice mayor, mayor,

governor, congressman, senator, then a president, but he doesnt see that he has no capacity of

leading because his knowledge is just for a baranggay tanod. So, for me this city of Plato would

be attainable if and only if we can be satisfied on what we do and what we have. Connecting this

on our politics today, we can see that our legislators, senators, councilors, governors and mayors

are celebrities, that once in their life time they smiled at the camera to gain some popularity, and

knowing these persons they did not finished their studies or they have finished other course not
related in politics. They have nice faces and we Filipinos love nice faces but the question is: they

are capable of leading our country? For example would be Manny Pacman Pacquiao the

people champ we know Manny as a great boxer, he almost defeated every Mexican boxer and

because of that he is the most hated person in Mexico, but in the past few years Manny entered

the crazy life of politics, at first he ran for the Congressman and he won and in the next election

he ran for the senate he also won, how lucky is he, but the people does not realize that Manny

has no background in politics, all he knew in his life is to box, to punch and to win but never in

his life he trained for the politics, I think that people vote for him because they think he will not

be a corrupt, yes, it is true that he will not be a corrupt official but doing nothing in the senate is

just being a corrupt, because he does not fulfill the duties of a senator. So, my point is we must

vote a person that is qualified in ruling our country not only the person that will not be a corrupt

but also a person that has knowledge in politics. We need now the Philosopher King, or I should

say the Philosopher President