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S SENECA Digital outputs

Relay board (optional)
Number: 2
Type: relay 3 A max (for common) - 240 V SPST
Button for power on / power off and button for settings The MyALARM2 has digital inputs, analog inputs, relay outputs (optional) and a +12 Vdc
output available from the terminals. The terminal block is inside the case, can be used by
raising the cover placed in the lower part. To insert a cable in a terminal, plug into the hole
The MyALARM2 has the PWR button, the stripped end of the cable directly (exerting a sufficient pressure); in alternative, for thin
PWR SCR placed in the upper left side (front wires, use a flatblade screwdriver (figure in the lower left):
CPU & memories view). Pressing of this button allows to 1) insert the tip of screwdriver in the diagonal fissure of the terminal button;
power on / off the module. To power off 2) press the screwdriver downwards (A);
Microprocessor ARM @ 100 MHz, 32 bit the module, keep pressed the PWR 3) while pressing the screwdriver, insert the cable into the hole (B);
EN Advanced GSM/GPRS device
Internal memories
Input for external
128 kByte RAM
512 kByte + 2 Mbyte (log) FLASH
Micro SD card: max 32 Gbyte
button for a few seconds.
Moreover the MyALARM2 has the
SCR button, placed in the upper right
4) release the screwdriver.
To remove a cable is necessary to press downwards the screwdriver into the diagonal
fissure while pulling out the cable itself.
memories (for micro SD and micro SD HC card) side (front view). Pressing of this
for the telecontrol button allows to scroll the display
(*) The outputs are available
Power supply parameters. A only with optional board with relais
Power supply 5..15 VDC @ 500 mA B
Comsumption Max 3.5 W USB port and power supply
Digital output 1 - relay N.O. (*) 1
Installation Internal battery lithium ions 3.7 V - 1000 mAh, rechargeable The MyALARM2 has a mini USB plug
Common of the two relais (*) 2
Dimensions: 53 mm x 34 mm x 6 mm ANTENNA in, placed on the left side of case: it can Wiring:
Manual Autonomy (up to): 30 h GSM, 10 h GPS be used to configure the MyALARM2,
to perform the firmware upgrading and
Section: 0.25..1 mm2
Stripping lenght: 8.5..9.5 mm
Digital output 2 - relay N.O. (*) 3
Environmental condition to recharge the internal battery from
Contents: PC. 4 4 Digital input 1 4
Temperature -10 ..+55C In alternative, it is possible to recharge
- General features 5 5 Digital input 2 5
- Technical specifications the internal battery, using:
Humidity 30 ..90% at 40C without condensing
- Installation - the power supply (an accessory, no 6 6 Digital input 3 6
- Constructive elements supplied with MyALARM2) using USB
Storage Temperature -20 ..+85C
- Terminal connections
plug in or, in alternative 7 7 Digital input 4 7
- the 12 V - power supply (supplied with Output:+12 Vdc
- LEDs signallings Degree protection IP20 MyALARM2), connecting wires with 8 (max 50 mA) 8
- Front view and lateral left side view terminals + and - (GND).
- Options Connections 9 P P Ground 9
Terminals, pitch 3,5 mm
Push-push plug in for SIM card 10 - 10 Analog input 1 10
Connections Mini USB plug in
Push-push plug in for micro SD card
11 - 11 Analog input 2 11
SMA connector for GSM antenna Note about the MyALARM2 functioning
Box / Dimensions A A
AUTO POWER-OFF. If the MyALARM2 displays LOW BATT, its internal battery is running
SENECA s.r.l.
Dimensions low: after 60 seconds, the MyALARM2 turns off automatically. To recharge the battery to an 12 Ground 12
Via Germania, 34 - 35127 - Z.I. CAMIN - PADOVA - ITALY L: 80 mm; H: 108 mm; W: 32 mm Power supply
appropriate value, power on the MyALARM2 using one of the recommended cables. LEGEND
Tel. +39.049.8705355 - 8705359 - Fax +39.049.8706287 Case Polycarbonate/ABS (5..15 Vdc)(**) +
For manual and configuration softwares, see Digital signal Digital contact
Weight 150 g (about)
POWER SUPPLY BY USB CABLE. The MyALARM2 power supply that uses USB port is not Ground -
suitable for permanent installations, or installations in which are used relays and/or digital
Analog signal, voltage / current:
This document is property of SENECA srl. Duplication and reprodution are forbidden, if not authorized. Included elements inputs. In these cases, supply the MyALARM2 using the 12 Vdc-power supply (it is an
-P=passive, supplied from MyALARM2:
Contents of the present documentation refers to products and technologies described in it. All technical data included element). (**) Recommended: Connect a
contained in the document may be modified without prior notice Content of this documentation is subject to 12 Vdc-power supply (connection via terminals), GSM antenna, only current tx, not voltage protection fuse by 1 A
periodical revision. installation manual, USB cable, Nr.2 screws, Nr.2 dowels, support. -A=active, no supplied from MyALARM2

MI002932-E ENGLISH 1/8 MI002932-E ENGLISH 3/8 MI002932-E ENGLISH 5/8 MI002932-E ENGLISH 7/8

GENERAL FEATURES Standards Terminals Segnalazione

LED tramite LED
LED STATUS Meaning of LEDs
GSM/GPRS module for civil and industrial applications for domotics and safety: alarm The module complies with the following standards:
management system, datalogger The MyALARM2 has 14 terminals in GSM Blinking (slow) The MyALARM2 is connected to GSM network
Display LCD 128 x 32 Dots ETSI EN 301 489-7 (electromagnetic compatibility and radio spectrum the internal part of case. To use these (yellow) Blinking (quick) The MyALARM2 isnt connected to GSM network
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, autonomy up to: 30 h GSM, 10 h GPS matters ERM; electromagnetic compatibility EMC standard for radio terminals, lift and remove the cover
equipment and services) PWR ON The MyALARM2 is power on (using cable)
Nr.4 digital inputs (available on the internal s) placed in the inferior part of (green)
EN 301 511 Blinking (quick) The MyALARM2 isnt power on (by cable)
Nr.2 analog inputs V / mA (available on the internal terminals) MyALARM2.
Nr.1 GSM antenna, replaceable on SMA connector EN 301 489-1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 +- In the figure on the side, the cover has Blinking (slow) Data-logging is on
Button for power on / off and button for display scrolling IEC/EN 60950 been removed. FRONT VIEW AND LATERAL LEFT SIDE VIEW
LED for displaying: power supply / device status, GSM status Symbols on case
SIM plug in (for SIM card with dimensions: 15 x 25 mm)
Mini USB plug in, to recharge the internal battery and to configure the module Power button (PWR) SIM CARD plug-in IMPORTANT: it is forbidden the mobile
Micro SD card input SIM cabling; conveying the cables
Internal GPS module (optional board) correctly. To place with order and
Nr.2 relay digital outputs (optional board) GSM antenna
SD Micro SD CARD plug-in
safety the cables outwards from the
terminals, use the four removable
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Scroll display button (SCR) GPS Internal GPS antenna
cable runways at the rear of the case.
(optional board)

108 mm
When wiring is completed, replace the
Board base Mini USB plug-in cover to protect cables from accidental
Number: 4 contact.
Max frequency: 30 Hz
Digital inputs Type: Reed, contact, PNP, Pulscap INSTALLATION
Threshold OFF: 0 - 2 Vdc, I < 1 mA The MyALARM2 has a SIM plug in,
Threshold ON: 12 - 24 Vdc, I > 3 mA SIM card placed in the lateral right side of the
The module is designed to be case.
Analog inputs Number: 2 installed, in vertical position, on DIN To insert the SIM card in the
Type: voltage (0..30V) / current (0..20 mA), 46277 rail too. SIM 80 mm 8 mm 32 mm
corresponding connector, ensure that
programmable; accuracy: 0.1% of end scale card the card is oriented with metal contacts
Inserting in the DIN rail towards the left (with reference to the
Voltage output +12 Vdc @ 50 mA (max)
How the picture shows: figure). OPTIONS
Internal temperature Number: 1 1) Insert the three hooks of support
sensor Type: NTC into the corresponding three holes
USB 2.0 mini B, for configuration and battery charge in the bottom side of MyALARM2
card The MyALARM2 has a SD card plug in
LCD 128 x 32 Dots case;
that can be used for data logging and MY2 - 0 R - 0 G - 0 W - SC RC - B G
Visible area 39 mm x 8.6 mm 2) To fix the module in the DIN rail, Micro SD updating MyALARM2 firmware. The
Type: push-push hook the omega support in the DIN
Micro SD For SD card and SD HC card rail. Alternatively, the support is
card micro SD card plug in is placed in the RELAIS GPS RADIO CONNECTIONS COLOUR
lateral right side of the case. 0=No 0=No 0=No SC=Spring clamps B=Blue
Memory SD CARD: max 32 Gb provided with two holes: it is
To insert the SD card in the R=Yes G=Yes W=Yes RC=Removable G=Grey
SIM Type push-push possible the wall fixing using two
corresponding connector, ensure that connectors
GSM features screws.
Quad band (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) the card is oriented with metal contacts EXAMPLE:
towards the left (with reference to the MY2-R-0-0-SC-B code for MyALARM2 unit with two relay outputs, without GPS module, without radio
GPS board (optional) figure). module, connections based on spring clamps, case colour is blue.
GPS features Number of channels: 42 Disposal of Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable throughout the European Union and other European countries with separate
Sensitivity - tracking: -160 dBm; -autonomous collections programs). This symbol, found on your producr or on its packaging, indicates that this product should not be treated as household
waste when you wish to dispose of it. Instead, it should be handed over to an applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical & electronic
acquisition: -143 dBm equipment. By ensuring this product is didposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences to the environment and
human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate disposal of this product. The recycling of materials will help to conserve natural
Time to first fix - hot start: 5 s; -cold start: 30 s (at resources. For more detailed information about the recycling of the product, please contact your local city office, waste disposal service of the
retail store where you purchased this product.
-130 dBm)

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