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Application Form Appartment No. Project - First Second Applicants Applicants self attested self attested Passport Size Passport Size Colored Colored Photograph Photograph APPLICATION FOR PROVISIONAL ALLOTMENT OF AN APARTMENT IN THE UPCOMING RESIDENTIAL PROJECT AT NEW ROHTAK ROAD, NEW DELHI-110005 M/s. BASANT PROJECTS LTD. G-3, Aggarwal Corporate Tower, 23, Rajendra Place, New Delhi-110008 Dear Sir, I/We request that |/ We may be provisionally allotted an apartment in your upcoming Residential Project (the "Residential Project") at Plot of land situated at New Rohtak Road, New Delhi-05, being developed and constructed by your company - M/s. BASANT PROJECTS LTD., herein after called the Company. 1) First Applicant: Mr./Mrrs./Ms. Son/Daughter/Wite of, In case of Company/ Partnership Firm/ HUF: M/s. ‘Through its Authorized Signatory/ Partner/ Karta Permanent Address: CorrespondenceAddress: Nationality Mobile No. Landline No. Email 1D PAN No. Second Applicant Mr/Mrs./Ms. Son/Daughter/Wite of. Permanent Address: Nationality Mobile No. Landline No. Email ID PAN No. 2) Details of Apartment: (2) Apartment No. () Floor (© Tower (d) Built Up Area Sq.Ft (e) Balcony Area Sa. Ft (1Sq. mtr, = 10.764 Sa. ft.) 3) Cost of the Apartment : Rs. [Rupees only] on Built up Area basis, Car parking facility carat level Club Membership Loptional] charges as applicable will be payable extra IFMS and Maintenance charges as applicable will be extra Service Tax/ VAT/ GST as applicable will be payable extra Payment Plan (Schedule 1): (Tick whichever is applicable) (a) Option-I () (b) Option ¢—) (ce) Option-IIl ¢ (a) Options IVC) Payment Details: Booking Amount Rs. /- (Rupees only) Cheque No. Dated, Drawn on (All the payments shall be made in favour of M/s. Basant Projects Limited Escrow Account No, - 0003035002058, payable at Delhi/New Delhi) 4) Super Built Up Area: saft 5) Channel Associ: fe's Name & Stamp: Address Phone E-mail 1/ We the above applicant(s) do hereby declare that the above particulars given by me/us are true and correct and nothing has been concealed therefrom. Any booking against this Application is subject to the terms and conditions, which are mentioned overleaf to this Application. I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions as contained in the company's standard Allotment Letter and agreed to be bound by the same. I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions as contained in the company's standard Flat Buyer Agreement and agree to be bound by the same and further agree to sign and execute the same The said terms and conditions have been read by me / us in my own vernacular and I/we agree to abide by the same. Vwe undertake to inform the company of any changes in my/our address or in any other particulars / information, given above, till the booked property is registered in my/our name(s) failing which the particulars shall be deemed to be correct and the letters sent at the recorded address by the company shall be deemed to have been received by me/us. Signature of the Applicant(s) Enclosed a) PAN Copy of PAN Card b) Address Proof: Copy of Passport/ Voter Id/ Driving License/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill ©) Company Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Board Resolution authorizing the signatory to sign documents d) Partnership Firm : Notarized copy of the Partnership Deed, a letter of authority from all other partners authorizing the partner to act & sign documents e) NRI/ PIO Copy of Passport and Account details (For NRIs and PIOs to make payment through NRE/ NRO Accounts only) 1 TERMS & CONDITIONS This Application indicates my/our offer to be associated with the Residential Project. By submitting this Application Form, |/we do not become entitled to the provisional allotment of the residential Apartment in the aforementioned Residential Project. The Company may in its sole discretion issue a provisional Allotment letter in its standard format. The provisional allotment shall be confirmed only after execution of the Flat Buyer Agreement and execution of other documents in relation to the Residential Apartment as may be required by the Company from time to time and | will not have any right or entitlement to any area in the Residential Project tll execution of the Flat Buyer Agreement and other documents required by the Company. I/we have reviewed and are satisfied in relation to the “Provisional” drawings/ marketing materials/ layout/ floor plans/ elevations/ walk- through/ brochures displayed at the office of the Company. I/we understand that the same are subject to changes during the course of construction or at any time, as may be advised by the architect of the Residential Project and/or as may be deemed necessary by the Company in its sole discretion, which may accordingly result in changes inter-alia in layout/ specifications/ locations/ area/ floor etc.. I/we shall raise no objection in that behalf and the cost of the Apartment shall accordingly be changed. I/we acknowledge that the Company has provided all the information and clarifications as required by me/ Us and that I/we are fully satisfied with the same and I/we have relied on our own judgment and investigation in deciding to apply for provisional allotment in the Residential Project. I/we have not relied upon and/or is / are not influenced by any architect's plans, advertisements, representations, warranties, statements or estimates of any nature, whatsoever, whether written or oral made by Company, or any selling agents/ brokers or otherwise including but not limited to any representations relating to the description or physical condition of the Said Residential Project/ Said Apartment. No oral or written representations or statements shall be considered to be a part of this Application and that this Application is self contained and complete in itself in all respects. I/we understand that the cost of Apartment is calculated on the basis of Built up area only. Built up Area means the area within the walls including the walls, columns, shafts within the Apartment and half of the shared walls However, the maintenance charges, property tax and all other government levies and duties shall be calculated on the basis of Super Built up Area. Super Built up Area means Built up area plus proportionate share of common areas. ‘An amount equivalent to 20% of the cost of the said Apartment, shall be treated as Earnest Money. If /we fail to pay the remaining earnest money/ installments and/or fail to execute the necessary documents, within the time stipulated by the Company, then this Application, at the Company's discretion, may be treated as cancelled and the earnest money may be forfeited. Consequently, I/we shall be left with ro right, interest or claim in the Apartment. I/we understand that timely payment of installments towards the cost of Apartment is of essence. In case of failure by me/us in adhering to the payment plan, in addition to the company's right to charge interest, the Company shall be entitled to any remedies as stipulated in the company's standard Allotment Letter and Flat Buyer Agreement or otherwise available to the Company under the applicable laws. I/we understand that, in case I/we request for cancellation of the Apartment, the Earnest Money paid will be forfeited and balance amount (after adjusting any accrued interest payable and brokerage), will be refunded without any interest, only after the booking is confirmed in favor of any other person. I/we agree that the Company shall have the right to accept or reject the ‘Request for Provisional Allotment’ upon scrutiny at its sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever. /we agree that in case, this, Application is not accepted by the Company, no claim of any nature, monetary or otherwise, would be raised by me/us except that the booking amount paid by me/us, shall be refunded to me/us without any interest within a period of 90 days of intimation of such rejection. In case of delay in refunding the booking amount beyond the aforementioned period of 90 days, the Company shall be liable to refund the booking amount alongwith a simple interest @ 9% per annum on the delayed period beyond 90 days from the date of Application Form alongwith the booking amount. Any cancellation of this Application by the Company for any reasons whatsoever shall not entitle me/us to give rise to a cause of action for any injunctory relief or a relief of specific performance and I/we hereby waive all rights in relation to the same. 9 10. uN, 12, 3 14. 7 18 I/We agree that the Company may issue the letter of provisional allotment in due course. Incase the Company fails to issue the letter of provisional allotment, within a period of 180 days from the date of Application Form alongwith the booking amount or any extension thereof as may be decided by the Company, then I/ ‘We would have the option to withdraw this Application within a period of 90 days thereafter and in such case the Company will refund the booking amount within 90 days from the date of application for refund, without liability to pay any interest or any other sum in any manner whatsoever. V/we understand that in case of Joint Applicants all communication shall be sent to the First Applicant in the request for provisional allotment. V/we understand any request for change in choice of Apartment(s)/ Floor/ Tower is strictly subject to availability and in any case, is subject to the absolute discretion of the Company. The Company is entitled to reject any such requests without assigning reasons. Vwe agree and understand that this Application is not transferable without prior permission of the Company. I/we agree and understand that presently the Residential Project is designed on the basis of permissible FAR prevalent in the master plan of Delhi. I/ we further understand that the Company may in future revise the designs based on any increase in FAR due to any revisions in bye laws/ master plan of Delhi and I/we have no additional right/claim in the same. V/we understand that the Company may raise finance/take a loan from any financial institution/ bank ete. by creating charge on/ mortgage/ encumbrance on whole or part of the Residential Project or the receivables, for which /we hereby give my/our consent. I/we also understand that the said mortgage/ encumbrance shall be cleared before registration of ownership document after handing over the possession of the said Apartment to me/us. I/we further understand that the Company shall have the first lien and charge on the said Apartment for all its dues and claims payable by me/us till I/we clear all my/our dues. V/we shall pay all applicable levies, vacant land tax, property taxes, labour cess, cesses, fees and all other such taxes/ charges in relation to the said Apartment whether presently applicable or which may be introduced in future. All statutory charges known by any nomenclature including taxes, cess, VAT, GST, Service tax and other levies including any incidence of enhancement therein, demanded or imposed by the t./ concerned Authorities shall be payable proportionately by me/us from the date of this Application, jout demur and protest. V/we hereby clarify and agree, that if/ we, am/ are non resident/ have NRI status/ have foreign nationality, then I/we shall be solely responsible to comply with the necessary formalities as laid down in Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and/or any other statutory provisions governing this transaction which may inter-alia involve remittance of payments/considerations and acquisition of immovable assets in India, The Company shall not be responsible towards any third party making payment/remittances on behalf of me/us and such third party shall not have any right over the booking of the said Apartment applied for herein. In case any such permission(s)/approval(s) is ever refused or subsequently found to be inconsistent with the statutory requirement or I/we fail to comply with the prevailing exchange control guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, then I/we shall be liable for action under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, as amended from time to time. The Company shall have no responsibility in this regard and I/we agree to keep the Company fully indemnified for any harm or injury to it for any reason whatsoever in this, regard. Further, the amount paid under this Application will be refunded by the Company after retaining the Earnest Money without any interest and this Application shall stand cancelled forthwith. All charges incurred by the Company towards any such refund shall be adjusted against the amount to be refunded. |/ we further agree that the Company will not be liable in any manner whatsoever in this regard. Vwe hereby agree that any notice shall be sufficiently given if itis in writing and sent by registered post/ courier addressed to the respective address mentioned herein above or such other address as may be subsequently notified by the Company and or Applicant (s)/Allottee (s) in writing. Every such notice shall be deemed to have been given or made on the day on which such notice ought to have been delivered in due course of postal or telegraphic communication. In proving the service of any such notice it shall be sufficient to prove that it was duly addressed and posted or transmitted as aforesaid. 19, 20. a We/| agree to indemnify and keep the Company, its agents, representatives indemnified and harmless against any loss, damage or liability that may arise due to payment/non -payment, observance/non -observance or performance/non-performance of the said covenants and conditions mentioned in the Application Form. I/we shall pay such losses on demand to the Company. This is in addition to any other right or remedy of the Company. In case any dispute arises between the parties with regard to this Application then it is agreed between the parties, that the Company shall appoint a Sole Arbitrator under the Arbitration and the Conciliation Act, 1996 or any other subsequent Act on the said subject with any Amendment from time to time and decision of the said Sole Arbitrator shall be final and binding upon both the parties. The Place of Arbitration shall be at New Delhi. The courts at Delhi only shall have the jurisdiction to entertain any dispute between the parties Allthe term and conditions imposed by the MCD/DDA or by any other competent authority shall be abided by me/us, V/ we, the applicant (s) herein do hereby declare that the above terms and conditions have been read/ understood by me/us and the same are acceptable to me/ us. I/ we the applicant (s) herein unequivocally agree, affirm and undertake to abide by the terms and conditions as mentioned herein. Signature of the Applicant(s) Schedule! Payment Plan