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Newsletter for the Point Chevalier Historical Society

No. 55 August 2017

Image of a Reliance Company bus, part of a wonderful collage of images of Pt Chevalier brought in by an attendee at the 2017
Reunion in June this year, at the Pt Chevalier RSA.

All meetings 10.30 at 990 Great North Road, Western Springs (Horticultural Centre)
17 August Goy Yelavich will give a talk entitled A Gum Diggers Son.

Other events
Heritage Festival Talks by Lisa Truttman
30 September, 1030 am at Avondale Library Story of the Avondale Public Hall
4 October, 10.30 am at Blockhouse Bay LibraryStory of the Kosey Dance Hall and Cinema, Blockhouse Bay
6 October, 11 am at Pt Chevalier Library The Dazzling Dixieland, Pt Chevaliers Jazz Centre by the Sea.
11 October, 12 midday at Central Library Te Waihorotiu, Queen Streets Hidden Stream

Next issue due out October 2017

Contact Lisa Truttman (editor) : 19 Methuen Road, Avondale, Auckland 0600, phone (09) 828-8494
or email
Pt Chevalier Historical Society
Minutes of meeting Thursday 15th June 2017
Auckland Horticultural Council Rooms

Meeting started at 10.30 am. Present: 31 people

Apologies: Er ic Allan, Dick Pope, Dot Tr asker

Paid thanks to Heather Hannah for her continuing sup-
port, the members of our committee and Lisa
Truttman (for her work with The Point Chevalier
She also thanked Elaine Fox & Dick Pope for their
contributions to the Point Chevalier Times and invited
anybody else with memories of the area to contribute
as well.

Annual accounts presented. Please contact Alison if
you would a copy of these. Net profit for 2016 2017
is $997.12

Election of officers
The following were elected unanimously and unop-
President: Margaret OConnor
Vice-presidents: Elaine Fox, Mark McVeigh, Lisa
Secretary: Jenny Wilton
Treasurer: Alison Turner

General Business
Ray Patterson reminded us about the Pt Chevalier get
together at the RSA on Saturday 24th June from 1pm Photo sent in via email from Barrie Leslie.
onwards. All welcome.
His caption: Barrie, David Rosan, Brian, Ann, Joyce,
Jeanette Rosan. 1945, Rama Road.
Guest speaker: Br uce Har vey spoke on the histor y
of the Southern Waitakeres.

Meeting closed: 11.45am

Next meeting 17th August. Goy Yelavich will give a

talk entitled A gum diggers Son Point Chevalier Reunion15 Years

Acknowledging all those that came to the Pt Chevalier

IMPORTANT: Future of the Horticultural RSA on the 24th June 2017. Once again going down
Council Headquarters Memory Lane with friends was amazing. We have all
done so well. Starting off at primary school at five years
old back-in-the-day to up to age 90 today at the reunion
The Horticultural Council has advised us that cur- is incredible for a suburb in Auckland to meet yearly.
rently they are unable to form a functioning commit- Our next reunion will be brought forward to warmer days
tee and may have to fold. The hall may then no long- for all the reasons of age and breakdowns in our bodies.
er be available to us for our meetings. Thank you all for attending and we will keep in touch.
A last effort to form a committee will be made at a Ray Paterson & Committee.
special meeting to be held on Saturday 19th August
at 2pm. The members of the Point Chevalier Histori-
cal Society are associate members of the Horticultur-
al Council and will have full speaking and voting
rights at the meeting.
(Above, left) image collage at the reunion.

(Above) some of those stopping to study the old

class photos on display at the reunion.

Photos: L Truttman

These two photos from the reunion by kind courtesy of

Valerie Powell (thanks, Valerie!)

(Above) Graham Cox from the UK, Noeleen Sutton nee

Cox, and Ray Walker.

(Right) Margaret Ross nee Milham, her brother Terry

Milham, and John Roundtree.

Membership of the Point Chevalier Historical Society

Membership is open to all with an interest in our areas history, and costs only $20 per person ($30 for two or more in
the same household). This entitles you to vote at our meetings, and to receive mailed copies of the Point Chevalier
Send cheques to: Pt Chevalier Histor ical Society, C/- 119C Hutchinson Avenue
New Lynn, Auckland 0600
Your membership fees mean that we can keep publishing the Point Chevalier Times.
Your support would be appreciated.
Another image from Keith Bell, sent via email.

Hi Lisa,
I came across the attached photo taken in 1923 at Point Chevalier School. Do not know which grade it is but my father
would have been about 6 years of age. Your Pt Chevalier Historical Society may be interested in it. Feel free to use it
how you wish. My father is 2nd left front row.

Regards, Keith.

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