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Ref. No. 19th May, 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: -Valuation Certificate

At the request of Mrs. Karuna Thapa, We have submitted here in the attached report
regarding property of land & building located at Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City-17 &
Sitapur V.D.C-2, Banke,

We here by declare and certify that:

We have physically inspected and verified the property on 19th May,2017
We have no direct or indirect interest in the said property.
The information furnished is true and correct to the best our knowledge and belief.

Hence Rs. 1,11,00,000.00 (In words Rs. One Hundred Eleven Lakh only) has been certified as the
reasonable replacement value of the said property. However the commercial value of the property is
estimated to be Rs. 1,27,00,000.00( In words Rs. One Hundred Twenty Seven lakh only)

Thanking you
Sincerely yours

Er.Daman Kumar Shrestha
(Engineering Consultant)

1.1 Name and Address of the client:
Name : Mrs. Karuna Thapa.
Previous Address : Nepalgunj Municipality Ward No.-17, Banke.
Present Address : Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City-13, Banke.
Contact No. : M-98
1.2 Type of property: The property consists of land.& Building.
1.3 Type of owner of the property: Freehold
1.4 Owner of the property:
Name of the Owner : Mrs. Karuna Thapa.
Name of the Husband : Mr. Gopindra Budha Magar.
Name of the Father in law : Mr. Bal Jeet Budha Magar
Owner of the property:
Name of the Owner : Mr. Gopindra Budha Magar.
Name of the Father : Mr. Bal Jeet Budha Magar.
Name of the Grand Father : Mr. Khuman Singh Budha Magar
1.5 Address of owner : Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan-17, Banke.

1.6 Address of the land: Kitta No : 103

Address : Nepalgunj 17, Banke.
Present Local Authority: Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan Office, Banke
Address of the land: Kitta No : 279 & 281
Address : Sitapur V.D.C.-2, Banke.
Present Local Authority: Sitapur V.D.C. Office, Banke

1.7 Area of the land as per lalpurja:

As per the copy of land ownership Certificate issued by Ministry of land reform G/N the total
area of the land under consideration is as follows
Kitta No. Area B.K.D.
103 0-1-5

279 & 281 0-8-0

2.0 Valuation Rate of Land
The commercial value is considered on the basis of prevailing market price ,which are find out
spout interview, Location , shape and approach road (accessibility) to the location, Physical
facilities etc. Government rate is taken as per the land revenue office of Banke.The distress for
valuation rate is determined from 70%for commercial and 30% from government rate, which is
shown in following table.
Kitta Address Commercial Government Distress Rate of
No. Rate Per Rate per valuation per
Kattha(NRs) Kattha(NRs) Kattha(NRs)
103 Nepalgunj-17,Banke Rs. 55,00,000.00 Rs.32,00,000.00 Rs. 44,60,000.00
279,281 Sitapur-2,Banke Rs. 3,00,000.00 Rs. 90,000.00 Rs. 1,67,000.00

3.0 Value of the land.
Basic factor like prevailing local price of the land, location in this area, shape size, Importance of
the future improvement, current value of buying and selling. Considering all these facts the
commercial rate of the land under considering is per kattha. As per terms of reference of Karnali
Development Bank Limited, the fair rate of the land is determined by considering 70%of the local
rate and 30% of the Government rate. According to the fair rate and area calculation, the valuation
amount comes as follows
Kitta no Area in Distress Rate of Valuation Distress Value of Land
(B-K-D) per Kattha (NRs.)
103 0-1-5 Rs. 44,60,000.00 Rs. 57,75,000.00
279,281 0-8-0 Rs 1,67,000.00 Rs. 13,36,000.00

Total Rs. Rs: 69,11,000.00


4.1 Plinth area of the building ( Located at Neplgunj Sub-Metropolitan.-17, Banke )

Ground Floor Area = 979.00 Sq ft
First Floor Area = 979.00 Sq ft
4.2 Number of storey and height:
No. of storey: Double ( Up To First Floor )
Main structure system of the building under consideration is frame structure system
( Pillar System ) with 23cm thickness brick masonry with cement mortar.
4.4 Type of foundation:
The foundation of the building is made of spread footing foundation.
4.5 Damp proof course (DPC):
The building has 23cm. RCC tie beam constructed around the plinth level.
4.6 Face of building:
The building is North side facing.

4.7 Partition wall and ceiling surface:

Internal and external wall surface are cement plastered.

4.8 Flooring finishing:

Ground Floor finishing with out room of the building is simple punning flooring
5.0 Doors and Windows:
The building has sufficient door and windows and ensures adequate ventilator with in the
building. Doors and Windows frame are made of sal wood. paneled seen on all the door and
glazed shutter seen on the all windows. Also shutter provided grills on the windows.
5.1 Sanitary and water supply system:
The building is facilitated for drinking water supply by hand pump. Toilet and Bath room are

5.2 Electricity supply system:

Under ground wiring system is seen through out the building.
6.2 Current rate of the building materials.
(a) Bricks-12000/per 1000 No. (b) Cement-780/kg
(c) Timber- 55026/m3 (d) Steel-96/kg
(e) Sand - 450/m3 (f) Aggregate-1500/m3
(g) Stone- 550/m3 (h) Soil -250/m3
6.3 Current rate of Main items;
(a) Brick work c/m-7644/m3 (b) Steel reinforcement-96/kg
(c) R.C.C- 7251/m3 (d) wood for Chanukahs -123480/m3
(e) Wooden paneled shutter-3314.96/m2 (f) Cement Plaster-95.22/m3
(g) Stone works-2236.39/m3
Valuation of building is based on plinth area method .Detailed quantity of major work items is based on the
is considered.
drawing sheet. Prevailing local rate building material
S.N Description Plinth Area Rate Amount Remarks
(sq.ft) (sq.ft Rs.
1 Civil Works: ( ground Floor ) 979.00 Sft 1958.00 2200.00 43,07,600.00
( First Floor ) 979.00 Sq ft
Cost of fixture
2 a) Sanitation 5% & Electricity 5% of the
cost of whole building. - 4,30,760.00

Depreciation Total Rs. 47,38,760.00

3 Building is Constructed in 2067 B.S. So 4,97,527.80
we are taking 1.5% per year depreciation 10.5%
charge. Total Rs 42,41,232.20
4 Summary of total cost of building and cost
of fixture
Distress value:
a) Value of land. Rs. 69,11,000.00
b) Value of the building Rs. 42,41,232.20
Total Rs.1,11,52,232.20
Commercial Value Say Rs. 1,11,00,000.00
a) Value of building: Rs.42,41,232.20
b) Value of land Rs.84,75,000.00
Total Rs.1,27,16,232.00
Say Rs. 1,27,00,000.00
Hence Rs. 1,11,00,000.00 (In words Rs. One Hundred Eleven Lakh only) has been certified as the
reasonable replacement value of the said property. However the commercial value of the property is
estimated to be Rs. 1,27,00,000.00( In words Rs. One Hundred Twenty Seven lakh only)

Date: 19th May, 2017

(Daman Kumar Shrestha)

Engineering Consultant

Client: Mrs. Karuna Thapa

Previous Address: Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan-17,Banke
Present Address: Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan-13,Banke

Prepared By: Shrestha Engineering Consultants

Nepalgunj-13, Pasang Lhamu Marg
Contact: 081-520796 , 9848020530