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Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Morning call Palmer

Passion and
A journalist Wynn Ascot it liked to cover the news with the town, and included/understood that
McCabe Foxe, correspondent of war, had to travel everywhere facing the danger. After to
receive a bullet wound, McCabe returned to house, too much close for tranquillity of Wynn. The
era for as dangerous her as exciting. Wynn he was to point de to marry with another man, but
now it would have to look for truth.... in its own heart.
Chapter 1
TOWARDS a splendid day of spring in the county of Creek, although something
warm. Wynn Ascot left to its camera and the rest from the equipment in the
back seat of its Volkswagen, and the sweater removed before to leave the car
and to raise the steps of the cafeteria-restaurant of the lady Baker. In the ceiling
there was a ventilator, and the young person felt his coolness nothing else to
enter. Truely agradeca. Mrs. Baker was after the counter, charlando with old
Mr. Sanders, but she raised the Vista as soon as she saw enter to Wynn.
-- Holgazaneando, eh? --la pricked the woman of cabello greyish.
Wynn smiled and greeted the bent gentleman Sanders before answering.
-- Who has desire to lock in itself in an office in front of the computer in a as
wonderful day as this one? it said to him to the owner of the cafeteria rin dose
smoothly --. You will conceal to me, right? -- aadi with conspirador air.
-- Escribe an article on my boy and I will keep the secret to you.
-- has made Henry somewhat worthy of mention?
-- This morning has fished rbalo of seven kilos -- Mrs. Baker with pride of ma-
dre responded.
Of agreement, dile that brings my office sobre the two and I will do a photo to
him with him for the newspaper -- it acceded Wynn seating in one of high stools
--. You put affluent lemonade to me fry? I have the dry throat.
-- Good, and what notifies you are covering today? -- Mr. Sanders with a smile
--. took part Some fire?, accident?
Wynn took I suck of the refreshment that Mrs. Baker finished to him placing
-- Then... John Darrow has obtained that those of the ecological association
help him to design a plan to do pool in its farm, to be able to have water in case
one comes drought.
Mr. Sanders agreed with the head.
--Ed has said that all the rain that there are tenido at the beginning of the year
only can mean a thing: that this summer will be drought -- it said mentioning its
neighbor, a two and farmer eighty years that tena fame by its exact predictions
Wynn took another one I suck before of its drink of contestar with the good
-- Espero that at least by this time mistake.
That yes that would be a noticin. I believe that I will remove a photo to him and
I will request to him that it predicts the time to me for the rest of summer.
--Oh, that would enchant to him, I assure you him Mrs. Baker --. said In addition
it has grandsons in Atlanta. Podra to command to them unit.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- It will be first that does tomorrow -- them prometi Wynn. It let save a sigh
and one leaned in bar --. Why not me it would look for I I work of eight hours like
the sensible people, of whom to end of the day you can return to house, tirarte
in the armchair, and olvidarte of everything?
-- Because you know that you would detest it -- woman ing ***reflx mng itself --.
answered How she is your aunt Katy Maude?
-- Oh, either, or, is in mountains of the north of Georgia, visiting its Cattie sister
-- respondi Wynn with one smile.
-- Then mndale greetings when you speak with she said Mrs. to him Good
Baker --, and when you casis Andy and you? Lucy Robbins that way walks
saying that you marry this summer.
The young person returned to sigh.
-- No, we are thinking about even hoping septiembre and to take one week us
free for the honeymoon -- it said outlining a smile, and trying to imaginar itself
married with Andrew Sloane.
They had a comfortable relation, without frights, and he, knowing that he was
virgin, never had tried to presionar it. In fact, whenever they were was to leave
to have supper, to go to the cinema or the theater, to rent one pelcula... Often
Wynn was asked if when you would be casaran no he would be exactly equal.
Good, perhaps Andy was not the most adventurous person of the world, but
thus, at least, one would not go away like McCabe, to thousands of kilometers
like correspondent military...
-- and when you marry, it will be McCabe padrino? Mrs. Baker asked to him, as
if she was leyendo his thoughts.
To only hear its name of lips of another one person haca that a certain
frustration invaded the young person. McCabe Foxe was not his legal tutor nor
nothing seemed, simply were the testamentary executor designated by its
father, the person who was in charge of which recibiera every month its
allocation until it turned the twenty-five years or married. Soon it would fulfill the
twenty-four, and by then already it would be married with Andy, and McCabe
finally, would disappear of its life, being diluted in the past.
--No I create it answered to him finally Mrs. Baker, forcing a smile of
circumstances --. Right now it is in Central America, covering the last
skirmishes... and accumulating material for his next novel of adventures, without
a doubt -- it added with certain retintn.
What wonder!, right? -- it sighed woman with soadores eyes --. Imagnate,
to take a so exciting life...! And to think that one has become a success author
when until it makes only a pair on years it lived to passages on you! It seems
that it was yesterday when it began to work with your father for that agency of
the news.
To think about that incomodaba to Wynn. Not him it pleased to remember those
--Tu father she was a journalist of first -- intervino Mr. Sanders --. Everybody
remembers its news articles.
Wynn smiled with affection.
-- Still I continue throwing it very many of less. I do not know what would have
done if my aunt had not become position of me when it died in that shooting. It
had never felt to me so lost.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

--Y was a luck that your father left in its testamento to McCabe in charge of your
inheritance -- Mrs. Baker --. said Your mother he had left a propiedad you quite
great, and you were only one adolescente when your father died.
Wynn worried its drink and left the glass on the counter.
In aim, I believe that already it is hour of which return with the other slaves -- it
said making a graceful face and rising --. Today we have a been busy day very,
because we must command newspaper to the press, and knowing Edward will
begin to llamar to all county to find out where I have put. Nobody escapes when
there is to finish the writing of a number.
--Yo also I must go to me -- it mumbled foot Mr. Sanders putting itself --. Mrs.
Jones worries when me delay. I do not know how I could crawl by trenches in
France during the war without her behind to push to me -- it added arching
eyebrows --. That woman not me she lets breathe.
-- You must sentirte lucky have to an employee of the home that worries as
much about you, viejo grun --lo rega Mrs. Baker wagging the index in its
-- Supongo that you are right, Verdie -- the man sighed.
Wynn was ed ***reflx mng.
-- My aunt Katy Maude also worries in exceso by me -- she confessed --. to
them For that reason I became independent as soon as I had age. Although it
either did not let to me go to me very far: it made rent the house me of
-- Then to me it does not seem to me that one well girl joven as you live single --
the frown talked back Mrs. Baker frunciendo and adopting the paper of broody
hen --. In addition, he is absurd: your aunt in one marries and you in another
one... It would be much more logical that you...
Wynn, that was seen come one retahila from half an hour, it sent a fast look to
the clock.
Go!, it did not know that he was so late --la interrumpi, leaving a quarter of
dollar on the mostrador, and outlining one smile as a excuse --. Would enchant I
to have left to me to chat, really, but if I do not leave already, Edward will kill to
me. So long!, good bye, Mr. Sanders!
And it left cafeteria, repressing one sonrisilla malicious, before Mrs. Baker could
detener it.
Nevertheless, the good humor of the young person desvaneci when it had
taken its small car and went towards Redvale by the singsong highway,
sprinkled only by few farms and warehouses. To think about McCabe had left it
worried. It was completely ridiculous situation. Why it had to preocupar itself?
McCabe was mayorcito to know risks that ran. In addition, what necessity had
to continue working like correspondent military? It had not obtained enough
recognition already and sufficient money like living calm the rest on its life? No,
journalism was for him like the tobacco for that cannot let smoke. But it was so
idiot who could not let worry by him, aunque did not want to admit it, and had
gotten to let see television newscasts not to know what it was pasando in
Central America. It could not to support the pensamiento of which they hurt it.
But, why?, why it had to worry about him? After all, never they had taken well,
and the last one time that had spoken, char it had not been indeed warm.
McCabe it had raised by the walls when it said to him that it was going to enter
to work in Couher, the local newspaper of Redvale. It had been a telephone
conversation, of pocas times that McCabe had called it, and it had threatened it,

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

between others, with cutting the monthly allocation to him if it did not stop in its
She, of course, had said to him that she advanced, that did it. It could stay by
itself. From that moment the tone of the conversation haba been raising, and
Wynn had finished hanging to him furious in the middle of a phrase, and one
had refused to answer when the telephone began to sound of nuevo. One week
later, would receive a rough one letter of him, in whom it said to him that it
supposed that a work of reporter in local newspaper would not be too
dangerous, but practically it prohibited him that cubriera the news that could
make be in danger their physical integrity, and it threatened returning and
removing it fuerza from the office from the newspaper if no it did case to him.
Wynn recost in the seat and resopl. He would be arrogant! How it could it
have named its father testamentary executor of all its goods? Certain that they
had been friends, during years, but it was so ridculo that executor to whom had
named no it was of the family... The logical thing would have been to name its
aunt, Katy Maude. Of fact, had been its aunt who had become position of her
when it had state outside the State or of the country covering some news.
Where it would be McCabe then?, pregunt. A pair of days back, had heard in
the cafeteria of the lady Baker to two men to comment one noticia on two
reporters who were died in Central America. The hands had been put him you
cold and sudorosas and, without being able to repress itself, one had become
and it had asked to them if they knew of what nationality was. French, had
answered to him, and she had gone away to house and she had cried of pure
lightening. Ridiculous situation!, he was totally ridiculous! It was it jeopardize, it
was going to casar itself, and McCabe never had been nothing for her excepto
a headache.
Way of the office of the Courier. it had that to happen unavoidably in front of its
house, and it was strange to see a window to him of floor of above half-opened,
and cortina waving smoothly with the light one breeze that had risen. That rare!
It did not remember it to have dejado opened... In short, it was said mentally
shrinking of hombros. With the commotion that they had had the last days
walked elsewhere with the head, and in addition, it did not seem either that it go
to rain, so, what mattered?
When it arrived at the building of the Courier, it hit Kelly Davies in the entrance,
a companion of the work.
Ah, hello, Kelly! -- it saluted to the stop young person.
-- "Hello, Kelly"? -- it repeated crossing itself of arms --. It is possible to be
known where you had put? Almost nor it already decided to me that you work
here. In fact, I already believe that Edward either does not have to remember,
porque it has returned to command to me to cover another one with those es-
cabrosas news from events.
-- Vaya, I feel it -- it murmured frunciendo the eyebrows --, what one is?
--Un accident in the freeway -- it answered Kelly --. A dead and three wounded
ones. The police patrol finishes arriving at place.
-- is known already some name?
Kelly wagged the head.
-- Espero that he is not nobody that knows -- murmur with a weak smile.
Wynn knew to what it talked about. He was the bad thing of trabajar like
reporter in the local newspaper of one pequea city. Two every three times you
knew the victims, although only outside Vista.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- you will call when you know something more to Us? it asked to him.
-- Llamare' before returning promised he to him.
They took leave, and Wynn entered building. Edward Keene, its head, and
owner of the newspaper was standing next to Judy, the composer, a seated
brown girl in front of a computer. Frunci the populated white eyebrows and
entrecerr the eyes while examinaba galley proof that it had in his hand.
-- Well, but you do not forget to correct that line -- it said to him to Judy, soon to
become towards Wynn with a glance furious --. You know It
give account you of which I practically am making the newspaper single, and
trying to help Judy to make the copy it stops the reading of tests and to fit the
anuncios, and...?
-- Traigo photos said she to him with one smile, sosteniendo in high its camera
of photos --. Good photos. They will fill up space.
-- Photos of what? -- gru Edward with arms enjarras --. Of that pool of John
--Y of the fire of that house in the street Harrow, and of the new bridge that has
done to the height of the circunvalacin of City Union.
Edward breathed alleviated and outlined one average smile
-- Good girl.
-- Sabi'a that that would tranquilize to you. And with the photos that Kelly of the
accident brings, already we will have by minuses four for the cover, and to
dedicate to each noticia to him... four columns?
-- For that reason I contracted to you -- Edward murmured sonriendo more
widely and agreeing with cabeza --. Yes, I believe that with that it will be
-- I will take the spool to Him to Jess so that it reveals it -- it said Wynn.
-- Well -- his head --. murmured Ah, hears... when you have occurred it..., they
see my office a little while, in agreement?
To Wynn it seemed to him to notice certain hesitation in its voice and a strange
expression in its face, but agreed with head and went to darkroom. It was the
been busy day more of the week, day in which they had to finish the weekly
edition to send it imprenta. Everybody in the office was rare that day.
It gave the spool to him to Jess with one smile before the face of oppression of
its companion.
-- You could have a little compassion with me to vary. You bring me everything
to last hour -- mascull this one.
--Te I promise that it will not return to happen... Wynn said to him --, at least in
one week.
But Jess was not ed ***reflx mng, but that sent to him a killer glance.
-- Good, you only must do three fotograbados to average red, each one of four
columns; one of the fire, another one of the new bridge, and another one of the
-- Brilliant, I am here, with three works urgent, one of them for the two of
afternoon, and above... -- mascull while Wynn left and it left it speaking single.
When it was shown to the office of Edward, this one was seated its writing-desk
in front of, hidden means between a pile of papers.
-- Good, sintate said the man to him with certain impatience, indicating to him
one of the two chairs with arms that was in front of its writing-desk. One took off
the glasses and it interlaced the hands on the table.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- What happens? Of what you want to speak to me? -- inquiri Wynn watching
it uncertain. It was beginning to worry. Edward it was truely... rare.
-- Well, you will see... the certain thing is that...
-- She is my aunt? Has passed him something? him frightened Wynn asked,
seating on the brink of madness the chair.
--No, no, nothing of that a hurried to tranquilizar it its head. It cleared one's
throat, it watched it a little while, and finalmente him it loosen --: Devils, you
could mantenerte to the day of which happens in Central America, thus it would
not have to be I who I notified to you of sopetn.
To Wynn it was to him the color of the face, and it was taken hold with such
force to the arms of the chair, that the knuckles him they put targets.
McCabe...! -- it whispered in a thread of voice --,Something has passed him
to McCabe...!
-- It is well, is alive -- Edward said to him --. They have hurt to him but he is not
Wynn sighed alleviated and recost in seat. The muscles of their body seemed
to have reblandecido with the scare.
-- it shot a sniper to Him? -- it inquired.
-- Something thus -- Edward responded. removing from debajo of the papers a
unit of a newspaper of Atlanta, opened it by section of the internacionales news,
doubled it, and went it.
Wynn escudri the leaf and read one of holders who appeared in the right
margin: HURT CORRESPONSAL MILITARY. Alongside pequea was one
photo of McCabe, and Wynn entrecerr the eyes, treating to verify if it had
changed much in those years, but the image was too dark and their factions did
not distinguish themselves well. It read the text under to title, as soon as one
reviews, where said that McCabe had been hurt while it covered the news, and
was speculated on about the possibility that incident was related to the death of
both French journalists at the beginning of that week. It added that McCabe had
undergone one paliza by part of its attackers, whom a ligament of the broken
leg had, and sequels of a contusion in the head, but he was in favor alive.
--No says where it is now -- it murmured.
-- Um... , yes good, you feared to me that you would ask that... The truth is that
it would have been rare that not you you asked... -- Edward stammered.
Wynn remained watching it without understanding nothing.
-- Edward, where is?
-- you have not seen...? That is to say, when there are happened with the car in
front of your house... you have not seen...? -- his mumbled head by all answer.
The eyes of Wynn were opened like plates.
It is in my house?! -- it almost shouted --. What it is doing in my house?
-- To recover answered Edward to him contracting the face. Good, it is that the
motel was closed by reforms... No it had another place where to remain.
-- and why not with you? him espet Wynn, that could not give credit to which
---I do not have any free room.
- - and what? It could have slept in your sofa!
-- In its state? A could not do that to him a wounded man.
--Me it gives just as he is wounded him it responded furious --. It cannot remain
in my house. My aunt will estar of return within weeks and she has undergone
an infarct threat recently. They do not come to him well the discussions.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- But if I never have seen discuss you with your aunt -- Edward replaced.
-- With her no, but with McCabe I discuss a all hours. There is no a single thing
in which we agree. And Andy will put the shout in the sky!
-- Oh, by Andy you do not have preocuparte -- a disdainful gesture with the
hand murmured its head doing --. Andy is one of those liberal types. It will not
bother to him absolutely.
-- we are speaking of the same Andrew Sloane? -- Wynn --. inquired Of my
fiance', the one that went to the chain of local television to complain
announcement of theater in the Daily Bugle of Ashton in which a naked woman
left waist for above?
Edward rubbed the nape of the neck.
-- Hmm... Perhaps good, yes, you have small problem with Andy.
-- Then arrglalo you, has been idea yours.
--No exactly. He was he who suggested it his head --. explained to him It called
to ask me to me if habamos to sight the news in the newspaper, and sure I said
yes to him that, and to the knowledge in what state was... I I thought that it
would not matter to you... after all he is your tutor.
He is not my tutor! She is only the executor of my padre! ...In addition to my
torment, and my worse enemy,and to you it is not had to you happened another
thing more than to leave one puts in my house!
-- Oh, we go, Wynn, almost cannot walk. How it was going to grasp them to it
-- That how...? -- it repeated exasperated --. Correspondent is military and pure
nerve,that sera surely able to survive without water in the desert! Adems,
does not live its mother in New York? Why one does not go away with her?
-- it has left the country as soon as one found out from which it returned from
Central America -- rindose --. responded to its head You already know how it is
Marie. Him aterra the idea that it puts a foot that way. To one week it would
dismiss to the crew members and it would make remodelar all the house.
He is incredible! She is its mother! That woman she has always found
excuses to avoid them to him and his padre.
-- Vamos, Wynn, are wounded, ten compassion. You cannot put it in the street.
She frunci the lips.
-- You do not know McCabe like I -- mascull.
-- In addition, it wants to know your fiance' Edward said to him, that not even it
was listening to it --. Your future worries to him.
Wynn loosen an outburst of laughter of incredulity.
--Lo that it wants is to dictate my future, that he is very different -- gru, putting
itself of foot --. Then I am not going to allow it to it.
-- Where you go?
-- To trenches -- it responded --. Where it is my gun?
-- But the newspaper...
-- Already I will read it soon -- Wynn mumbled leaving its office.
"Our" newspaper! -- almost rugi Edward while it followed --. The one that
we will not manage to remove tomorrow if nonsalts there it went and you put
hands to trabajar!
-- Hay time. I will be of return in one hour. Adems, not even I have had lunch.
Edward raised the hands.
---One hour! We already go one hour late as planned and it says that there is
time! it said to him to Judy, that it followed in his position --. Listening, Wynn, if

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

no... -- comenz becoming, but the young one already it had gone. It had left
running towards the place where it had dejado parked the car, and of their
green eyes jumped tipsy. Yes McCabe thought that a went to leave with hers,
very was mistaken.
Chapter 2
WYNN opened the door of their small one vivienda, next to the enormous house
of Victoriano style of its aunt Katy Maude, and it entered throws a fury, with his
footsteps resonating on the wood ground a measurement that advanced.
McCabe! --lo called to shouts, loosen cmara, the purse, and the sweater in
a chair of the corridor. But only the echo him it answered.
Nevertheless, when entering the hall, it stopped in dry in the threshold of the
door and took air. McCabe was seated in his favorite armchair next to the
chimney, with one of its great feet supported in cushion on the small table. It
wore a suit of safari that to any man of Redvale ridiculous it would have had left,
but to him, with that bronzed and the blonde and gloomy shaken hair, to which
truely corte needed to him of hair, it favored to him.
To Wynn it seemed to him that it had not happened tiempo. It exactly had the
aspect with which recordaba: stop, hard, and the same tenacious glance in
those blue and gray eyes between, that figure crossed his from top to bottom
esbelta, making it sonrojar itself.
-- What you are doing here? it asked to him without digressing.
McCabe arched the eyebrows to the time that it took the cigarette that was
smoking to the lips.
--Te you have turned all a woman. How many years you have now?
-- Still I need a year to fulfill veinticinco, but Andy and I will marry soon and then
to the aim I will be able to receive my inheritance and perderte of Vista -- it with
a smile responded to him triunfal.
-- Andrew Sloane... -- it mumbled despectivamente --. How devils you have
ended him? Blackmail is doing you or something thus?
Wynn watched it agape.
I am enamored with him!
-- Already, and the elephants fly -- resopl he mocking. It extinguished the
cigarette in the ash tray that was on the small table and it watched it to the eyes
--. You will die yes of disgust you marry to you with a so prejudiced man like
-- What you of Andy will know? him espet she desafiante.
-- the sufficient thing like preventing that I commit the greater error of your life.
By love of God, I went with him to the school, and soon to the institute. And it is
a year old more than I!
-- I like the greater men -- she talked back she --. And only it is thirty and six
years old; oyndote to hablar seems that it was in order to send it to the asylum
Wynn was shut up to half of phrase. Why devils had to justify before McCabe its
feelings hacia Andy?
-- In addition, who you have thought that you are?, the Inquisicin? You do not
have right to burst in into my life and to begin a to preach to me, and... and what
noses supone that you are doing here?
-- you do not put histrica said he to him in an irritating tone --. I have come for
ayudarte to put in order your ideas, that he is everything. And only I will remain
until it has recovered to me.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- I do not need your aid, and why there are had to come indeed to my house?
-- Because my mother has left the country with todos the crew members when
he found out that he returned -- responded he --. In addition, months ago the
contract of the rent expired that it had. You will not want that vuelva to Central
America to recover to me?
Wynn separated the glance.
--No you are ridiculous.
-- This era the only place to which it could to come.
-- You would have haberte gone to house of Edward. but, sure as it gives to
pain hacerte him to sleep in the sofa...
-- Anyway its sofa is too much small for me -- McCabe aimed --, and his brother-
in-law comes to visitar it the week that he comes.
Wynn was in front of put him with the arms cruzados.
-- strange What that did not mention that when it said to me that you were
here... -- suspicaz murmured.
-- Tomorrow you must remove the edition from the week remembered he to him
--, it is not strange to me that it forgot it. In fact, probably now it is throwing
plagues on you not to be there bringing closer shoulder. How it has let to you
-- Not yet the hour had taken me from lunch.
-- Speaking to have lunch... I die of hunger. What so a sandwich?
-- Oye, hears, hears... Delay a little while. McCabe... she said to him, putting the
arms enjarras --. I have not said that you can quedarte, and much less than...
--No I have had breakfast this morning --la interrumpi he, putting a hand in
stomach --, and last night as soon as I had supper... The press did not leave
tranquilo me in the airport -- it added.
To Wynn, that at heart was a piece of bread, gave pity him.
-- Good, I believe that I have something of cold cuts in the refrigerator, and one
of those prepared salads.
-- That would be wonderful hurried a to respond he.
Then one moved in the seat, it contracted the face, like sore, and to Wynn it
seemed to him that it had been put little pale. The young person lowered the
glance towards the leg that she had supported on cushion. In the newspaper it
said that it had a broken ligament, but under the fabric khaki color of the
trousers marked the form of a heavy bandage.
-- That is not a ligament breakage... -- murmur vacillating.
McCabe threw the head backwards.
--No, there am not broken any ligament, but already you would have to know
how he is this of the press. You cannot creerte nor half of which you read.
Wynn waned slightly.
-- they shot to You...
It agreed with the head.
-- Bingo.
Wynn felt that the beats of the heart they are aceleraban to him, and that
flaqueaban the legs to him. Why tena that to react thus? He was absurd. It
inspired profundamente to calm.
-- You were with those journalists to that they mataron, is not truth? it asked to
him, almost with total certainty.
The glance of McCabe became gloomy.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Acababa leaving them -- it murmured lowering the Vista to leg --. we were
going to follow an informer to a meeting with high civil employee of the State,
something very secret, but left the shot to us by butt. I managed to escape of
pure miracle, and spent the night escondido in hen house. I almost bled before
being able to return to the city.
Wynn felt an acute pain in the chest. It could have died. Suddenly one felt been
-- I only could walk kilometers -- it continued McCabe --, because there was lost
much blood, but gathered to me near the embassy and they took me to a
hospital of New York where she took care of me a very good ortopdico
surgeon. It has said to me that I will have left one slight one cojera, but there am
lost no the leg at least.
Wynn realized of which it was had been mirando it fixedly, and, sonrojando a
little, carraspe and it said to him with voice is:
-- Good, I will prepare those sandwiches.
-- I am well, Wynn said McCabe to him, observando it with curiosity --. It thought
that it did not matter to you what could happen to me -- it added with all the in -
Wynn avoided its glance.
--El that we take bad, does not want to say that it wants that they kill to you.
One went to the kitchen and it made the sandwiches like a robot, asking itself
why it was reaccionando as it were reacting. It knew what was the work of a
correspondent military, and he it it did because it wanted, would not have to
worry about him... but the certain thing is that yes one worried.
It put the sandwiches, the salad and pair of cups of coffee in a tray and returned
with her to the hall. McCabe followed where it had left it, but it seemed that he
was paler.
-- it hurts to You, right? it said to him --. Not you they have given some type of
-- I did not want that they gave nothing me. You already know how I am, hatred
the medicines.
-- Because I believe that by this time you could to make an exception said she
to him, seating in the sofa that was to the other side of the chimney, and tending
a plate to him with a sandwich, a possesor and a little ensalada --. How long
you must make rest?
-- a month more or less -- he answered with mohn. It was evident that the idea
did not make any grace him have to be inactive --. The time that will take the
bone in knitting absolutely.
Wynn lowered the glance to its leg.
-- Llevas a stucco?
--No, the bone did not get to break itself of everything. It is only one fissure, but
it hurts to me all along, and I cannot walk well --la watched very serious --. I
really need a place to remain. I cannot arreglar them single in these conditions.
Surely that incluso the people of a small city as this one includes/understands it.
And if they do not understand it to not they matter me chismorreos... although I
suppose that you yes.
-- Rather yes -- --, even agreed she but in case to me she did not matter to me
either that the people spoke, to whom yes him she will matter is to Andy.
-- Djamelo to me offered McCabe --. I will have to char it with him... of man to
man, already you know.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Wynn watched it uncertain, but it did not say nothing.

-- and you will not die here of boredom in Network-it is worth a whole month?
Wynn asked to him after terminar one of his sandwiches and to take I suck of
-- If it did not have anything to do yes -- he answered --, but I have looked for a
work right here.
Wynn watched stampede. One would not talk about a...?
-- What work?
-- no there is you this Ed? -- it responded with a smile --. I am going to be to the
front of the newspaper mientras he is taken month of vacations.
The young person felt as if they had to him stuck a kick in the shinbone, and it
remained watching it boquiabierta and with gathered frown.
-- That you are going to be the publisher? -- it repeated --. Of the peridico of
Ed? Of "periodic me"? You are going to be my head?
-- Exact -- he answered, smiling of new divertido.
--Ah, no... no, no, no... nor to speak, I resign, dimito, I do not think to work under
your orders.
-- Oh, we go, Wynn...
-- "We go, Wynn"? him espet she with annoyance loosen its cup of coffee
noisily on the small table _. It could not to live with you and to be your
subordinating during a whole month without losing the judgment!
McCabe ignited another cigarette and outlined a mocking smile.
-- What happens?, you are scared to fall rendered before my enchantments? --
inquin fanfarrn.
The young person put itself red as she seeds it, but before he could think about
an answer the quite offensive thing, he sounded the telephone. Tightening the
teeth, the earpiece became and offed-hook.
-- Diga -- it answered bad-tempered.
To the other side of the line there was a brief one silence, and one tosecilla.
-- Um... Wynona?
Andy! -- it exclaimed, sending a glance furiosa to McCabe, and twisting the
cable of the telephone entre its fingers --. Hello, it did not hope that you called to
me by this time.
--He called to your office, and Ed said to me that you had been going away to
house to eat... -- prometido with a note responded his suspicaz in voice --, and
that you had a visit... a "guest" -- he emphasized --, Wynona, you have become
crazy? His can which McCabe was friend of your father, and executor, but is
greater than you, and is unmarried, and you are engaged with me. Puedes not
to allow that it remains there!
The tone of Andy had been raising and raising until in the end practically it was
-- Escucha, Andy said she to him treating of calmar it, and delivering an attack
to ignore the vain smile of McCabe --, he is wounded, and not even it can walk.
--Ya. and what assumes that you have to do you? To prepare the food and to
help to him him to go of the bed to the armchair and of armchair to the bed?
Wynn lay down to laugh. It could not avoid it. First it appeared McCabe of the
anything with a bullet wound, and now Andy was histrico...
-- Wynona? -- his fiance' murmured.
-- you to me could not lend a wheelbarrow in order to llevar it? -- it asked to him
with tears jumping him to it of the eyes for laughter.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- "what"? -- Andy repeated. that never pillaba jokes --. Perhaps listening, is
well, is exagerando a little, but I know McCabe. It is normal that it has felt to me
anxious, you do not create?
-- I am it jeopardize with you said to him it, poniendo themselves serious, and
feeling bothers of which McCabe was oyendo its conversation --. You do not
have motivos to doubt me.
-- I know It, I know it... -- Andy responded in smoother tone --. He is that the
single idea to me has put very jealous, that is everything.
-- McCabe is only a friend of the family it said sending a killer glance to him the
aforesaid one, that it was observing it with that faint smile stuck in the lips --.
And in addition, he is very greater.
-- Tiene a year less than I -- Andy murmured. Wynn bit the inferior lip and closed
the eyes a moment.
It did not mean that! a hurried asegurarle, still more twisting the cable of
telephone --. You do not do case to me. It is that today it is Tuesday, and
tomorrow leaves the edition this week, and I do not have head donde must have
-- It is only Tuesday like another anyone his fiance', as pragmatic said to him as
always --. I do not understand why you you put all so histricos in your office.
-- Supongo that you would have to be journalist to understand it -- she without
taking offense said --. It listens, Andy...
-- Invtalo to have supper said McCabe to him of soon in a whisper.
Wynn watched it of landmark in landmark. It sent to him one mirada of "but,
what you say?", and him espet:
It is Tuesday!
--Ya I have heard you the first time -- Andy said irritado to the other side of the
line --. It is not either for as much. I also have days of more work than others.
-- I will cook said McCabe to him to the same one tiempo.
You are not ridiculous! If not even you can mantenerte still on! him espet
-- you are suggesting I am drunk? -- inquiri overwhelmed Andy.
No, you no...! McCabe, was speaking with McCabe! -- Wynn answered.
-- McCabe is drunk and you are single there with him? -- almost rugi its fiance'.
Wynn separated the earpiece from the ear, it watched with the gathered frown
and it put the eyes in target, resoplando.
-- Vamos, invtalo him sise McCabe --, when you arrive I will have something
prepared. I can cook sentado.
Wynn watched it distrustful. McCabe always mostraba arrogant and
authoritarian, nonpleasant and servicial... There would not be cat locked up?
-- You are sure that you want to do it? him pregunt covering the earpiece.
-- Not -- McCabe --, responded I have desire of to return to see it. Come,
invtalo. On the eight.
It had the impression to be putting cabeza in fauces of a lion, but years ago she
did not see a McCabe. Perhaps the time and the experiences through which it
had happened were it fact to change.
-- Andy, you would want to come to have supper... on the eight?-- it asked to
him its fiance'.
-- to have supper? -- it animated --, You repeated more and I single?
-- Mmm... no, McCabe also will be. It says that it wants to do he eaten it, and
who has desire of volver to verte.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Andy remained shut up a moment, considering it. -- It is well, in agreement -- it

answered --. This is absurdo, but of agreement.
They took leave, and Wynn hung telephone. -- Good, you have left with yours. It
will come to have supper -- it said to him to McCabe rising --. I must volver to
the office. And when it returns, after the supper, we will speak of your stay,
because I think to put my conditions.
-- it seems to Me reasonable -- it responded complaciente.
And that yes that left it worried. McCabe never was complaciente. Dndole
returned to the work returned, and to to enter the office was right to despacho of
--No you said to me that you went away of vacations a month said to him with a
dangerous smile --, nor that your cuado was going to pass one week with you,
nor who...
-- Comprndelo, Wynn, McCabe are like son for me excused with a paper in a
hand and scissors in the other --. And in addition, he is quite battered.
Wynn let save a sigh.
-- I know It, is counted what him to me it happened.
-- I only hope that one occurs itself suficiente time to recover absolutely before
It waned.
-- you are saying that it has intention of to return there? Why?, so that they kill
it? His head shrank of shoulders.
-- you already know McCabe. It enchants everything to him that world: the
danger, the emotions... And partly he is lgico, takes many years dedicated to it.
-- Indeed for that reason -- Wynn talked back --. You do not think that it could
leave it and be dedicated to only write its books?
-- I gave it him, not to me -- it responded --. I suppose that what him lack is an
anchor in its life, Wynn. It does not have a place that consider its home, a site
where one feels dear and needed. For that reason it upsets in the work.
-- Her mother wants it.
-- Of course that wants it... to his way, sure but has gone the life avoiding to its
father, and ahora is it avoiding him. No, her mother is a very independent
woman, does not need it. And, to part of her, it does not have more to anybody.
Wynn watched it with the gathered lips.
-- Good... to its age it must at least have some woman who...
- No.
-- How you know as much of him?
--Ya there am you saying, practically has be a son for me. On small it lived near
my house, and it happened there almost as much time as in hers. From pri mer
day that visited these offices it felt fascinated by the media, soon studied the
race... and aunque it marched Redvale we have stayed in contact all this time
explained to him watching it over its glasses and smiling --. I also quera to have
been correspondent military, you know?, but it had a family, and it did not seem
to me that he was right to hacer to it to happen badly it through my personal
ambitions. McCabe always it has avoided the permanent relations... for that
same reason, I imagine. It must be very it last a woman to have constantemente
to its husband in the firing line.
Wynn also had thought that some time, but was not arranged to admit it, as it
would tell either never Ed that until it had let see the noticiarios, all the section
went of noticias international biting the nails.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Wynn, you are listening to me? him his head, removing it from his thoughts
asked --. I say that still we have that to fill up a hollow in the cover. It sees call to
the fire chief stops to ask to him if there has been no fire tonight. Vamos!
Luckyly the frenetic rate of rest of afternoon maintained its mind occupied:
telephones sounding, people entering and leaving, changes of last hour in
articles... but, like always, miraculously, to seven of afternoon everything he was
ready, and Kelly went away running to take the newspaper to the press. The
accident that had covered it occupied a quarter of the cover. Fortunately,
although in those cases never it could speak of "fortune", the victims were
people of outside the city. Wynn felt alleviated. Very hard him resultaba to have
to do esquelas of personas which it knew all the life.
Exhausted, it went to the service to refresh a little, took leave of Ed and the
others, and it went to house.
Chapter 3
EHEAD OF CATTLE you, Wynn? - McCabe called from the kitchen when it
entered house. young person had forgotten for a moment that there she was,
and its deep voice there was sobresaltado. It left on the small table of the lobby
the purse, and one took off the shoes before going to the kitchen, to be to its
"guest" encaramado in taburete, preparing a salad.
-- a long day, eh? it said to him observing its barefoot feet.
-- Long? I am burst -- it mumbled she --. It needs to you that helps you in
-- Good, you could make the seasoning.
-- Which is the main plate? -- it inquired sirvindose a cold water glass.
-- Medallones of green sauce calf. I hope that you like.
Wynn watched it admired.
-- Vaya, you had not said to me that you knew to prepare plates of high kitchen
-- sonrisla said with one.
-- Never you have asked to me -- it responded, girando itself in the stool to
watch it.
It had the undone average shirt, and Wynn could not avoid that they were to
him the eyes. Suddenly corazn was had to him rampant, and it cost horrors to
him to take off the glance of its bronzed thorax. By what? For which devils had
to be passing that to him? It had seen Andy thousands times without shirt in
piscina, and never that reaction had caused him.
-- heated Pareces said McCabe to him, desabrochando another button, as if it
knew what it was thinking.
Wynn clarified the throat.
-- Voy a... I am going to change and you now I will do alio -- it stammered,
leaving the kitchen and raising as quickly as possible stairs, until arriving at its
It closed the door behind himself and one collapsed against her. What were
passing devils to him?
Ten minutes later it was of return in the cocina, and McCabe remained with the
wood spatula in the air on stew when it saw it appear.
It wore to position a green dress emerald of tied tirantes of espagueti behind the
neck, that dejaba back in the open, and emphasized the form of its sines, its
narrow waist, and smooth but the femeninas hips. With the dark hair hecho was
had gathered of that saved small curls that fell on their front and its length neck.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Sueles ponerte that class of dresses a menudo? -- the frown inquired

McCabe frunciendo.
-- and what if I do it? -- --, talked back she Already you have finished cutting to
the ingredients of the salad and the tomato? Djame bowl and I will flavor it.
--No with that dress said he to him.
It was put of foot, leaning in the cane, and it was put behind her before account
could occur. One of its great ones hands took it with firmness by the waist, and
it separated it from the top one.
-- It would be a crime to spoil it -- it added.
Wynn felt how a cosquilleo stranger it crossed all his body, as if it took waiting
for all the life that arrived that moment. One shook, and it requested so that he
had not noticed it.
-- No... you would not have to be standing him it remembered. -- Parece that
you needed the air -- murmured he.
The young person felt the warm breath of McCabe in its hair, and noticed how
their fingers descended until their waist and they returned to raise, as if they
were deleitndose in the silhouette of its body. It felt desires of recostar itself
against him, of which more their hands were arriba... But then it recovered the
sanity and one separated from him giving respingo.
-- I will go... I will go by an apron -- it stammered --. Andy will llegar at any time.
He is always very precise.
McCabe did not say anything. It remained there of foot, apoyado in the top one,
observing it all along with that penetrating one watched that always managed to
poner it nervous.
Wynn tried to calm while it was tied the delantal and looked for in the cupboard
which needed stops
the seasoning.
--Di something, you want? -- it murmured ing ***reflx mng itself. It had never felt
to me so uncomfortable.
-- What you want that it says? he asked to him suavemente.
It became, trying to find the words that could dissipate the tension that was in
the ambiente, but their eyes were, and felt that it flooded an anxiety that never
had experimented. And then, then, it sounded the timbre of puerta and it broke
the magic. Wynn was turned on talones as one zombi and went to open.
Andy had the hair messed up hair, like if hubiera been going the hand through
him time and time again, irritated, and had preoccupation in its brown eyes that
seemed to watch it without seeing it absolutely.
-- Hello -- it mumbled --. It is already the supper?
Wynn, that had waited for a greeting little more affectionate, it sighed, and it let
it pass.
-- Pasa to the kitchen to salute to McCabe it said to him. Andy emitted gruido.
-- it really knows to cook?
-- Of course that I know to cook -- it said McCabe, showing itself to the door of
the dining room, supported in its cane.
The shirt had been fastened, and gave image of the perfect host... or rather of a
lion with lamb skin, a malicious smile thought Wynn repressing.
Minutes later were seated to it pulls.
-- What is this? -- Andy inquired, watching the meat with distrust, as if they went
to him to leave tentacles.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Medallones of green sauce calf him contest McCabe --. In fact he is one of
the most modest plates of my recipe book -- it added with pretended modestia,
and almost sonrojando itself.
Wynn felt desires to give a capon him, but Andy, ingenuous like was although it
was had by very ready, swallowed hook. The young person could read what she
was thinking as if outside a book opened: "the great correspondent military,
novel writer of adventures, musculitos... that above it does medallones of green
sauce calf ".
The meat was exquisite, but atmosphere was not most propitious to enjoy the
-- This morning was a terrible accident -- coment, simply to break the
discomfort silencio --. The people who are died they were not of the city, but...
By love of God, Wynona!, no while estamos eating! --la cut Andy with
disgust face. McCabe arched eyebrows.
-- you do not say to me that you continue being so apprehensive like when we
were in the school? him pregunt --. Memory that no you liked too much the
class of Biology... mainly the days that touched just after lunch time... one
inclined towards ahead with the glass of wine in the hand, and frunci the lips --.
The scent of formol was repugnant, truth? And to have to diseccionar to those
Andy had been put green, and had loosen the tenedor. It took hold the glass of
water and it drank and it drank until it was not in him a drop.
McCabe! --lo is already enough reprimanded young person. --A me yes I
liked that class. They enchant Natural Sciences to me -- McCabe watching to
Andy continued, as if it had not heard it --. You know what I had to eat in South
America when a armed conflict was cubriendo there for years? Me
it had entered in the forest of the Amazon with several soldiers, and we
encamped with a primitive tribe. They invited a to share its sure food, and there
would be similarity discourteous if we had ourselves denied. Tuvimos that to eat
ensartadas meat of serpent, small lizards to the live coal in woods, and a
species of escarabajos that great, toastings, that knew a...
-- Disculpad -- Andy mumbled, before as quickly as possible to rise of the table
covering themselves the mouth with a hand and running towards the bathroom.
McCabe! --lo reprimanded Wynn again, mirando it of landmark in landmark
--. Why you have done that?
It did not answer, but that inclined towards ahead and it took it by the chin,
causing that turned the face towards he.
-- you have had left to patch a trocito of comida... -- it murmured just putting the
hand to him in cheek --, here.
It passed the thumb to him through the inferior lip, and Wynn thought that it
would separate the hand, but, instead of that, it continued happening to him
thumb arrives down and by the labios. It was most sensual than the young
person had experimentado in the its life, more sensual than most ardent of the
kisses of Andy. Without being able to avoid it, it half-opened the lips, and it was
lost in its deep one watched. It felt that the eyelids weighed to him and that the
breathing became to him difficult with the magic of that caress.
-- You like? -- he with hoarse voice inquired and vista fixes to its lips.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Wynn grasped the hand to him and dealed with to separate it, but McCabe took
hers to the mouth and it kissed the palm to him with tenderness while it watched
it at the eyes.
"God mine, this cannot be happening...", horrified Wynn was said.
Nevertheless, it was happening, and suddenly one was observing the lips of
McCabe with a desire that burnt it by inside.
-- Ahead --la urged he in a whisper tempter --,vamos Wynn.
It was in fact inclining towards ahead, hypnotized, to shorten the little
centimeters that separated them, when it was heard that the door of the
bathroom was opened, and gave respingo, returning to seat well.
Andy appeared after seconds, pale and with furious expression. It retook its
seat, and sirvi another glass of water.
-- you feel better? McCabe asked to him sincerely.
Andy sent a killer glance to him. --No thanks to you.
-- Tienes to understand it, Andy, reporters we tend to take the work to house
said McCabe to him --. It is quite difficult not to do it, not involucrarse. And I
believe that you would have to go acostumbrndote, because there will be
moments at which Wynn needs contarte things that it has had to be present at,
for quitrselas of the head, to be able to follow cord.
Andy watched it without including/understanding.
-- Wynn and I am understood very well without your aid, McCabe, thanks him
espet with harshness --. She knows that I am arranged to listen to it siempre
that she needs it.
-- Of course -- the young person took part making in front common with its
fiance', but having to hide under the table its still temblorosas hands.
Andy was turned towards her when oir to speak it, and their eyes descended
like attracted by a magnet towards the labios from young person, slightly
swollen and with carmn run, as if there were it kissed apasionadamente. Andy
reddened of pure fury and resopl.
Wynn, when occurring account of which it happened, a hand took to the mouth.
-- Andy is not what you are thought it hurried to say to him.
-- Oh, insurance that not -- mascull his fiance', rising abruptly and almost
dropping silla --,By love of God, it only has been here a day!
--Es that I am very fast working -- McCabe with a malevolent smile --, took part
and Wynn is a true one preciosidad, so, how haberme could resisted? Mainly
when it responds with tanto... ardor.
Andy seemed to be swelling itself like globe, and its face every time was redder.
It observed Wynn with such scorn and such hatred, that if had been able to
thunder against it with the glance it would have done it. it turned sobre the
heels, and it left the house giving portazo. Hardly a minute later the roar of the
motor of its car flooded the night.
-- You are... ... For which devils you have fact that? -- it accused indignant Wynn
--. Why you have said that lie to him?
--No was a lie responded he to him calmadamente, igniting a cigarette. It raised
the Vista and it watched it at the eyes -- . You would have left kissed to you if he
had not left the bathroom.
It removed itself uncomfortable in her seat.
-- It is well -- it admitted --. Probably habra done. Long ago that we know
ourselves, and I have as much curiosity towards you in that sense as you seem

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

to have it towards me, but I am it jeopardize with Andy, and in addition, what
means a kiss, McCabe nowadays?
-- Depende on those who is the people implicadas -- it responded quedamente,
scrutinizing his ignited face --. If kiss was between you and I, would be mucho
more than a simple rubbing of lips.
Wynn sonroj still more and lowered the Vista to its empty wine glass.
-- Now the tantrum will last three to him days... if it is that it returns to speak to
me and it does not break our commitment.
-- He would be the best thing for you.
--No I want to finish being an old one solterona -- it responded to him angry
watching it --. It can that that class of life be well for people like my aunt Katy
Maude, but not for me. I do not like to be single, nor to live single!
--No you live single remembered he to him --, now same I am living with you.
--No in the sense to which I talk about.
-- Good, still not -- it agreed in crptico tone.
Wynn frunci entrecejo, but refused to try to include/understand to him.
-- Voy to wash plates said to him putting itself of foot.
-- you are fleeing from me, Wynn? him McCabe studying it --. asked I am not
going to vanish in the air, and the problem either.
--Me it gives equal, I will ignore to you to both -- it responded beginning to pile
up plates for llevrselos to the kitchen.
Nevertheless, when it went to extend hand towards the plate of McCabe, he
took hold it by the waist and it rotated it, pressing its lips against columna
vertebral of the young person.
Wynn was put rigid before the unexpected one contact, and the other hand of
McCabe slid on its stomach, attracting it more towards himself, to the time that
their lips ascendan from the lumbar zone to space between the omplatos.
The hand on its stomach began a to draw crculos slowly. Wynn took hold it with
hers, trying to stop that maddening caress, but their dedos were entertained
without she it could avoid it in the dispersed curly hair that covered the obverse
with that enormous hand.
Suddenly, without previous warning, McCabe she loosen, and it separated from
him like a cat to which there are arrojado to him a bucket of boiling water, with
the awares been on like those of one lechuza.
-- You are very innocent -- McCabe murmured observando how the hands
shook to him while terminaba to pile up plates, treating to pretend that it had not
happened anything --. It is that Andy not you it has never besado, nor it has
touched to you?
Wynn raised the plate battery hoping not to dejar to fall it.
--No I have why hablarte of my life prevailed it answered --. coldly to him It is
not subject yours.
-- Wynn --la called he when it went towards the kitchen.
It stopped and she became towards him.
-- What you want?
-- you have imagined for a moment how it would be... it asked to him
quedamente -- if it kissed to you thus throughout?
The plates staggered dangerously between the hands of Wynn, that was put
rigid, it watched furibunda, occurred return and entered the kitchen giving a kick
the fold door.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Its time was taken to wash plates, feeling that the cosquilleo that had invaded it
when McCabe began a to kiss it refused to dissipate. Why it did that to him?
Why it was playing that way with her? And why it had taken it with Andy?
When it finished mopping, it dried plates and placed them in the cupboard. It
had to manage to control aquella situation before him outside the hands, tena
that to leave clear a him McCabe that would not tolerate nor one single one
more of its shameless hints. Adems, what assumed that it wanted of her?,
romance before returning a Central America? A diversion for the time that was
convalescent? Because of course what knew very clearly it was that McCabe
was not of the class of men who married. He mismo had said years to it back,
and it could not to conformar itself with a lover, by ardent who was. It wanted a
marriage, husband, children...
Arranged to the battle, and repeating itself that it had to be signs, it entered the
dining room, but McCabe no it was there. It showed the head by the door of sa-
ln, and it found it in armchair, in arms of Morfeo. The calm thing was peculiar
that seemed when it was slept, with the characteristics of its face completely
relaxed and the lips slightly half-opened. It could not refuse that he was
handsome, said Wynn. It on the inside shook just by to watch it. It had always
pasado to him, but that reaction also had irritated it always. It had never dealt it
with amiability, nor had been comprehensive with its ambitions and desires, so,
why it would have to feel attracted by him?
-- you are dealing with aprenderte my face of memoria? -- McCabe inquired,
half-opening the eyes.
You were not slept! --lo accused Wynn azorada so that it had pillado it
watching it.
--No, was resting the Vista. If no doliera me as much the leg would leave you
you seated in my lap -- it added with a smile shameless.
It occurred the return.
-- McCabe, we must speak.
-- He is well -- he said, putting itself serious --, sintate.
Wynn in front of occupied the sofa the armchair, like that morning.
-- You like? -- McCabe inquired after awhile.
-- what? -- it responded blinking.
--El work that beams in the newspaper.
The face of Wynn was illuminated with one smile.
-- Oh, yes, enchants to me. It is not like one of those boring works of office.
Exciting and it is variado, and I believe that that I do, sometimes is of utility for
other people.
McCabe agreed with the head.
--Y is learned very many -- it continued Wynn --: on people, the life, others
profesiones... And the official notices of press that arrives to us is very
interesting. We cannot publish them all because we do not have space, but to
me it enchants to me to read them. The same the news arrive from sports, that
of medicine, and of course on policy, descubrimientos scientists... it is almost
like working in a biblioteca.
-- and also you learn much on how the governments and the organs of the State
funcionan -- he added.
-- Certain. God, I believe that the policy it would be the last profession of the
world to which it would dedicate to me said to him --. So much controversy...

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

even in the most insignificant decisions... If you say truth you can causar a pile
to him of problems to much people, but if not it you also say put with you.
-- They are the gajes of the office -- he said smiling --. All the works have them.
-- Yes. I suppose yes that -- it responded, letting save a sigh --. In short, I also
suppose that in all the works, no matter how much you make an effort, alguna
time you put the leg. And nobody remembers cosas good, only of the errors.
McCabe watched it very serious.
-- Still you have not removed from the head that accidente this morning is not
truth? -- it guessed --. Why?
It shrank of shoulders.
In one of the vehicles it traveled boy... of two years. It died.
-- Who more?
--El father also -- Wynn --, responded and madre is in comma. God, imagnate
what fright if it gets to awake and they must say to him that there is lost to its
husband and his son... I would not want to continue living. No, I do not believe
that it wanted to continue living -- repeated, ing ***reflx mng itself with sadness
--, and you know how happened? The conductor of the second vehicle had
haste to arrive at Atlanta, because it had a business meeting -- the eyes they
filled to him of tears --. It did not want to arrive late, so in a curve it was above
accelerator to advance, and was hit other vehicle, killing a front that man and to
that chiquillo.
McCabe let save a heavy sigh.
-- Wynn, you cannot judge those things. And no puedes permitirte implicarte as
much in those things. If it beams, you will finish hundindote in a depression.
-- Quieres to say that I have to harden to me?, that I must obtain that it does not
affect to me when I see that somebody it is suffering?
It wagged the head.
--Lo that I mean is that you have to learn to make your work of reporter without
involucrarte in the news that you cover. The death is part of the life, Wynn.
Unfortunately I have had to be present at muchas deaths years, lives in the last
destroyed of ways that you cannot nor imagine. But puedes not to cry by each
one of which they die, because you would never let cry. You must learn to cam -
biar perspective whereupon you see the things now.
- How?
-- Living the day to day without acordarte in what happened two hours, or two
days, or two months ago... -- McCabe responded --. You must
include/understand that you cannot avoid that the people continue dying, and
who you cannot go by the life in a state permanente of duel. You must inform of
the things that you see, because that one is your mission, and if you are not
able of to support it... you would do better in leaving it.
The green eyes of Wynn scrutinized face of McCabe.
-- and you? You bear it well, even after all what you have seen?
McCabe outlined one slight smile.
-- More or less.
It remained shut up observing it. -- Why, McCabe? -- it inquired smoothly after a
rare one.
-- Why I continue working like correspondent? -- it responded. One shrank of
shoulders --. Somebody has to do it. In addition, it would hate to see a family
man occupy my place. To me nobody it would throw to me in lack if it died.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- you do not say that -- it murmured, separating mirada the --. What class of life
is that one? There are convencido to same you of which you must be an island,
that ests better without love and affection, any type of bonds with the others.
-- Vamos, Wynn, I know to take care of very well of me mismo -- it replaced bad
feeling to see it sad --. And in addition, I am not it forces suicide on.
It raised the Vista towards him.
-- Yes, already one sees that you know to take care of very well of same you...
Sight in what state you have returned!
McCabe was ed ***reflx mng smoothly. -- Good, I have had a small slide.
Everybody has them once in a while.
-- Only that to you almost costs the life to you.
It returned to sigh, and recost in armchair.
-- It is certain what Andy said? Of truth you escucha when you need it?
Wynn sonroj and avoided its intense one watched.
-- I have never tried to speak with him of those cosas.
-- Already I see -- it murmured, as if there was imaginado which was going to be
its answer --. With whom you speak then of them? Ed is a good man, but siem -
pre walks occupied too much, and I do not believe that your aunt Katy Maude is
not the suitable person either. Ahoga in a water glass.
Wynn watched it uncomfortable.
--No makes as much lack speak to me of it -- farfull --. I take it well.
McCabe half-closed the eyes and frunci lips.
-- Nor you yourself you are created that, Wynn, and truth, worries me that a day
all that tension that you are acumulando arrives at limit.
-- you underestimate to Me. I am a strong person, like he was it my father.
McCabe smiled.
--Tu father it saved pellejo a pair to me of times -- it remembered --. Yes, and it
removed to me from a few arduous situations. only that I feel it is not to have
been able to do I by him the same... that time.
Wynn lowered the Vista.
-- It had much esteem to you -- he murmured.
-- mutual Era. For that reason, although it did not understand why it wanted to
trust something to me so important, I accepted when it requested to me that
outside your executor, who guarded by your interests. Although I believe that I
begin to comprender why it did it.
-- If that is a hint on Andy, I can asegurarte that you are being mistaken through
said young person to him --. It has a work with which it gains mucho. I do not
believe that it interests to him in my money.
-- Certain, you do not interest to him in your money, but tan-poco seems that I
interest too much to him like mujer... or at least not it sees him too enthusiastic.
During the supper it did not do more than to watch it, and each time
included/understood less what you have seen in him. What you do exactly when
you leave that way?
Wynn watched it agape.
-- Andy and I took him very well he said -. We go to the cinema, we like the
same type of books, and the chess...
-- With that description it seems that you were hablando of a brother, not of the
man with whom you are going to marry --la it interrupted --, Wide-awake desire
in you?
-- That is not subject...

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Because to me yes that you wish me -- it continued he without listening to it,

seeing it sonrojar itself --. And I wish you to you.
The heart of Wynn began to bark like a crazy person, and made an effort to
maintain the calm, the hands apretadas to the sides with as much force that the
knuckles put targets to him.
-- McCabe, listens... If you think that...
But it tipped the head and he watched it with an arrogant smile.
-- If something has saved to you, it is that there is state was all this time.
She, red like a poppy, preferred to think that she was not meaning what she
was saying to him.
-- it has been a very long day. I go away a to sleep. You can acostarte in the
quarter of guests. It is...
--La first by hand left door to to enter by the corridor -- it finished. It was gotten
up with dificultad, and one pain expression crossed by its face --. I was looking
around a little when it brought to me Ed.
-- I do not know why it does not surprise to me -- it mumbled --. And speaking of
Ed, when you begin to trabajar in the Courier, since he does not say anything to
-- Tomorrow morning -- he said smiling before its irritated expression --. You
could take to me in your coche... if it is not annoyance.
-- For me no, but for you yes it could to be it. Me coche is quite small.
--Oh, you do not worry, surely that I will fit, although it must bend a little to me.
After all it is a short passage. Good night, Wynn.
-- Good night.
McCabe saw it move away by the corridor, and in its labios a smile was drawn
Chapter 4
THAT night, Wynn took much in dormir itself. It did not do more than to
remember the tact of the lips of McCabe on its back, until the skin to him was
put so sensible, that it could not hold it. It gave returns and returned in the bed,
until finally the dream overcame it, and to the morning siguiente rose tired and
null and voidable.
A shower occurred, it got dressed and it lowered stairs. McCabe was already in
the kitchen, dress with a dark gray suit and necktie, putting the coffee. When
Wynn entered, it became towards her and it was ed ***reflx mng amused when
seeing the expression of surprise in its face.
-- Good, by the jungle I can go in cattle tenders, but if I am going to replace to
Edward during a month to the front of the Courier, I must give an authority
-- Already I see -- it murmured --. It leaves, already I will do I that. You sintate.
-- I am very to be seated -- it sighed Gotten upset McCabe --. I yesterday spent
all the seated day. Hatred to have to be quiet!
-- Calm, replacing to Ed from soon you will not become bored said Wynn to him
with a smile while it put a pair of slices in toaster --. You want scrambled
eggses?, or bacon?
McCabe wagged the head.
--No, thanks, to these hours in the morning never I am much hungry.
When the toasted ones jumped, the young person he put them in two plates, he
removed the margarina and he served the coffee.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Oh, by the way, Andy has called him McCabe said while it greased his slice of
Wynn raised the Vista towards him.
-- When?
-- On the seven.
She consulted her wristwatch.
-- Hace one hour? And why not me despertaste?
-- Good, I asked to him Andy if it wanted that the telephone pasase to you --
murmured he.
To Wynn account took a moment to occur to him of the implications of that, and
immediately it was put red like a poppy.
-- you will not speak in serious? -- it almost shouted to him, ponindose of foot
--. McCabe!, you will not have said "that to him" really?!
-- I am afraid that yes -- he answered very calm, taking I suck of coffee --. Is
enough suspicaz, no? -- it said chasqueando language --. At the moment it drew
the hasty conclusion that you were in the bed with me.
Wynn threw the napkin on the table.
It already is! I do not hold more! You marches of here today same! It does
not matter to me if you must sleep underneath bridge. How you dare to
entrometerte in my life of that way? I will marry with who it pleases to me!
McCabe was put of foot with the aid of his cane, and was towards her.
--No with Andy -- mascull.
-- Voy to marry to me with him and you will not be able to prevent it to me --
Wynn repeated, giving an one step back --. You do maletas, McCabe Foxe.
-- I do not think to go to me.
-- Because I will call to the police --lo threatened she outside himself, backing
down again, and ending espalda against wall and with McCabe cornering it.
-- Truely? And what you will say to them?
She opened the mouth to answer, but she did not have a furious answer, and
--Lo I feel, Wynn said he to him, leaving to save a guffaw --, I am afraid that you
cannot librarte of me. It deals with tomrtelo with humor. I do not believe that he
is so bad to have to hold during a month.
-- Bad? -- it moaned desperate --. No he is bad, is worse. You will end up
ruining my life.
McCabe wagged the head.
--No, I am going to ayudarte to save what still you have in front of her. Andy is
not for you, Wynn. You it will make unfortunate.
--No is subject yours. It is my life.
McCabe watched it at the eyes and separated tuft of its face in a strangely
tender gesture.
--No I will allow that it remains with you.
-- But, it is that it do not give account you? That is something that you cannot
decide by me, and cannot say to me what I must do. No longer I am sixteen
years old!
-- I have never said to you what you had to do -- it aimed opposed.
Their fingers caressed the cheek of Wynn and they descendieron by the line of
the jaw without letting watch it to the eyes, and they continued lowering until
settling under the neck of the cotton t-shirt, following the outline of the letters in
relief, just on its sines. Wynn took air and separated its hand.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- a day you will not stop to me whispered to him McCabe --. In fact, you
yourself you will rise the t-shirt so that tocarte can.
Wynn crouched and escabull underneath of brazo of McCabe, moving away of
him with the legs shaking to him, as if they had taken in gelatin.
--No you will live him as much espet.
McCabe was limited to smile.
They arrived at the office to eight and average, and McCabe went directly to the
office of Ed, and it seated after enormous writing-desk.
-- Pdeles to all the employees who come, you want? it said to him to Wynn.
-- Kelly is not. This morning had to go to primera hour to make an interview to
the councilman of educacin.
-- Good, then flame to the others.
-- At your service, publishing Sir -- it mumbled she, going to warn them.
When Judy, Jess and Wynn arrived at office, McCabe was throwing a look to
him to the edition of the week previous, but as soon as it saw enter, it left them
the newspaper to a side and allowed that the young person made the
--No you create nothing of which Wynn tells you of me -- --, Ed said to them with
a smile found out that durante a month went a to be of low like correspondent of
the agency of the news for which work, so it decided that it was a little while
wonderful to go away of vacations and to endorse to me the direction to me of
the peridico. So the plan is the following one: you continue making your work, I
will try to do the one of Ed, and when return we will lie to him saying to him that
he has been all catastrophic one, and that newspaper is not nothing without
him. In agreement?
Judy and Jess were ed ***reflx mng, agreed and they returned to his positions,
but Wynn had remained of foot pensando there in torment that would be to have
to McCabe by head a whole month.
-- Good, you do not have anything to do? -- he with a malicious smile inquired,
giving back it to realidad --, Or you would prefer to go to close the door and to
leave does the love to you on the table? it whispered rising to him and inclining
towards her over the writing-desk.
Wynn watched it furious, but it could not to avoid to sonrojar itself, and McCabe
still raised to the head with that sonrisilla malevolent in its lips.
-- It is a very interesting way of to do it... upon a table it said to him.
Wynn left giving portazo and a went away its site of a humor of dogs.
At the end of the day, Wynn was made dust, and wishing to arrive at house to
occur a good bath and to relax... if it is that to relax it was possible with McCabe
under the same ceiling that she.
Just when it was gathering its things it sounded the telephone.
-- Courier de Redvale, dgame -- it answered with cansina voice.
-- Wynona? -- the voice of Andy responded to another side of the line, its tone
was apparently conciliador --. Me it asked... it asked to me if it would desire to
you to leave to have supper tonight with me. I behaved yesterday as an idiot
and I would like that we spoke it.
The face of Wynn was illuminated.
-- it would enchant to Me -- it responded --. And you it said what McCabe said to
you, I assure to you that I have slept in my room and he in the one of guests. It
only wants hacerte to rage. It did not say to me that you had called up to one
hour later -- it added.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- It is well, since there am saying to you, I suppose that I let myself take by the
jealousy -- answered embarrassed Andy --. It is that it removes to me from my
"you are not the unique one to that it happens to him", Wynn said.
-- At what time you will happen to gather to me?
-- On seven and the average one. We will go a Columbus, and after having
supper I will take you to a play that finishes of to release.
-- it seems to Me pan wonderful -- it with a smile --. responded Good, then it will
be better than it leaves you. I want to clean up a little and to change before you
arrive at by me. So long.
It hung the telephone, put the purse in brigand, and went to the office of Ed.
now occupied by McCabe.
-- If you want that it takes to you of return in the car, dates haste said --, to him
because I have been with Andy.
A desaprobadora expression crossed by face of McCabe, but she ignored it
When they arrived at the house, Wynn occurred a fast shower and put trousers
color bone and top white openwork. A sophisticated one was done gathered, a
slight touch of maquillaje was applied, and it lowered the escaleras.
When entering the hall it saw that McCabe it had installed comfortably in the
sofa, and that was haciendo annotations in a notebook for his prxima novel.
Enrolladas had the sleeves of the shirt and the opened neck, which gave to an
air sexy very him, and something dangerous, but Wynn was not dispuesta to let
itself subjugate that night by its masculinidad. It was beginning to worry the em-
briagada thing seriously to him that every time felt that it was in misma room
that... mainly when not llevaba there more than a pair of days.
In order to be able to take off the eyes of him without that much noticed, opened
to him the purse and pretended to be comprobando if it took everything. When it
raised the Vista, one was whereupon McCabe had left to write and it was
watching it fixedly.
-- How arose your relation with Andy? him pregunt suddenly.
He juguete with the closing of the purse and it consulted its wristwatch.
-- we know ourselves all the life, and his Marilee sister is my better friend
responded encogindose to him of shoulders --. When I began to work in the
Courier I made an article on the factory of textiles of its father, and we began to
leave. A day gave a ring me of commitment, and I put it. I suppose that
simply it happened. I do not know, we have things in common, we took well...
-- But you do not feel desire by him --la cut McCabe.
Wynn did not deign to respond to him, but McCabe watched it at the eyes very
-- and it does not seem to you that it will be a marriage very empty?
-- Hay more important things that desire -- replic she.
McCabe wagged the head.
-- To another dog with that bone. Desire in matrimonio he is something equal of
important that the respect or the understanding it stressed --. to him So that a
relation between two people materializes, it must have a minimum of attraction
-- it added maintaining glance to him --. They see here.
Wynn vacillated a moment, but when he it tended the hand to him, went
towards her like a robot, dndole hers. The fingers of McCabe were closed on
his, and threw smoothly of her, doing it sentarse to its side in the sofa. It loosen

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

the notebook and, without importar to him that one had fallen to the ground
when moving, began to undo the shirt while it watched it at the eyes. It took one
from the hands of the young person, put sobre its naked chest, and began to
move arrives down it and.
-- McCabe... -- it murmured uncomfortable, trying to loosen.
Nevertheless, its protest only obtained that he apretara its hand still more
against its chest.
-- you have never caressed to Andy of this way? -- it asked to him quedamente.
--No -- --, admitted she but it is not subject yours. You want to loosen the hand
to me?
-- and why you have not done this never with he? -- McCabe insisted, ignoring
its request.
It remained watching it.
-- Then because... -- it sighed of pure exasperacin --. Because I have never
wanted to do it,for that reason!
-- and it, has caressed you he the chest?
It felt that the cheeks burned to him.
-- Escucha, already is almost seven and the average one. Andy will appear at
any time...
McCabe studied with a critical glance recogido that had become.
--Si you were leaving with me, would do that llevaras the loose hair. I do not like
as there are you puesto.
--Me it gives just as you do not like. It does not have why gustarte -- mascull
The tact of its thorax had it terribly disturbed, but... he was so pleasant...
The eyes of McCabe descended until light top that took, and seemed to darken
-- you have not put support -- it observed --. Why?
Wynn was still put redder.
McCabe Foxe! it shouted to him furious, throwing of its hand and managing
to release it, to the time that was put of foot --. How you dare a...?
-- has requested You he who you you do not put it? -- inquiri he raising Vista --.
In order to be able acariciarte mejor...?
It is already enough! she ordered to him, crossing the brazos on the chest.
-- Ponte a support, or by God that I will do it I by you --la threatened
straightening up in seat --. I am not going to allow that you leave thus with him.
-- I am an adult woman him espet she acalorada --. I can get dressed as it
McCabe lowered the legs of the sofa and did gesture to rise. It was enough with
that so that the young person corriera to its dormitory and it closed with latch
the door behind himself. It cursed and it mumbled things ininteligibles between
teeth during at least ten minutes, but finished putting a support.
McCabe again was knocked down in sofa when it returned to enter the hall, and
had retaken his apuntes in notebook, but raised the glance when apareci and
threw a good look to him a its chest.
-- Thus he is better -- it said outlining one arrogant smile --. It does not have
sense to touch to a man beyond his limits.
-- Andy and I am it jeopardize,by love of God! she remembered to him.
McCabe very watched it at the eyes of a way intenso.
-- Comprometidos is not just like married, Wynn. I want to be first.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

The young person, stunned as she were, took moment in

including/understanding what meant to him, but when it did it, was put red until
the ears and it remained without habla.
-- and I will be it said McCabe very surely to him of itself --. So perhaps the best
thing would be than you were thinking about giving back to him the ring to Andy.
Of all the presumptuous men of world you are the worse one! -- mascull
furious young person --. You do not have right a inmiscuirte in my life and to try
to put it legs above!
A malicious smile was drawn slowly in the lips of McCabe.
-- Because I am afraid that that is indeed that I am doing -- murmured --. It is
more, you yourself acabars letting to me do without quejarte. Before it
marches to me again Redvale, you will be mine, from those embrujadores
green eyes, until the end of your pequeos feet. I will do mine to you of ways
that never you have imagined.
-- Sigue dreaming, McCabe said she to him in a frozen tone --. I want to Andy.
-- Yes, as to a brother he said to him frunciendo lips --. But to who you wish it is
to me.
-- very you are shut up said Andy to him when they estaban seated in the
restaurant of Columbus in which it had reserved table.
Wynn raised the Vista with air of culpability.
-- Truely? I feel it, I have not occurred it counts. It is that it has been a very long
day and I am something tired.
-- It is by McCabe, is not certain? -- mascull Andy, watching irritated it --. When
I arrived at recogerte watched to me like if outside your owner and gentleman,
and you not even said good bye to him.
-- Good, if you want to know it, before to arrive you we finished having a
discussion -- Wynn lay.
Andy sighed.
-- God, and why you do not say to him that march?, that looks for another site?
truth a said to him swallowing aquella averages.
-- Because already I have tried it and a refuses to go away.
-- That we will see it -- Andy in a tone said amenazador, straightening up in the
Until with a wounded leg McCabe it would do papilla, and Wynn knew it.
-- it will not be here more than a month, Andy. it is what we must think said to
him putting a hand on the one of his promised to tranquilize it.
--A he is enough a day to him to create problems -- farfull he --. It goes behind
you, Wynn.
She did not know if McCabe only were playing with her or she went in serious,
but she preferred not to think about siquiera it. It would be so... stranger.
-- Oh! we go, Andy. He is only an old one friend of the family and the executor
who named my father, nothing else.
-- You are too innocent, Wynn -- gru he --. You do not know that man like I. If
low guardia, will finish arrollndote, like a train of merchandise.
It separated the glance before she could see the expression in his eyes or the
flesh color that was subindole to cheeks and threatened exposing it and letting
to him glimpse to Andy which was happened between McCabe and she before
it arrived.
--No I know what to do -- his fiance' sighed observando it --. I feel like a stranger
with you since McCabe arrived. In addition, you do not know the rare thing that

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

one sees from outside that is living with you. Before or later people are going to
begin to speak...
-- the people who know me will not think anything bad -- she answered to him.
-- That you create? I already am beginning a to have my doubts, Wynn.
She watched stampede.
How you can...?! Andy, you better than nobody you would have to know
It asked to me if it wanted that it happened to you telfono!
Wynn sonroj profusely.
It thought that already you had included/understood that estaba mintindote
for ponerte jealous! him espet --. It do not give account to you of which it is
trying it is to separate to us? And you are helping it to obtain it sacando absurd
and hasty conclusions!
Andy still seemed annoying, but a Wynn gave the impression him that their
words had managed to calmar it a little.
-- Perdona, is that I do not hold it -- mumbled Andy --. In addition, it falls to me
fatal, it is a gallito -- it added, putting the finishing nail.
Wynn desire entered to him to laugh. Yes, it was certain that he was something
arrogant, but... a gallito? It was a trmino that no it stuck nothing to him. It
finished the dessert that had requested and drank a little water.
In aim -- it concluded, wanting to give by settled the subject --, the important
thing is that it will go away as soon as is replaced.
-- Because I hope that it is soon said to him Andy --. I do not believe that it can
hold it much more.
Chapter 5
FROM return to house, Andy accompanied it until the door as usual, and it was
on the verge of giving habitual the smooth one him good kiss of noches... when
the door was opened, it appeared McCabe, and it was watching them with
desaprobador gesture.
-- What time is these to bring to Wynn a house? -- him espet to Andy roughly
--. It give account you of which she is the one and average in the morning?
What is going to think people?
Andy had remained pasmado. It watched it of landmark in landmark and it
-- But if we are... we are promised...
-- and that what has to do? -- it demanded to know Irritated McCabe --. If you
return to so late bring it of return, Sloane, you you will regret.
And before Andy could answer nothing, McCabe had dragged to Wynn inside
by the arm, and it had closed to him the door in the noses. Andy lowered the
stairs of the porch complaining against McCabe, one put in the car and one
moved away.
-- it is possible to be known where you were? him it asked the young person
with abruptness.
Wynn remained watching it agape. Of what that went all?
-- Then having supper -- it stammered --, and seeing one play.
-- and what plus?
Nothing else! -- the purse loosen on mueblecito of the lobby and became
towards him with the arms in jars --. What it matters to you to you until what
hour I leave? -- espet following it to him until hall --. And how you dare to

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

threaten my fiance'?! Not to speak so of the way crude in which you have
interrupted to us when...
-- Oh, pardons, is truth, I have left you without kiss of good night -- it with a
malvola smile --. mumbled They see here and I you will give it by Andy; it is the
menos that I can do.
You do not dare! it noticed she to him.
McCabe took hold it by the waist stops to yes attract it hacia, and although
Wynn pushed it by the chest, could not separate it, already that it was stronger
than she, and qued stuck him, with the healthy leg of McCabe between hers,
immobilizing it in a so intimate position, that it was disturbing.
-- Sultame... -- jade Wynn, struggling.
-- Still not -- it murmured, dropping bastn on the carpet, and pushing it against
respaldo of sofa --. Ah... -- it whispered bending cabeza --, always I wanted to
prove to do it thus...
Before she could ask a to him what refera, McCabe was showing it to it. It half-
opened the lips slightly before putting them on those of her, but it did not close
the eyes, but that it maintained open, observing it all along.
McCabe! -- Wynn protested, feeling atrapada, and something scared.
-- you do not have anything to fear -- it whispered against its lips --. I only want
-- McCabe. we do not have... no... -- it stammered Wynn. The hands of him
grasped those of her and did that
it put on the head, tightening his chest against the one of her, already without no
barrier, and was ed ***reflx mng when escuchar moaned of the young person.
-- Mmm... truth that this is very ertico? it whispered --. to him To make the love
on the endorsement of a sofa...
It stops! him suplic she.
-- That stops what? -- it responded rubbing his mejilla against the one of her.
Their lips slid towards the neck of young person, imprimiendo small kisses by its
smooth skin --. You smell gardenias... you are so sweet, so sensual, so
McCabe cleared its nose with the one of her, and it watched it at the eyes. To
Wynn the heart was had to him rampant, felt its sines squashed under the
weight of the chest of him. and the scent of its colony was it being annoying. It
touched vacillating the cheeks of McCabe before sinking the fingers in his blond
-- That is, affection whispered he to him --. Now reljate and leaves teaches to
you how...
The lips of McCabe were appropriated of the young person, kissing it of a so
suggestive way that Wynn thought that went a to become crazy. Without being
able to contener itself, and almost out of breath, it responded to the kiss with
autntica passion. Surprising, desire instead of going away extinguishing,
seemed to increase.
It had never experienced nothing equal. It was as if it was flying towards the
sun. Rein bent towards McCabe, giving loose to the fire that took inside, and
that was been repressing all his life.
McCabe took off its lips finally of those of her, and raised the head to watch it.
The mocking expression was had erasure of its face, being reemplazada by a
so intense glance that to Wynn the breathing was cut to him for a moment.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Andy never had kissed to you thus, is not certain. Wynn? jadeante McCabe --.
said to him It kisses you when llegar to the door and creates that with that
satisfies you. Then I do not create --la kissed again, languidly --. I would fall
down to you I took root, in the endorsement of a armchair, or in the carpet, or on
sand of a beach, and would cause that they jumped tipsy of your body. And later
you arrastrara with me to deepest of the together volcano, and arderamos.
Their lips crossed the throat of young person and alcanzaron one of the sines.
Wynn moaned. That was new for her, and, although he was incredibly pleasant,
also it scared a little. In spite of to be besando it through the clothes, the
sensation was so abrasadora, that it seemed that this one had been
disintegrated. Without realizing which it did, him it nailed the nails to McCabe in
the nape of the neck.
It raised the head, watching it with eyes brillantes, and a smile slowly drew in its
lips when seeing desire writing in the face of her.
-- You are enthusiastic, Wynn, and Andy is not it, and that is what it is eating
away to you on the inside, the one that I am able to equal your passion and he
Their words were like jarro of cold water for the young person. Their green eyes
llamearon, but not only of desire, but of wrath. He wanted to stick a slap to him,
but it took hold the hand to him before he arrived at his destiny, and one took to
the lips, kissing to him the nudillos to it.
Sultame, McCabe! it shouted to him, struggling until it managed to roll
towards a side and to separate from him.
It remained watching it furious, with hair all scrambled one, the lips swollen by
the kisses, and the cheeks dyed of flesh color.
McCabe, that had been crouched stops to gather the cane of the ground,
contracted the face a moment by the pain to to do it, but when it straightened up
was a triunfal smile in its lips.
-- it had never imagined that you were so green it said to him amused --. Not
even you knew to besar... And one assumes that you are a woman comprometi-
-- Andy respects to me -- she answered irritated.
-- I also respect to you. Qutate the clothes and you demostrar to what extent
-- it said from top to bottom watching it of a way lewd.
How you dare?! It would have darte shame...
-- the respect has a meaning different for me it said to him --: I respect too much
to you like for desearte without reserves, not only your company. A man able to
spend months jeopardizes with you without going beyond the kisses it is not no
bargain, Wynn. It is better than have known what is the passion before going
with him to the altar. God, but if you are pure dynamite...! When I kissed to you
It is enough! -- Wynn --. exploded I do not want to hear neither one more a
word, I want that you leave me calm. I go away to the bed. I will put under
sheets, me dormir and I will forget that this has happened.
-- and you are not going to give a kiss me of good nights?
Wynn was on the verge of attacking against it as it were deserved, but was too
furious, and nothing was happened to him sufficiently hiriente like so that it
made an impression on his monumental ego, thus that it sent a killer glance to
him, was turned on the heels, and it went to his dormitory closing of portazo.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

In spite of which it had said a to him McCabe, Wynn did not manage to forget so
fast the happened thing, and to dormir itself to moment, and to the following
morning, returned to rise bad-tempered and tired. If that followed thus long time,
it was said, McCabe would end her. It was put the hidden dress more than had,
took shelter the hair and, making storing of value, lowered the escaleras
arranged to face McCabe.
When it entered the dining room found it already sentado to the table, taking
coffee as if it had all along of the world.
-- Good morning --lo greeted very serious she --. How you have the leg?
-- Vivire' -- it responded, observing it with curiosidad --. Of what you have
disguised yourself?
Wynn did not deign to answer to him.
-- Acbate the coffee said to him with harshness, consultando its wristwatch --. I
have an appointment with the mayor to nine that I arranged two weeks ago so
that speaks to me of that new system of abastecimiento of water that wants that
it approves the advice municipal, and if no I arrive on time I will not be able to
obtain another interview in other two weeks.
McCabe saw that it was really irritated, and, by once, it decided to give a
breathing him. They left, and one media hour later, Wynn left it in the office of
the Courier and minutes later it was in ayuntamiento, entrevistando to mayor,
Harry Lawson, in its office.
-- Our small city is growing very deprisa -- Mr. Lawson said to him --, and right
now we are only using about seven hundred thousand liters of water to the day,
but as our industry it is increasing, that number also raises. For that reason
necesitamos a permission of State to extract more water of the river, and if we
did not increase the quota that we have actualmente and we modernized the
equipment of hidrulicas pumps and facilities for the treatment of the water
whereupon we counted, we will remain to margin while other cities of the State
continue growing.
Wynn agreed with the head.
-- In addition -- he continued the mayor --, it is not no secret that the quality of
our water is empeorando... You drink it, like all the others, and you know to
which I talk about, it is not certain? In fact, all sistema of water supply has
deteriorated much. There are it neglected during years, and now we are paying
the consequences. That one is one of the reasons for which I have requested
him bottoms to the gobernador of the State, it stops to be able to give a in-
mediata solution to the problem. But, as you include/understand, growth of the
city cannot stop, puede not to be pending of one allocation of bottoms, and that
will cost money, bottoms of the own City council.
-- and in the conditions in which it is the water... it can get to constitute a risk for
the health of the citizens?
-- Thus it is, and I would like that you published that, Wynn, because people
must know that this project is of an importance capital. It is not a whim -- it
And it began to enumerate the improvements to him that it tried to obtain.
_ After discussing thorough the details of project, Wynn went to the council of
the Service of Waters of the city, did photos of the facilities and returned to the
office of the Courier. From there it telephoned to the empresa to which the
mayor had ordered the design to him of project, so that they sent a copy to him;
and finally it called to a few citizens at random to request its opinion to them on

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

the idea of the mayor. It took to him the rest of the day to write the article, but
when it finished felt very satisfied with the made work, and one said that with
the photos and some of sketch of the engineers would be one first flat wonderful
-- I am a genius said smiling a to him McCabe when it went to his office at the
end of the day, arrojando in front of he the article and seating in the tip of the
table, to its side --. Slita I have to you saved a few grey hairs: no longer you
will have preocuparte on what it will go in cover of the edition of this week.
The eyes of McCabe happened quickly from a line to another one, from a
watched paragraph to another one under the impatient one of Wynn, and when
arriving at the last page frunci the eyebrows.
-- What happens? -- she inquired flaking. Already haba found some failure in its
work. With proud which it was...!
McCabe raised the Vista towards her.
-- the mayor is proposing to finance this with a subvention of the Government?
-- Good, a part yes -- it responded --. The other would come from the
emergency bottoms of the State of Georgia, and one regional commission.
-- That will suppose an indebtedness enough considerable for the city said to
McCabe ponindose to him of foot to open little plus the window.
-- thought Tiene to emit payable bonds with the fiscal income.
McCabe became and scrutinized the face of the young person in silence.
-- Veo that you have made the duties said to him admirado --. What you know of
the use of the water to the north of here?
-- I know that, for end of century, Atlanta and the metropolitan areas that
surround it will be extracting altogether almost trillion of liters of water per day --
respondi Wynn --. I have the information in my table if you want to see it.
McCabe outlined a smile and declined ofrecimiento with a gesture of the hand.
--No makes lack. Truely you have yourself esforzado. Good work. Wynn. And. in
agreement, it will go in the portada one with some of those photos that you have
done unless it leaves something more important.
-- I already said that it was a genius to you was ed ***reflx mng she. McCabe
extended a hand and entangled its fingers in the short hair of nape of the neck
of the young person.
-- You are much more that that -- it murmured, inclinando head towards her --.
You I will ask it again, Wynn: Surely that you do not want to prove it on the
It half-opened the lips and swallowed saliva, treating to maintain the calm, when
Judy entered.
-- I united... Mr. Foxe, a call stops you by line two he said to him to McCabe
after a light carraspeo. It outlined one sonrisilla malicious, and returned to leave.
Wynn rose right away, rubbing the nape of the neck, while McCabe spoke on
the telephone with a potencial advertiser.
-- In agreement, I will send to Wynn so that speak with you, Mack said to him to
the man who was to the other side of the line.
It crossed of arms and him sise irritated: --No is right, already has finished my
day. Dile that I will see it tomorrow.
-- Um... Mack, would matter to you that it was tomorrow? McCabe said to him to
client --. Wonderful. Well, gracias to call. So long --y hung --. You would already
have to know that our schedule is not the one of one banking branch
remembered Wynn to him.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

--Lo I know, but I am tired -- mascull she.

--La truth is that I am not either in my better form -- it agreed --. Good, it is
enough for today then.
Hardly they entered by the door of the house when it sounded the telephone. It
was McCabe that answered, in a quite tense tone, and it tended the earpiece to
him to Wynn when it entered behind him.
--Es Romeo said to him with a face of desagrado --. Please you do not occupy
the line long time, estoy waiting for one call of New York.
Wynn observed it to move away irritated. What one thought, that also it
commanded in its own house?
-- Hello, Andy -- it greeted its fiance'.
-- Hello. I hope that that presumptuous one of McCabe did not give to much the
tin you last night said he to him ---. Quera haberte called before, but me it has
been impossible.
-- Calm, it does not pass anything.
--Es that... God... how it can have somebody so prepotent? And how one dares
to threaten to me? If I did not mount it yesterday it was by not disgustarte, but I
swear to you that puetazo would have stuck him good. In serious, Wynn, you
would have to send it to the street of a kick in the trasero.
-- and why you do not come and you do it by me? -- she inquired sweetly, with
all the intention. Estaba beginning a to get tired of the swankings of Andy.
His fiance' clarified the throat.
--No I can, I have subjects that to take care of -- farfull --. It hears, we were to
have supper Friday?
-- Clear -- it responded. Lately no it had desire to see Andy, but thus it would
lose at least of Vista to McCabe hours.
-- Wonderful -- Andy --. said So long, affection.
-- So long -- it murmured, leaving again the earpiece on the base.
Ever since McCabe had arrived, his doubts respecto to their relation with Andy
increased, but that was something that no it was arranged to admit before him.
When it went to be united to him in the kitchen it found preparing sandwiches of
foot next to the top one.
-- Vaya, goes... what conversations so long tienes with your loving...
The young person resopl.
-- you did not want that it did not extend much to me? him espet irritated --. In
addition, I remember to you once again, although I doubt that you between in
that big head that you have. that my relation with Andy does not concern to you.
-- Already I believe it that it concerns to me -- talked back McCa-be --, because I
think to prevent that it follows ahead. You will not marry with him.
-- Apostamos something? she asked to him esbozando a sweet smile.
-- Why it was going to want to bet when I know which will be the result? he said
to him mocking --. It walks, see and aydame here with this.
Wynn refunfu, but went to its side, watching it of reojo while it placed lonchas
of salami, cheese, rodajas of lettuce and tomato.
-- That call that you are hoping... him pregunt vacillating --, will not be of the
agency of the news for which you work?
McCabe directed brief a cautious one to him.
-- Because yes.
It lowered the Vista very to the sandwiches serious, cortando them to half in
diagonal with a tremendous concentracin.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Wynn, I continue being in list said he to him quedamente --. I only am of loss.
-- I know It -- it responded, asking itself why she would have to matter to him
that she was thinking about risking his again life.
McCabe left to a side the knife with that estaba greasing mayonnaise, and
became to watch it.
-- I am reporter said --. to him It enchants to me that I make, and I have the luck
of which they pay to me to do it. If I am here it is only because it needed
descanso, and because I want ayudarte to clarify your ideas, but when it has
replaced to me I will return to Central America, or Oriente.medio, or to The Far
East... where quiera that the work calls to me.
Wynn escudri its face.
-- But also you write novels him it remembered --. You have obtained record of
sales with several of them.
-- and someday I will retire and I will dedicate myself only to that he said to him,
taking the face from Wynn between his hands --, because also I enjoy much
escribiendo, but still I am young, too young e anxious like taking roots. I do not
want fastenings.
--Yo also I am young -- she said --, more young that you, but my dream is to
marry to me and to form one familia, and Andy is...
The expression of McCabe became sour and his eyes relampaguearon.
-- Andy is an idiot. I love a man better for you, Wynn.
-- and what you think to do?, to put announcement to look for it? -- she inquired
mocking blinking --. By love of God, McCabe!, I am an adult woman!
-- Oh, yes, that jumps at sight... -- it talked back --. If until not even you
yesterday knew to kiss!
-- What?, also you are going to say to me that I have that darte thanks to
illuminate to me with your expanded experiencia? -- him espet --. Now that I
know, I can ensear to him to Andy. He will be very interesting!
McCabe resopl.
--No you can teach to a man to be apasionado -- it said --. to him Or you are it,
or no, he is something that cannot be learned.
-- Oh. it pardons, forgot that it was speaking with the God of sex...
McCabe inclined the head towards her and it took by the chin.
-- If not outside by your commitment with Andy, by this damn leg and some that
another irritating bastante obstacle --, whispered to him would take you to the
bed and would make disappear one after another all those repressions that they
have to you restricted.
The cheeks of Wynn were dyed of flesh color.
-- It can that to you satisfies one you puramente physical relation, McCabe, but
are not what I want.
-- Between us it would not be only sex, and you know it very well -- it talked
back --. If we shared something so intimate, it would never be sufficient.
That was indeed what she it feared, aunque never would admit it.
-- one assumes that like friend of my father and its executor, you would have to
be guarding by my interests remembered to him trembly --, not trying to seduce
to me.
--Oh, and I am doing it assured he to him, inclinando the head a little more --.
And as soon as averige what is exactly what it agrees to you, you I will say it,
but now bsame, Wynn.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

She tried to protest, but as soon as she opened the mouth to speak, the lips of
McCabe covered his. The myriad of delicious sensations that haba discovered
the previous night returned a to invade it, and shook when McCabe attracted it
towards himself, tightening it against its body.
The hands of McCabe left the face of they joven it when seeing that it did not
fight against him, and descended to his hips, throwing of them towards hers.
it moaned and it tried to separate, but he it it held with firmeza.
-- Not you revuelvas thus -- McCabe whispered against its lips --. You will do
damage to me in the leg.
-- Sultame, please... she requested to him --. Nondeberamos to do this...
-- Imagino that Andy has not embraced to you either this way -- it said sensually
kissing it.
Protest moaning left throat of Wynn. but it was silenced when the thumbs of
McCabe began a to draw up circles in its hips, and they descendieron towards
its belly, causing to him exquisite convulsiones.
The lips of McCabe were taken off moment of those of her to cover its neck with
humid besos, and the young person jade extasiada.
McCabe raised the head to watch it.
-- What waste... -- it murmured with voice it snores --. Andy never will obtain
satisfacerte, nor in a million years.
-- and you yes could? she asked to him temblorosa, trying to sound sarcastic
without obtaining it.
-- it would try it At least whispered he to him. Their hands raised still more until
the waist of the young person, tightening it against yes --. So you are
disinhibited, Wynn, so suave... so fogosa... Beams that me the knees shake.
It caused the same sensation in her, but jams would have confessed it. It
watched it at the eyes, dejando that its hands their hips would masajearan
-- Tengo the impression to be being catched in a network, and that is something
that I do not like -- murmur McCabe distradamente.
-- I did not request to you that you came -- stammered she.
-- I know It, but it needed... it needed something said McCabe to him. Their
hands raised until the body of the dress, caressing the flanks of young person
--, then aunque did not know what was.
-- and now yes you know it? it asked to him she out of breath.
-- Creo that needed to know that a somebody would matter to him if it died
responded to him, sorprendindola --. Ed said to me that not even you wanted
to see the section of the international news in telediarios.
Wynn swallowed saliva.
-- It is that... I do not like the news internacionales -- it stammered.
-- To another dog with that bone it said to him he, rindose smoothly ---. You
feared for my life, Wynn?
It lowered the Vista to the shirt of him.
-- Just as it would worry me about whatever it was in a place where there is a
armed conflict -- it lay.
The hands of McCabe were contracted smoothly around its waist.
-- By anyone?
-- Good, perhaps more by you, but only because we know ourselves from long
ago... -- it mumbled, without daring a to watch it to the eyes.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- You would have meterte in policy said to him he enarcando an eyebrow --.
That of eludir the problems occurs you really well.
--No I am eluding the problem -- it talked back she, pushing it by the chest in an
attempt by apartarlo --. Oh, McCabe, leave to confuse to me!
-- Then it lets ignore what is arising between us -- it murmured inclining head --.
It lets use to Andy like shield.
She raised the face to say to him that very she was mistaken, but before she
could pronounce a word, she sounded the telephone.
McCabe loosen it reluctantly, and went a contestarlo, moment that Wynn took
advantage of to escape to its dormitory. After to close the door, leaned against
her, with the heart barking to him like a crazy person. McCabe was putting all its
world legs above, and it did not know what could do in order to stop it.
Chapter 6
WYNN, calmer after minutos, it left his room and it returned to the kitchen,
determined not to watch a at least McCabe, but when it entered seemed to him
that it had a strange expresin, as if the telephone call had left it worried.
-- it has happened something bad? it asked to him tomando seat in front of him.
--No -- it responded watching it with the frown fruncido --, it was simply a call of
the agency, to know how he went, and I have said to them that I am recovering
to me.
Wynn took a sandwich, and was going to begin a to eat when it saw that
McCabe had contracted the face.
-- it hurts the leg to You? it asked to him --, You are cambindote the bandage
and cleaning the points as the doctor said to you?
--, Yes clear that yes. You do not worry, I suppose that it is normal that bothers
to me.
It agreed with the head, and McCabe she changed of subject. That dinner time
would become patrn of coexistence among them throughout semana. In its
conversations, neither abordaba delicate subjects, and Wynn on the other hand
did not return a to say nothing about that a motel looked for porque had given
account of that hurt the wound to him although it made an effort much to hide it.
Sometimes one spent hours with the leg in stop in the sofa, as if it feared the
lacerante pain that knew notary's office when treating to rise. Wynn felt that it
was softening, but said that if it worried about him was solely because he was
an old friend. If quera to return a to put in danger its life when hubiera spare
part, was problem his.
And there was another aspect in which the things a little were tranquilizaron: it
seemed that McCabe had decidido to give truce a Wynn, and not to interfere
more in its relacin. Nevertheless, it was not safe of which it was his intention
with that new attitude, and preguntaba if that truce would not be only something
temporary. He was a so unforseeable man.... and from that enthusiastic kiss
that had shared, was put more nervous, if it is that that was possible, when
having to be in misma room that he.
Andy, on the other hand, also seemed to relax a little before that change,
although continued being irritated each time that she mentioned to McCabe.
Friday, since they had decided, after the been busy week, Andy took it to have
supper. Sorprendentemente, when one appeared in his house to gather it,
McCabe did not do any to him offensive commentary, but that was limited to
greet it with one slight inclinacin of head, although Wynn did not get rid of mi-
rada of dispproval.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Good, one has erased to him at least of face that prepotent smile commented
Andy to him during supper --. It put to me nervous. Perhaps to the aim it is
accepting to me, who knows?
Wynn doubted much to it, but it contained his language.
-- it will not have returned to insinursete, truth? his fiance' asked to him.
It almost spilled her wine glass.
Of course that no! it said to him with one angry glance, hating itself to itself
to lie to him of that manera.
Andy frunci the frown.
Good, you do not have why ponerte either thus with me! -- it exclaimed --. I
have not done you anything.
Wynn inspired, treating about to tranquilize itself. Their discusiones always
finished of that way: she sintiendo itself like a leech to shout to him and to get
angry with him, and Andy putting itself to defensive, hurt. If by once it reacted as
if it had blood in veins instead of horchata..., it sighed for its adentros.
Then an image of McCabe it crossed by his mind: the way in which the
endorsement had pushed it contra of sofa, how it had held it, how it had enjoyed
when she had treated to get away. Yes, there was no doubt that it had enjoyed
the fact that she it presented/displayed fight. It had seen it in its eyes, and also
that it liked that she was a woman with spirit. Andy, however, would have been
scared if it were had turned around against him.
-- Quieres to take something of dessert? him Andy asked, smiling as if nothing
had happened.
In short, Wynn was said, that was something good that tena, almost never
lasted much the annoyances to him. Nevertheless, reconciliation could so have
been dulce... if it had been like McCabe, clear. Inmediatamente got upset with
same himself by that involuntary thought and, to bleed that pecadillo, extended
the hand and narrowed the one of Andy.
-- Siento to me to have put thus -- it said to him suavemente.
-- Um, yes, good, calm... I suppose that puedes not to avoid it -- it responded,
tightening also the hand to him --. You it would please that we went to see a
Wynn did not have too many desire, but it smiled and it agreed with the head.
So when leaving the restaurant they went to cinema, and saw a bloody film and
violenta because Andy emperr.
-- Why you like this class of films? she in the car asked to him, when she took it
to house --. They are horrible.
-- I do not know -- he answered, shrinking of hombros --. I suppose that
because is exciting. To you you do not like strong emotions? It thought that that
one was the reason by which you liked to be reporter -- it added with all the
-- That if I like the disagreeable part and morbosa of my work? No, of course
that did not say she heatedly to him --. The violence and the blood to me put ill.
-- Then, why you dedicate yourself to journalism? Wynn let save a sigh.
-- Djalo -- it murmured --, you would not understand it nor in a million years.
He watched it irritated.
-- you always say that to me, as if outside idiot. Then no, the truth is that I do
not understand why querra a woman to do that job class. It used to pensar that
you had decided to follow the passages of McCabe because you were
encaprichada with him, but...

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Wynn blushed and it watched it gotten upset.

I never have been encaprichada with McCabe!
-- Then he is not that what my says sister... -- insisti he half-closing the eyes --.
It told that you pasabas me day watching it, and that you resorted to any excuse
for pasearte above and down in front of its house when it was in the garden.
What it was claiming was certain, but it had been only a enamoramiento of
adolescent, and never hubiera hoped that Marilee, its better friend, had been
able to tell that to Andy.
-- chiquilla was Only one -- it said in his defense.
-- But now no longer you are it -- it talked back --. And McCabe watches to you
of a way... peculiar -- it added escrutando its face --. No you paid attention
before to the killer glance that sent to me when I surrounded shoulders to you
with the arm? As if you were of its property! Wynn, in serious, you have to
obtain that one goes away of your house. People are beginning to speak...
-- But, Andy,you know in that conditions are McCabe! -- she exclaimed --. You
yourself you have seen that as soon as can to stay still on.
-- Yes, but well that goes to the office of Courier todos the days, eh? him espet
-- That does not mean that it does not have difficulties to make other things
answered heated she to him.
-- What class of things? -- he inquired suspicaz -- Perhaps, you have tried...?
Wynn thanked so that they were already raising the street where it was his
house, because if were estado in highway would have preferred to lower of the
vehicle in march to have to support second plus paranoias of Andy.
How you can be suggesting one thing that me?! -- it exploded.
-- and what another thing you want that it thinks? You sonrojas house time that I
mention its name -- mascull its fiance', stopping car, and observing it as if
outside an insect --. You put yourself nervous whenever it appears, and in
addition, it has more than a position in which to make the love.
Wynn was put as it seeds it before that insinuacin.
-- Siento that you have that opinion of me it said to him, deeply hurt, and with
trembly voice.
Andy rubbed the uncomfortable nape of the neck.
-- Perdname, Wynona apologized to voice entrecortada --. I... I... it did not
mean that. I know that you are a pure girl and innocent...
But that time the annoyance of Wynn was demasiado great like so that one
went to him so soon.
-- Ah, yes?, and how you know that? him espet with coldness.
It tipped the head.
-- Good, I... I always have if... like you never...
-- Because very you are mistaken. Or rather, you are all the right with respect to
McCabe and to me -- the words left hastily of its throat, indignada and
exasperated as he were --: we are amantes. I have lain down with him every
night since it arrived, and is incredible in the bed, incredible Andy, absolutamen-
Andy waned, and raised the hand right, descargando it on the cheek of the
young person with all its force. Wynn not even it emitted moaning. With the out
of position eyes, the ring took off of finger, and dropped it to the ground. It
opened the door of the car and left, entering the house without watching back.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

The house was very quiet. Wynn it went when mueblebar where it kept a bottle
from bourbon, for the occasions in those that Andy took to have supper to
somebody of the work. A good drink used in a glass, added to water and ice,
and it was dropped with him in sofa, ready a to emborrachar itself to stun the
emociones that are revolvan in their interior.
That night did something of fresh, and it had put a skirt black, a white blouse
and one torera, but with alcohol was beginning to enter heat to him, so the
jacket took off, and the embroider support undid the blouse in the open leaving.
One undid also the gathered one that had become, and threw to a side the
shoes of heel, and stretched in the sofa, noticing more and more and more
It went already by the third glass when it appeared McCabe. Still it was dressed,
although it had the open shirt outside and of the trousers, and he was barefoot.
It had the hair made a disaster, as if it had shaken it with the hands, and to each
step it contracted rostro sore.
-- What you are doing? it asked a to him Wynn, watching it from top to bottom
when this one was put of foot staggering.
--Me I am emborrachando responded to him she.
-- That already I see it, but, why?
Ella raised the glass in a toast exaggerated, and it worried what it was in the
glass of a drink.
-- Aahh... -- it sighed, closing the eyes moment with a smile in the lips --.
Delicious. Truth that the alcohol is something wonderful? I wonder myself why it
would not have proven it until now...
McCabe approached her, without being able to avoid that they were to him the
eyes towards the half-opened blouse, although after pair of seconds managed
to again raise them until the face of Wynn. Then it saw the mark in his mejilla,
and their eyes flashed furious.
-- it has beaten to You? it asked to him in a voice that he was not hers.
-- Who, that cowardly one of Andy? -- it answered she ing ***reflx mng
themselves and extending the hand again towards the bottle.
Nevertheless, McCabe was faster. It threw the cane on the carpet and it took
hold it by shoulders doing it to turn itself towards him. If there were been sober,
the terrible expression in the face of McCabe hubiera scared.
--He this that if it has beaten to you.
Yes! Yes, it has beaten to me! -- mascull she --. And it is fault yours,
McCabe!, all this is fault yours! -- him espet loosen, and going until the dark
window. One felt irritated and it troubles a same time --. Porque you are my
lover, you knew it? it said to him with a laughter bitter, occurring the return on
time to see the expression of perplexity in face of him --. Yes, that is what Andy
creates, and what everybody creates in city, according to has said to me.
-- That is lie -- it responded with brusquedad --. Everybody knows that I am the
executor of your father and an old one friend of the family... in addition to tener
twelve years more than you.
-- You know it and I know it, and most of people also know it -- --, mumbled she
but nobody sees an impediment in age difference -- it added devorando with the
eyes the wide torso bronzed of McCabe, and following the hair that was lost
under belt --. You have a body so incredible... -- murmur. The alcohol was
making say things him that never it would have said to him otherwise --. You are

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

so... attractive... how hope that people do not speak? In addition, most of them
they do not know that you continue seeing me like a an adolescent.
-- Wynn. you are drunk.
-- I already believe it that I am it, affection... No me llamaste that the other night
when you kissed to me? I have not said to him to Andy that me you kissed,
-- Then thank heavens -- mascull he.
-- I said to Him that we were loving -- it continued she, ing ***reflx mng itself
when seeing that it was on the awares like plates --. Good, he is that that it was
what wanted to hear. There is confirmado all its suspicions. And I gave back to
him ring -- aadi teaching its naked finger to him --. Why you do not come to
the bed with me, McCabe, and beams with me what it pleases to you?
That sounded so so Victorian and graceful, that lay down to laugh again.
To McCabe however it did not seem to do to him grace. In fact, it seemed to be
putting itself nervous.
-- Creo that will be better than you streets before you tomorrow morning say to
something of which you arrepientas.
--Ni to speak, as of today I think to do what it comes to me in desire, without
worrying to me about which the others piensen, and I do not go to regret to me
anything it assured to him while botones undid last of the blouse, and also the
frontal enlistment of the support.
-- Until I will take off the clothes... him it offered.
McCabe was next to her, and returned a to fasten the support and the shirt to
him with the contracted face. It took hold it of the arm, and it took it to drays by
the corridor, cojeando.
-- But, you do not want that it clears to me clothes? she asked to him confused.
-- Entra said he there opening to him to him door of the dormitory --, and ponte
the nightgown while I preparo an affluent coffee loaded. Tomorrow morning you
will hate to us to both, but mainly to you.
It pushed it within the room, him it ignited the light, it left and one moved away
again by the corridor cojeando.
With a sigh carefree, Wynn it undressed and smiling and, tarareando, its
nightgown of algodn was put. One felt better than ever.
-- No longer I am it jeopardize -- it hummed, dejndose to fall of backs in the
bed --. Andy Poor man. How it is going to live without me from now on? It will
have to go with strangers to see those bloody films that tanto it likes... you like
the blood, McCabe? him pregunt when seeing it to appear again. It had fury
face, and it brought with himself a coffee cup that it left at night on mesilla.
-- Sintate and bbete this ordered to him in a tone that did not admit
--No I have coffee desire -- she protested haciendo stews and moving from a
side to another one of the bed --. Oh, we go, McCabe... tmbate to my side and
to char it with me... --lo insisted with a smile seductora.
-- If I ease up to your side I do not believe that let us chat much said he to him.
It took hold it by the hand, threw upwards of her, causing which one leaned in
almohadones against the lessee of the bed, and him it put the cup of coffee in
hand --. It drinks.
It grasped it between both hands, finding extraamente the sensation of cermi-
ca reconfortante she warms up. It raised the Vista towards the naked chest of
McCabe, and again it felt that it shook on the inside.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- I Never liked Andy without shirt said to him absorta, drinking the coffee while
you watched --, but you are so... -- it mumbled, trying to find the word suitable -- it said triumphant, raising the glance towards its face.
- Outside what outside that hoped to see in it, of course was not pain. He was
white like a sheet, and that vision rpidamente cleared the head more to him
than the coffee.
Oh, McCabe, your leg...! -- it whispered --. Your pobre leg... Not even it had
decided to me,and you have come up to here without the cane!
--Mi leg it is well -- it talked back he biting the inferior lip.
--Oh, surely that yes, for that reason is seen you so happy him espet she. The
head gave returns him. It left the coffee cup on small table --. It returns to the
bed, you want? I am perfectly. I believe that by this night dejar to try to throw to
me in your arms said rindose to him with bitterness, occurring account
suddenly of which there was been doing and saying under the effects of the
The blouse had been opened and almost it had cleared the support! It blushed
profusely. What was hecho?
-- That I hope -- it murmured --, because no I believe that he had been able to
resist the temptation much more.
A sudden silence took place between they, and finalmente, after a minute that
seemed eternal, Wynn raised Vista towards the face of McCabe. The blue and
gray eyes between of him shone of a fascinating way under the thick eyelashes,
and something in the rigidez of his body and in the inexpresiveness of its fac-
ciones scared it.
And then, almost as if it could not to avoid it, McCabe extended the hands
towards the nightgown of Wynn and observed his own fingers while these one
by one desabrochaban the ten bellboys who went of cuello to the waist.
Wynn too much was stunned like stops to say nothing. Even it thought in the
beginning that it had to be a produced hallucination by the effects of the alcohol,
but when McCabe opened the nightgown, leaving to discovered his sines and it
remained watching them, comprendi that was not a dream.
Unconsciously, one bent towards him, in ruego involuntary with which it satisfied
the anxiety that despertaba in her. McCabe did not touch it; not even intent,
but their eyes devoured each centimeter of its silky skin, from the base to the
turgid nipples, that they exposed what no longer it could hide.
The eyes of McCabe looked for those of her, and one took place both between
a so intense interchange of glances, that it left a Trembly Wynn.
Very smoothly, McCabe grasped it by hombros and approached it their naked
chest, surrounding it with the arms very slowly, so that their sines were
squashed against the light bush of hair and the powerful muscles of its wide
thorax. Wynn contained the breath while that happened, demasiado stunned
and astonished even stops to breathe with normality. Its cheek rubbed against
the one of him, and McCabe it attracted still more towards himself, embracing it
as if it was a precious treasure, and shaking slightly. The face inclined on the
neck of the young person, and its labios they began to print warm kisses by his
garganta under the black curtain hair. It did not say a word, but that it remained
thus, kissing it, abrazndola, rocking it.
She let save a trembly sigh, and their hands grasped the head of McCabe,
tightening it against their neck. That it seemed so unreal... perhaps yes they

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

were the effects of the alcohol, was said, but, even so, he was so beautiful, so
Long short while later, McCabe lay down towards back and it watched it at the
eyes. When they separated, the skin of both took second in taking off itself,
perlada as it were of sweat, and only then, when feeling the air in its body,
realized Wynn of which camisn had lowered to him until the waist. McCabe
once again admired its glorious nakedness before to put it to it and to return
well to fasten it. It extended the hand and it caressed smoothly cheek in which
Andy had stuck it. While it did, his mandbula it tightened.
-- As me the crossing by the street him I will break the nariz reason why it has
done to you, it right of perpetual ownership -- mascull.
-- it was hurt reason why it had said to him --lo excused Wynn.
-- Then it will hurt to him more even though puts to him the manos above -- it
talked back --. I do not allow that nobody deals with to you that way.
One had never been so possessive and protector with her, and Wynn had the
sensation of which it was before a McCabe different.
-- you have taken too much alcohol like stops to saber what you are doing said
to him watching it very serious --, so me I will tolerate as a honorable man and I
do not take advantage of you, but if you return the shirt in front of me is
quitarte... I do not believe that you can return to escape so easily. Hacerte could
mine... to even weighing of this happy leg wound, and to excitar to me as much
that it did not matter to have to support the pain to me.
Wynn separated the face.
--Lo I feel. It has been the alcohol.
McCabe took it by the chin so that it watched it at the eyes.
-- No, affection, has not been the alcohol; no when you have left undid the
nightgown to you. There was fire in your eyes.
-- Also in yours -- it murmured. McCabe smiled.
-- I do not doubt it. Only with mirarte almost I lose the control, and that never
had happened to me. As I said to you, I begin a to feel that I am being
entangled in threads of your fabric.
-- I do not wait for anything of you hurried a to say she to him, remembering that
McCabe had said to him that did not want fastenings of no type.
-- But I yes want something of you, Wynn him he said, crossing the body of the
young person with glance --. And if you return a to touch to me, I will take
without doubting it it, because just by tocarte, your body says to me that take
what wants of you...
-- That is not to see... -- it began to deny it she, red like a poppy.
... and mine it says to you that you take also what you want of me -- added to
McCabe imposing to him silencio with a finger in the lips --. Or perhaps you
have not noticed it? I wish you until madness, Wynn, and precisamente for that
reason tomorrow I am going to take an airplane and I will leave to New York a to
spend the weekend there. We must put land of by means until desire cools off a
--No I have intention of seducirte if you you are, if it is what you are insinuating
said she to him with mohn.
-- But it is that it is not necessary at least that intentes, Wynn -- it talked back --,
you do not know it? Only with a glance and one caress you would be able to
fold my force of will.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

She sonroj again, and McCabe it raised, separating slowly and walking of
backs towards the door, as if it wanted to learn of memory his characteristics or
to remain with the expression of his face then.
-- Good night, Wynn -- it murmured, and it left cerrando the door behind himself
To the following morning, very early, taxi happened to gather it, and, still in the
bed, Wynn escuch how it was closed door of the entrance and in the short
while the vehicle moved away. That was going to be the aim of semana more
solitaire of its life.
Chapter 7
ANDY did not call it to apologize nor to try to make the peace with her, although
was not either that it waited for it nor it wished. It was only that that was the first
weekend that happened single from that it was had it jeopardize.
God, threw as much of less a McCabe...! The certain thing was that it was not
the first time that had that sensacin, although until that moment it had not
wanted to admit it. Ever since McCabe it marched Redvale to be made
correspondent abroad, had thrown it as much about less, and one had as much
worried about him, that not even one occurred it counts of the rapidity
whereupon they were spending the years. And, when occurring account of
which it did not have intention to return, had faced finally the fact that it could to
finish being single the rest of its life, enamored with a siquiera man whom nor it
had kissed it, and that desperation had unconsciously pushed it in arms of
Andy, although did not love it.
But McCabe had returned, and there was it kissed, and now that had become to
go, although only outside for two days, that horrible sensation of frustration
estaba seizing again of her. it passed Saturday fixing drawers and closets, to try
to mantener itself distracted, and the Sunday, catched already totally by
morria, passed each two by three by the habitacin of guests, where those
days it had been sleeping McCabe. One eased up in the bed, imaginndolo to
knocked down him in her, and it observed spent maletas that had left, with the
stickers multicolors of all the countries that had visited. And whenever it
remembered how there was it kissed and caressed, desire of florar entered to
him. When one went away definitivamente it would be much, much worse, was
said. It did what did from that moment with its life, would become a hell without
him, because now it had memories that would devour it live. In certain way ha -
ba be better when no it had known those kisses and those caresses.
McCabe did not arrive until the nine from night. Wynn listened to the noise of a
car stopping delante of the house, how somebody lowered of him, and went
running to open the door. McCabe appeared before her mumbling something
between teeth, with the knapsack that had taken in a shoulder, and leaning in its
cane when walking. It seemed that as soon as there was dormido.
God! -- mascull while it entered the house --, this happy leg is killing to me.
It seems that me they were it cutting.
It was dropped in the armchair next to chimney, frotando it to it, and threw the
head backwards, closing the eyes sore.
-- Wynn, you could give a water glass me and a pair of aspirins? it requested
being on the awares to him.
-- Immediately -- she said going to she cooks.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

To the short while it returned to the hall with the glass in a hand and the aspirins
in the other. McCabe had put piema in stop, and pain seemed to have to send a
little. One took aspirins, and their eyes looked for those of the young person.
-- you have left to some site while there am state was? -- McCabe inquired, not
to ask to him directamente what wanted to ask to him.
-- Yes it responded, seating also, without saying to him to where.
McCabe worried the water that was in glass.
-- the truth is that it has made very good time -- it mumbled.
-- Yes -- Wynn agreed, rubbing the nape of the neck and apartando the glance.
A silence was made again.
-- Andy has come to pedirte pardon and you you have reconciled? -- McCabe
inquired abruptly, without being able to pospone plus it asks.
Wynn raised the Vista towards him.
- No.
McCabe arched the eyebrows.
-- But you have been with him. no? -- it murmured --. Before you have said to
me that you had left...
--A to take the sweepings -- it responded. they threw to laugh like two idiots.
--He been thinking much these two days him McCabe said.
-- In what?
McCabe was ed ***reflx mng smoothly.
-- Sabes very well in what one changed ligeramente of position, contracting the
face of pain to hacerlo --. I have been thinking about my behavior of the last
days... in the fact that there am state intentando to reorganize your life, of which
there are been ponindote the things difficult... -- glance --. lowered My motivos
were noble, but I am afraid that in some point I lost them of Vista.
The young person watched it distrustful.
-- Quiere to say that that you are going to leave of entrometerte in my life?
-- Oh, absolutely -- it responded, smiling before the confusion of Wynn --. In
fact, I have reached the conclusion from that it was in the certain thing: Andy
does as much lack to you as a stomach ache. Because there is to be very
crawling to stick a woman.
Wynn never had imagined that it could to llegar to strike it; Andy never had
given to sample alguna to be violent. Although in certain way it had caused it,
-- fault Went mine said to him to McCabe --. I put furious when saying to him
that it was laying down to me with you.
-- Comprendo that put furious him respondi he --; to me also would have
happened to me... but I never would have to you patch.
-- I know It -- it murmured --. Probably me you would have kissed... since you
did Friday at night -- she said to him ing ***reflx mng itself smoothly.
McCabe scrutinized its face in silence, and suddenly it was as if the atmosphere
loaded of electricity when swearing in both in its mind the memory of that night.
-- All this has gone away to me of the hands he said to him --. It did not think to
arrive so far.
It noticed that a heat wave she flooded: it also had let itself take.
McCabe agreed with the head, including/understanding.
-- It was the same for you, is not certain? Two personas prudent that loses the
judgment when touching itself the one to the other...
Wynn half-opened the lips, as if him it lacked the air.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- I... I have my own life, McCabe, and me gusta -- it said --. to him I do not
want... I do not want complicaciones.
--No you want to sleep with me -- it guessed -- . Why?
It lowered the Vista.
-- Because a could not survive to share something thus with you and to leave
you left.
--La truth is that so and as I have leg I do not believe either that I survived -- he
said smoothly ing ***reflx mng itself and rubbing thigh --. Clear that with the
suitable stimulus...
Wynn sonroj until the roots of hair, and was put of foot.
--Me I go to the bed. Tomorrow it is going to be day of much work. Mondays in a
newspaper always are thus, you remember? And I do not believe that to you
you vendra badly to sleep a little either...
McCabe rose, cutting the step to him just cuando was going to go towards the
--Te I have missed said to him with sencillez --. He is something that never I
have liked... to miss to somebody. Me it makes feel vulnerable.
-- Welcome to the club she said to him with a nervous giggle.
And it left the hall before it lost fuerza of will and it was thrown to its arms
requesting to him that him it made the love.
Monday, so and as there was this Wynn, it was a frenetic day. It was the last
whole day to reunite noticias and announcements, since Tuesday in the evening
had to send the newspaper to it presses. Wynn covered a visit with the
governor in functions, that a had gone Redvale to deal with the mayor of its
project of expansion of the supplying of waters. It went to aeropuerto at the time
of its arrival, photographed the squeeze of hands between the mayor and he,
and followed them in visita the facilities of the council of the Service of Waters of
the city, removing photos more and preguntando to the lieutenant governor by
its impressions sobre the project. Later, it returned to office to escribir the
article, and right when it was reviewing it, appeared McCabe.
-- Quiero this ready one for morning said to him arrojando a fax on its table --.
Rescrbelo and develops the news.
Wynn threw a look and frunci to him frown.
-- But it is on a suicide -- it murmured raising Vista --. Ed never publishes this
class of the news.
-- Ed is not to the control now.
-- But, McCabe. it listens... this person it was a member of the community. It is
already enough duro for the family. If it raises...
-- It is the news; escrbela. And when have finished, me you bring it to the office
so that it reads --y returned to its office cojeando and leaning in the cane.
Wynn resopl. The first article finished on the visit of the lieutenant governor,
and soon it was put with suicidio. It hated to have to write on those things, and
in the end, without realizing, finished writing up it in such a way that when
reading not even it seemed it that it had been suicide. Clear that in the fax it still
said that the departamento of sheriff it was investigating the circumstances that
surrounded the death by hombre, thus that it put that had passed away "by des-
conocidas causes".
When it finished, it went to the office of McCabe to take the review to him that
had written, as it had requested to him, and when this one read it, it was put

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

It did not die "by unknown causes"... to menos that the fact that a bullet
crossed cerebro to him seems to you something mysterious! -- rugi estampan-
do the folio on its writing-desk.
-- But it is that this one is a small city -- replic she without letting itself frighten
--. You are only going to be a month here, but when you have gone away I will
continue living here, and also Ed, and Judy, and Kelly, and Jess. How you think
that we will watch at that family to the face if publicamos this? It can that you
are customary to that periodismo that does not respect anything, but here the
things are different. You have seen how named? it said to him sealando it in
paper --. She did not know it personally, but her family is one of the most
respected in the comunidad. When one seted out to construct a park, they
yielded land; when a beneficial recaudacin in Christmases became, they
donated pile of money; when one caught fire the home of the Bume dejaron a
house to them until they could buy another one... That family is special,
McCabe. and not me it seems right that you want to use a tragedy like this one
to fill a hollow in the cover of the newspaper. But if you want to publicar it,
ahead. Ponle to title that you want, but that you know that if beams to it, I will
submit my retirement application. Prefiero to be in unemployment that they
blame to me to promote the sensationalism.
McCabe had remained observing it with the half-closed eyes.
-- That one is indeed the reason by that not quera that you put in the world of
the media it said --. to him You are too soft, Wynn, and you imply yourself when
you would not have to do it.
-- the that is not best one than to become from stone and not to have feelings?
him espet she acaloradamente --. I make an effort to me to be objective,
McCabe, but does not seem ethical to remove benefit to me from a tragedy.
She is one notifies! -- he insisted --. One the news. That is what counts in
this business, not them sentimientos and existenciales doubts! We are not here
for making censorship, but to inform a people.
--Ah, but is that there it is where you you mistake -- she said to him putting the
arms in jars --: Ed dce that is one very thin line between which the public has
right to knowing and what it needs to know. For example, if one were a violent
crime, not estara at least discussing with you, because to give it conocer she
would do that people she was more alert and she could protect itself, but... to
inform on the suicide of a man?, of a person who has gone away without
making noise, for reasons purely personal?
McCabe nor blinked.
--Es one notifies, like any other.
Wynn resopl.
-- Supon that outside your mother. McCabe it contracted the face.
-- Llevas too much time being correspondent military and seeing horrible things,
that is what happens -- said to him Wynn --. You have forgotten what is to be
periodista in a small city. I say it in serious: if you are going to publish "this" it
repeated to him taking the paper by one from tips --, I will leave by that door and
volver not to put the feet in this office. And tomorrow he is martes, in case you
have forgotten it.
McCabe inspired deeply.
-- That is blackmail, and it would not have to leave that you salie ras with yours
said raising the chin to him of a way arrogant --, but if as much it matters to you,

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

I will let to you win... for this time -- it added stressing those ltimas words --. In
the future, it remembers that this is newspaper.
-- I will do It -- she with a smile answered triunfal..
The return was going to occur to leave office, but McCabe took hold it by the
chin and planted a apasionado kiss in its lips leaving stunned it. All the others
remained in their positions, working, but even so, she sonroj.
-- he does not have been bad -- it murmured, outlining one he weighs smile --,
but it would be better if you opened the mouth and you left me besarte since I
did it in your habitacin...
McCabe! -- she exclaimed covering to him mouth before somebody could oir
to him.
It took the hand him, he kissed it and he said to him with guio:
-- you do not have why preocuparte. Here you are to salvo: there are too many
Wynn put the eyes in target and left despacho, returning to its position. One felt
victorious. It had won to him game to McCabe.
Nevertheless, it was mistaken if it thought that it had managed to win the war.
That late, while they trabajaban. Wynn it heard that teletipo was being
imprimiendo, and rose to see of what it treated. A holdup in the bank was taking
place. Quickly a hurried to look for its camera, and was putting a ball-point pen
and a little notebook when it appeared McCabe.
-- Where you go?
-- Hay a holdup in the bank -- it responded she without watching it, while the
purse in brigand --. was hung I go for there.
Ah, no, already I believe it that no! -- gru he quitndole camera --. It
returns to your position.
But, McCabe!
I have said that you return to your position! -- it repeated, forcing it to seat --.
The thieves of banks take pistols, in case you had not thought it!
-- McCabe, this one is my work -- it talked back Wynn --,I dedicate myself to
-- Then you will not commit this class of imprudences while I am here assured
he to him. It seemed a little pale --. Qudate seated there and continues reading
the news that arrive by the teletype. When they have stopped to those types
flames the police or if you want you go there and interviews to the people of the
bank. Until puedes to remove photos to them to robbers when they are
handcuffed, but nothing to leave here while there is danger. Understood?
Ed would let to me go! -- she protested.
-- Only because detenerte could not -- it aimed --. More it is worth to you to do
case to me. Or it is that you have desire to happen whichever weeks in the
hospital with a shot somewhere of your body? So time would have to leave you
saw my leg -- it added watching it with relampagueantes eyes --. You know the
piece of hole that can hacerte a revolver?
-- I... it thought that they had shot to you with rifle -- it stammered.
--No, shot to me point-blank with revolver -- it responded --. And if it had not
been by a friend whom it had in military junta that turned aside the firing of that
type, and helped me to escape, me they would have flown the sesos: they were
going to execute to me to try to save to those two French colleagues.
Wynn broke to cry by the impact that the verdad had caused in her. It could
have dead, could have died... it said shaking of pes to head.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

--El journalism can be an activity peligrosa, Wynn said he to him, outlining one
slight smile and caressing to him hair --, so you do not risk if it is not necessary,
you want?
And one moved away, entering again his office and closing the door behind
Wynn did not pay attention to the teletype that it continued sonando,
imprimiendo the new news of last hour. It could not leave of to cry. McCabe had
been on the verge of being executed... If it had not been by that soldado, now
would be dead, and it never could have returned to hear its voice, neither would
have embraced it, nor would have kissed it... To only think about it was
authentic pesadilla, and was then when it included/understood that she was
enamorada of him, desperately enamored with him. And when one had
recovered by complete, it would return to take an airplane and it would return to
that world, that world violent and bloody in that it put its life in peligro to every
second. In that same moment knew that it could not support to return to happen
through that frustration of not knowing if it were well, and although already had
lived that situation, things would be different, because no longer it would be
fearing for a friend to whom it admired like professional, but by the man whom it
loved, sabiendo that, if it lost it, would not find to that hiciera to feel like him did
to feel.
Ten minutes later, when tears had stopped and was something calmed more,
Kelly appeared like an eddy next to its table, with the emotion of the nascent
one written in the face.
-- Acabo reading the one of the holdup to the bank in my teletipo -- it said to him
very excited --. I believe that they have arrested them. Not you it matters that I
go, right? I promise to you that I will remove good photos.
Wynn gave the camera to him like one zombie.
--No you forget to use the flash inside of the bank -- it mumbled without
watching it.
-- Calm, I will remember -- it responded so contento. Then fixed in the strange
expression of its face --. It hears, you are well?
It agreed.
-- Interview also to employees and a the testigos that were, Kelly.
-- Clear -- it murmured --. Good, because even now.
And it left running after the news.
Finally, not without effort, Wynn obtained to put again in the work, and before it
occurred account was hour of to go away. McCabe appeared to its side and it
said to him quedamente:
-- Vamos to house.
It agreed with the head, gathering their things, and followed it outside, taking
leave of the others to a dull tone.
After the supper, that none of two pareci to enjoy, McCabe went to the hall to
see noticias, and while, Wynn occurred a bath to relax and finished sewing
under a dress that it took semanas fixing. When it finished, it good night wished
McCabe him and one went to the bed.
So it was tired that it remained slept a shout woke up almost immediately, but at
daybreak. It blinked, listening in the dark. It had left the window opened, but
when one rose and it showed to watch, down was nobody there. It returned to
hear shouts again, incomprehensible, and it seemed to him that they provenan
of the room of McCabe.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

It left its dormitory and it entered the one of McCabe without calling at least.
This one were giving returned to a side and another one in bed, shaking
themselves violently and mumbling something in dreams. With as much
movement, the sheets had fallen to the ground, and Wynn noticed that McCabe
he was naked, but too much it was worried like putting itself pudorosa.
-- McCabe --lo called shaking vigorously it smoothly after seating to its side in
bed --. McCabe, despierta...
It shook a little more fort to it, and finally consigui to wake up it. McCabe was
gotten up like means, with awares been on like plates, fierce and salvajes to the
light of the moon. It aspired by the mouth with brusquedad, and Wynn noticed
then that their cheeks were humid.
Oh, God...! -- mascull shaking --. God! One took the hands at the top,
breathing with
-- Oh. Wynn... I fear that someday not me despierte on time...
It surrounded it with her arms, and left she supported the untidy head in his
shoulder, while him acariciaba smoothly the hair to calm it.
-- It is well whispered --, to him you are out of danger, McCabe, you are out of
It also embraced it, letting escape enormous sigh, and clung to sweated and still
trembly her, with the heart rampant.
-- I have scared to You? -- it inquired with voice tired --. I feel it. I did not have
contarte what I told this tarde you... on how they shot to me said to him of
repente --. I regreted as soon as the words abandonaron my lips, but is that it
was as much scared of that could pasarte something...
She contained the breath.
-- Teni'as fear... by me?
-- Then clear that by you -- it responded, acaricindole the back.
-- it would not have been the first time that the news covered one that implied
danger whispered she to him.
-- That indeed was what it scared to me, to think before that already you had
been in danger -- --, talked back he who could haberte passed something and I
could not have prevented it.
-- I know to take care of to me perfectly assured to him she --. It is not that your
favorite phrase? -- inquin ing ***reflx mng itself.
-- Yes, I suppose that I say it with too much frecuencia -- it agreed, who little by
little was recovering breath --. God, what more horrible nightmare...
The hands of Wynn returned a to caress cabello to him.
-- Quieres to speak to me of it?
-- No. better than not -- it responded. it embraced with force before loosen it and
recostar themselves again, contracting face --. Wynn. it seems to me that the
bandage is had exhausted. If I ignite the light not you desmayars nor nothing
of that when seeing the wound, right?
More than the wound, she feared frightening that would invade it when naked
seeing it with the ignited light, but said quedamente:
- No.
McCabe extended the arm towards the small table and accion the switch. The
whole room was illuminated, and it seated with the back supported in the
lessee, frunciendo the frown when lowering the Vista towards the leg.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Wynn could not avoid to follow its glance, and almost perdi completely the
composure when seeing the most intimate part of his body. Their green eyes
crossed the rest of their anatomy extasiados. It was... perfect.
Nevertheless, when seeing the wound, that sensual attraction happened to
--Oh, God, McCabe, are not strange to me that you duela... -- mascull
tightening the teeth.
-- it would matter to help to You to clean me hurt and to put to me a bandage
new? While you go by botiqun I will cover little with the sheet.
--No you know what you I will thank for it -- it said she ing ***reflx mng itself
smoothly while it was put of foot. It had the face so ignition that seemed that
there was estado running kilometers and kilometers.
When it returned, with the antiseptic and cotton in a hand, and a box of
Wendish cleanings in the other, McCabe was had covered as there was saying
to him, and in his eyes there was a malicious smile.
-- Hopefully it had had a camera does momento -- it murmured while Wynn
cleaned herida the --. to him It has been a experience truely reveladora.
-- Cllate said she to him sonrojando itself of new --. I am trying to think about it
like in an unexpected lesson of anatomy.
McCabe was ed ***reflx mng, and Wynn put the bandage to him procurando not
to enjoy the sensation of its strong muscles too much low its fingers. When it
had terminado, it left on the small table the box of Wendish them and the
antiseptic, and seated right. It did not want that it pensase that he was worried
about him, but the certain thing was that it could not avoid it.
-- Crees that you will be able to return to dormirte?
She has been only one nightmare, affection -- it talked back.
--No if you have had it more of once -- it murmured interlacing the hands on
lap --. Once me you asked with whom it spoke on the things of the work that
were to me difficult to assimilate. With whom you speak, McCabe? Different
--Es; I am man.
-- That does not do invulnerable to you -- it answered she --. It does not have
why to be shamed to be scared. He is something normal.
McCabe rubbed the eyes.
- - I suppose that you are right -- it murmured --. I have been in difficult
situations in many occasions, but this last one has be the time that more close
by I have seen the death. Dream with it almost all nights, only no that in that
nightmare no soldier are amigo that saves to me.
It took one from the hands of McCabe in suyas.
-- Habame of it.
-- You are safe. Wynn? It is not a history agradable.
-- I am safe.
McCabe spoke to him of the place of Central America donde had been, of the
fights, the slaughters and people made loose hope. It spoke to him of the
children who lay dead in the streets, of journalists del country to which they
assassinated if they dared to publish something that he was in opposition to the
regime, of the danger to which the journalists exposed themselves foreigners
when they went there, and of those to which they had killed. It spoke to him of
the poor died farmers, their cuerpos left in the roadside ditches without nobody
was molestase in burying Christian to them. And later, aunque it cost to him to

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

do it, of the death of its friends, and of how the soldiers were them taken peque-
o stone building, and one of them there was apuntado to him a the head.
Its hand tightened the one of the young person.
-- you always think that you are prepared in order to die it said --, to him but
then all the things come to mente that you have left without finishing. You were
one of my loose ends, Wynn. For that reason I have returned.
-- Loose ends? -- it repeated without to include/understand.
-- All these years, since your father it died, I have wanted to replace it of some
way, even in the distancia: it wrote to you letters, called to you by telephone,
sent cards to you in the occasions special... -- it let save a sigh --. But never I
thought about the single thing that you could sentirte. It always said to me
"good, has its aunt". I said that it had that to return, to spend al gn time with
you, conocerte really. And entonces, when I spoke with Ed and it said to me that
you were going to marry with Andy... I took the first one airplane and I came
towards here.
-- But why it bothered so much to you? -- she inquired frunciendo the frown.
--No I know it -- it responded sincerely --. The truth is that it does not have much
sense that irritated so much to me. It did not seem to me worse than any other
type... until it beat to you -- it added with a glance amenazadora --. I do not
know, Wynn, I suppose that it seemed to me that eras too young in order to
marry you.
-- Then, in case you want to know it, many days I feel as if it had lived thousand
years confessed she to him.
-- Truely? To me also it passes some to me veces... mainly when I am with you
-- it added esbozando a smile.
-- Vaya, I suppose that that gives back me to kindergarten, eh? -- it said with a
resignacin sigh.
-- It is as well as it has sounded? -- he inquired entrelazando its fingers with
those of her --. No longer I see like a a girl, Wynn you, you I assure it, just as
you tampoco already see only like a a friend me of your father, is not truth?
It agreed and separated the Vista.
-- If you were years old more and you were not one chica innocent would take
you to the bed and would end this fire that me it devours on the inside said to
him --, but so and as they are the things I cannot to do it... so I believe that it
would be better than you left the room before that it throws to a side this sheet
and jumps sobre you.
Wynn put of foot, loosen its hand.
--No you must protect to me of you, McCabe, I am an adult woman, not
animalillo scared.
-- and what assumes that you want that it does? him espet irritated he --, Who
marries to me with you? You do not include/understand that that one would be a
colossal error, you here and I in another country, risking my life? Because no
pienso to leave my profession, Wynn, is my life.
-- That already I know it -- it talked back --. From where you were going to
remove the inspiration for your novels from shots?
--No is novels of shots said he to him victim --, they are novels of adventures,
and I do not need to put the narices in military coups to write them.
-- Then why you continue working like corresponsal? -- it demanded to know

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Because somebody must do it! Somebody must count what it happens, so

that they are not able to finish absolutely with the freedom and the truth! him
espet heated McCabe.
--Y of course you are the unique one who it can hacer.
--Me it enchants my work, Wynn, always me it has pleased what I do, and,
since there am saying to you, I do not want fastenings.
-- Yes, me you have said one hundred times to it, but I yes. And since I do not
believe that the anybody can find to best one than Andy said to him challenging
she --, I will make the peace with him, and you can return to your jungles and to
obtain that they kill to you. I will marry with Andy and we will have piles of crios.
Over my corpse! him espet he, apasionadamente.
Wynn gave respingo before that attack of wrath, and it remained watching it
agape. McCabe separated the sheet, and, without to concern sonrojo to him of
Wynn, went to its side in two strides, and it cornered it against the door.
-- I am too old like beginning to change it said to him --. I do not think to change
of profesin, and I am not going to marry with you.
-- Who you it has requested it? him espet she.
-- Escchame well, Wynn -- he continued he --. You cannot marry with a man
able to resort to the violence with a woman when...
-- If Andy beat to me were because I said to him that eras a wonderful lover --lo
cut she.
Then it was McCabe that remained boquiabierto. It raised the chin and frunci
slightly the frown.
-- That you said to him?
Wynn agreed and smiled amused.
-- What so you are as loving? it asked to him with hoarse voice. The proximity
and nakedness of McCabe estaba beginning a to affect it.
A smile lobuna was drawn in lips of him.
-- Quieres that you it demonstrates it, Wynn?
It lowered the Vista to her wide thorax. It would have said that yes yet its heart,
but thinking about the consecuencias it was sufficient to cool the head to him.
That risk could not run. To lose to him he would already be quite traumatic
without sharing something so intimate with him.
--No said to him with a trembly sigh --, no, it is better than it does not get to
never know it. Good noches, McCabe.
It separated before seriousness in his voice, and the young person opened the
-- Wynn --la called he before it left. It stopped and she became --. Someday you
will find to alguien... to a man that it gives you what you want.
Perhaps account had occurred, thought horrified, with which it was enamored
with him? One did not dare to mirar it to eyes.
-- I am not domesticated said he to him suavemente --. I am like one of those
birds that would not resist to live enjaulados.
-- I have not requested you anything remembered to him she --. By me you can
do what you want, McCabe. If you want that they kill to you, it advanced.
-- But, it is that you do not include/understand it, Wynn? he with a sigh said to
him --. It could die in extranjero, just as it could now to go out and that ran over
to me. That is in the destiny of each one.
His father always had said that to him same, but it was a thought that never had
tranquilized it.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

Perhaps -- you are right -- it murmured --. And already that you say it, I have
always wondered what so dara to me that of being correspondent...
McCabe was put pale.
Ah, no... nor it is happened to you! She it it watched challenging.
-- Why no? I am of legal age. I can to do what wants. Yes, I believe that I would
like to be corresponsal in foreigner... for example in Oriente.medio...
Nor to speak! You I will prevent it! -- it roared he.
-- How? Wynn with one asked to him insolent smile.
McCabe blinked, as if the question it had pillado with the low guard, and it could
not make another thing more than to remain watching it iracundo.
-- It will be better than you rest, and I also Wynn --. said to him You already
know that tomorrow it is Tuesday and it is necessary to finish the edition of the
week. Good night, McCabe, that you sleep well.
Average return occurred and left room, cerrando the door behind himself. It
heard it cursing entre teeth while one moved away by the corridor, and it smiled
with malicia. That it proved a little of its own medicina...
Chapter 8
To the following morning, McCabe seemed volcano on the brink of madness the
eruption. -- you do not go to hacerte correspondent; scate that idea of the
head said to him with harshness, watching it furious from the other side of the
table while they desayunaban.
-- and that why, because you say it? -- respondi she arching the eyebrows to
puncture it.
-- Yes, because I to it say -- he mumbled worrying its coffee and watching the
clock --. Today we do not have time, but tomorrow, young lady, you and I will
have one long one to char it.
Wynn cleaned the lips with napkin.
--Me I fear that it did not say --. to him Tomorrow by tomorrow you have a
meeting with new anunciantes, and in the evening it had been in going to verte
that type... how it is called? The one of the press.
McCabe wagged the head.
-- God, no longer which decided to me was to make a newspaper -- it
-- Hmm... desire are already entering you of to throw the towel?
--No, I promised to Ed that it would not have to preocupar itself during its
absence and I will fulfill my word. It is only that I am out of condition. Although I
have to say that it is being interesting.
-- I would not call it interesting... -- it mumbled while she put myself of foot and
she removed from the pocket llaves of car --. Mainly the day before it leaves the
edition the week.
Towards the two of afternoon, McCabe was totalmente in agreement with her
after to have spent all the morning answering the telephone, clearing and
putting of each page, devising titular, putting announcements of last minute...
And above the leg hurt horrors to him. worse he was that the time happened vo-
lando and they needed hours, always them hours needed Tuesdays, but, also
like always, in the end, sobre seven of afternoon, the effort of all obtained the
miracle and the newspaper was ready with time justo of which Kelly took it to
the press.
I resign! -- McCabe announced, leaving itself to fall in a chair and rubbing
the leg when the young person had left a all haste.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Too much late Wynn --. said to him You have that to resign before the two. if
nobody takes it in serious. In addition, not you you feel now. We must arrive
soon at house so that it can clean up to me and to change to me. You have
finished, but to me still I have left to cover a plenary session with City council
-- Tonight? -- he exclaimed. Wynn agreed with the head while the purse was
-- the plenary session is celebrated the first Tuesday of every month, and
tonight they are going to discuss that project of alcalde. You want to come?
McCabe almost was ed ***reflx mng.
-- What? Think that I will find it entertained?
Wynn gave the back him.
--No, I suppose that after seeing so much world no longer interests the
problems of a small ciudad,
-- Perdona -- McCabe --. murmured Me mereca. Clear that yes, Wynn, I would
like to go with you.
When arriving at house, Wynn was fixed, they took a fast supper and they went
to the city council. To the young person it amused to see to him the surprise in
the face of the assistants when they saw arrive at McCabe. All they knew that
estaba in its house like guest, but the majority years ago no it saw it.
Harry Lawson narrowed the hand before to him of which the plenary session
-- Espero that you dedicate the first flat one to him to my project it said to him.
Of fact already it occupies it -- it responded McCabe.
The mayor smiled.
-- Vaya, that is wonderful, but I am afraid that if you have already sent it to the
press you will have to remake the cover after this plenary session it trusted --. to
him Tengo one notifies wonderful that I will communicate later.
Wynn was on to much the awares when oir it.
Surely that has obtained that governor grants that subvention to him! excita -
da to McCabe whispered to him very when they had seated --. It would bet the
payment to me of one week to that he is that.
He watched it with curiosity.
-- Truely very you are interested in this project, eh?
It agreed.
-- the water supply is one of problemas more serious than has our city said --. to
him Everybody think that it is an inexhaustible good, but are not thus. In fact,
the indices of rains every time are lower in many regions of the State, and the
flood demand of water on the part of the municipios, the industry and agriculture
it threatens equaling the total amount of the annual water supplying... and what
will happen when it exceeds it?
McCabe remained watching it with the frown fruncido.
-- it cannot Here pass that -- it talked back --. We have two very mighty rivers.
-- You would have leerte a study of water levels that I have between my
archives. It would surprise to see that each almost to you drop of water of those
us already will have been assigned to different necessities inside of ten years.
-- Now you include/understand the implications that it has the lack of water,
right? she said to him --. Ciudades will leave of to grow because the industry
needs water to be able to work, and by that same one reason will become

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

paralyzed the construction of houses and buildings, and agriculture it will suffer
when there is drought.
Then the mayor requested attention of the assistants, and both became towards
the estrado one. That it was the first time that Wynn saw McCabe interested in
something so, kind to each word that was pronounced, from the explanations of
the mayor, to questions formulated by the councilmen and other assistants. In
fact, even it began to take notes, and to make questions. Wynn felt
orgullossima of him, seeing speak it and behave like the journalist with years of
experience that it was. The good news of the mayor were that the governor had
granted a Redvale a subvention not only of five thousand dollars, since they
had solicitd, but of ten thousands. There were a serious debate and some
objections of those who would not queran that the city was become indebted as
much as was going away to become indebted with that project, but the mayor
handled the subject well, and managed to convince them so that when the
voting took place all the councilmen were favor. The project it was in march.
-- Of what you were speaking with the mayor despus of the meeting? Wynn
asked to him McCabe when they went from return to house in the car.
-- Of his project he confessed to him to one average smile --. I have said to him
that it would be enchanted to ofrecer my free to him services like public
relations if it needs it: its idea could interest a some peridicos national, or at
least state.
-- You are wonderful said she to him with one watched of admiration.
--Me it cheers that you think that. Tour to right, Wynn said to him when they
arrived at a crossing.
-- we do not go to house?
--No, we return to the Courier. We go a to change to the cover and the editorial.
We cannot wait for another semana stops to publish the news that has given
the mayor tonight.
-- Certain -- it, happy agreed to see it so entusiasmado.
-- Thanks to invite to me to go with you, Wynn said he quedamente to him --. I
have enjoyed much. Of verdad, much. I am beginning to even give account to
me of which in small cities as this one can to have great challenges.
Wynn turned the face towards the window and one smiled. That was exactly
what it had wished that it happened from principle. It knew that to McCabe it
liked the challenges, the fights, and in Redvale there was much reason why to
It was more of midnight when they returned to the house, having let the almost
ready pages in the oficina to give them a last touch to first hour in the morning
and to take them to the press. Luck that the director of this one was a
comprehensible man, Wynn was said.
The young person went already to his room when McCabe called it from the
hall. Wynn occurred the return, and it was even she with the cane.
-- If you are not going to sleep at least with me you could to give a kiss me of
good night said with a smile lobuna to him.
Wynn escudri its eyes long short while. -- Tonight I have felt very proud of you
-- it said to him without trying it.
McCabe was even put red.
-- I always have felt proud of you he answered to him.
It supported the cane in the wall and it attracted it towards himself, opening the
legs so that it was catched among them.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

McCabe! -- it exclaimed nervous.

-- What? It is that it wanted to see if could to support your weight against my
legs explained he to him ing ***reflx mng --. I am not trying escandalizarte nor
nothing similar.
-- That yes that is a newness -- it murmured she, mirando it to the eyes.
The calidez of its body was it making sentirse weak. It put the palms of the
openhanded been on its thorax, and it could notice the heart of him barking with
the same force that his.
McCabe interlaced the hands after back of Wynn, and inclined the head to
support its front in the one of her.
-- Quiero to fall down to me with you, Wynn -- it whispered contra its lips --. With
you, and on you, and underneath you -- its great hands they raised and they
lowered by his espalda --. It leaves teaches to what extent me to you you
It lowered the hands until the hollow of back of Wynn, and pushed its hips
against those of her in a movement sudden, surprising it.
Wynn took air, sonrojando itself profusely.
-- I am a man, and I wish you. He is something that puedo not to avoid said
McCabe to him --. And I do not feel preparado for something indefinite, but we
could at least sleep together.
Wynn shook the head, supporting it in hombro of him when the sensation of its
excited body began to navigate it.
--No I can, McCabe... -- it murmured --. I feel, I cannot.
He let save a sigh. The young person he raised the head and he saw that he
had rostro contracted.
-- it hurts the leg to You?
-- In fact the incomodidad that I feel right now it is of another type, Wynn said he
to him, obtaining that she sonrojara again the --, but truth is that yes I have
desire to put the leg to rest -- it admitted with an average smile.
-- and you will spend the night well? You do not want a aspirina?
-- it would feel to Me far better if you came to the bed with me -- it murmured.
Wynn returned to lower the Vista to its chest.
-- But it is that... I cannot.
Then clear that you can! -- it talked back.
Their hands took the head from Wynn and they sostuvieron while their lips
descended on those from her. Doing one slight but sensual pressure, obtained
that it opened them, and responded its ardent one kiss hasta that had it
jadeando and nailing the nails to him in the chest.
-- Wynn... -- it murmured choked by the passion that it flooded it. Their hands
descended until the sines of the young person, covering them and caressing
them --. Oh, Wynn, Wynn... it had never wished nobody this way...
The fingers of the young person, that were moving it arrives and down by the
pechera of his shirt, they were detuvieron in one of first, jugueteando with him.
-- I also wish you, McCabe -- --, stammered but...
-- Nothing of peros --la interrupted he with hoarse voice.
---Es that... how you are going to be able... with leg...? -- Wynn inquired.
-- Hay ways and ways -- it mumbled. His eyes had been darkened by the
passion --. Qutate the clothes and you I will show it.
You will be...! I do not think to take off nothing! espet she separating to

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Surely that you have a precious body -- murmur McCabe leaving their eyes
crossed their figura time and time again until the young person shook on the
McCabe! You are incorrigible... No you would have to hablar to me that way.
--Me I fear that at the moment he is the unique thing that I can do -- answered
he with a sigh of annoyance --. Desvestirte could I to you and you to me, and
soon tumbaramos us in my bed, with the ignited light, and we would make the
love in all the senses... but without arriving in the end.
Wynn swallowed saliva.
-- and what would happen soon? You really create that it could share with you
something so intimate and take it as yes outside simply something placentero?
--La majority of people is accustomed to it to take thus -- it responded slightly
frunciendo the frown.
In your world perhaps -- --, agreed she but not in mine. You have outside been
long time, McCabe, have been distanced of this community, but I no. Here for
many that class privacy still he is something sagrado, something that happens
between husband and woman. It has a meaning.
McCabe watched it as if outside another one planet.
God!, and I who I thought that Andy it had prejuicios...
-- Siento decepcionarte said she to him with sarcasmo --, but does not go those
bedroom suites to me. And before you do some to me mordacious commentary,
no, I do not hope that you do a proposal to me of marriage a change of hours of
McCabe watched it as if there was it slapped. Its face had blushed slightly, and
was wrath in its eyes, and in the fingers that tightened their waist.
-- you are causing that sounds like something reprobable said to him irritated.
-- Because for me she is it -- she answered --. For me sex is not a pastime,
although it seems that for you yes it is it.
-- For me it could not have been another thing him he said, surprising it --: by
my work I have not wanted nor I have been able to form one lasting relation with
any woman.
--Yo I include/understand that. McCabe, but...
-- I only want to ease up to your side and darte to please --la interrupted he
quedamente --. Perhaps there is something of shameful in that?
Ardent tears went to the eyes of Wynn, and it had to close them to contain
--No -- --, whispered but it could not support no to tener nothing else that the
memory after that, when you leave.
The hands of McCabe remained immovable around the waist of the young
person, and she noticed that her breathing she had taken myself difficult.
-- What you are trying to say to me, Wynn? -- That it would prefer not to know
what would feel when doing the love with you... it said to him with a voice that
was not the hers --... although we did not arrive until the end.
-- But, why?
Wynn half-opened the lips and it inclined towards delante, supporting the head
in its chest and rubbing the face lovingly against him.
-- Because it would only make worse the things -- it sobbed, tired of subterfuges
and lies --. I would want to share that privacy with you, but I cannot be con-
formar only with the pieces, I want everything to it. So time is to request too
much, but it could not support to share that with you and to see soon how salts

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

of my life. It would destroy to me, you do not include/understand it? This

already is quite difficult for me so and as they are the things!
McCabe raised the hands the nape of the neck of young person, combing to
him smoothly the hair, and Wynn noticed a slight tremor in his fingers that did
not include/understand.
McCabe inclined the head, and it could to listen to its difficult breath in the ear,
while their manos were contracted and chest tightened their cheek against his
-- What you are saying to me, Wynn? him it asked again with hoarse voice.
It closed the eyes and left her body descansara on the one of him, allowing who
the tension abandonara in trembly sigh.
-- That I want to you -- it whispered.
Chapter 9
McCABE did not say anything. It seemed that there was dejado to breathe; their
hands, in the nape of the neck of Wynn, had remained immovable, and it could
notice as its body were tightened all.
Until that moment, Wynn had not occurred cuenta of to what extent it had
longed for that felt happy with his confession, of which it responded to him that
senta the same, and requested to him that it married with him. However,
McCabe did not say anything, and it felt rechazada. Not it had felt worse in all
its life.
One separated from him without wanting to watch it to eyes, and were ed
***reflx mng nervously.
-- Calm, you do not worry. I do not go a to throw to me from a bridge or to fall
down to me in the route of a train -- it even said to him going the door half-
opened of his dormitorio --. It is only that... I thought would do to you easier
things if you included/understood the situation. I... I feel very vulnerable when I
am with you, and if hubieras pressed would have ended up laying down to me
to me with you. But also it would have hated to you... to you and same me, and
never there was it surpassed. So it lets try to seduce to me, you want? -- it
added, loosen one trembly laughter --, because it can that for you all this is not
more than a game, but for me it is not it.
Average return occurred and was going to enter his dormitorio, when McCabe
took hold it by the arm and it rotated it again towards him.
-- Wynn, this is not no game said to him suavemente.
And before she could protest, it took by the chin, raising to him the face, and it
kissed it. That kiss was different from all whichever she it had received until
then, different even of that it had given he to him. The lips of McCabe cleared
his, presionando slightly so that it opened them, and it began to tantear them in
the middle of loaded silence of emotion. Their hands attracted it towards their
strong body, and the kiss became which was very many more than the union of
two mouths. It was a slow kiss and apasionado, but simultaneously incredibly
-- seems this to You a game? -- it whispered against its lips --. We will marry,
Wynn... it said to him with voice snores --... in whatever we have the license of
No! -- she exclaimed, shaking head --. No, McCabe...
-- Yes -- it murmured, inclining and kissing it again slowly, languidly, and
outlining one sonrisa when he noticed that it bent involuntariamente towards

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

--Te... you will hate yourself if you marry to you with me, when it passes the
newness, when you have done me yours... -- murmur she with a glance of
anguish in its eyes verdes --. It would prefer that simply we lay down...
McCabe wagged the head.
-- No, still no.
-- Oh, your leg, clear -- it murmured lowering Vista --, she had forgotten it.
-- No, my leg no, my conscience him it said tomando it of the chin and causing
that watched it at eyes --. In addition, no I can try that you follow my rit mo, so
we will marry and see how it goes.
-- Yes, and you will return running a Central America to the first opportunity him
espet Wynn.
-- I have already said to you that I do not have intention to leave my work he
said to him --. It is my life.
-- Yes, that already I see it -- it responded with sadness and bitterness --. I will
not marry with you, McCabe. Podra not to support to have that to have left here
I, preocupndome of if you are wounded or dying in some forest or a desert.
--Lo you want everything to your way, is not truth? -- irritated McCabe said,
separating from her --. to him Quieres that I have left in Redvale, and that writes
books, and which it forgets to me my work like correspondent, is not that?
-- Yes, he is exactly that answered to him she apretando fists --. Perhaps you
think that I would like to have to raise single a our children? Or to pass the cum -
pleaos, anniversaries, the vacations single...? Or to be semanas without called
letters nor when you are incomunicado? And what him it would say to the
children: "Yes, you have a papa, is its photo here; you will be able to see it
between war and war "?
McCabe seemed and more furious more by seconds.
Then acptame as I am or bscate a another one! You I have already said it
often, Wynn: I am not going to cambiar. You are being very little reasonable and
you know it.
-- Oh, already I see..., so I am being little razonable -- it murmured --. And what
is what you to me offer. McCabe? whichever three tumbles two or veces to the
year? Because with your work it is the maximum that I will obtain.
Oh!, please! You are taking them things to extremo. And you say that you
love to me? Qu clase de amor es ste? A love that it puts conditions?
--Es the love class that I want said to him she calmando itself. It scrutinized its
brown face, adoring it to pesar of all --. Not no I will marry with you, McCabe,
and I will not lie down either with you. It can that you had razn and Andy is not
the man adapted for me, perhaps but someday it finds a somebody that loves
the suficiente like marrying to me and forming a family. man who is arranged to
give so much as receives.
And, without becoming to watch it, it entered his dormitory and closed the door
behind himself, throwing the latch. It was put nightgown, put in the bed, it
extinguished the light, and it ignored the golpeteo of McCabe in the door,
requesting to him that it opened. Finally it had to occur by won, because it heard
move away by the corridor, and how it was opened and the door of his was
closed own dormitory. Too much tired to even give him returned to the bitter
ones words that had been crossed, soon it remained slept.

McCabe was seated taking coffee when entr in the kitchen to the following

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

--Te I have served to a cup when hearing the water of ducha it said to him in a
tone that did not denote any emotion --. Still it would have to be hot.
Wynn took seat him in front of, but no it watched it. Still it felt shame by the way
in which it had opened its heart to him previous night.
-- you do not want toasting, or cereals, or...? it asked to him dryly.
--No, right now could not prove mouthful -- it with identical harshness --.
responded This week I will follow in the Courier, but later I think to return to my
Wynn had been waiting for that, but that did not avoid that it felt a jab of pain in
corazn. Why they would have to fill to it him the eyes of lgrimas at that
precise moment?
-- you have heard what I have said to you? -- it inquired McCabe.
It inspired slowly, and she took cup of coffee to the lips. It tried to speak, but
they did not leave palabras to him, so it agreed with the head.
-- you are not going to discuss with me this morning? espet loosen a sarcastic
laughter to him and half-closing the eyes.
Wynn licked the lips to clean a drop of coffee and denied with the head. It took
another one I suck, but the hand him it shook of such way, that it had to again
dejar the cup on its subject of gossip.
Wynn, you do not do this to me! he requested to him in a tone that exposed
its anguish.
One rose of the chair and it took hold it, raising it in its arms to embrace it until
almost leaving it out of breath, and sin to concern the pain to him the leg. It
frenetically looked for the lips of the young person, and when it found them let
save drowned moaning and it kissed it, it kissed it, it kissed...
-- McCabe... -- Wynn against his sobbed lips. The neck with the arms
surrounded to him and returned to besarlo --. Your leg...
--Al devil with my leg... -- it mumbled jadeante.
Mordisque smoothly its lips, and it stimulated of all the possible ways dragging
it with him to an eddy of sensuality that did that desire of both outside in
Wynn clung to him, showing to him with his kisses how much it loved it, and
spent several minutes before it took off his lips finally of those of her and left it
again in the ground, although it had that to sujetar it, because the young person
too much was stunned like maintaining balance.
--No matters to me that you leave -- whispered she with the full eyes of tears
-- It does not matter to me!
-- Yes, already I see it -- he with voice said trembly. It took the face from Wynn
between its warm hands and it kissed it on cheeks, cleaning to him the tears.
--No is fault mine -- --; sobbed she you no you must have returned,you did not
have right to ruin my life!
-- It is truth, Wynn, but it had to return. Thinking that you could finish casndote
with Andy estaba killing to me. And, when I returned to verte, I knew that no
longer it would return to be the same one. Wynn, I want to be free, but while you
live, I will not be able to return to serlo.
The tears returned to go to green eyes of the young person. It was not saying
the words that it longed for that it said, but it could notice that the same feeling
that had waked up in his heart estaba in the one of him. He was not that what it
was reflected in its eyes tormented?

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- you do not cry requested McCabe to him --. No you can imaginarte what it
hurts verte to me to cry.
It dried the eyes with the back of hand.
-- Siento haberte pressed said to him quedamente --. I will not request to you
nothing else. I will take what you can give me instead of pedirte the moon --y
watched at the eyes with as much love and confidence, that McCabe inclin
moaned and the head to kiss it enthusiastically.
-- God, why you so must be wonderful? You make me feel the most crawling
being on the Earth -- it mumbled --, But it is that I cannot leave my work, Wynn,
still no... Within years perhaps it can conform to me to informing on the policy of
a small city and to write novels, but... now no... Hopefully it could. Hopefully
everything could darte what quieres, and the moon, and the stars, and
thousands of roses.
-- It is well, you do not have disculparte -- it murmured, capitulating completely.
-- you are not going to continue trying to convince to me that it changes? --
suspicaz inquired McCabe. He was not own of her to occur by won so easily.
Wynn denied with the head and outlined one sad smile.
-- Why it was going to want cambiarte? You I want -- it said to him with
And then, when it was on the verge of to make think him that he was happy with
that adjustment, began to shake the lip to him inferior, exposing that was not
thus, but it was arranged to be satisfied.
McCabe attracted it towards himself and supported his in front in the one of her
with a tired sigh.
-- Csate with me, Wynn. We will already find manera to solve our problems. I
cannot live without you, that is the unique thing that I know clearly.
Their lips descended until those from she, and their hands raised of their waist
their sines.
-- McCabe? -- it murmured trembly.
-- Shhh... him susuit he. Its hands they lowered hasta the thighs of the young
person and it smoothly tightened them against his, without mattering to him that
that him provocara a little pain --. Ponte of finishing nails, Wynn.
She did what she said to him and emitted intense gemido when experimenting a
sensation different from all those that were experimented in its life, a sensa cin
that made it shake of above down.
Wynn...! -- jade he, kissing it apasionadamente, making open to the mouth,
introducing to him the language him.
It responded to the kiss with fervor, and hands of McCabe slid below the blouse
that llevaba put, caressing the back and desabrochndole to him the support, to
look for its sines and to masajear them, to draw arabesque in them and to
stimulate the nipples with the yolks of the fingers, until Wynn had the sensation
from which it could not return a to never breathe with normalidad.
-- Tmbate with me in the sofa said he to him with hoarse voice, making it walk
of backs towards him.
Wynn did not say a word, nor protested. One eased up as it requested to him,
and it observed how the shirt took off before tending of flank next to her. Their
fingers shook when it extended both hands stops to touch
chest of McCabe. It was breathing slightly, and velio noticed something humid
curly that covered the forts muscles.
--Me it enchants tocarte whispered to him.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- and to me tocarte to you -- he answered quedamente. One leaned in the

elbow and it gave a tironcito him of blusa --. Qutatela, Wynn.
It vacillated a moment, but finally incorpor a little and undid of her and the
support to return to ease up to its side, and the fingers of McCabe crossed the
silky skin of their sines while it watched it extasiado. Sonrisa inclined the slight
head with one, and began to mordisquear them, and kissing them with the
opened mouth, until it bent towards him with drowned moaning.
Their hands slid after their back, tomndola by the omplatos to maintain it in
that posicin while it devoured those glorious summits. Wynn shook of pure
pleasing, and a clung he, grasping the head to him and approaching it still more
his pecho.
When McCabe raised the head stops to take breath, it extended to the hands
towards her thorax and empez to caress it of new, lowering until the waist, and
it guided them still more far, within trousers. Cuando the streamlined feminine
fingers cleared his vientre, it shook, since it had happened to him before to her.
-- Oh, McCabe... -- Wynn whispered.
It only left touched seconds to it before separating its hands, because their
caresses, although inexpertas, were maddening, and it was placed on her apo-
yando itself in elbows, watching it a the eyes while it very interlaced his legs
with those of her in a contact intimate, so that it could notice her excitacin.
-- it does not hurt the leg to you? -- she inquired preocupada.
-- Horrors -- he with a light admitted savage in its glance --, but already almost
nor I feel it. The only thing which I feel is to you, Wynn, all silk and fire, and I
wish you in such a way that he would be able to enter running naked in a forest
in flames without noticing the heat.
The fingers of her caressed their face amorosamente.
-- Then then tmame, tmame if you need whispered to him. I will leave you.
McCabe swallowed saliva and its eyes the lips descended hasta from Wynn.
-- Quiero to do said it to him --, but I do not create that it can.
Wynn repressed one sonrisilla, and he no it could avoid to also smile.
-- I do not talk about that, small devil him aclar --. As you are noticing would be
perfectly capaz to do it now same; it is that I do not want to estropear the things
to only satisfy my desire. I want verte advancing by the corridor of a church
dressed target, and that everybody knows that I did not make you only resign to
your principles because it stops the rest of the world is lost their sense, and that
could not be if we followed knocked down together in this sofa -- aadi with a
sigh, rolling towards the side and quedndose laying of flank next to her again.
Wynn felt then that it loved it more than ever. It was curled up against him and it
sank the face in the hollow of his shoulder, placing an arm on its naked chest.
They spent thus several minutes, delighting in the calor of the body of the other,
when McCabe murmured suddenly with voice sleepy:
-- What so if we took the free day and nonvamos to work?
The word to work was enough so that Wynn it gave a boat, one lowers of the
sofa jumping over him, and ran like a crazy person to watch the clock that was
sobre the television set.
Nine and the average one! -- it exclaimed horrified --. We arrived one hour
late! And I have an interview to ten!
-- Vaya, goes, the time goes flying when one has eased up in good company in
a sofa, eh? -- McCabe murmured with a smile amused when seeing it to
sonrojar itself --. Pity that we are not married already... And, by the way, we

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

have not finished speaking of that. We can go to do to us the analyses of blood

this morning, and the next week to go to fix papeles of the court. We will request
to him to Judy and Jess that are the witnesses, to Kelly that does the padrino
times, to the old Barnes preacher of the presbiteriana parish that it marries to us
and... -- it watched Wynn, that was quedndose pasmada when seeing rapidity
whereupon was planendolo everything --. Because you continue being
presbiteriana. truth? -- it inquired, and when it agreed, stunned, it continued -- :
Then then... we could marry the Saturday, what you say to me?
Wynn agreed again with the head, feeling as if it was within a dream.
-- Good, because there will be to put itself in march -- McCabe said seating,
fastening the shirt and wearing shoes --. It is left much to do.
Those few days happened flying. Friday in the evening already the analyses
had been made, McCabe haba obtained license, the ceremony was fixed for
the ten in the morning of the day following, and Wynn was watching after the
window from its position in the Courier, trying as a married person to imagine its
life next to McCabe, that at those moments it was in the ayuntamiento, because
the mayor wanted to make specific his supply to give publicity to its project in
the national press.
During those days they had been kissed, but interludio in the sofa had not been
repeated that ardent. To her it had to him known to little and it had had left ga -
nas of more, but McCabe had been taken in very serious its promise to respect
it. Luck that already it would only have to hope hours more.
It let save a heavy sigh. They would do the love finally yes, but, what would
happen when he decided to regresar a Central America?, because it followed in
the group of the agency of the news, and it was solely of loss until one
recovered. It loved it... only that no the sufficient thing like leaving its work by
The noise of the telephone frightened it, and one hurried to answer it.
-- Courier. It takes care of Wynn to him Ascot; in what puedo to help him?
Wynn! Just with you it wanted to speak him it said a voice of woman to the
other side of the line. Wynn knew it. She was one of employees of farma cia --.
Listening, you have found out which is happening in the cotton factory? There is
a pile of cars of police by the place, giving returned like crazy people, and the
old Mike Hamm says that it has heard that there are cornered there an assassin
who has escaped itself from the jail of the county. Not you it has left nothing in
Wynn became to verify it.
-- Oh, yes, already I see it -- it murmured reading urgent mensajes between the
local police and the department of sheriff, where as the cotton factory said to
the woman mencionaba and... . Here it says that they are two convictos, one
did not say to him.
To the other side of the line one was heard bottom conversation.
-- Skies, Wynn, finish passing Horseradish tree, fire chief and I have asked to
him if something knew more. It has said to me that they are two types, not one.
It seems that polica saw them in the car that had robbed e intentaron to stop
them. They have shot to Randy Turner...
Randy! -- the young person exclaimed. It knew a that young agent, married,
who did little had had a son --. And how it is?
--No very well. They do not know if it will live... there the ambulance comes... it
said to him hastily. Wynn could hear siren a traverse of earpiece --. Horseradish

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

tree is dicho to me that thinks that the police already has them. God, never I
thought that these things could happen in a so calm city like ours...
-- It will be better than it hurries to me if I want to remove alguna photo before
--la finishes to everything interrupted Wynn while it took hold the purse and the
camera --. So long!, and thanks to call, I must to you one!
--No you must why give them.
When it had hung, it happened running next to Judy.
-- Where you go with as much haste? him it asked this one.
-- Acaban arresting prisoners escaped in the cotton factory Wynn explained to
him stopping with the hand in latch --. Soon I see you!
Well-taken care of Ten!
I always have it -- it responded leaving by the door.
The cotton factory was closely together, so it took a short cut by a alley, with the
skirt golpendole the thighs to to run. It doubled the corner... and encontr
suddenly with a pistol pointing it, empuada by faced a dirty and bad type.
Chapter 10
WYNN was stopped in dry, watching horrified the pistol, that seemed great
much more in the real life that in films. Their eyes saw the dark hole of the tube
before them, and it asked if that one would be the end.
An aunt! the man said to him to another one that apareci to its side, lower
and corpulento --. We are of luck. Agrrala, Tony. We will be able to use it to
negociar with pasma.
--Es you it answer to ours plegarias, seorita -- it said the other abruptly to him
grasping it by arm --. And now it listens, it does not cause problems to us and
we will not do damage to him.
Oh, McCabe! "she thought desolate, "why she would not listen to you?
The type that had the doubled arm to him after espalda, it cleared furious the
camera to him and it threw it to the ground.
One does not move! him gru, tightening dientes, although she not even
had done intention, terrified like she was.
They took it until the other corner of street, pegando itself to the wall. There was
a pair of cars of polica parked in the perpendicular route with the open doors
and the lights of the ignited sirens. Behind, armed, they were the agents, and
Wynn reconoci to the head of police, Bill Davis.
We have a hostage! -- the prisoner shouted to them stop --,a woman!, they
do not shoot or us we loaded it right here!
The other man did that, who was it aiming with the pistol in the throat, he made
it show itself.
Wynn! -- the head of police exclaimed to to see it.
-- knows that poli? it asked to him low man, twisting the arm to him in such a
way that she pens that went a to break it --. to it It knows it?
Wynn agreed with the head.
-- I am reporter -- it stammered.
God! -- mascull the other --, right one that necesitbamos. Very either,
enchantment, you prtese or and will have history of his life he said to him to
Wynn --. Escuche! -- Davis shouted to him to the head --: if it does what we
say to him, she will not be wounded; otherwise...!
Decidme what is you want it, Martin! the police head said to him. Wynn
noticed the preoccupation in its voice, and wanted to slap itself by to have made
worse the situation.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

We want a helicopter! him the prisoner responded --,and a pilot who takes to
us where we say to him!
The police head became to speak with its men.
Martin, more than we can to obtain to him is an army air corps helicopter,
and we will have to call to the base in order to request that they send it... it will
take a pair of hours at least!
Then we do not have as much time! him the furious prisoner shouted --,and
it does not have she either!
I cannot conseguiros a helicopter before! -- Davis responded --,but it has it
airplane in the airport, and I have pilot right here! It says that it will take to you!
The prisoners watched the one to the other.
-- You that you say, Jack? -- the one said that it had agarrada to Wynn --. The
more we remain, the more ugly here will put the things. They will come polis
more... We do not have election!
--No I know -- gru to it the other nervous one, drying the sweat with sleeve --.
Perhaps it is a trap. I do not entrust myself in these polis of provinces.
Wynn wanted to shout and to request aid, and she was dispuesta to suplicar
that they let it live, but those types were the sufficiently desperate thing like not
mattering to them if they had to kill it, and the only thing about which it could
think era that never perhaps returned to see a McCabe.
-- Espera a little while -- the stop said watching Wynn --. She knows that poli.
Eh, you, that log is of FIAR? It is legal?
It swallowed saliva and agreed with head.
-- S... yes -- it sobbed --. It will fulfill his word... and it will not leave anybody
either interferes.
The high man seemed to relax little, but the low one still more tightened the
pistol against its throat. -- We could to take it with us -- other type --. said Yes,
we could do it... let us take it with nosotros, Jack. Thus they will not dare to do
nothing to us. Jack agreed.
-- In agreement.
It separated the pistol, and although the other type still it had it stingy, could
breathe with more tranquillity.
It is well, we remained with it airplane! -- the high prisoner to police --,
shouted to him but she comes with we. Now we are going to leave. My friend
has a pistol aiming to him at back, so before the minimum movement we will
leave it dry. Habis caught?
-- In agreement, agreement, calm... -- Davis --. said to them You leave. Martin,
nobody will shoot.
And it ordered its men who lower arms.
Those few meters until the highway they were longest in the life of Wynn. Each
step was an agony. And if a that type went away the finger to him? And if it
encountered? It could notice the tube of pistol, hard and cold, in the hollow of its
back, and was shaking of so way that cost to him to walk, and the tears rolled to
him incessantly by cheeks without it could stop them. It was terrified.
At those moments it did not exist for her nothing in the world except the cement
that extended under its feet, and the pistol that it was pointing it. If they sacaban
it of Redvale. its probabilities of to escape with life they would be null. They
would kill the pilot, and to her tambin. To the aim and to the end they had
condemned them by asesinato. Little they could mean for them a pair of deaths

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

more. And if it tried to loosen, somebody could be wounded, because those two
men were very nervous.
-- Jack... -- the one mumbled that had it taken hold, to medida that they came
near to the car of police --. Jack. what happens if...?
Cllate! him espet the stop, irritated --. It is not going to pass nothing,
stupid idiot! You it watches the girl; to these periodistas no it matters to them to
run risks. They are able of any thing.
-- It is well, Jack -- the low one murmured. It tightened the tube against the
column of Wynn --. You can feel the pistol, right, enchantment? Then something
tries and I put a bullet to you before you can react.
--No... it did not think to do nothing -- it stammered she.
When they raised the sidewalk as opposed to line of coches of police, Wynn
recognized the person who haba of foot to side of the head Davis: McCabe!
It was supported in its cane, and its face it was a shady and furious mask.
-- This one man will be your pilot -- them Davis said, indicating with the head to
McCabe --. It will sacar to you of here.
-- Tiene permission to take it airplane, amigo? -- the high prisoner asked to him.
-- one does not worry -- McCabe responded with a mocking smile --. I know to
handle it.
-- Very or, but nothing rare tries, or cargamos us to the girl it noticed the one to
him that it had stingy to Wynn --. We go.
McCabe advanced leaning in the cane, with the fixed eyes in both convictos.
--No approaches more. there already he is well him it said the low one,
tightening plus the arm of the young person --, it has heard to Me? -- it roared
when seeing that McCabe did not stop --. If it takes a step plus I kill it!
The stop also was being put nervous.
Hgale case! Qudese where it is! McCabe stopped as opposed to right
when arriving Wynn.
-- It is well, boys -- it said to them calmadamente --, which is the problem?
Nobody goes to dispararos. You let go to young lady and I will be your hostage,
in agreement?
Wynn contained the breath. Both imprisoned escaped they were watched to
each other.
--Yo I say that not -- mascull the low one --. This type is very great like being
able to control it.
-- Yes, but he is disabling, mralo -- it talked back the other --. It will be easier to
watch a hostage who to two. Let us leave the girl goes.
McCabe watched to which it had stingy a Wynn.
-- That is said while the man to him it loosen the arm of the young person, his
voice was almost hipntica --, that is. It would not be more than a hindrance for
you, and you do not want more problems, right?
Finally, Wynn was frees of the quarrel of the man, but one did not move. It was
paralyzed by the fear. And if they killed a McCabe?
But McCabe seemed as calm as if it had left to fish, in spite of the slight pallor of
his face.
--No tries nothing, friend said to him low, apuntando it with the pistol.
McCabe fixedly watched the weapon, and Wynn it knew that another moment
was remembering, another place. It wanted to shout to him that it was careful,
that would die if it happened something to him, but was paralyzed and no it
managed to articular word.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- it is not going to try nothing -- the stop said with a sarcastic smile --. More
than nothing because it could not with that leg, eh, disabled?
-- That you insult once you to me I allow, dreg, but not two -- mascull McCabe
in a dangerous tone.
And before both men could to reaccionar, was rushed towards the lowest man
as if its leg was in perfect conditions, and him propin puetazo in all the jaw,
causing that threw the weapon. The other went towards him, but McCabe beat
to him with elbow in the stomach, and was crouched to gather the pistol.
It happened so quickly, that Wynn remained parpadeando without giving credit
to its eyes. The police corrieron to reduce and to handcuff to the convictos.
Devils, you are fast, McCabe! -- the head exclaimed admired Davis while
their men took to prisoners a the cars, cursing the one and other bleeding by
mouth --. But truely you you have played it, and could not haberte come out
well. You are a reckless crazy person! --lo increp with the arms in jars.
-- Calm, head, chele a look a this before becoming infuriated said to McCabe,
showing to him recmara to him of pistol.
Empty! -- Davis exclaimed with incredulity. It sent improperio and he
became towards his hombres --. Demons, boys, the weapon was descargada!
-- Good, it said to me that they had shot to them several times -- McCabe --.
explained so many could not quedar to them, but it was the glance in the eyes
of that type which said to me that they were being thrown light.
-- Crei' that you had become crazy -- it said Davis mirando it --. And if it had had
left a bullet in the weapon?
-- Now he would be dead -- McCabe responded.
The head Davis sent the arms to the air and one moved away mumbling
something as well as "reporters...!"McCabe became towards Wynn, watching it
as if outside the first time that saw it.
-- You are well? it asked to him with voice it snores.
It swallowed saliva and agreed with head. Notaba the dry lips, and had the
impression that a went to desmayar itself from a little while to another one. It
had the so temblorosas legs that hardly they maintained it. The aturdimiento
was beginning to leave it, and in that moment was totally conscious of
surrounds it that there was been to die.
McCabe inspired deeply.
-- If not outside because there is a system judicial which one will be in charge of
those two bastards, it would have killed them with my own hands reason why
have made you happen -- it said to him.
-- I am well -- it murmured, outlining one dbil smile --. I feel to have
complicated the things when coming. It is that Lucy, employee of the pharmacy,
called to tell me to me it and he said to me that they had to him said that they
had already arrested them.
McCabe frunci the lips and arched one eyebrow.
--Un journalist cannot FIAR of rumors, Wynn.
--Lo I know. It had haberte made case. prxima time I will remain next to the
teletype until the news arrives from arrest.
-- Volvamos to the office -- it murmured.
It gathered its cane, it took it from the arm, and regresaron to the Courier.
-- What has happened? -- Judy asked to them in cuanto appeared.
Kelly and Jess also were turned in his seats.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

-- Later, Judy said McCabe to him. It took to Wynn to its office and it closed the
door behind them.
-- Escucha, McCabe, I... -- she began, sintiendo itself too much still stunned like
enzarzar itself in a discussion.
But McCabe did not have intention of to discuss. It attracted it towards himself,
and it embraced it as if it feared that it go a to vanish in the air. Cuello sank the
face in his, and she noticed that his breathing had become difficult and that was
Oh, God...! -- it murmured with voice snores --. Oh, God, God...! It had not
passed as much fear in all my life!
Wynn combed with the fingers its hair.
-- It is well, affection whispered to him --. I am well, really... I am only a little
stunned. There are no hecho to me damage.
But it continued shaking, and to Wynn he scared verlo thus, so vulnerable.
-- McCabe, I am well repeated to him embracing it with force --. I am well.
-- If the pistol had been loaded... -- it mumbled --, he would have to you lost...
-- But it has not happened -- it responded with suavidad --. And the same it
gives to get rid by that by much.
No, it does not give the same! him espet he, levantando the head. He was
white like a sheet, and Wynn could read the fear in its eyes --. One finished.
One finished, you are going to leave the newspaper. You will remain in house,
and you will have children, and you will plant flowers in the garden. But you are
not going to follow working here!
She watched it agape.
You cannot force to me! It is my work!
-- the era -- it talked back --. No longer.
-- Why? Reason why it has happened? -- it wanted to saber she --. You often
have been on the verge of dying, and not for that reason you have left to your
work him record --. Why would have to do it I?
McCabe remained of foot, watching it there.
-- Thus it is as you felt when you I counted how had hurt to me in the leg, is not
truth? -- it inquired suddenly, falling in account --. This... frightful cold, that
seems llegarte until soul...
Wynn agreed with the head.
-- Yes. that is exactly what I felt.
McCabe inspired deeply, and its hands the arms of Wynn frotaron while it
seemed to be considerando the subject. Later it raised the Vista and it
scrutinized its face, adoring each smooth line of him.
-- Good -- it said with a sigh --. I suppose that it would have to inform to me
better on the situation of the water in Georgia. The mayor he will need much aid
to obtain the vote of people when they make that referndum in autumn.
The eyes of Wynn filled of tears, without daring still to think what they
suggested his palabras.
-- the first years you will have to be patient -- McCabe said to him --. If you see
that I begin to put shirts of camouflage and a to me to walk by the garden with a
machete, you will have to pretend that he is something completamente normal,
and if sometimes I put a helmet when it is in the writing, no you will have
quedarte watching to me.
She smiled, biting the lip inferior, still conteniendo the happiness that flooded it.

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

--Y also you will have to be patient with respect to the consumation of our
marriage... because this condenada leg is killing -- gru to me moving it.
Wynn lay down to laugh and it excited to him hair amorosamente.
I will hope said to him.
They passed its honeymoon in a luxurious one hotel of a beach of Florida.
McCabe had obtained that Ed returned on time of its vacations to attend the
wedding. It was a simple ceremony, but it stops Wynn was the most wonderful
day of its life.
They were seated together in the sofa of wicker of the balcony, observing the
sea the light of the moon, when McCabe did it to ease up in its lap and inclined
on her.
-- You are comfortable thus? I do not do damage to you? it asked to him
-- Then clear that it hurts to me, but it leaves of preocuparte for that reason now,
I am trying besarte.
In that case... -- it with one murmured smile. The lips of him took his in a long
and tender kiss --. Oh, McCabe, how I would like that we had the beach for
single us and who your estuviera leg good...!
-- Why? -- he inquired, kissing it on cuello.
-- to fall down to us together in the sand.
-- Hmm... and I imagine that you would want to do -- he said ing ***reflx mng --.
But, and the sand?
-- Pondri'amos a towel underneath -- it responded --. But you do not worry, I
know that in your state you cannot...
-- That is what you create, young lady -- it murmured.
It raised it in volandas and it took it inside, leaving it on the bed without igniting
the light. The clothes took off while she it it observed, ing ***reflx mng itself
when it had finished and it still was seated there embobada.
One approached, it also undressed her and one lay down to its side.
-- and now imagnate said --, to him that mattress is the sand and that the sheet
is a towel, and it closes the eyes. I I will occupy of the rest.
Wynn opened the mouth to ask to him if he was seguro, but before he could say
nothing, he was kissing it and caressing it and making lose itself it in a desire
sea. McCabe dealt it with patience and dulzura, and when finally they reached
the moment of the union, calmed its fear and took it to new summits of pleasing,
causing that forgot pain. Despus, when the fire of the passion went away
extinguiendo, rocked it, kissing it with adoration and prisoners were had left the
one to the other.
--La next time will be still better him he promised --. Far better. But you will have
alimentarte well, because to do love consumes much energy.
Wynn lay down to laugh.
---Oh, McCabe, you are impossible!
--Lo I know. You have liked?
-- he has been incredibly intimate -- it murmured she --. Oh, McCabe, I want
tantsimo to you! It cheers to me that you are not going to risk your life never
McCabe smiled.
-- I also am glad of the decision that I have tomado. Now I have so much reason
why to live... Never olvidar the fear that I felt when I thought that you could die,

Diana Palmer Pasin y seduccin

that perderte could. Because it would not have wanted to continue living without
you, Wynn.
It noticed a knot in the throat. --Te I want whispered McCabe to him --, yet my
heart and all my soul.
-- it already knew it, but it enchants ortelo to me to say -- it responded
picaramente --. McCabe... on your work... Surely that you will not miss it? You
will be satisfied to which Redvale can to you to offer?
-- I have thought much to It. Wynn, and while to you it does not matter to you to
travel once in a while with me, I believe that I will be able to contain my anxious
spirit. Still I want to go to the ruins of Machu Picchu, and to Crete, and to see
pyramids... I believe that it will be amused to go to those sites without it is in
order to make a news article. You say what to me?
--Me it would enchant -- it murmured she embracing it.
-- and when we have children we could to take them with us -- he said.
-- and we will teach to them to write articles she ed ***reflx mng herself.
-- Oye, Wynn... McCabe said to him to the end of awhile --. Ed did a proposal
the other day to me despus of the wedding.
-- What class of proposal?
-- the direction has offered Me of newspaper of permanent form.
Wynn was gotten up like means, remaining seated, and it contained the breath.
-- it has offered to You...?
McCabe agreed with the head.
-- You would like to take it with me?
By all answer, Wynn was thrown to his arms, ing ***reflx mng themselves and
kissing it. It could not have given better wedding present to him. it watched
more loving it than ever, with its hands in the cheeks of him, and the light of the
moon took a sparkle of the diamond linked in its ring, although this one no it
could equal the brightness of his eyes.