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As an institution of learning, the DepEd works to protect and promote the

right of Filipinos to quality basic education that is equitable, culture based and
allows them to realize their potential and contribute meaningfully to building the
nation. Systematic use of appropriate strategies and assessing the learning
objectives targeted for each lesson will help to eradicate dropout and improve
NAT results in all learning areas. Giving special attention to low performing
students like using modular instruction. Create and design Rubrics in assessing
learners performance adaptable to their needs and interests
John Dewey believe that the core curriculum should encompass students
interests and his approached is an education with hands-on, cohesive philosophy
rather than teaching isolated topics which prevented learners from grasping the
whole knowledge.
Research shows that students who dont participate in school activities are
susceptible to academic failure and dropping out. Thus, this program of the
Araling Panlipunan will cater low performing students. Adopting the said program
enhance Greater Achievement through Pull-out System wherein the student who
are identified to be low performing will be pulled out and referred to a specific
teacher for special assistance.
The bridge symbolizes the mentoring and guidance of the 21st century
teacher using technology and treating the student as the center for learning. The
black color of the bridge indicates strength and authority. Through this bridge
there will be no gap between the student and the teacher. The yellow color of the
person at the center is a teacher indicates intellect and stimulates mental activity.
The blue and green color at the side of the teacher are the students, green
indicates growth, hope, ambition and peace while blue indicates intelligence,
knowledge and integrity. The yellow, green and blue arrows indicates
achievement after mentoring.
The blue circle encompasses a new direction towards Greater
Achievement through empowered teachers and stakeholders committed to the
development of 21st century learners adept in nation building.
Objectives :

1. To improve teaching and learning process by applying 21st century skills.

2. To establish good rapport with teachers in injecting and sharing ones skills
to achieve greater academic performance.
3. To create and design an assessment that is adaptable to the learners needs
and interest.
4. Establish linkages with the stakeholders through the use of technology.