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Mazoon College English Department

Spring 2017 Final Examination

Course Code: Eng 301 May 2017
Course Title: Phonetic and Phonology Time: 11:30 13:30
Section: 1 Duration: 2 hours. Total Marks: 30
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Important: No questions should be answered on the Question Paper. Transfer all your answer to
the Answer Booklet.

Q. 1. Answer the following: (2x5=10 marks)

i) Define different places and manners of articulation.

ii) Define phonetics, phonology, and syllable.

Q. 2. Write down Words for gives transcription. (4 marks)

1. /ntnnl/
2. /knvt /
3. / ikwnks/
4. / telskp/
5. / telskp/
6. /tjulps/
7. /slatli/
8. /rpit/
Q.3. Write down the following paragraph in simple English. (5 marks)

//nm went tu bed// t wz lvn klk// i tnd at lat. i le n bed. t wz dk.

t wz kwat. i kdnt slip. i klzd hr az. i trad tu slip, bt i kdnt// i tnd
lat bk n// i pnd h bk. i sttd tu rid h bk. t wz gd bk//i rid w
npe. en i rid n pe. ftr wal, i felt slipi. i klzd bk// i tnd at
lat// i klzd hr az. i wnt stret tuslip//.

1 MAZOON COLLEGE Spring 2017. Final Exam. Eng 301 Syed Adnan Raza
Q.4. Write down the following words in IPA transcription. (4 marks)

1. Thought

2. Pretty

3. Christmas

4. Interesting

5. Inevitable

6. Benefit


8. Familarize

Q.5 Transcribe the following paragraph. (7 marks)

Simple living said the Prophet Mohammed sets my heart on higher thoughts. There is
a need to follow simplicity in our life. In todays world of increasing pomp and show,
when everybody is joining the rat race of displaying his wealth, we should prefer to live
simply, without any artificiality. Mahatma Gandhis life shows us that simplicity in life
always encourages maturity of mind. Instead of wasting wealth in various socio-religious
ceremonies, we should be decent and undemonstrative. People who are really good
need not show that they are good. In the same manner, the sophistication of our life
style needs no raw display of wealth, it would rather appear in our character or in the
manner we carry ourselves. People, who work hard and are the best servants of
humanity, live in a quiet frugal manner. We should consider it a sin to waste money
when we are aware of the fact that millions of our compatriots are living below the
poverty line. Nowadays, in increasing consumerist culture, where everything is on sale,
we should adhere to the simple way of life if we want to preserve human attributes in us.

2 MAZOON COLLEGE Spring 2017. Final Exam. Eng 301 Syed Adnan Raza