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Handover and instruction certificate

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Customer: Machines serial no.:

Customers no.: Model:

Date of handover: Date of delivery:

T 1. Completeness of machine including accessories T 9. Emergency measures in case of hydraulic and

checked. electric malfunctions explained. Location and
function of emergency switch and emergency
T 2. Necessity of repeated studies of operating valves explained.
instructions and keeping one copy with the
machine pointed out to the operator. T 10. Necessity of annual safety inspection of concrete
pump and placing boom pointed out in order to
T 3. General safety instructions according to the maintain machines readiness for use and
operating instructions explained. reliability.

T 4. Location of all relevant machines components T 11. Service and maintenance intervals according to
shown. operating instructions pointed out.

T 5. Electric control, locking, fuses and emergency T 12. Extras explained, i.e. EAS system,
switch explained. concrete leaking stop, etc.:

T 6. All functions of the remote and local control ex-


T 7. Operational readiness established.

T 8. All functions of concrete pump, placing boom T 13. Commissioning of machine...............................

and secondary units checked.
quantity pumped...............................................

For truck mixer pumps

T 14. functioning of the drum drive

By signing this document the customer/operator certifies that the a.m. machine has been handed over properly.


The handover is made despite any failures. The supplier guarantees a prompt touching up.

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service technician place, date customer resp. operator

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