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"Spring" into Action! May Your Child Bloom and Grow through


AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Homeschooling LEADERS Help Parents FIND ANSWERS!
As an leader of a Homeschooling group, one of the greatest favors you can do is to help others find useful information about programs that actually work. We have sent you this newsletter not only for your information, but so that as a LEADER, you can inform others about a new approach to learning spelling and reading. The AVKO Foundation is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of helping those with spelling and reading difficulties. Our newsletter below is informative and we would be happy for you to pass on this newsletter to any and all parents who you know have been struggling to find a solution to their child's spelling and reading problems. The bottom of the newsletter has a "forward email" hyperlink. Or if you prefer, copy and paste our letter into your discussion group's e-mail. Thank you.

As spring continues to blossom around us, we know many parents are evaluating the progress in reading and spelling their children have made this year and are racking their brains to figure out, "What ELSE can I do to help my child learn to spell and read?" We suggest that you go to the AVKO website. Here you will find programs for Spelling and Reading that can actually deliver smiling, happy and successful children. AVKO even has Spelling and Reading reinforcement programs in Keyboarding and Penmanship.

What Sets AVKO Apart From The Hundreds Of Other Programs?
Our Sequential Spelling program is organized for success. Working with the most common word family patterns, students learn their spelling rules through experience, not generalization. The lessons last only 15 minutes and we encourage any parent who has a student with spelling problems to continue lessons throughout the year, even during the summer. A 15 minute lesson will never stop you from going to the beach or interfere with sports or any summer pastime. But it will reward your child with the self assurance that they are building their spelling, reading and vocabulary skills in just fifteen minutes each day. Our books are economical! Commercial business often will sell their programs for several hundreds of dollars, while others require parents to spend thousands on just the orientation to learn a "method" to know how your child will be tutored for $80.00 per hour. AVKO, is a non-profit organization, unlike most commercial businesses that promote their books to homeschooling parents. We are seeking to spread the word to parents and their children that spelling and reading CAN be painless and fun!

AVKO offers a $25. Annual Membership fee for which you receive FIVE (Yes, 5!) e-books that will help you understand the AVKO program and, if you choose, to become a certified AVKO Tutor. AND, you also receive a 25% discount on all books purchased during your membership! But, you are never required to become a member! You can purchase at the regular retail value if you choose. And by the way, our entire set of Sequential Spelling 1-7 sells for less than $100, even less with membership! We offer advice, support, and even free tutoring at the Foundation! You can call us 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. EST (Toll Free 1-866-285-6612) and ask questions about our program or get advice about your particular child's problem. We invite you to call for an appointment for YOU and your CHILD to have the experience of a FREE one-on-one tutoring session with Don McCabe, the author of all AVKO's books. You can Try It Before You Buy It! We are so confident in this program; we offer the first 7 lessons for FREE! Go to our website HERE to go directly to the Sequential Spelling section. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the SAMPLE hyperlink in red. Every title has either a sample hyperlink or excerpts from the book on the page to give you an accurate representation of content. The Testimonials are REAL! We really do receive testimonials (like these) that have been sent in by parents who are overjoyed that their children, who used to avoid spelling like the plague, now want to do spelling FIRST! We update them regularly. We have never asked anyone to sing our praises, but we sure love to get them! They get read aloud and passed around. It makes our day and continues to confirm to us that this program works. We believe once you have tried it, you will agree. From all of us at AVKO, to all of you Have a wonderful spring! Enjoy the blossoms, breathe in the earth's perfume, watch the squirrels search for their buried food, walk in the woods, feel the warmth of the spring sun on your shoulders. Life is good. ENJOY!

May 2-3 INCH, (Information Network for ChristianHomes), Lansing, MI "Using Humor to Teach Reading Comprehension"

"I Think My Child Might Be Dyslexic. Does It Matter?"
22-24 FPEA, (Florida Parent Educators Association Conference),Orlando, FL

"I Think My Child Is Dyslexic, Does It Matter?"
29 - 31 LEAH, (Loving Education At Home) Rochester, NY

"You Don't Need a Master's to Teach Your Kids - Just a Degree of Caring" " I Think My Child Might Be Dyslexic, Does It Matter?"

18 - 25

ALASKAN CRUISE, Homeschool on the Sea
Featured Speaker on a 10 day educational homeschooling cruise with workshops!

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