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1. Theres this mans photo on the wall

2. Of my fathers office at home, you
3. Know, where father brings his work,
4. Where he doesnt look strange
5. Still wearing his green uniform
6. And colored breast plates, where,
7. To prove that he works hard, he
8. Also brought a photo of his boss
9. Whom he calls Apo, so Apo could
10. You know, hang around on the wall
11. Behind him and look over his shoulders
12. To make sure hes snappy and all.
13. Father snapped at me once, caught me
14. Sneaking around his office at home
15. Looking at the stuff on his wall- handguns,
16. Plaques, a sword, medals a rifle-
17. Told me that was no place for a boy
18. Only men, when he didnt really
19. Have to tell me because, you know,
20. That photo of Apo on the wall was already
21. Looking at me around,
22. His eyes following me like he was
23. That scary Jesus in the hallway, saying
24. I know what youre doing.