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com Climate Congress

Tentative Program
3rd World Congress on
Climate Change and Global Warming
Dubai, UAE October 16-17, 2017

Interactive Keynote Plenary

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Major Scientific Sessions
Climate Congress

Carbon Sequestration Climate Refugees

Climatology and Meteorology Climate Solutions
Climate Change and Global Warming Disaster Risk Reductions (DRR)
Evidences Greenhouse Gases
Pollution and Climate Change Renewable Energy
Climate Change and Health Bioenergy
Sustainability and Climate Change Ecology and Ecosystems
Climate Hazards GIS and Remote Sensing
Climate Policy Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

Best Poster Award Young Researchers Forum

You will be given about 5-7 minutes Present your research through oral presentations
to present your poster including questions Learn about career development and the latest
and answers. Judges may pose questions research tools and technologies in your field
during the evaluation of the poster This forum will give pertinent and timely
Judges will even evaluate the students information to those who conduct research and
enthusiasm towards their study, interest and those who use and benefit from research
knowledge in the area of their research Develop a foundation for collaboration among
The winners will be announced at the closing young researchers
ceremony of the conference. The decision of the The forum will provide an opportunity for collegial
winner will be withdrawn if the winner/winners interaction with other young investigators and
is/are not present at the time of announcement established senior investigators across the globe
Apart from the judging time you Interact and share ideas with both peers and
may also be present at the poster to mentors
share your research with interested General Queries
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Tentative Program
Day 1 (October 16th, 2017)
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speakers
Title: Managing climate change and health risk in megacities
Cesar Marolla, Harvard university, USA
Title: Increasing losses caused by extreme weather events: What are the drivers,
what is the role of climate change?
Peter Hoeppe, Munich Re, Germany
Title: Feasibility study of in-situ precipitated calcium carbonates (pcc) synthesis
technology for paper recycling by the capture and direct utilization of low conc.
Ji Whan Ahn, Korea Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), Korea
Featured Speakers
Title: Chemistry and photochemistry of tropospheric aerosols. Their role in
controlling the Earth albedo
Agustn J. Colussi, California Institute of Technology, USA
Title: When all the fish are gone: Climate change refugees, terrorists real and
imagined, and climate change denial in the United States
Wendy Lynne Lee, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA
Title: Negative greenhouse gas emissions Options to make that real
Hans J. Mueller, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Title: The problem of polluted suburban areas: forest recovery of the same for
reducing air pollutants, and influence on climate
Gualtiero A.N. Valeri, Montevenda Engineering International Association,
Title: Economic consequences of floods in Atlantic Canada
Yuri Yevdokimov, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Title: Contribution of multiple climatic variables and human activities to
streamflow changes across China
Qiang Zhang, Beijing Normal University, China
Title: On the correlation structure between surface soil moisture and vegetation
water content with global carbon fluxes
Khaled Ghannam, Princeton University, USA Climate Congress

Title: Climate change and strategies for urban sustainability

Xiangrong Wang, Fudan University, China
Title: Sustainable Energy development
Asta Mikalauskiene, Vilnius University, Lithuania
Title: When does climate shift emerge in the future beyond the historical
variability of precipitation?
Shoji Kusunoki, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan
Title: Sea ice study and Arctic polar amplification using CMIP5 models
Fernanda Casagrande, National Institute for Space Research, Brazil
Title: Role of technical innovation to combat environmental challenges with
pace of economic growth in UAE
Tahira Yasmin, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia
Title: New expression of the chemical activity of saline water at high pressure for
CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers
Yasmin Abdelraouf, University of New South Wales at Canberra, Australia
Title: Systemic model for assessing the vulnerability of an aquifer associated with
the effects of climate change
Monroy Vargas Edgar Ricardo, University Piloto, Colombia
Title: An exploratory field survey of twelve lakes of Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Geetika Pant, Indian Academy Degree College, India
Title: Modelling the climate change impact of rice yield towards climate resilient
future in Sri Lanka
S.P. Nissanka, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Title: Communicating climate change information in a township near Cape
Town: Challenges for bridging knowledge gap in democratic South Africa
Rendani Mulaudzi, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Title: Phyto-management of Cr-contaminated soils by maize cultivars:
physiological and biochemical response and metal extractability under Cr stress
Ume Habiba, Government College University, Pakistan
Title: Diversity and distribution of Baetidae larvae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) of
streams/rivers of the Western Ghats, India under climatic change scenarios
T. Kubendran, Bharathiar University, India Climate Congress

Title: Effects of climate change on agriculture and food security

Shraddha S. Nair, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India
Title: Carbon dioxide capture from flue gas Chlorella vulgaris micro algae in an
air-lift column with external liquid circulation
Rahbar Rahimi, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran
Title: Biosurfactant production by naphthalene degrading bacteria from oil
contaminated soil samples
Shah Jiten J., Indian Academy Degree College, India
Title: Prevalence and characterization of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus
aureus isolates from normal working places
Sayantan Chaterjee, Indian Academy Degree College, India
Title: Estimated impacts of climate and land-use change on the South Indian
diversity of birds community
S. Muralikrishnan, Thiagarajar College, India
Title: Tobacco A platform for efficient biofuel production: Pre-treatment to
bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass of tobacco
Cotek Temitayo, Indian Academy Degree College, India
Title: Possible impacts of climate change on Chrysichthys fisheries of the Cross
River, Nigeria
Daniel Ama-Abasi, University of Calabar, Nigeria
Title: Climate change in Congo Basin
Wilfried Pokam Mba, University of Yaounde, Cameroon
Speaker Slots Available
Day 2 (October 17th, 2017)
Keynote Speakers
Title: Amino-functionalized mesoporous silica-based adsorbent for co2 post-
combustion capture
Mohammad R.M. Abu Zahra, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE
Title: Green building promotion: Barriers and incentives from transaction costs
Queena K. Qian, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Featured Speakers Climate Congress

Title: Global governance through regional organizations: A policy tool for

climate change
John W. Sutherlin, University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA
Title: Future warming shifts climatic suitability of native Himalayan tree species
Pramod Lamsal, University of New England, Australia
Title: On the correlation structure between surface soil moisture and vegetation
water content with global carbon fluxes
Khaled Ghannam, Princeton University, USA
Title: The bumpy ride of the EU emission trading scheme: An analysis of
regulatory and governance challenges
Mei Zi Tan, Monash University, Australia
Title: Investigation of weather and climate forming natural factors
Marika Tatishvili, Georgian Technical University, Georgia
Title: Effects of multiple glaciogenic artificial cloud seeding in summer
Kikuro Tomine, National Defense Academy, Japan
Title: Is climate change the armegedoon foretold to the world?: A review
Gbujie Daniel Chidubem, USA
Title: Climate warming in the Sahel: Statistical analysis of the days and nights
climatologically warm and cold in the Senegalese Groundnut Basin
Galin Yanon, University of Reading, UK
Title: Kaya identity for analysis of GHG emission trends in Baltic States
Dalia Streimikiene, Vilnius University, Lithuania
Title: Study on method for synthetic precipitation data for ungauged sites using
quantitative precipitation model
Jai-Ho Oh, Pukyong National University, Korea
Title: Carbon trading under the Paris agreement
Bose K. Varghese, Infosys Limited, India
Title:Towards a legal and policy Framework for carbon capture and storage in
Japan: Optimising policy mix approach
Akihiro Nakamura, Meiji University, Japan
Title: Renewable energy technology and sustainable development
Abdeen Omer, Energy Research Institute, UK Climate Congress

Title: Novel challenges and pathways for long term climate resilience in low
income countries, example of the Sahel in Africa
GAHI Zegb Narcisse, Felix Houphouet Boigny University, Burkina Faso
Title: The utility of purge and recovery testing to characterize ground-gas flux
Arthur N Nwachukwu, University of Manchester, UK
Title: Biological control of toxic cyanobacteria
Luyanda L. Ndlela, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Title: Climate change: Impact, adaptation and mitigation in coastal areas of
Niger delta
Oyeleke O. Oyerinde, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
Title: Role of forests in mitigating the effects of climate change
Mustapha Ibrahim, Sokoto State University, Nigeria
Title: Improvement of Ngagel water treatment plant performance in PDAM,
Mehdi Lassoued, ITS, Indonesia
Title: Identification of toxic metal deposition in food cycle and its associated
public health risk
Masbubul Ishtiaque Ahmed, Military Institute of Science & Technology,
Title: A critique of An inconvenient truth and The great global warming
Dhruv Patel, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Title: Waste Management after Natural Disaster
Anurag Varshney, Yuvraj Research Center Pvt Ltd, India
Title: Penalty to pollutant city Act: A sustainable solution to reduce extreme
Ananta Aryal, Moksha Society, Nepal
Title: Examining the relationship between financial economics, environment,
and energy consumption: The case of GCC countries
Ali Matar, Jadara University, Jordan
Title: Decomposition analysis of factors influencing emissions and their impact
on mitigation targets
Kashmira Pawaskar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India Climate Congress

Title: Changes of temperature regime in different agro-climatic regions in Sri

S.P. Nissanka, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
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Closing Ceremony
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