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SAILOR X-Lite Software Phone.

Document Name: SAILOR X-Lite Software phone Revision: F

Introduction: This document describes the X-Lite Software Phone from the company CounterPath, and how to
configure it to used with the SAILOR FleetBroadband 250 and SAILOR FleetBroadband 500.

Typical Users: Small Vessels


Product Description: X-Lite is a fully functioning software phone featuring many popular features. With your existing LAN
connection to the SAILOR 250 or SAILOR 500, it allows you to make voice calls to any, mobile or
landline number from your computer. It compliments hardware phones such as Thrane IP Phone, 2-
wire phone and ISDN phone.

A subscription with a VoIP service provider or a DP is NOT required. The X-Lite software phone
connects directly to the built-in SIP Server of the SAILOR terminal (BDU). This is a unique feature of
the Thrane & Thrane FleetBroadband products SAILOR 250 and SAILOR 500, not offered by any
other FleetBroadband vendor in world.


Easy configuration of the X-Lite client.

Zero-Touch Configuration of your audio or video devices.
Excellent voice quality due to use of Standard Voice (AMBE+2 codec) over the satellite link.
Up to 16 phones in a mix of X-Lite softphones and Thrane IP handsets.
Comprehensive Personal Address Book, including detailed calls lists and history.
Microsoft Outlook integration allowing users to import their address book into their contact list.
Voice Call Recording.

More product info:

Following accessories are needed for beside the X-Lite Software Phone:

Headset (if not built in to PC)

Microphone (if not built in to PC)

Counterpath E-mail

contact details: Phone +1 604 320 3344

Thrane & Thrane E-mail

contact details: Phone +45 3955 8800

Tested on products: SAILOR 250 Software version: N/A

SAILOR 500 Software version: 1.01, build Build-bganx_bdu_aa-4

Tested on products: X-Lite Software Phone Software version: 3.0 build 41150

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System overview: On picture 1 below is shown a simple system overview of the setup.

Picture 1: System overview

It can be seen on picture 1 that the voice is transported using standard SIP protocol (VoIP, Voice
over IP) between the PC and the SAILOR terminal (BDU). The VoIP is terminated in the SAILOR
terminal and converted to either Standard Voice or 3.1kHz Audio depending on which voice service is
selected by the user. This guarantees a high quality voice connection from the PC to the office.

Instructions: Download the X-Lite software from

The software package is approximately 7.2 MB in size.
The software comes for Windows, Mac and Linux operation systems.
Install it using the install wizard and run the X-Lite software phone.
Go to the menu SIP Account Settings. See below picture 2:

Picture 2: Softphone Menu: SIP Account Settings

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Now the window in picture 3 will appear:

Picture 3: Add SIP account

Press the Add button to create a new SIP account. The window shown in picture 4 will appear.

Picture 4: Empty SIP account

Fill in the SIP account information as shown in picture 5 below:

Picture 5: SAILOR SIP properties

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NOTE: The password is the same as the User name. IE: 0501.

Press OK button to accept the above account information.

The X-Lite software phone is now ready to be used.

There are no configurations needed for the SAILOR terminal. It works with default factory settings.

NOTE: This accredited solution has not yet been tested with SAILOR 250, but it will most likely work well as
the two systems uses the same SAILOR terminal and only the antenna differs. The SAILOR 250 will
only support Premium Voice call in areas with +20 degrees elevation to the satellite.

Tested: Below tests was done using a SAILOR 500 system.

#1 Standard Voice call to landline phone.

#2 Standard Voice call to mobile phone.
#3 Premium Voice call to landline phone.
#4 Premium Voice call to mobile phone.
#5 Call from landline phone to X-Lite software phone.
#6 Call from mobile phone to X-Lite software phone.
#7 Local Call from analog phone to X-Lite software phone.
#8 Local Call from X-Lite software phone to analog phone.

All tests worked very well with the expected voice quality for each service.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice and

does not represent a commitment on the part of Thrane & Thrane A/S.
2007 Thrane & Thrane A/S. All rights reserved. Printed in Denmark.

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