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0510702 Influence of Soil Suction and

Environmental Condition on the Drying Soil Mechanics
Rate for Some Problematic Soils

0510702 Evaluation of Engineering

Properties of Problematic Soils in Soil Mechanics
Highway Construction

0510834 Three Dimensional Finite

Element Program to Predict the Behavior Soil Mechanics
of Soils and Substructure Components

BD545-18 Development of Procedures

for Utilizing Pit Proctors in the FDOT
Soil Mechanics
Construction Process for Construction of
Pavement Base Materials
BB890, Phase I Laboratory Simulation of
Soil Mechanics
Field Compaction Characteristics

BB890, Phase II Evaluation of

Laboratory Compaction Techniques for Soil Mechanics
Simulating Field Soil Compaction N/FDOT_BB890_2_rpt.pdf

BD545-77* Development of a Calibration

System for the Laboratory Proctor (Soil Soil Mechanics Not Available
Density) Compaction Hammer

BC354-62* Comparison of Soil Stress

Gage with Performance Based Results Soil Mechanics Not Available center/Completed_Proj/Summary_S
Using the Heavy Vehicle Simulator MO/FDOT_BC354_62_rpt.pdf

0510796 Investigation of Shrink and

Swell Factors in Soils Used in FDOT Soil Mechanics center/Completed_Proj/Summary_SMO/ center/Completed_Proj/Summary_S
Construction FDOT_796.pdf MO/FDOT_796.pdf
0510752 Centrifugal Numerical
Evaluation of Preloading on Polk County Soil Mechanics
Not Available

0510669 Evaluation of Resilient

Soil Mechanics
Not Available
Response of Florida Subgrade Soils

BD545-55, Seasonal Variability of Near

Surface Soil Water and Groundwater Soil Mechanics
Tables in Florida, Phase II D/FDOT_BD545_55_rpt.pdf