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INTRO 1. Do you like drinking chocolate milk?

Good day, were from De La Salle University and

were conducting a survey in your area. Can you 2. How often do you drink chocolate milk?
spare us 5 10 minutes of your time? There are no o Once a week
right or wrong answers, o 2-4 times a week
It is your opinion we want. o More than 4 times a week
o Others: ______________
How do I call you?
Name: ________________________ 3. What chocolate milk do you purchase regularly?
Part I.
4. Where did you get the information of the brand you
1. Age: _____ are currently using?
2. Sex: _____ o Newspaper
3. Marital Status: o Magazine
o Single
o Billboard
o Married
o Radio
o Widowed
o Facebook post
o Divorced
o Television Commercial
o Youtube Advertisement
4. Household size
o Recommendations from
o 1 only
o 2-3
o 4-5
o More than 5 5. What brand did you last
5. Educational attainment
o High school 6. Are you satisfied with its taste? Why or why not?
o College ______________________________________
o Master's Degree
o Doctorate Degree 7. What was the price of the last chocolate drink that
o Others: ______________ you last consumed?
o P20 or less
6. Occupation: ____________________ o P21- P30
o P31- P50
7. Monthly Income o More than P50
o P10,000 or less
o P10,000 - P30,000 8. Are you satisfied with its price? Why or why not?
o P30,001 - P75,000 ______________________________________
o P75,001 - P150,000
o P150,001 - P250,000 9. Are you satisfied with its packaging? Why or why
o P250,001 - P500,000 not? ______________________________________
o P500,001 and above

8. Location of Residence
o Metro Manila 10. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5
o Makati being the highest, rate the importance of the product
o Quezon City
o Taguig City
o Others: ______________ 1 2 3 4 5
Part II.
15. What size do you usually buy?
o Single bottle
o Single carton
Packaging o 750 mL
o 1 Liter
o Others: _____________
Nutritional Facts

16. What price are you willing to pay for a 350 mL

Price chocolate milk (single serving)?
o P20 or less
o P21- P30
Shelf Life
o P31- P50
o More than P50
17. Are you willing to try a chocolate milk using
Philippine Carabao milk? _________
Taste o Yes
o No


11. What do you usually drink chocolate milk with?

o Bread
o Biscuits
o Chocolate
o Cereals
o Others: _____________

12. Where do you usually buy?

o Supermarket/ Grocery
o Convenience Stores
o Wet market
o Sari-sari stores
o Others: _____________

12. Do you prefer low fat, less sugar, or full cream?

o Low fat
o Less sugar
o Full cream

13. Do you prefer chocolate milk in a:

o Plastic bottle
o Glass
o Carton
o Others: _____________
14. Do you prefer it hot or cold?
o Hot
o Cold