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INTERNATIONAL ISO STANDARD 3310-2 COPIA DE TRARALHO ost ain Test sieves — Technical requirements end testing — Part 2: ‘Test sieves of perforated metal plate Tame do conte ~ Exigenestectniuee a wnfeasons — Purse 2 Tamed conte en ee métaliquee perorkce 180 s110-2:199%() COPIAD TRABALHO Foreword 180 (he lnamatorl Ogaizaton for Standart) ta wordvite federation atonal etandards bodies (SO ‘member bodes). The wor of proparng Iteratonal Sadrsr ie rormaly cred ot trough 190 techie! {cmmtess. Each member body rested ns subj! for uhch a ochneal orm hae bes tabled as ‘he igo be reporonod on a! comme. iterator fganlators,govermnara and non goverment ih ator wet 180, ako tka pat nf work, 150 colabora, oon wil te heratona) Betteceial Commision (EC) ona mato of eectccnieal stundarazaton Inerational Standards are dad in accordance wih he ues given inthe ISONEE Orocives, Pars. ‘rat tematon! Standards adored bythe etna commits are cholo the member boi for voting Puboaton ae an rertoral Sansa’ reqs approval by at aa 75% the member bodes casing 8 te Irrational Standard 150 3310-2 was prepared by Techical Commie ISOC 24, Saves, sewing and oar ‘ing methods, Suocommiee SC "Tet seve, ot sewing tir etion 80 3810-21000), of which X conates« technica ‘This fourth eaten cance and replaces 150 310 consis othe sowing parts, under he gona te Tos stoves — Tectnicalequtwmens and tes: = Part Test loves of metal wre lot) — Part 2: Tet sieves of pereated mata plate ‘Anno Ao pat of SO 910 for eforaton oy Saami ny soem oma neem nary BIO \eanatil tn shrrtaton Serpe Bt eh eso 80 3910-2:1909(6) Introduction ‘As the accuracy ott slaving depen on the dimnsloalsccuray te et slave openings, costed ‘ecessny nts pat ol 150 3370 hep tolerances on he hale in poraed etal pi a coae as posable se {he manutactsng press allows eguiamts ter than lerancs onthe hee, uth at requirement rte pith of hl, any comer ra an pinto hcanass, have fot been ted mae coealy than hecossary, nee th ifuence of ese eran on test Bevin mine impotance and excesses! requirments may rake mandactureg unecessary fish