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List of Certified Green Rated buildings under CDM in India

Hotel Building Details Features

Methodology : AMS II.B (6, 7) Supply Side Energy Efficiency Improvements Generation & AMS II.E ( 7) Energy Efficiency and Fuel Switching measures for Buildings
ITC Hotel Sonar Bangla, Kolkata Rating : LEED EB:OM Supply side EE improvements Energy Efficiency and fuel switch measures Results:
Ranking : Platinum 1. Installations of magnetizer for better fuel 1. Installation of variable frequency drivers 1. Assists in relieving electricity supply
Year : atomization 2. Retrofit of existing HVAC system & various constraint in the region
Built up area 2. Reuse of low energy waste heat of the flue pumps 2. Reduction in pollution associated with
Owner ITC Hotels gases exhausted from the boiler stack to pre- 3. Enhancement of the treatment efficiency of the extraction, transportation and
Architect Kerm Hill Architects heat the boiler feed water and improve the sewage treatment unit utilization of fossil fuels
Annual reduction 2987 tCo2/year generation efficiency of the boiler 4. Replacement of electric water heater with solar 3. Encourage green technology adoption
CERs 5627 (issued) 3. Utilization of the waste heat of the return water heater in other Indian hotels
Investment - 1,43,408$ steam condensate to reduce HSD consumption
Methodology : AMS II.E Energy Efficiency and Fuel Switching measures for Buildings

Technopolis, Kolkata Rating : LEED for Core & Shell (CS) Demand side Energy Efficiency management Results:
Ranking : Gold 1. Exposure of glass wall area: High performance double glazed panels with reflective low e glass 1. Potential CDM revenue of INR 4.8
Year : August 2006 panes & having low U value and solar heat gain co-efficient million/annum
Built up area 7,75,000 Sq.f 2. Roof insulation: U value of the roof kept low with R-15 extruded polystyrene insulation and roof 2. Benefits anticipated : Rs.60 lakhs/year
Owner Forum Projects gardening
Architect - Agarwal & Agarwal 3. Each AHU is provided with VFD driven supply air blower and each AHU room has a heat recovery
Associates wheel (HRW) with supply/ recovery air fan.
Annual reduction 8448 tCo2/year 4. Chillers: Two 650 TR water cooled centrifugal chillers with COP of 6.1 are installed & a 300 TR water
CERs (Expected) screw with COP of 5.5, kept as a standby
Investment - 5. Cooling towers: There are two 1700 TR cooling towers in the HVAC system for cooling the water used
as cooling medium in the HVAC system of the building
Olympia Technology Park, Chennai Rating : LEED for Core & Shell (CS) Demand side Energy Efficiency management Results:
Ranking : Gold Energy Efficient 1. Total contracted demand 8750 KVA
Year : April 2007 1. Design of wall construction (material with better insulation properties) 2. Achieved demand 6750 KVA
Built up area 18,00,000 Sq.f 2. Roof construction over deck insulation and roof garden 3. 0.6 KVA/100 sq.f approximately against
Owner Khiveraj Tech Park 3. Glass area high performance glazing (double glazed with low U-value, optimum light transmission 1.2 KVA for a standard IT building
Architect - RSP Architects and optimum shading coefficient)
Annual reduction 25164 tCo2/year 4. Design of the HVAC system
CERs 25,550 (Expected) High performance chillers
Investment - 1,302,916 $ VFD (Varibale frequency drives) for AHU and chilled water pumps
Heat recovery wheels

FORTIS Hospital, (Shalimar Bhag) New Rating : GRIHA Demand side Energy Efficiency management
Delhi Ranking : 3 Star Energy Efficient
Year : 1. Wall construction: low embodied material such as AAC blocks which have fly ash
Built up area 64,400 sq.mts 2. Roof is insulated with extruded polystyrene to reduce the heat gain inside the building.
Owner 3. Glazing double insulated glass paned of higher thickness as against the single glaze windows
Architect - Mani Chowfla 4. Lighting
Annual reduction 4942 tCo2/year 5. HVAC systems with efficient chillers (higher coefficient of performance COP) and secondary chilled
CERs (Expected) water pumps on VFDs. The low side is equipped with energy efficient fans, pumps. The AHUs are
Investment 4,168,441 $ installed with VFDs.

ONGC limited, Mumbai Rating : LEED NC, USGBC Building Envelope Lighting - An average reduction in LPD11 Central Plant 2 nos.
(Under Construction) Built up area 52,348.12 sq. mts 1. Exterior wall construction: Spandrel glass with U value over ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999, LPD- 0.70 1. Water cooled Centrifugal chillers
Estimated cost : INR 2742.5 Millions Architect - Hafeez Contractor = 0.520 Btu/ hr.f2 F & 50mm glass wool Insulation. W/sq. f. 2. Chilled Water System: Primary-
Annual reduction 51150 tCo2/year 2. Roof Construction: 9. thick RCC with 3. Extruded Air Side HVAC System AHU with reheat, Secondary with Variable flow in
Polystyrene insulation entirely above deck, VAV boxes, Heat recovery Wheel installed, Secondary Pumps.
3. Window to wall ratio: 48%. demand control ventilation, 3. VSD.s on Cooling tower, AHU.s