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Residential Products
Residential products are ones that are in single family units. Maintenance is not mandatory, but still
highly necessary as they require regular adjustments and monitoring.


This model works with a hydraulic drive system.

Most commonly changed parts: Hose, batteries, cylinder seal

The hose and battery pack expire after 5 years. The battery pack is what lowers the elevator in case of
power failure. A faulty hose or cylinder seal makes the system lose pressure and causes the elevator to
readjust often.


This model works with a chain drive system and does not require a machine room.

Most commonly changed parts: batteries

Battery expires after 5 years.


It is a new model and also very rare (only 2 on our territory). It is not perfected yet and the mechanics
are not all comfortable working on them as they do not know the product very well yet.

Slim line doors

They are sliding door for the residential elevator similar to what a commercial elevator would have. They
are not the most common as they are pricier, but they are safer than swing doors as they are not
affected by 3x5 issues or locks issues.

They sometimes get misaligned and need to be adjusted. (gap between doors at the bottom)


This is a wheelchair lift that can be indoor or outdoor. Very rarely, if they are used as mobile unit they
can be considered commercial units. They can be enclosed or not.

Prolift https://www. .savaria.Commercial Products TSSA requires that all commercial elevation products be maintained regularly by For lifts. It works with a hydraulic system so it also needs the hose and batteries changed every 5 years. (We sometimes offer 2 or 3 visits packages as a closing tool) For LULAs.savaria.savaria. Delta/Omega Platform lift https://www. Delta is for straight staircase and omega for curved stairs. (Sometimes residential but rarely).com/products/wheelchair-lifts/delta-lift Those are commercial inclined platform lifts that are installed in a stair This is a commercial constant pressure operations lift. V-1504 This is a mostly commercial wheelchair lift. It is a very popular product. . They are not the most popular products. TSSA requires 2 maintenance visits per This is a LULA elevator (limited use/limited application). TSSA require 6 maintenance visits per year and maintenance rates are higher for those products. (This means that you have to keep pressing the button for it to work). Orion https://www. Note that our plans offer by default 4 visits per year as it is what we recommend as the manufacturer. Most of the ones we sell are going to be in school. churches or small offices.

Some information as highlighted in the picture needs to be filed up. but the following guide is mostly about the maintenance module. but not always. The system will crash once in a while for nothing .Concord System This is the system that contains all the information about our jobs. (it is possible that it is necessary to go in the install module to get that) 3) Move over the information on the billing side unless it is different from the contact information. 1) Fill up the product type 2) Fill up the contact information is it is available. Always use the “CLOSE” button and not the “x” at the top of the window. Right after turnover. Some quick tips . Always double check the documents automatically generated by the system - New turnovers When the installation department is done with an unit. Information is the rest of the system is sometimes transferred automatically to the file. the file is created in the maintenance module. There are many modules. . they turn it over to the owner and that is when the maintenance team comes in. 4) Check the taxable box if necessary .

… Visits: 2. Click new ticket and type “6” for a New contract ticket. . Chose contract start month b. 6. Amount: price of contract before tax 3) Go to Maint. History. etc. Silver. a. 2) Fill up package info maintPack: Bronze.Entering a New Contract 1) Make sure that all contact information is filled up correctly. 4. Pick maintenance months (Cannot be the same month as the contract start date) c.

4) In the new ticket. b. Enter [“DATE” . Fill item code (MT + B for Bronze. Thank you for signing with Savaria. a. MTB2 for bronze 2. ] 6) Go to scans a. Pick Sales person and fill approved date 5) Go to invoicing a. S for silver. Press tab until the total appears d. Contract” 7) Fill up 24/7 Section if needed ( silver. Click attach scan to ticket and attach signed contract PDF b. Fill completed date c. Fill Due date d. MTG6 for Gold 6 visits. Put in Price before tax in Unit Cost c. etc + number of visit ) Ex.This is a “Contract type” maintenance contract which automatically renews unless 60 days written notice is given. Name file “Maint. gold or platinum contracts) . Choose acc pack location ( MT Orders) b.

attach scan of the confirmation in the scans section .Making a quote into an order 1) Open ticket 2) Pick ACC PAC 3) Fill up “PO”. “Due Date” 4) Fill up “Auth Date” 5) Click “Email Work order package” 6) If necessary. “Auth By”.

the quote must be emailed to the owners with a short description of the work that needs to be done. If not enter the completed date. In other words if it is in the completed section. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has created rules related to the design of elevators in an attempt to prevent injuries. Maintenance Ticket Generally no actions required unless it is specified in the notes sections. but other times actions are required depending on the type of ticket. If that is not done. convert it to an order right away. When they confirm their approval. Service Ticket/ Order Ticket Requires that you check in the system if the ticket “dropped down”. Most things that need to be done are from the notes of the mechanics. About the 3x5 Rule The space between the back of an elevator’s swing door and the cab gate is very dangerous. Sometimes nothing else needs to be done. so it I important to pay attention to that.Reviewing the Tickets All tickets that are completed are sent to the Maintenance Sales email. (Signature and name on the ticket) If not. convert it to an order. Below are the different types of tickets. . Quote Ticket If the quote was approved on site. the ticket cannot be invoiced. Those tickets are also automatically emailed to the owners.

which led to more safety concerns and the eventual adoption of the 3-5 Rule. Here is a guide for measuring the 3x5 rule.The distance from the door frame to the end of the flooring ( first red bar) . but they are still some that have not yet. the majority of the jobs have been measured. The requirements were relaxed over the years. It said that the distance from the door or gate to the sill could not exceed two inches and the distance from the hoistway face of the landing door or gate to the car door or gate could not exceed four inches. will be made compliant. Previously. 1) Fill up identification template with white out marker 2) Place the tape measure preferably next to the door frame.The distance from the door frame to the track of the sliding gate. 4) Do for every landing. the first safety code for private residential elevators. Measuring Since January. The ASME adopted A-17. It was then decided that all elevators turned over in 2015 and 2016. The 2 measures we are looking for are : . in 1955 to respond to safety concerns. . 3) Take picture from directly above so that the measures seen on the picture reflect reality as close as possible. the contractors signed a form that made them responsible for the 3x5 rule but it was later discovered that the often did not actually make the elevators compliant with the rule. since January 2017 an elevator cannot be turned over without meeting code. In the case of Savaria.