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Yamileth Ivette Snchez Amador

Valeria Rosario Romero

Alejandra Serna INGLES A1


Inside the Institute Maria Montessori the lack of interest has gone away noticed on the part
of the pupils, teachers and managers, on the care of the environment. One thinks about how
to begin to do conscience on these problems through that nowadays they live. There being
an interest on the part of the young people, there begins a new generation, who is interested
moreover on our planet, which does actions that in the course of time, these do the
difference on this big problems.

The equal coexistence is a fundamental part in this program, one is looking that the pupils
learn to live together and be employed at team to realize good actions.

Problem statement
The contamination of the environment has turned a big problem across the time that it has
been a question of solving by means of campaigns, publicity, donations and actions these it
has not done big impact on the problems. to emphasize before this big problem since
brought big consequences towards the ambience and the humanity since like young people
one looks for a healthy and free planet of any irresponsible act on the part of the human

One wants make aware he school community since big worry does not exist this has been
noticing for someone irresponsible actions that they harm to the care of the environment it
one wants to take opportunity to be some right inside the institution, a work that helps to do
good acts and help to the planet to obtain together a coexistence between the pupils.

With the program GreenHands, what tries to be achieved, is that inside the institute a due
respect is generated towards the environment, which has not managed to be had for time,
since to take care of water, to separate residues, to respect and to take care of the plants,
they are practical that thinks about how to be implemented inside the taking part students.
This way with the activities that are had planned inside the institution, they will help to that
the pupils acquire this knowledge on the ambience and its care, also it will help the young
people to coexist inside a healthy and charitable ambience. With all these elements it will
be possible to do a program that takes I finish annually, for the pupils of the second
semester, it will be a program that he benefits of equal way to the pupils, to the institute and
of course to the environment. It is important to have more knowledge of the environment
and of how to take care of it, since the young people can begin to do the difference, so that
in a future the environmental contamination, already it is not a problem of the one that
could worry.

To incorporate the knowledge on the recycling, its importance, since he benefits the social
and natural environment, to know the residues classification, according to its type of
deposit. GreenHands will help the pupils to differ and know a little more on the
environment that surrounds us at present.

the green hands project hopes to obtain like result wants make to the whole IMMA
personnel on the importance of the environment and the damages that the humanity
generates for irresponsible acts, for this it will be motivated to do activities and cartels with
the pupils of secondary for the care of the environment and to increase the green areas
inside the institute and this way to return to the most ecological school.

This project served to internalize and to learn in a suitable way the importance of the
environment and its benefits, since the environment is known it is the space where the
human being can live together straight with the nature, at the same time the man modifies
this space for its needs, that is to say it is the whole space that surrounds us.

And in the course of time there has got lost the interest of the care of this one himself and
that's why the ambience has deteriorated for some factors provoking the greenhouse effect.
In spite of the diverse problems that exist there are persons and organizations which they
help to the care of this one like the summit of the ground, the summit of Johannesburgo and
the summit of river. Some of these are organized by the ONU

The ensign here in Mexico they are by means of green schools which carries out to
recognize the actions that should be realized on the part of the school community, to
improve it got out of debt environmental and to contribute with actions that they benefit to
the care of the ambience and use this knowledge for its everyday life.

After all this, it remains clear that the care Of The environment is quite important, for the
good development of the life. For this the program of Green Hands was created by 5 pupils
of 2nd semester of preparatory, of the Institute Maria Montessori who is to turn the school,

For the achievement of the project different activities will have to be prepared, these will be
carried out in order to that the school involves in the care of the ambience, for example, to
have the window boxes cleanest and prepared for the sown field and the planted one that is
had planned, with help of the participation of 28 pupils; of secondary section.