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Written in Stone & The Calendar they dont want us to know about.

In the past when the creator thought something was important enough he would have it recorded
either onto paper or in this case stone which was equivalent to today's paper back then, however
writing something on paper doesn't really have a lot of meaning, unless there is something to
support that Civilisation as their whole infrastructure written on paper, with nothing to support it,
so there is a difference to what God writes in the bible and what some random guy, Lets say a
scientist, University professor, Bible scholar for a example writes on a piece of paper.
So if we say written in stone, the first thing that will probably come to mind might be the 10
Commandments because they where written on stone however we are going to talk about
something much more profound than that This will probably start out like religious church talk at
first, however I can ensure you its definitely not Once I get into it to it youll see what I mean

I am going to talk about something that the religions of the world I've kept secrets for nearly 2700
years and they don't want you guys to find out including me and they do everything in their power
to stop us from finding out this information

When I talk about something being written in stone For a good example of this, is what is written
in the bible right at the beginning in Genesis, and in fact is also recorded all the way through the
Bible right to the very last book of Revelation.

Right at the very beginning when Adam decided to stop being obedient to natural law, God told him if
you continue on this course you are going to curse the Earth Now the way this is presented to us
by all the religions of the world is punishment for Adam eating a piece of fruit and then God cursed
the Earth, just to make Adam sorry? This is not how the original Hebrew is presented in the Bible,
and in fact later on when Cain decides to start building cities and engaging in agriculture, it says the
same thing about Cain on Cains account the Earth is cursed and yet the all religions of the
world teach us that it was actually God that cursed the earth for what Cain did, which is not at all true
and does not support the Bible teachings what so ever

Throughout the Bible in every book we are shown what damage man has done to the Earth whether
that be to the planet, to the animals, to the trees, and also to one another When you get to the final
Book of Revelation - this book Revelation is all about the restoration of the planet and now he's
(God) going to straighten everything back out and restore it back to how it originally was at the
beginning - God says in uncertain terms I am bringing to ruin those who are ruining my earth
Then he goes on and explains how hes going to do this The book of Genesis and the Book of
Revelation are very closely tied together Genesis is about creation and Revelation is about the
restoration of the creation thats mentioned in Genesis.

So what do the Christian churches teach about this, and to me this is just the proof in the pudding, if
you take every single person that professes to be a Jew or Christian to a museum and show them all
the thousands of fossil specimens of extinct species of animals that we brought to ruin, meaning
us as humans And asked them why these animals no longer exist.. 99 to 100 percent will tell you it
was caused by natural selection, are some comet strike hitting earth?

Even though in our modern times we have seen Human beings destroy thousands of species with
not one single example of natural selection destroying even one, other than humans destroying them
all, roughly mankind destroys 50,000 species every single year and is still going strong, it was only a
couple years ago but the black rhino became extinct due to man and that's within our lifetime and I'm
sure over the next several years several more animals that we are familiar with will then become
extinct. - Now if you go somewhere (place of worship) where everybody is pretty much in agreement
with the fact that Human beings have done this, and that natural selection is a lie then that's a good
start But there's more

The bible a little further on tells us that because man did so much damage to the Earth and it looks
like it wasn't going to stop, that God brought a flood to destroy mankind and all living things, apart

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from one family and saved two of every single animal which went onto this ark with them
( Known as Noahs Ark) And yet if you take every person of Christianity and all the Jewish
faiths on the planet out to the Grand Canyon and asked them how did this appear or foam
99 to100 percent will say it was done by an ice age, however, the scientists that explain this
to us, are also the same scientists that discovered several very important principles in the
laws of physics.

The first one is called the law of Thermodynamics, and the other is called the law of
conservation of matter and energy yet the same people except us to believe in an ice age,
which realistically as to break both those laws!

And the vast majority of Christendom and Judaism buy in to this story if you attend a
place of worship, or a temple or even one member thinks that the Grand Canyon got there
by the Ice Age Then you need to address that?

Now something else, Written in stone Even though these might not be words the
creator as recorded these events into our landscapes as recorded proof of this event taking
place, no man can ever change this fact. Words can be manipulated.

However there is one scripture which as being so twisted and changed, that we no longer
figure out this for ourselves unless do a little research or look at the original hebrew and
this is at Daniel 2:21

So What does this scripture really say in its original Hebrew, if we do a little research and
go to a online concordance and look up this particular scripture is original language if
you click on to the word times you will find the original Hebrew actually states Years
and if you click onto Season the original Hebrew states months so the actual
scripture actually say that God is changing Years and Months, not times and seasons! So if
we think about this it clearly states that God is changing years and months A very
profound statement, so what does this mean? When the Jewish people were led to the
promised land they were stopped, and the thing that we call the 10 commandments, which
really was the 10 words which initially existed in the Ark of the covenant, however better
name for the box would be the container for the written agreement, these people made an
agreement with God that they would follow his commandments and he meaning God had
some very specific commandments put in place these things that he did where called
festivals and rituals, and in the agreement the written agreement it specifically said that
each of these rituals had to be observed by the entire nation, These rituals where re-
enactments of historical events in Bible history, and if you look at that and no matter how
you look at it, it says things such as for example on the 3rd day of the 4th month or things
similar to that you had to perform a curtain ritual, so within that law it told them when
they could Harvest crops and when to plant crops too, and it always referred to months and
days and theres a reason for that at that time the jewish people were using a 360 day
calendar with twelve 30 day months and it was designed so that so that the New Moon on
the first month would always fall on the solar solstice - Always! That is recorded in the bible
that they 360 days year with 12 x 30 day months.

No doubt youll question this, I will go into greater detail on this matter shortly.. But the fact
is now we no longer have a 360 day year calendar with 12 months all been 30 days each
We have a 365 day and a quarter year with 29 and a half day months. If we would now like
to know what the date is, we can not simply walk outside and look up at the moon, and say
its a third moon and looks about 5th day so now we need to look at either our phones or
watch, We cant this because we no longer have a lunar calendar anymore, Everything up
until the book of Daniel in the bible is based on a 360 day calendar.. Everything after the
book of Daniel is based on the Babylonian Calendar which is 365 days, until you get to the
Book of Revelation.. where it then

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goes back to 360 days, at this point in the Bible the calendar reverts back to a 360 day, 30
day month, 12 month calendar

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There is absolutely loads of evidence to support this fact, however, yet no one can figure why the
calendar changed, just that it did Some say a comet hit earth causing the axis to change, and there
is loads more other ideas out there.

So how did he (God) write this in stone, this is a very important thing as the bible is actually
in written in paper that would be meaningless, because the current ruler of this Empire
can also produce paper, paper about lies, But, Jehovah God made sure to write this in
stone, around the world in museums, you don't have to even go to the museum because
there are thousands of articles to see online too They are thousands upon thousands of
stone artefacts, records of empires, payments, executions, judicial decisions and there are
a whole lot of stone tablets which record planting habits of civilisations from around the
world Interestingly enough, every culture on this planet claims to have had a 360 day
calendar at one point in the past and they where all depended on the 360 day calendar for
planting and harvesting their crops!

Yet, if you take a christian or someone from the Jewish faith to such a museum and asked
them why that is 99 if not 100 percent will say that primitive man did not have the means
to measure days and years So this leads to something else now, we are now expected to
believe that thousands of years agrarian societies around the earth planted their crops
according to the new moon of a certain month, and they never picked up on the fact that
sometimes they were planting in the middle of summer and sometimes they were planting
in the middle of a snow blizzard, Anyone who studies Ancient history or architecture will
agree that ancient society built their buildings, in accordance to the sun circling the Earth,
and any historian will also agree that these cultures where far more advanced then us,
when it came to building - This again is a indictment against the religions of the world
Almost everyone who studies ancient cultures agrees, that every culture on this planet
about 2700 years ago something altered their 360 day calendar and instituted a 365
calendar And they dont why?

The reason why Jehovah God made the calendar change from 360 days to 365 days is more
earth shattering then the fact that he did it if you are in a place of worship that cant not
explain the change in the calendar to you then you really need to address this matter and
start to think why you have never not been told this or had it explained to you This
information is vital to everyone but I promise you without this clue and understanding of
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what has happened to the calendar, there is not one word in the bible that can never be
forced to make sense, every prophecy in the bible depends on understanding how this
calendar works or the prophecies are meaningless but now that you have this key every
prophecy in the bible can be understood and start to make more sense quite simply.

I will get into more detail on this as I go on for now we need to remember the bible is not
what you think it is.. And we also need to understand that the Bible is not a book about
rules which cover how we should live and laws based on sexual conduct and dos and
donts Its a written History of the war between Gods Kingdom and Satans civilisation -
His Empire!
Are if you prefer between creation and civilisation Believe it or not, that's basically what
the Bible is all about! - And it's not just the history of whats already happened its also a
History of whats going to happen in the very near future soon in advance.. so if thats the
history of the world recorded in the Bible, we need to ask what is the secular history, and
why is secular history different than bible history?

Well theirs reason, just like in our modern world today where we see and hear of something
thats actually taken place somewhere in the world.. we are always told what we are meant
to hear, some may call it mind control

So as we would, we decide to find out whats going on, and what do we do? We find a
media channel and listen too whats happened (Normally the BBC news) However, once
weve tuned in to this news channel or pick up a national paper we get fed different story
via the all the different media channels worldwide or papers for their cover story, including
net work stories from other media sources regardless Im not going to get into all the
conspiracy theories which are out there, But theres plenty And if you have anything
about you, Youll soon realise we are always told what we need to hear rather then the
actually truth You know that news, Real News never matches the news we are fed via
media channels and national papers regardless to what ever channel we will listen to or

And it's the same thing with Mythology, the reason why we call it Mythology now is because
so much of whats been uncovered is false, and the governments are disassociating
themselves from it, the governments dont want to tell us that Apollo is real are that
Ishtar is real or even Nimrod was a real person For years people used to think these
people was make-believe just to tell a story And now new evidence prove them wrong
and they know they look stupid, for years & years theyve told people that these people
wasn't real, they were just make believe, however discoveries are been made throughout
the world every year now that proves or supports that these people or places did at one
time exist

However, these where real people, regardless to whether they were Angles or demon
possessed, they where fleshy humans, they had emotions and they had personalities like
me and you, and they actually ruled the Earth at one time

To keep it real simple God brought the flood to humiliate them, The only foam of worship
that would of existed prior to the flood would of being to Satan only (Pagan worship &
Satanic rituals)

At that time youd go to one of the many temples, and you would go up to Satan, Eve and
possible even one of his nepheline breed and bow down to them and kiss their ring maybe
or whatever they had going on at that time maybe even offer them a gifts, And they would
of been in fleshy foam, but we do know that some time before the flood that Eve actually
died, even though Satan promised her what God had promised her, that she would live
forever. Then when the flood did occurred the nepheline was wiped off the surface of the
earth and never came back, the Demons after the Flood never appeared to be able to
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materialise fleshly bodies And I dont why, there is nothing mentioned at all after this
event in the bible to indicate why they couldnt, Only prior to the flood that they could
engage in sexual relations with fleshy humans and animals. - The fact that his happened is
why so many religions today are based on a Trinity theory. - which I will explain later.

Anyway, After the flood Satan had to think fast and come up with something new pretty
quick. He had to think of a whole new scheme for his worshippers, and the fact that he no
longer had his nepheline breed there to support him All he could do now was throw out
some false gods, 10 in fact!

And I will tell you why theres 10 of them This again is yet based on the calendar, his
entire religious scheme dependent on being able to follow gods throughout the year, so for
example January you would worship this God, February you would worship that God,
March you would worship this God right until December were you would worship this
God and so forth.. They would of being 12 festivals per year But once a year there will be
a very special festival, because like I said before the year use to be based on 360 day long
calendar, all with 12 months, all having 30 days So, back then all you had to do would be
look up at the Moon (Prior to Flood) the way we all look at a clock today with no numbers
on, and we are all still able to figure out the time regardless to whether it as numbers on it
or not This is exactly now the moon would of worked back then prior to the flood for
everybody on earth People would be able to tell when it was a new moon, when it was a
full moon, and when it was a quarter moon, even though the moon would not appear to
have any numbers or marks on it so they knew not exactly what day it was, but pretty
much knew how close to what day it would of being And you couldnt deny a New Moon
or a Full Moon, at this time in history they would have their entire year based on this 360
day cycle prior to the flood. This Solar cycle and twelve 30 day lunar cycle, That where all
matched up perfectly.

Now when God finished his creation, he commanded his creation to Rest. ( a) -
Sabbath - permanent rest.

And in the fact a lot of religions still observe a weekly sabbath in memorial to Gods
sabbath, However Gods sabbath is a little different - A seven day week, where six days are
to work and one day is for rest is not Gods idea of Rest - The Hebrew a - Sabbath. -
means permanent rest.

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The Sabbath that Adam and Eve was commanded to observe is by far more different then the
one we observe today.. The one that Adam and Eve was told to observe was permanent rest

The proof is all around us to day, The first day God created this, the second day he created that
and the third day he created this, and so forth until he got to the sixth day - And one this 6th day,
God said everything is Very Good Its perfect, he couldnt think of anything else to create,
everything was Very Good Basically do not touch My Creation, its fantastic and its Very Good,
Do Not Mess with my creation Just Relax and Enjoy it!! - And there is no evidence today to
support that God as creator had anything since then, we dont hear that new varieties of fish, birds
and lizards have been made etc, even though we still discover new species every year, and we
most likely kill species that we probably never been discovered

So basically we are still in that Sabbath, that God originally commanded us to all rest. It is not just
one day of the week as we are lead to believe.

But these people back then disobeyed that command, and during Gods sabbath all they have
done is nothing but destroy the Earth cut down trees, build temples and buildings, dug up rocks,
cut up rocks, melted metals, polluting the seas and rivers, killed the animals for either greed or

And back then the vast majority of everything build in the ancient past was for worship too, - And
Im not just talking about the holy land, All we have to is look at all the temples and monuments
from all over the globe that are still here today which we can even visit And, anyone that as
studied these buildings will tell you that all these buildings was constructed for worship in some
form or another From the temples in South America, China, Egypt, and even Stonehenge

And nearly all these temples or monuments was designed with features that would follow the
sun these might have been a large obelisk with a point on the top which played a feature within
this building, to act like a sundial as the sun passed over during the course of the day or year
The obelisk would cast a shadow sometimes during the day or year and point at a particular
statue Of one of these 10 gods, and Satan and Eve making the other two Making 12 statues
in total.

You see Eve was also represented by one of these months and also Satan would also be
represented by another month throughout history every culture, doesn't matter if it was ancient
Egypt, Thenisha, Greece, Babylonia, Rome They all had these 10 minor gods that foamed the
inner circle of Satan and the mother goddess which is Eve But these statues, temples, buildings
and monuments would cast shadows or would have some foam of hole in the roof which would
also cast a beam of light onto these particular statues/gods. - Are it could just be a symbol to
represent that God.

For example in ancient Greece, The religion of ancient Greece was a form of nature worship that
grew out of the beliefs of earlier cultures. However, unlike earlier cultures, man was no longer
perceived as being threatened by nature, but as its sublime product. The natural elements were
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personified as gods of completely human form, and very human behaviour. But as you can see the
12 gods of their culture

The home of the gods was thought to be Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. The
most important deities were: Zeus, the supreme god and ruler of the sky; Hera, his wife and
goddess of marriage; Athena, goddess of wisdom; Poseidon, god of the sea; Demeter,
goddess of the earth; Apollo, god of the sun, law, reason, music and poetry; Artemis,
goddess of the moon, the hunt and the wilderness; Aphrodite, goddess of love; Ares, God
of war; Hermes, god of commerce and medicine, Hephaestus, god of fire and metalwork,
and Dionysus, god of wine and fruit-bearing plants.Worship, like many other activities, was
done in community, in the open.

However, by 600 BC, the gods were often represented by large statues and it was
necessary to provide a building in which each of these could be housed. This led to
the development of temples.
The ancient Greeks perceived order in the universe, and in turn, applied order and
reason to their creations. Their humanist philosophy put mankind at the centre of
things, and promoted well-ordered societies and the development of democracy. At
the same time, the respect for human intellect demanded reason, and promoted a
passion for enquiry, logic, challenge, and problem solving. The architecture of the
ancient Greeks, and in particular, temple architecture, responds to these challenges
with a passion for beauty, and for order and symmetry which is the product of a
continual search for perfection, rather than a simple application of a set of working

The 12 Greek and Roman Gods ^

Egyptians 12 gods

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The 12 Babylonian gods.


The Babylonian god Anshar is the son of Tiamat and Apsu, brother and husband of Kishar.
Anu (An)

The son of Anshar and Kishar. He is the chief god of the Great Triad, with Ea and Enlil. In
Sumerian mythology, he was the god of sky, husband of Nintu (Ki), and the father and ruler of
all gods. One of four Sumerian creating gods.

The Babylonian god Apsu is Tiamat's husband, the ruler of gods and underworld oceans.
Father of Lahmu, Lahamu, Anshar and Kishar. Ea killed him.

Damkina is the Babylonian earth mother goddess, the wife of Ea and mother of Marduk.

The Babylonian god Ea is the son of Anu and husband of Damkina, father of Marduk, god of
wisdom, arts and crafts. Ea is the ruler of all gods after Apsu. In the Great Triad, Ea is the
third with Anu and Enlil. In the Sumerian pantheon, Ea is the son of Nintu.

Enlil is the Babylonian god of the air between earth and sky. In Sumerian mythology he was
the son of An and Nintu, the god of air and agriculture, and eventually co-ruler of the gods
along with Anu. One of four Sumerian creating gods.
Ishtar (Inanna)

Inanna is a great goddess, the goddess of love and war. She descended to the Underworld to
try to regain her lover.
Kingu (Qingu)

Kingu is a dragon commander of Tiamat's forces against Marduk. Kingu is the counterpart of
the sky god Anu on the side of darkness. He may have been Tiamat's second husband. Ea
fashioned humans from his blood when Kingu was ordered to be sacrificed.

The Babylonian goddess Kishar is the daughter of Tiamat and Apsu, sister and wife of

Glossary entry with small picture of Marduk.

Mummu (Mommu)

The Babylonian god Mummu is the son of Tiamat and Anu or their chamberlain/intermediary.
He is the god of mist and a craftsman god.In one of the Babylonian creation stories, the
original beings were Apsu, Mommu, and Tiamat. From them came the demons and the gods.
The gods were Lakhmu, Lakhame, Ashar, Kishar, Anu, Ea, and others. Tiamat became a
power of evil and Ea and followers, a power of good. This is the version on Ashurbaipal's
library's Creation from about 650 B.C. There are other versions from Berosus (280 B.C.) and
Damiscius (6th century A.D.
Nintu (Ki)

A great Sumerian goddess, wife of Anu and mother of all gods, she created humans from
clay. One of four Sumerian creating gods. Nintu is a goddess of childbirth (Lady of Birth)."A
Note on the Lady of Birth"
H. Frankfort
Journal of Near Eastern Studies Vol. 3, No. 3 (Jul., 1944), pp. 198-200

Son of Sin, god of the sun who protects the poor and travelers.

Moon god and the father of Shamash; counterpart of the Sumerian Nanna.

Tiamat is the Babylonian Great Goddess, counterpart of Sumerian Nintu. Primeval chaos.
Destroyed by her children to create the world.

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The majority of Sumerian deities belonged to a classification called the Anunna
([offspring] of Anu* ), whereas seven deities, including Enlil and Inanna, belonged
to a group of underworld judges" known as the Anunnaki ([offspring] of An + Ki;
alternatively, "those from heaven (An) who came to earth (Ki)"] During the Third
Dynasty of Ur, the Sumerian pantheon was said to include sixty times sixty (3600)
The main Sumerian deities are:

Anu: god of heaven, the firmament

Enlil: god of the air (from Lil = Air); patron deity of Nippur
Enki: god of freshwater, male fertility, and knowledge; patron deity of Eridu
Ereshkigal: goddess of the underworld, Kigal or Irkalla
Inanna: goddess of warfare, female fertility, and sexual love; patron deity of
Nammu was the primeval sea (Engur), who gave birth to An (heaven) and Ki
(earth) and the first deities; eventually became known as the goddess Tiamat
Ninhursag: goddess of the earth
Nanna: god of the moon; one of the patron deities of Ur
Ningal: wife of Nanna
Ninlil: an air goddess and wife of Enlil; one of the matron deities of Nippur;
she was believed to reside in the same temple as Enlil
Ninurta: god of war, agriculture, one of the Sumerian wind gods; patron deity
of Girsu, and one of the patron deities of Lagash
Utu: god of the sun at the E-babbar temple of Sippar

*Anu (in Akkadian; Sumerian: An, from !An "sky, heaven") is the earliest attested
Sky Father deity. In Sumerian religion, he was also "King of the Gods", "Lord
of the Constellations, Spirits and Demons", and "Supreme Ruler of the
Kingdom of Heaven", where Anu himself wandered the highest Heavenly
Regions. He was believed to have the power to judge those who had
committed crimes, and to have created the stars as soldiers to destroy the
wicked. His attribute was the Royal Tiara. His attendant and vizier was the god

Anyway, now that we've established that all these ancient cultures all had 12
gods We can move ( please search this yourself)

One that really shows up a lot is would be the obelisk similar to the
Washington monument, once a year on the summer solstice it would cast a
shadow on the All seeing eye ( which I mention at the beginning) which
represented Eve, and the actual Obelisk represented satans sexual organ. So
that the shadow would once a year move across and land right in the centre
of the all seeing eye.

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So lets take a brief look at the Obelisk and it represents

Obelisks were prominent in the architecture of the ancient Egyptians, who placed
them in pairs at the entrance of temples. The word "obelisk" as used in English
today is of Greek rather than Egyptian origin because Herodotus, the Greek
traveller, was one of the first classical writers to describe the objects. A number of
ancient Egyptian obelisks are known to have survived, plus the "Unfinished
Obelisk" found partly hewn from its quarry at Aswan. These obelisks are now
dispersed around the world, and fewer than half of them remain in Egypt.
The earliest temple obelisk still in its original position is the 68-foot (20.7 m) 120-ton
red granite Obelisk of Senusret I of the XIIth Dynasty at Al-Matariyyah in modern
The obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, and during the brief religious reformation
of Akhenaten was said to be a petrified ray of the Aten, the sundisk. It was also
thought that the god existed within the structure.
Benben was the mound that arose from the primordial waters Nu upon which the
creator god Atum settled in the creation story of the Heliopolitan creation myth form
of Ancient Egyptian religion. The Benben stone (also known as a pyramidion) is the
top stone of the Egyptian pyramid. It is also related to the Obelisk.
It is hypothesized by New York University Egyptologist Patricia Blackwell Gary and
Astronomy senior editor Richard Talcott that the shapes of the ancient Egyptian
pyramid and obelisk were derived from natural phenomena associated with the sun
(the sun-god Ra being the Egyptians' greatest deity). The pyramid and obelisk might
have been inspired by previously overlooked astronomical phenomena connected
with sunrise and sunset: the zodiacal light and sun pillars respectively.
The Ancient Romans were strongly influenced by the obelisk form, to the extent that
there are now more than twice as many obelisks standing in Rome as remain in
Egypt. All fell after the Roman period except for the Vatican obelisk and were re-
erected in different locations.
The largest standing and tallest Egyptian obelisk is the Lateran Obelisk in the
square at the west side of the Lateran Basilica in Rome at 105.6 feet (32.2 m) tall and
a weight of 455 tons.[
Not all the Egyptian obelisks in the Roman Empire were set up at Rome. Herod the
Great imitated his Roman patrons and set up a red granite Egyptian obelisk in the
hippodrome of his new city Caesarea in northern Judea. This one is about 40 feet
(12 m) tall and weighs about 100 tons. It was discovered by archaeologists and has
been re-erected at its former site.
In Constantinople, the Eastern Emperor Theodosius shipped an obelisk in AD 390
and had it set up in his hippodrome, where it has weathered Crusaders and Seljuks
and stands in the Hippodrome square in modern Istanbul. This one stood 95 feet
(29 m) tall and weighing 380 tons. Its lower half reputedly also once stood in
Istanbul but is now lost. The Istanbul obelisk is 65 feet (20 m) tall.
Rome is the obelisk capital of the world. The most well-known is probably the 25
metres (82 ft), 331-ton obelisk at Saint Peter's Square in Rome.[ The obelisk had
stood since AD 37 on its site on the wall of the Circus of Nero, flanking St Peter's
"The elder Pliny in his Natural History refers to the obelisk's transportation from Egypt to
Rome by order of the Emperor Gaius (Caligula) as an outstanding event. The barge that
carried it had a huge mast of fir wood which four men's arms could not encircle. One
hundred and twenty bushels of lentils were needed for ballast. Having fulfilled its purpose,
the gigantic vessel was no longer wanted. Therefore, filled with stones and cement, it was
sunk to form the foundations of the foremost quay of the new harbour at Ostia."

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Re-erecting the obelisk had daunted even Michelangelo, but Sixtus V was determined to
erect it in front of St Peter's, of which the nave was yet to be built. He had a full-sized
wooden mock-up erected within months of his election. Domenico Fontana, the assistant of
Giacomo Della Porta in the Basilica's construction, presented the Pope with a little model
crane of wood and a heavy little obelisk of lead, which Sixtus himself was able to raise by
turning a little winch with his finger. Fontana was given the project.

The obelisk, half-buried in the debris of the ages, was first excavated as it stood; then it
took from 30 April to 17 May 1586 to move it on rollers to the Piazza: it required nearly 1000
men, 140 carthorses, and 47 cranes. The re-erection, scheduled for 14 September, the Feast
of the Exaltation of the Cross, was watched by a large crowd. It was a famous feat of
engineering, which made the reputation of Fontana, who detailed it in a book illustrated with
copperplate etchings, Della Trasportatione dell'Obelisco Vaticano et delle Fabriche di
Nostro Signore Papa Sisto V (1590), which itself set a new standard in communicating
technical information and influenced subsequent architectural publications by its
meticulous precision. Before being re-erected the obelisk was exorcised. It is said that
Fontana had teams of relay horses to make his getaway if the enterprise failed. When Carlo
Maderno came to build the Basilica's nave, he had to put the slightest kink in its axis, to line
it precisely with the obelisk.

Three more obelisks were erected in Rome under Sixtus V: the one behind Santa Maria
Maggiore (1587), the giant obelisk at the Lateran Basilica (1588), and the one at Piazza del
Popolo (1589)
An obelisk stands in front of the church of Trinit dei Monti, at the head of the Spanish
Steps. Another obelisk in Rome is sculpted as carried on the back of an elephant. Rome lost
one of its obelisks, the Boboli obelisk which had decorated the temple of Isis, where it was
uncovered in the 16th century. The Medici claimed it for the Villa Medici, but in 1790 they
moved it to the Boboli Gardens attached to the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, and left a replica in
its stead.
Several more Egyptian obelisks have been re-erected elsewhere. The best-known examples
outside Rome are the pair of 21-metre 187-ton Cleopatra's Needles in London (69 ft) and
New York City (70 ft) and the 75-foot (23 m) 227-ton obelisk at the Place de la Concorde in

There are ancient Egyptian obelisks in the following locations:

Egypt 8
Pharaoh Thutmosis I, Karnak Temple, Luxor
Pharaoh Ramses II, Luxor Temple
Pharaoh Hatshepsut, Karnak Temple, Luxor
Pharaoh Senusret I, Al-Masalla area of Al-Matariyyah district in Heliopolis, Cairo
Pharaoh Ramses III, Luxor Museum
Pharaoh Ramses II, Gezira Island, Cairo, 20.4 m (67 ft)[17]
Pharaoh Ramses II, Cairo International Airport, 16.97 m (55.7 ft)
Pharaoh Seti II, Karnak Temple, Luxor, 7 m (23 ft)
France 1
Pharaoh Ramses II, Luxor Obelisk, in Place de la Concorde, Paris
Israel 1
Caesarea obelisk
Italy 13 (includes the only one located in the Vatican City)
Rome 8 ancient Egyptian obelisks (see List of obelisks in Rome)
Piazza del Duomo, Catania (Sicily)
Benevento, two obelisks
Boboli Obelisk (Florence)
Poland 1
Ramses II, Pozna Archaeological Museum, Pozna (on loan from gyptisches Museum und
Papyrussammlung, Berlin)[18]
Turkey 1
Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, the Obelisk of Theodosius in the Hippodrome, Istanbul, along with the
Byzantine Walled Obelisk and the Serpent Column
United Kingdom 4
Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, "Cleopatra's Needle", on Victoria Embankment, London
Pharaoh Amenhotep II, in the Oriental Museum, University of Durham
Pharaoh Ptolemy IX, Philae obelisk, at Kingston Lacy, near Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Pharaoh Nectanebo II, British Museum, London (pair of obelisks)
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United States 1
Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, "Cleopatra's Needle", in Central Park, New York

Obelisks are erect phallic (penis) symbols related to the Egyptian Sun god, Ra. The four sides
of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north,
and south).At the ground level each side of the monument measures 55.5 feet in width,
which is equal to 666 inches each side.The height of the obelisk is 555.5 feet, which is
IMAGE! (which was 90 x 9 feet, a 10-to-1 ratio). Christians have the cross, but Illuminists
have their phallic obelisk! The new grand PHALLUS (obelisk) symbol representing the sinister
power of the global Illuminati elite is the ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER, replacing the old
World Trade Centre in New York. The new architectural wonder is exactly 1,776 feet tall,
featuring The Great Pyramid in it's design. This evidences that the satanic plot for World
Government has existed for millenniums and is perpetrating from generation-to-generation
by occult organisations.

The word 'obelisk' literally means 'Baal's Shaft' or Baal's organ

of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we
realise that we have a gigantic obelisk in nearly all nation's
capitals - The most famous known as the Washington Monument.

The ancient pyramid is seen by Illuminati as a structure in which the sun's raysthe
"holy fire" (semen) of Osiris the Egyptian sun godilluminate the outer structure,
then enter within the pyramid's walls. The interior is envisioned to be the womb and
vagina of the goddess, Isis. The word "pyramid" literally means "amid the pyre, or
The obelisk, a heathen idol common in towns and cities across America, is said to be the phallus of
Osiris. Not by coincidence, the largest obelisk in the world, the Washington Monument, stands erect
in Washington, D.C., our nation's capita,
The point within the circle is a symbol adopted by Bavarian occultist Adam
Weishaupt, the founder (May 1, 1776) of the original Order of the Illuminati. The
point is considered to be the phallus, or penis, of the Mystery god, the circle the
goddess vagina.

From your aerial vantage point over the Vatican courtyard, you will also see rising
from the centre or hub of this Sun Wheel, in its erect position, a symbol of the
Occult and Sun Worship that is highly regarded for its sacred importance. This
particular Sun symbol was literally uprooted from Egypt and transplanted in Rome,
as others were taken to the cities of London, Paris, Constantinople, and Central
Park, New York. Its numerous 'look a likes' are popularly used as monuments and
memorials for great men, or actually any man that wants to be remembered. A
casual walk through any graveyard will vividly show you this. But just what is the
significance of the Sun symbol, this stone monument or 'obelisk' as it is called,
especially in certain places where it stands erect before a Dome?

First, it must be noted that even though the obelisk has been publicly displayed in the
most obvious and conspicuous places to be seen, yet in any dictionary or regular
encyclopaedia, the Subject 'obelisk' and its full meaning is just never explained. Only in
specialised books and literature do you find its true symbolic significance and what it
meant to those who worshiped the Sun. In other words, the obelisk symbol has been
purposely displayed for public awareness, but at the same time, its real meaning has been
kept from us, or at the least, kept out of those reference books where most would normally
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However, the Encyclopaedia American, 1964 edition, showing how the obelisk was
related to Sun worship, explains it like this-"a monument representing the sun in ancient
Egyptian religion. The Egyptians were sun worshipers, regarding the great luminary as the
creator of the universe, the maker of all gods above and below, and even the author of
himself...The two most striking characteristic monuments which represented him on earth
were the obelisk and the pyramid...The obelisk is the technical figure of one ray or pencil of
light emanating from the sun." The word o-'bel'-isk actually means the 'shaft of Bel'; Bel
being another way of writing Baal, the Babylonian and Egyptian Sun god, that all nations
followed after.

It is an interesting fact about the chief temples of Egypt and Babylonia, that they were
"oriented"--that is to say, that the temples were built so that the shrine and entrance always
faced in the same direction. On one morning in the year, and one morning alone, in a
temple oriented to the rising place of the sun at Mid-Summer Day, the sun's first rays would
smite down through the gloom of the temple and down the long alley of the temple pillars to
brilliantly illuminate the altar. Thus it was believe that by that pencil of light or "shaft" of the
Sun's presence upon the altar, it became impregnated. This solemn even gave assurance
of fertility in the land and another fruitful year.
But as further evidence that gives proof that Roman Catholicism is nothing more than
disguised Sun Worship, that actually arose from the ruins of Roman paganism, consider the
fact that the Vatican of today and St. Peter's Basilica is literally built right over the very
grounds of the ancient Vatican Circus. It was here, that they held their chariot races to the
"Sun". And as then, so today, St. Peter's is oriented toward the East. That is, "so that at the
vernal equinox the great doors can be thrown open at sunrise and the sun rays passing
through the nave will illuminate the high altar.
By pagan tradition, an altar symbolised the female body, which in turn symbolised 'Mother'
Earth. It does not take any great imagination to understand the symbolism of an obelisk
standing before a Dome--which represents a pregnant woman's belly. Ask yourself with
deep soul searching, what does any of this have to do with "true" Christianity??
Today's world wide participation in observing calendar dates that have come down to us
from ancient Babylonian Sun worship, tells only too well the influence this system has had
upon mankind. Most people today observe these dates as Christian holy days and
festivities, when in reality, the dates themselves have nothing whatever to do with
Christianity. Christmas and Easter both are good examples of how these Sun dates have
been twisted and perverted to be recognized as something that is Christian. Yet, any good
encyclopaedia will quickly inform you of their true origin.

Anyway, back to the point You can imagine these people back then had no way to
communicate with one another, like we can do today so the people over China, Greece,
could not just come over here are tell the people of South or North America, so no one
would have really been paying close enough attention They may off all noticed that the
shadows was kind of falling across one of these gods ( for example the month of Tammuz)
and it would have fell across its image, although it may have been crooked.

Tammuz (Hebrew month)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Tammuz (Hebrew: : Standard Tammuz, Tiberian Tammz), or Tamuz, is the tenth month of the civil year and the fourth
month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar. It is a boreal summer month of 29 days, which occurs on the
Gregorian calendar around JuneJuly.
The name of the month was adopted from the zodiac sign aptly named Tammuz (Hebrew), or in English, Cancer. It is also a
month in the modern Assyrian calendar of the ethnic Assyrian Christians.

But at the time they would never have understood exactly how big of a deal this was until
the summer solstice-

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When it got to this time of the year, for this particular festival everyone would have
planned there entire year around it, like people do today with Christmas These people for
generations have travelled to these temples from thousands of miles away, they brought
their gifts and offerings for these gods, they would arrive and the priests would be all
dressed in red cloaks and robes with

White trimming, The trees all around these temples would have been decorated, and they
would have also hung ornaments all over these trees, they would have been bands playing,
people playing music, Carol singing, people drinking and partying this truly was the
place to be this time of the year. - Oh, and did I forget to mention that the summer solstice is
right the December the 25th?

So lets think about it, these people spent all their entire year preparing for the biggest
festival, lets even say party that was going to take place months of preparation would of
had to taken place, they travelled miles if not thousands, brought their whole families and
even the sick to these abandoned temples and monuments that we see today Music will
be playing, orchestras, people singing, drums banging, horns blowing as they all
watched this shadow or beam of light go across the courtyard, building, floor what ever it
may be like the all the other previous year watching this shadow as it meets the all
seeing eye ( Eves reproductive organ) and they would be watching the obelisk ( which
represented satans reproductive organ) And then just as it was about to meet they
probably would be a gasp - And then it didnt match, Nothing happened!!! - So can only
imagine what was going through their mind all that planning all the effort and nothing
happened - in just that one moment in time the creator Jehovah God, destroyed every
single religion and Satanic ritual that existed on the surface of the Earth This is just a
very very small part of the puzzle which I will shortly explain in more detail soon. Were
going to explain every single prophecy in the Bible we just this knowledge.

The knowledge of the all seeing eye, The knowledge of understanding the calendar, The
knowledge that Jehovah God stop this calendar for this very reason and the knowledge that
hes going to restart this calendar back again very soon, and not its not for these festivals
and rituals to take place, but for something else

When we look at these numbers 12 months, 10 subordinate demons to Satan and Eve
(some may call them Gods) the 7 days week and if you look at the Book of Revelation,
this book.. the entire book of Revelation is like a slap in satans face - it goes through and
completely destroys his entire worship system and makes fun of it And it also introduces
Gods actual worship system and

Gods real calendar just like he created when he said very thing is Very Good. Which well
go into detail soon.

So now we know that the entire earth professed that the year was 360 days long, then every
civilisation around the planet all of a sudden out of the blue, changed their calendars from
360 days to 365 days like we see today and what the Bible says about this change why it
happened and when it up happened we just going to depth Satanic ritual that use to
happen, archaeologists and people who study know that this event or festival actually took
place, like we said they would have a Temple and this temple will have some kind of
architectural feature that caused a shadow to fall across different statues and images
throughout the year each one of the images would represent one of the 10 subordinate
Kings to Satan and it would also represent Satan himself as his bride, scripturally we know
that satans bride ended up being Eve but on a even bigger scale the demons ( fallen
angels ) all had brides they were all Human females and this could represent that entire
System that existed back then, this is really important in understanding the Bible yourself
you don't need somebody else telling you what the Bible is all about when you can do it for
yourself are you have to understand some key details, and some very important things
that happened throughout history that have been recorded in the Bible that are the key to
understanding it correctly and to understanding the rest of the bible, and this another one
of those things that the religions of the world hide from us if you was to ask someone

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what the Song solomon is all about They will probably tell you some kind of story that
this particular book represents the relationship between God in the flesh and his elect

I can't emphasise enough how important it is to check everything I tell you out for yourself
and you will find everything can saying is actually correct, anybody can say anything
without having the proof to back it up our current bibles even though the English
standard version of the King James when these books have been translated they were
missed translated, we need to go back and check the original Hebrew and Greek because
they are the correct manuscripts before they were translated these are the originals and
the originals are always correct.

So now I am going to show you something that is so obvious that it can't be denied, and as
offensive as this may sound people need to stop poisoning the minds with religion and
things that they have been told and read it for themselves so let's look at this book, the
song of Solomon. Which is almost dead centre in the middle of the Bible, because it is
incredibly important and yet no one understands it, in fact even I didn't understand it,
when I first read it I didn't have a clue other then some love poem that didn't make sense
that didn't mean anything, but little did I know, That this book is perhaps one of the most
important books in the bible and it's in the centre because it's the turning point in human
history that we need to know about Anyway I'm just going to paraphrase in regards to
what the story is actually all about It starts off explaining that this girl who is in love with
king, in fact called Solomon, but this is actually talking about Solomon, as we read the
Scriptures we can see this is actually talking about the ruler of this world Satan, and it's
also talking about Eve, you won't have to take my word for it. - but this woman says in these
scriptures that's a brothers are all angry with her, because she was supposed to look after
the garden/vineyard, then it goes on to say one that was mine, but I did not keep - does
this sound familiar? - The song off Solomon 1:6 and verse 8:5 - Under the apple tree I
aroused you

It then goes on to say that she left to make love to the king, (Satan) and it also
appears that this is being happening every year for who knows how long so we
get a description of her here, in verse 5 the black girl I am now this is the first
hint to something going on here which is rather strange because it says that when
God rescued this little label force of Egypt, it was made up of a vast mixed company
of people, so obviously these people would've been Asian, black, white and brown
people But that's it, Gods not one that concerns himself with race, so we doesn't
mention anybody's colour throughout the Bible, with the exception of Esau - But
that story was important because of the story to why we knew his skin colour, but
the book of Solomon actually said this woman was black and doesn't explain why
states that Well let's remember in satanic worship, one day of the year was there
holiest of days, it was to commemorate the time that Satan actually had sexual
relations with Eve and created the first hybrid human demon nepheline - And the
commemoration occurred on the day of the new sun and the day of the new Moon
occurred at the exact same time, new moons are always black while Full moons are
always white thats all its telling us, Im a black girl - its the full moon, its time
for our copulation - The information in this particular book ties the entire rest of the
Bible together every single book of the Bible is represented in this book.
Anyway, he goes on to say or
talks about this woman and
she seems to be making a
journey and says now it is
winter time So here its
mentioning the changes in
the seasons - Song of
Solomon 2:11

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So it's mentioning the seasons, and that shes encountering and it goes on to say that she
gets so far a way that I can at least see you my love and its like Im looking over a
mountain - this is all talking about the calendar and that ritual which we discussed
earlier in fact when she gets all the way six months to be precise, it says I am on the
other side of your roundtable - Verse1:12

So if she's on this long journey why is she sitting at his table? Because it's not talking
about a table that you eat at, the round table was the sundial, everybody seems to think that
sundials what's the telling the time however a sundial was never for telling the time, they
don't work for telling the time! - if we were to look at a really old ancient sundial you will find
such features as Jupiter, Mars and all the other planets and Star signs - Are you could say
all the different gods that they had and was represented by the calendar four example,
Over here is the moon God and there's the Sun God and that's what she was talking
about Im on the over side of your round table

So then, enough time goes past and then she can start to see the king again. And you
have to read this for yourself but she says I can see your sixty strongmen all bearing
swords - So what does this Well first off it confirms that the calendar at 30 day months,
because she's 60 men that means 60 months, she is two months away - so that's 60 days
(2x30= 60 days) there is 60 days left between her and her lover that she meets every year,
And even though she meets her lover every year.. Something this year - something as
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happens - The next people to talk are people that are never mentioned prior to this, it says
something like this but her brothers said wait a minute, what are you doing to our sister
she does not even have breasts yet, you're not going to do this thing where going to build
a wall, and you will never get over that wall you will not touch our sister, our sister is
going to be protected by us, we are her brother

Then when you see that this is the same brothers that were mad at her before, at the
beginning of this book, - this represents humanity, it's talking about humanity and basically
humanity is about to suffer if this woman, their sister continues to make this journey every
year Humanity is going to suffer! However, they're going to humiliate him by putting up
this wall the last verse in this book of Songs of Solomon, it basically says My love, My
love, where are you going.. this can't be bad thing. Adam was never supposed to own Eve.
happening I can't see you, you are so beautiful, your hind and youre running away from
me, oh no this cant be happening!

This entire book is basically Jehovah having a joke or a laugh on Satans part - it's a joke
against Satan that was written hundreds of years before the event took place, at that time
whoever wrote this would've had no idea what they were actually writing about and
anybody at the time who happened to read it, would not have any idea neither but just like
today everybody as got a bible at home but nearly everybody has no idea what is actually
inside Back then people didn't even have a bible wouldn't have understood what this was
However 4 Men who did have access to the Bible, And had discernment, they were able to
figure this out.. And they knew what this poem all about and because they knew - hundreds
of years later they were able to take a stand that was probably one of the most courageous
things ever done by any humans in the entire history of this war between Satans Empire
and Gods kingdom The war between creation and civilisation! These 4 men were willing
to give up their lives because of this poem.

The entire teaching of the Bible depends on God re-aligning the solar system. Every
prophecy depends on it. What is coming is what the Bible calls "Signs in Sun and Moon
and Stars.
It is coming. The entire Book of revelation is about bringing balance back to the universe.
You are about to see things that are unbelievable.

So then, you might be thinking This cant be true, if Eve went off with Satan, where was
Adam in all this?

I don't really think that Adam would have been all that concerned. Even though the English
version of the Bible indicates that Adam and Eve were Husband and wife the reality is that
the word husband doesn't even get mentioned in the Bible until thousands of years after
Adam's death.

When Jehovah told Eve, "You're craving will be for your husband" Genesis 3:16, what He
actually said in Hebrew was . " You will desire a male dominated hierarchal arrangement".
That word that gets translated as husband is actually Iysh and simply means Alpha Male. It
is more like an animal husbandry term.

In the original language of The Bible this prophecy was speaking about Adam and Satan.
Both were Alpha Males according to the Bible. The Bible always speaks of human
ownership of other humans as a

Later when Jesus said that he would separate the Male stud goats from the flock he was
referring back to this event. Jesus never said that it was bad for sheep to have sex with
other sheep. Only that Male goats shouldn't have sex with female sheep.

In the law of Moses, Rules were laid down for human sexuality. Rules were also laid down
for clothing, food, and religious rituals. This form of law is known as covenant law, it goes

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against natural law. And on more than one occasion God showed his displeasure for the
things in the law.

Even the ten commandments that Christendom uses to bolster their human sexuality rules
does not support the husband wife standards of Satan's Empire.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor
his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy

What it actually says is "You shall not attempt to rule over your neighbours family (tribe/
house) You shall not try to rule over your neighbours Primary Females (plural) You shall
not try to rule over your neighbour's secondary females (plural) You shall not try to rule
over your neighbour's male tribal members.

Since we are taught from birth that humans are supposed to mate for life with only one sex
partner, you may want to keep this information to yourself. Women seem to have a hard
time accepting that God never intended us to live by so called "Christian" standards. No
species of living creature in creation mates for life. All stories of such behaviour are false.

People seem to have no problem accepting this scripture as supporting human ownership
of other humans, (men servants, maid servants) but to accept that this is about primary sex
partners and secondary sex partners seems to drive people nuts.

Back in the day, natural law was the law given to man. All of the rules about sex hadn't
been created yet. Probably Adam and Eve and Satan were not all that concerned with the
sex rules that we have developed over the centuries.

Also, Some of us can't even go one day without working. That is why we are no longer
under any obligation whatsoever to keep any kind of Sabbath. Not only that but without
God's original 360 day calendar, there is no way to know when the Sabbath should be.


In the very near future, God is going to once again command his people to Sabbath Forever.
When he does, he will restore the calendar, restore the flood waters to where they came
from and restore all of the trees of life... which well discuss shortly

Which then brings me the Plains Of Dura, even though we cant cover everything regarding
the plains of Dura, because the incidence at the Plains of Dura are all about the Calendar .
About destroying Satan worship system, and teaching the nation or us as a people a
lesson, the entire account is about Nebuchadnezzar, going into Israel and conquering it,
bringing back the people as well and their God Not their God they were supposed to be
worshipping, but theyre true God.. and he brings them out onto the plains of Dura, the
reason why this is such a big event is because in the entire history of the Earth.. for 3000
years Kings had been trying to conquer the promised land with no success, in fact the
promised land is often called the decoration of kings because the thing that every king
wants put on his mantle piece, so having done this Nebuchadnezzar is extremely proud of
himself and he wants to force the Israelites to worship his God but using their God. So
he goes out into the plains of Dura and he starts to stack the Israelites God into a pile, now
the God Im taking about is Gold, a lot of Gold bricks of gold! But where did all this gold
come from and I guess that's the question we have to answer to make this story make any
sense, but Bible tells us that Solomon who was the king and to who the song of Solomon
was about, is demanding every year that 666 talents of gold be paid to him and the key
phrase here is every year

So every year of his reign they bring him 666 talents of Gold, and thats the gold that
Nebuchadnezzar is having stacked up on what we call the plains of Dura, so he takes this
gold and they stack it up the first years worth - 6 6 6 So they bring out the first years
worth 6 6 6 (666 talents of Gold) And yes the 666 is related to our day They then bring

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out the next load of Gold 666 talents, next pile 666, the next pile 666, and the next pile 666
and so forth

So what does this mean and how does this relate to the Calendar, Like i said before God
changed the time and Seasons, better way of putting would years and months, so he altered
the speed of the Earth and moon so the year would go from 360 days to 365 days, because
of that nothing in the calendar ever worked again, oh and I guess this is why archaeologists
are still baffled to why we can't figure out what all these monuments around the globe
actually did and why they no longer work


In that song of Solomon it ends with the expression that this moon goddess is going
around this calendar the sun goddess is going to meet her And the moon God human
brothers, say you can not do this to our sister which is the last bit of this poem in the Song
of solomon . it says We are going to put up a wall, youre not going to get over that wall
to touch our sister Its all talking about the calendar, however it makes it seem as though
God didnt change the Calendar but people changed the Calendar

So whoc telling the truth? And what is the true story here Along with this Calendar, this
universal calendar that Jehovah monitors that he made and maintains! .. There was another
calendar written on paper that he gave to his people and those people were not allowed to
stay in his land unless they stuck to the agreement which is called covenant, thats where
we get the ark of the covenant - written legal agreement, and that written legal agreement it
said every six days you was allowed to work if you wanted but on the seventh day you
absolutely had to rest No ifs No buts!

Something that most people dont understand that is every bit as important as the seven
day sabbath, is a seven-year sabbath Because the nation of Israel was commanded to
rest every seventh year, the person could work six days and take a day off and like he
provided for himself because he put away enough in those six days he had worked to get
through the seventh day, but with a year it's a little bit different and it actually specify that
you were not to do any work, you couldn't plant, you couldnt do anything All you could
do is get food that Jehovah provided for you, over the course of the year In the near
future we may get told to up and leave, when this system starts coming to his ends

So that seven year Sabbath was a constant reminder that Jehovah would provide for these
people whether they worked or not! In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were told to rest
for all eternity, the sabbath that he gave to the Israelites was simply a half way thing.. its
like you refused to quit working, so if I let you in my land, but you least have to quit working
one day a week and you have to at least quit working one day a year! Remember like I said
before about Solomon he demanded these taxes be paid every year, so were they obeying
the seven-year sabbath No!

No way in the world they could accumulate 666 talents of gold to give to the King without
doing something, so what Solomon had done, with what the Jewish people had done is
change a seven day calendar to a six day calendar

That way they didnt have to worry about obeying the sabbath, It was like Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and so forth And I know that
Sunday is not the Sabbath and Saturdays not the sabbath, and Friday is not sabbath

And everybody wants to fight this out between themselves, which day is which, and which
day is correct for the actual sabbath to take place But the reality is six days a week they
worked and then they started their week over again, they didnt obey the sabbath So
thats how the Jewish people and we have not obeyed the sabbath, I mean as a human
family we have not obeyed Gods command to rest forever, when he gave us a opportunity
to just rest one day a week and to rest one year of every seven years we didnt obey that
So if we were not going to obey his sabbaths and we were going to change the paper
calendar that he gave us - Jehovah himself could do the exact same thing, just on a bigger

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scale He was going to change the real calendar and thats exactly what he did when he
changed the years and months or time and seasons if you prefer. - Daniel 2:21

That is why the Bible specifically says that ALLLLLLL men will accept the mark of the
Beast. None of us can live outside the economic system. The gold that was stacked out
there on the plains of Dura is the same exact gold that is held in Fort Knox, London, and
New York today.

So at one point the Calendar changed from 360 to 365 days so lets see what the Bible
says about it and want secular history says about it and well mix the two together which
will help explain the planes of Dura Weve already discussed how King Nebuchadnezzar
brought the people form Israel into captivity, he took control of Israel - The land, and hes
brought back all of that god that Solomon stockpiled when he should of being resting, And
hes also built this huge image and basically thats all the Bible calls it this huge image, but
he describe it to appear to be similar to other things that were built around that time known
as Obelisks Anyway, the people was there on the planes of Dura at this huge gold obelisk
and it as been set up as a sundial and as we have disused already sundials was never for
telling the time, they were used to tell you what days or months to worship which gods, as
the shadow would fall across different areas in the courtyard or wherever this monument
was situated, it would indicate which Gods feast day it was, And the gods 12 of them and
it didnt matter if you were an Egyptian, Assyrian, Phoenicia, Greek, Roman or Babylonia,
Medo Persian - They all had 12 Gods And they all had this way of worshipping the their
gods that included setting up some kind of a pointer, so that a shadow from the pointer or
monument would cast a shadow that would fall across some god.

Now the story is going to be about 4 Hebrew young guys, Han-ani-ah, Misha-el and Az-a-ri-
ah ( Daniel 1:6) However we know these 4 guys better by the names

Belteshazzar was the given to Daniel

Shadrach - was the name given to Hananiah
Meshach was the name given to Meshael
A-bedne-go - was the name given to Azariah

As you can see in Daniel 1:7 they were actually assigned their new names once they arrived
at babylon in captivity, yet the names that we are more familia with or actually satanic
names assigned to them on their arrival.

To understand anything that Im trying to tell you need a clear your mind and you need to
stop mixing truth with teachings that the religions of the world give us and look for
yourself, if you want to get anywhere, you have to have clear mind, a so called open mind to
understand the things Im about to tell you

Now you are probably going to tell me, That Im throwing a lot of things in their that are not
in the Bible and you dont have too Im going to tell you a lot of things that are not in the
Bible as this is vital to understanding it correctly inline with secular history and it will also
line up with other books in the Bible, and it makes other books in the Bible understandable.

Now if youre in a place of worship that use these names that was assigned to these 4 guys
then you are actually using their satanic names or titles that was given to them by
Nebuchadnezzar, And not there correct names

And now Im going to tell you want their names actually mean In the real word

Hananiah which means God who is gracious However his satanic title which he was
given to him means Shadrach, which means
Command of the Moon God The moon god name is Iset, Isis, Ashraf, Easter, Ashtar and

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The Next One, Mishael means Who is like God However his title that he was given
Meshach means who is what a Aku is and Aku is actually the son of Lucifer and Eve, the
very first Nephilim.

Azariah - Means Jehovah as helped However his title which he was given was Abednego,
which means servant of Lucifer or servant of lightAnd thats only right the Bible says,
that Satan keeps transforming himself to us as an Angel of Light.

As you can see all name have a Satanic meaning and really these names really shouldnt
be used.

And interestingly enough the reason I bring this up, the 12 month satanic calendar didnt
come about till after the flood, the flood actually destroyed the entire religious and belief
system as it existed before the flood, and so Satan had to comer out with a new scheme, so
we actually went from a Trinitarian all seeing eye scheme to a 12 god scheme But with
that 12 god scheme no matter what culture you went to, and no matter what kind of devices
they used to keep track of their feast days, those 3 names were always there ( 3 names
which were used for these 3 guys-however, Daniels name even though still satanic wasnt
really consider that satanic, Daniels name just means wise men)

Now another reason why I say these were titles and not actual names is because these
gods, each god which could of represented a different aspect of Satans personality But I
think I can actually prove to you later that these are separate demons, So there is Satan,
theres Eve and there Nephilim off-spring and that would leave 9 other demons, that are
actual demons that are in control of a lot of things, which I will get into shortly But in any
case, These 3 guys are brought out here and told that they are going to worship this god
(Gold statue) now when ever you pictures similar to the one below, there out on this big
plain and theres nothing to do with any sundial around in any of these picture you often
see in any religious books, and thousands of people are all bowing together, but I have a
suspicion, it says that these 3 were being trained for positions with the government, and I
think there positions involved what each of the gods possible did, in other words well have
a secretary defence at the home office because we dont recognise where that secretary of
defence takes his orders from, however back in the day secretary of defence took is orders
from the god of war

Now the reason I say this if you read the book of Enoch, even though this book did not
make it into Gods word the Bible, the apostles still refer to it so they must have been
some truth to it, but also not, otherwise it would appear in our bibles today So Jehovah
didnt want it in there.

Book of Enoch - Chapter 8

1Moreover Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors,
and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the
use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered.
2Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.
3Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots:
4Armers taught the solution of sorcery;
5Barkayal taught the observers of the stars, (9)
(9) Observers of the stars. Astrologers (Charles, p. 67).
6Akibeel taught signs;
7Tamiel taught astronomy;
8And Asaradel taught the motion of the moon,
9And men, being destroyed, cried out; and their voice reached to heaven.

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Book of Enoch - Chapter 9

1Then Michael and Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel, looked down from heaven, and saw the quantity
of blood which was shed on earth, and all the iniquity which was done upon it, and said one to another, It
is the voice of their cries;
2The earth deprived of her children has cried even to the gate of heaven.
3And now to you, O you holy one of heaven, the souls of men complain, saying, Obtain Justice for us with
(10) the Most High. Then they said to their Lord, the King, You are Lord of lords, God of gods, King of
kings. The throne of your glory is for ever and ever, and for ever and ever is your name sanctified and
glorified. You are blessed and glorified.
(10) Obtain justice for us with. Literally, "Bring judgment to us from." (Richard Laurence, ed. and trans.,
The Book of Enoch the Prophet [London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., 1883], p. 9).
4You have made all things; you possess power over all things; and all things are open and manifest before
you. You behold all things, and nothing can be concealed from you.
5You have seen what Azazyel has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and has
disclosed to the world all the secret things which are done in the heavens.
6Samyaza also has taught sorcery, to whom you have given authority over those who are associated with
him. They have gone together to the daughters of men; have lain with them; have become polluted;
7And have discovered crimes (11) to them.
(11) Discovered crimes. Or, "revealed these sins" (Charles, p. 70).
8The women likewise have brought forth giants.
9Thus has the whole earth been filled with blood and with iniquity.
10And now behold the souls of those who are dead, cry out.
11And complain even to the gate of heaven.
12Their groaning ascends; nor can they escape from the unrighteousness which is committed on earth.
You know all things, before they exist.
13You know these things, and what has been done by them; yet you do not speak to us.
14What on account of these things ought we to do to them?

Anyway, his title would have being servant of the god of war, and thats what these titles were
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Titles indicating what they were in charge of with any
jurisdictional district, according to which god took care of that particular function, they were
the servant of that God in Babylon.

So they were brought out here, they would of being placed on there stops on this calendar
and they are all told to bow whenever the horn blows and they heard the sound of the drums
beating.. soon as they heard those horns blowing and all the all the drums beating, this was
the time to bow, this would of meant that the sun is just about in the right position where it
was ready to cast the shadow of the Obelisk across the image of the All seeing eye

Now back then the magic practicing priest probably realised that this is just a trick, all they
were doing was just making a device to actually just count of the days, but to those people
seeing that shadow fall across the all seeing eye, meant they were going to have a good year
Good crops, harvest, wealth, and conquest in warfare, and so it was very important to them to
see this happen, which it would of happened for thousands of years prior to that, there was no
doubt it was going to happen again, and the priests knew that although maybe the priests
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didnt this time, we dont know exactly how Jehovah changed the year or when he changed
the year just that he did in

Daniel 2:21 However , it may be that was already

starting to take effect and the priesthood back then,
noticed the shadow wasnt following across gods quite
the way it was to supposed to, but at this time they
would of obviously realised, and didnt let on that this
wasnt working correctly according to the way it
should have worked

So everybody goes out, they all stand in their positions

waiting for the sun to cast it shadow, the drums start to
beat and the horns start to blow and everybody
bows to the obelisk expect these 3 guys Hananiah,
Meshael and Azariah So as you can guess there was
an out rage and a report goes back to the King
(Nebuchadnezzar) That Satan is not happy, he did not
cast his shadow over the Queen - (The All Seeing Eye)
Nebuchadnezzar is enraged as the Bible states, he as
conquered these people, brought them back into
captivity, even brought all their gold back with him
and taken over there land which as appointed by God, done everything in his power to make
Satan happy and Satan isnt happy, so whys that because those three guys refused to bow
to him, so then Nebuchadnezzar brings these guys in, and basically tells them that there going
to do this again tomorrow and I expect you all to bow this time and if you dont bow down,
My God isnt going to happy (Satan) We are not going to have good crops, a good harvest,
good wealth, and warfare and everything is going to be bad for us, and Im not going to
expect this So tomorrow You Bow!

Anyway, Hananiah,
Meshael and Azariah tell
Nebuchadnezzar, we
dont even need to talk to
you about this, we are
not going to bow down to
your god We serve
Jehovah and Jehovah
only, and were not
serving your gods

So the next day arrives

Hananiah, Meshael and
Azariah are dragged
outside and told to do the
same thing over again,
once gain though they
still dont bow and do what there supposed to do, the king as them instantly grabbed up by his
strong men ( Soldiers) brought to a furnace and thrown in alive and how hot is this furnace?
So hot that the men that actually throw them in was instantly burnt to death just by throwing
them in, But then something strange happens they look into the furnace they can see

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Hananiah, Meshael and Azariah walking around with somebody else, it doesnt say who, but
that somebody else is Michael, The prince of his people

Later as we read, Michael himself would do a courageous act as well, so courageous that he
became not the prince of his people, but the ruler of his people The ark Angel and well
discuss that soon

But in any case, Nebuchadnezzar looks in and sees this for himself and goes Hananiah,
Meshael and Azariah wants going on in their, come out And they walk out completely
unharmed or uninjured And from that moment on Nebuchadnezzar realises and
understands that his God is powerless however, the true God of Hananiah, Meshael and
Azariah is almighty. - Jehovah God

Also from that moment on the King, gives orders that if anybody who says anything bad
against these three guys or against their God, they would be killed and have their house
turned into a public toilet.

Anyway, as we said before they these three servant of Lucifer or servant of light Abednego
And who is what Aku is - Meshach and Command of the Moon God - Shadrach. These
are the 3 gods of the original trinity, they are also three of the gods that are also represented
on this 12 God calendar system that they used it all ties into this calendar which we have been
discussing, I mean if you are not aware that this is actually about the calendar, and this is just
my opinion Because obviously its not written in the bible like this, but Im telling you that
there are prophecies that are about to be fulfilled, and if you not understand this information
exactly as I just told it to you, then you are not ever going to understand all the other
prophecies which are going to start taking place real soon and now these will affects every
single one of us the proof is in the pudding, if you are in a place of worship them ask them
what is the prophecy of the 42 months mentioned in the Book of Revelation 13:5 and what is
the prophecy of the time and times and half a time? And also ask them what is the prophecy
of the 1260 days, and what is the prophecy of the middle of the week, And what is the
prophecy of any prophecies and theyll either tell you mystery, which is kind of correct,
because prophecy is supposed to be a mystery to gods enemies, but it's not supposed to be a
mystery to Gods friends or they will come up with some silly thing that after you have read it,
look at the pictures and everything else you still dont understand it, but feel you need to just
to fit in or look stupid

Im going to show you now these prophecies and the fulfilment of prophecy which is soon going
to happen, and without a doubt youll understand it inside out, simple plain english and
wont be able to deny it.

As time goes on the things Im talking about are going to start happening real soon, right now
you are being told about what the future holds for you by me, but when it actually happens -
Every single place of worship, every single scientist, scholars and NASA will try and
convince you that they told you, and therere going to give you every excuse they can throw at
you to why this is happening on the hope youll listen to them, but when all this starts taking
place itll be a cover story just like the flood. When the flood came everybody knew it was
because God was mad at people for building cities and doing stuff, are we get told that God
thought mankind was bad - but that wasnt the case, it was because of the fallen Angles that
destroyed the earth, had sexual relations with the daughters of men, and corrupted Gods
creation. Then we had the Ice age cover story which Im now going to do into So when these
final prophecies start to begin, Im more then sure that the Empire will do everything it can to

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tell you something different to stop you finding out the truth. - Even they wont know whats
going on. But you will :)

When Jehovah decides to change his calendar back to 360 days in the very Near future, on
that very day - The last days begin and not a moment sooner But I can guarantee you every
single person whether that be a place of worship, scientist, NASA they will have a cover story
for you.

To understand what Im telling you need read it from the every beginning otherwise you
will be somewhat lost trying to understand all the things which need to take place or have
already taken place to understand the final fulfillments of bible prophecy.

We have already talked about nearly 2700 years ago, every culture on the planet just out of
the blue suddenly developed 365 calendar, however everything before then operated on a 360
day calendar this is in the Bible and also recorded in secular history throughout the world -
which is more than coincidence.

Interestingly enough Daniel wrote in his book, roughly about the same time which was 2700
years ago, Daniel 2:21

He changes times and seasons, Removes kings and sets up kings,

Gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those with discernment

This is vital to understand all bible prophecy, please check this out yourself in the
original Hebrew text the words that you see here as times and seasons, is actually
Months and Years - check this out on any Bible concordance, and compare it to the
original Hebrew.

We have spoken about all these things that have happened in the Old Testament, but we have
not yet spoken of anything in New Testament the new Testament is a part of the Bible which
is on about Jesus, Jesus was the only begotten son of God, certainly if God had actually done
this, by this I mean actually altered the speed between the sun and the moon and the earth,
just enough to make the year different and alter the planets so there was no longer visible
Jesus would of had to of known about this, for sure And you would think if he knew this he
would more then likely would of spoken about such an event while he was here on earth
wouldnt he?

The very first miracle that Jesus performed was to make wine at a marriage feast, and he
made a lot of wine for a lot of partying and all night raving but in any case, this is
significant, the very first thing he did was at a marriage feast Remember, in the past people
was actually celebrating the marriage of the sun god and the moon god The Sun God
always represented Satan, and the Moon God always repressed his human female bride, want
they were doing during this ritual, were commemorating the creation of the first Nephilim .
Something that the Bible does not speak well of, but again in any case about 2700 years ago,
Jehovah brought a divorce And you really need to understand why he brought this divorce
at that point the entire planet with the exception of one small little special area, by law had to
worship Satan

now just to help you out, after Adam and Eve was forced out the garden of Eden, the garden
was guarded by cherubs, nobody could enter the garden unless Jehovah decided however
the rest of the world was being destroyed by Satan and his fallen angels and Nephilm, but
inside the garden of Eden, would've been the trees of life which was still remained their
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until that very day Jehovah brought the Global deluge this area was extremely special,
because this is where the tree of life was, where Adam and Eve was first created that tree in
the middle of the garden Now if you think about it, the only ever special place mention in
the Bible, which is mentioned all way through the Bible where even Jehovah had his Holy
temple build was Jerusalem this area was sacred to Jehovah at one point and the Nation of

Anyway, back to what I was saying By law everybody outside of that Garden had to
worship Satan - Jehovah cast him down to earth and he then become the ruler of earth expect
like I said that one special little place - The Garden of Eden. which either him or anybody else
could get into unless Jehovah approved, this wasnt destroyed until the flood So everyone
had to worship Satan on his special day which was around the 25th of December, when we got
our New sun and New Moon on the same exact day, thats when we had a 360 day calendar
When Jehovah changed the year from 360 days to 365 days he basically brought about a
divorce, and he didnt just divorce Satan from his human wife and this Global satanic ritual
He literally divorced the Sun from the Moon, something which Satan could never do

So hopefully it's starting to click now, when Jesus is speaking about a wedding hes actually
talking about bring the sun and the Moon back together So that their always in alignment
with one another once again, always 30 day months, made up of 12 moths = 360 day per year.

So this way you would have very very easy pattern to follow, any body could look at the sky
and know what day it is in a 360 day calendar now whats that got to do with a wedding
feast at Canaan? - Not much But later on when Jesus friends are around him, just as he
was about to die they say Tell us what is the Kingdom going to be like? And Jesus said like
a wedding and you dont know when the bridegroom is coming, in other words we knew
before when the bridegroom was coming, he was coming every 360 days but now we dont
know because we have 365 days, he then went on to say they are 10 virgins 5 are discreet
but 5 are foolish.

5 discreet virgins bring extra oil incase it takes a long time for the bridegroom to show up, but
the foolish virgins dont, so they have to leave And what happens ? The bridegroom shows
up while the 5 foolish virgins are away, and the 5 foolish virgins miss out And when they
get to the wedding therere not allowed in - I hope this is clicking now

We have already spoke about now the number 12 comes up over and over again thought the
bible, because its referring to the calendar, where here you have 12 planets You have 10
virgins, you got the bride and you also have the bridegroom Just like the satanic calendar
which Satan set up. However this time we are not talking about demons, we are talking about
human beings who be awake to this, people that should be excited in anticipation for the time
when the Sun and Moon come back together if you are ready for that, then you are part of
a very special group

If you want to understand the bible completely or better then you can ever imagine, then it is
vital that you understand this very basic principal, any time in the Bible you read about a
wedding, whether thats a human wedding or what look at whats going on in its Full
contents, these scriptures are about bringing the Sun and Moon back together. Jesus often
called himself the bridegroom, And there is a reason for this Jesus returns well happen at the
exact same instance that that the Sun and the Moon are back into conjunction with one
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Which we now need to discuss briefly on The Book of Revelation, to help towards making this
more understandable and clear Weve been listening to the story about the 5 discrete and 5
foolish virgins all our life, so why as no yet ever picked up on this information?

I really hope this is starting to click .

So we have 12 planets in our solar system

we live on earth so that doesnt count

The two that we always see every day is the Sun and Moon - So that makes 2

that then leaves 10 planets not accounted for = 12 planets in total

5 plants we can see from earth (Even though they may only appear like a star) These are:
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. - These would be the 5 Foolish Virgins referred to
in the book Mathew

Then that still leaves 5 planets which we cant see with our naked eye, unless using a telescope
or some other devise, therefore these 5 planets would be discreet. These would be: Ceres,
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris - 5 discrete virgins.

If we truly believe that the creator is the creator of all things, and that everything was created
for a purpose Then we need to consider the question, what is the purpose of all the planets if
we cant see them? And what is their purpose, otherwise these would just be pointless I

Some people may reason or say that there to stop comets hitting earth? And to help keep us
safe? But if Gods word states that his creation will remain forever and will never be
destroyed, And Jehovah is the creator of all things then surly hes not going to send comets
or astroid towards earth, which will then in fact destroy his creation?

These planets are there for the marking/passing off time Jehovahs natural clock-Genesis

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There is a beginning and an end to the last days. (1260 days to be in fact) Revelation12:12
describes the moment when theSun, and Earth, and Moon go back into conjunction.
"Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea,
because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time
is short."

When Jesus returns he will fix the Heavens first, which will require casting Satan and his
Angels out. As the wicked angels,are busy taking over control of The Empire, Jesus and his
angels will be restoring each of the Planets to their original orbits (White Horse, Red Horse,
etc). 1,260 days later, once the planets are back where they belong,a cloud willclotheour
entire planet, and the Earth itself will be restored. 1Thessalonians4:17 says "Then we who
are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in
the air (actually not in the air, butsimply "out of the ground"), and so we shall always be with
the Lord".Mark13:26, Revelation1:7, Mathew24:30,

The wedding feast is open to all humanity All you gotta do is be ready to go. Remember
Lot's Wife. Luke 17:32 - she didnt want to leave, she was reminiscing about what she was
leaving, and in our heart Jehovah knew she didnt want to leave civilisation and her life she
had made at that time.

Soon as the last days begin, every single planet thats in our solar system will be visible
from earth, so much so that youll be able to see there colours, detail and size Just like
Jehovah said at Luke 21:25

Also, there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth anguish of
nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation.
26 People will become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the
inhabited earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

This is the will be the start of the last days - Matthew 24:36

Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the
Son, but only the Father.

When Jesus was talking to his disciples, and they asked him when will this be Jesus
replied, what he was staying is not to worry, there as always being earthquakes, and there
as always being food shortages, nations have always had war and they talk of war, but dont
worry this is normally, these things need to take place but is not yet - No one knows when
my father will start the last days, not even me But theyll begin when you see the signs in
the heavens - would be a better way of reading this particular chapter.

The Book of Revelation is all aboutI fixing the universe. And Only Jehovah/Yahweh
can do it.

Satan Can NOT. It's not some book to be feared, like we are taught. - I will go into this in
far more detail very soon the Events that will need to take place just before all this starts
to happen.

Anyway, back to the main part the Calendar changed, and cultures all around was forced
to change their calendar because of what Jehovah had done 2700 years ago on a global
scale, Anyway, about the same time 2700 years ago, The prophet Daniel recored in the Bible
in his book again at Daniel 2:21 So what Daniel was doing was attributing the change in
the calendar to an act of God.

So Now we are going to take a deeper look at some evidence that this actually happened
just using basic maths

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Now you might be thinking its No big deal, changing a few numbers on a piece of paper,
Well thats not at all what happened here, our year now as it exists on paper describes how
the actually year works for us, in other words the passing of all 4 seasons, from the middle
of winter until the middle of winter, it's currently 365 days long, but at one time it would of
being 360 days long - If those people had a 365 day long year and 360 day calendar back
then, they would of ended up just after a short amount of years they would of ended up
celebrating winter in the middle of summer Just like our birthdays are not the same day
every year, that day goes in cycles of 7 year in - year out

To an Agrarian society thatss suicide, so anyway Just so we can all have a basic
understanding of how this works Im just going to try and explain, through the earth there is
an axis, and the earth spins on this axis when the earth is straight up and down facing the
Sun ( see A in image below) its called the Vernal equinox and when the Axis leaning (Axis
to the right or left see B in image below) This is called the Solstice for Southern Hemisphere
if it's leaning his way - To the left - there experiencing summer because their closer to the
sun, while people on the Northern hemisphere would be experiencing winter Over the
course of a year this would move from left to right creating the seasons we experience
today 180 days one side, and another 180 days facing the left in an 360 day calendar


Now in our current Calendar today, to go through the entire cycle it takes 365 days, but at
one time it would of moved at 360 days Now the earth doesnt actually move on its axis,
what happens is the Axis stays stationary, but the earth goes around the Sun and as it
moves around the sun one side is to the left while the other side is to the right The
direction of the sun that we happen to be facing changes, so if you go completely around
the sun in 360 days you have a 360 day year (A circle is 360 degrees)
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Now were going to look at some unit of measurements which are recored in the Bible, not
an inch, Not a foot, Not a cm, and not a cubit We are going to talk about units of
measurement regarding time one the first unit of measure we are going to briefly going to
highlight is the day, The day for us is 24 hours, but back

Then before the calendar changed we dont know, because we dont have any explanation
written in the bible to how the day changed - Only that it did or that the calendar changed
But one day is how long it takes for us to do a complete rotation around the Sun We wake
up as the sun is coming up, and 24 hours the sun comes back up again - And thats a day.

And in 30 days we all

experience month, And that
would of consisted of 30 day
calendar, however right now
we experience about 29 and
a half days month roughly

And what that is in our

relative position with the
moon, well experience all of
the positions of the moon
phases, so we start off with
a new moon Thats when a
new moon is completely
black, and you pass through
the phases till its completely
white, then it goes back to

Our solar system is part of a huge calendar that Jehovah created, so that we could tell, what
day it was, want month it was and what festivals was coming up Then you have the
moon, that cycle from been fully dark to been fully dark again is called one lunation

Thats supposed to be to be a perfect cycle of 30 days - but when I tried it out this was
impossible, so remember in the bible in Genesis when it said that Jehovah was making the
two luminaries - The Sun, so that we could see during the day and the Moon so that we
could see during the night in a perfect 360 day calendar with 12 x 30 days months that
goes off perfectly because the moon is always in the night sky, and full and the sun is
always in the days sky, so the earth is spinning and as its spins the moon is always here
and the sun is always on the opposite side, so now Ive realised that you cant have new
moons If the moon is always full on the opposite of the earth as a sun, there is no such
thing as a new moon

Twice a year, during the Equinox the earth is up right (Axis is straight rather then towards
the left or right) - The moon always circles the earth, from the east to west as the earth
starts to tilt towards the sun, the moon followed that tilt So twice a year when the earth is
exactly upright and the axis is straight and the sun is directly to the right or left and the
moon is circling the earth Youll come to vernal equinox which would case at last one
liner eclipse possible two per year And guess when the feast of trumpets is ? The feast of
trumpets is a festival to celebrate the new Moon and it happens right on the vernal
equinox, the 1st day of the seventh Month on the Jewish Calendar the original 12 month
calendar so when I read at Daniel 2:21 that God had changed the calendar from 360 to
365 days i knew that was true and also knew that the said that the we could look to the Sun
or Moon and the planets to tell us exactly where we are in the stream of time and there is
another important lesson to learn from this, the reason why we had a new moon every
month once even on a 360 day calendar, because in amy place of worship weve always
been told taught about the new moons And we have been told about the feats of
trumpets, and it was always explained that way to me and I thought in order for all that to

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work the New Moon that we have today, and to be exactly like the New Moon on a 360 day

So a day is the amount of time it takes the earth to completely turn so we can see the sun
each morning, And the month is when we see the Moon go through all of its phases

And then we have a year, well a year is the amount of time it takes the earth to go through
all of its cycles, (left to right as it orbits the sun ) however we measure the years now.

But there are other measurements mentioned that we havent spoken of yet, we know that
in 365 day year, the months do not up with the years So theres no synchronisation their,

But another measurement that we havent talked about yet is the week? - A week is a
period of 7 days, and a week is specifically mentioned as a unit of measure in the bible, so
how would a seven day week work? With a 365 day year?

Well, it comes out at something like 52.1428571 to be precise, which is 52 weeks in a year
But in a 360 day year its basically the same thing and there isnt much correlation, But in
seven years there is this 365 and quarter day year, so now well revert to our current
modern day calendar, our modern calendar which we use today, as nothing to do with our
ancient calendar, But because we are use to it - itll make things easier to understand Say
that January the 1st, fell on a Monday, well at the end of 360 days youre not going to fall on
Monday, youll fall on one of the other days youll go through a serious of these for seven
years, But at the end of 7 years you fall back on a sabbath are a Monday, which is isnt a
sabbath But what Im going to get to next. The units of measure. So in 7 years, every 7
years you will experience the same day again that you experienced 7 years earlier

So we said that January the 1st is Monday, and 7 years later January the 1st will be again on
a Monday

And the reason that this is important, is because another unit of measurement is a sabbath
year, or seven-years period between sabbath years, and so it makes sense if youve got
every sabbath year starting on the same day, but with a 365 day calendar it can never work
and there is no cycle, even if you think you can develop a pattern mathematically its not a
useful pattern.

so now we have our next unit of measurement, which really isnt a unit of measure
However in the bIble, The Jewish people were told that every 49 years they had to
redistribute property, know one could own property perpetually, it was evenly distributed
amongst everybody and just in case something happened like maybe some bodies family
didn't have any children, so therefore they have a large piece of land that doesnt belong to
anyone or somebody may have had 20 children and everybody is on a small piece of land
well, every 49 years they would divide the land equally again.

if you take this figure again Monday, January the 1st Seven years later its a Monday and
again after that 7 years later is a Monday and again and gain

what happens is over a course of 7 sabbath years on the very 1st day, of the very first
month, on the very first year youll have Monday again, at the beginning of the Jubilee
But like I said thats not a real unit of measure for time, so much so its just a festival that
had to be acknowledge, and they had to be some way to mark that time for the Jewish
people, and later on I will explain how this will happen and think of the word Saturday
and want it sounds similar too

And yet there still is another unit of time, unit of measure for time thats recorded in the
Bible, and its alluded to, When it says that a day is like 1000 years for God Now most of
us will understand what this is talking about God as lived for all eternity so a thousand
years really isnt a long time for Jehovah for him to have to wait for something, but it also
alludes to the fact thats he perceives a thousands years as a unit of measure, the same way

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that he perceives a day as a unit of measure or a week as a unit of measure, or even a
month as a unit of measure

So keep this in mind now, a day is like a thousand years to Jehovah 2 Peter 3:8 and
Jehovah also associates peace with order, 1st Corinthians And when you get to the book
of Revelation the day of judgement will take place? :) (Remember the word day) if you
can't figure this out just yet, no worries - I will serve the best for later but think about it!

So if we have a sabbath days and we also have sabbath years, then we must also then have
7th Millenniums so on the 1st day of the 1st Month of the 1st year of the 1st Millennium
you will have a Monday And that would only ever happen again 7 millenniums later

So as you can see this is all organised And its says in the Bible at 1st Corinthians God
is not a god of disorder, but of peace! So he associates peace with order not of disorder
And thats not talking about just peace within the family unit or order within the family
this is talking about order throughout the entire universe Order in the solar system And
a lot of people actually believe this, in fact its not a case of believing this is now the
universe works, there is an unexplainable order to it all without doubt, things say in there
obits and everything works like clock work without ever failing to be on time and go where
they are supposed to go But I guess like the saying goes, you have not seen nothing
yet Because we are about to go into system that is extremely orderly And in a 365 day
year, with 29 and half months - that can never happen, you will never be able to make an
association between weeks and days or days and years or weeks and years

But with a 360 day calendar all of that works out spot on, so now we need to look at more
evidence that the calendar has changed

I also needed evidence form the secular world and while searching through history I came
to realise that every culture on the planet and somewhere written in stone a calendar with
360 days and 12 x 30 day months now around 2700 years ago, it changed and every
culture on the planet developed a 365 day calendar, with a very bizarre system of keeping
track of months, Systems that that they used involved leap days, leap months, and leap
years And that's all I needed to confirm that this was correct and there was still a
bunch of other stuff online which backed it all up all up as well please check for yourself
then i decided to check out the physics and do the geometry, the maths so that I could
back up what I was actually seeing as correct, and wasnt just throwing out random ideas
that couldnt be back up by mathematics, Physics and geometry so that I could see it for
myself and see how this was all going to appear

So just to recap, Jehovah altered the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun in such
away that our natural year went from 360 days and 365 and one quarter days

Daniel made reference to this Calendar change in his book at Daniel 2:21, When he said that
God was changing times and season, and many of the other prophets confirmed that this
in fact the case,

So how we need to discuss the Urim, The Thummim and the Sea of Glass

The Book of Revelation is about the restoration of Jehovahs creation, and everything that
has been damaged during the war between Satans Empire and Jehovahs Kingdom that
means all damage not just the damage that we have done to the earth as humans and not
just the damage that Satan as also done to the earth while this war as been taking place
But also the damage that Jehovah himself did when he brought about cataclysm, such as
the global deluge of Noahs day, The confusion of the languages at the tower of babel, and
the altering of relationship between the celestial bodies which destroyed out ability to keep
track of times and seasons

In the Book of Genesis chapter 1:14

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We are told that Jehovah made the celestial bodies to serve as signs to mark seasons and
days and years, what that meant is that every measure of time that was important for us
could be clearly seen simply by looking into the sky, we could tell simply just by looking up
if a new day had begun, a new week, a new month or a new year. as well as longer
measurements of time such as sabbath years, jubilees and sabbath millenniums

This is no longer the case, most can at least look at the sky and tell if it is a new day, but
really is that for sure, what if our day was altered at the same time that are months where
altered, it is possible that days were not 24 hours long when God was finished with the
creation, at this time I dont think that there is anyway for us to know, however there are
scriptures that can be viewed as speaking about a changing of time but nothing absolute, at
least none that I can think of.

So what about months?

Right now we have a very confused way of keeping track of months, there are 29 and 30
day months, and sometimes 28 day months. The word month comes from the word Moon,
our moon changes every 29 and 1 half days, but this isnt very helpful at all, And according
to the Bible our Moon is supposed to be on the opposite side of the earth at all times, if that
were the case our moon would always be full, humans where never meant see the dark side
of the moon, as we do now Lou nations could never happen if the earth and moon were

Back in anent times the Jews where told to celebrate the new moon every year on the first
day of the 7th month, the only way that this could be possible today would be if the year
were restored to 360 days with 30 day months, if that were the case then there would also
be a lunar eclipse in the Eastern hemisphere during the fall equinox of the Northern
hemisphere, they would also be a lunar eclipse over the Western Hemisphere on the first
day of the first month, which would then correspond to the fall equinox of the Southern
Hemisphere, I know this sounds complicated But all that I just said is that twice a year
they would be a lunar eclipse, because twice a year the equator would be perfectly alined
with the sun.

Since the changing of months and years, there has been no way to celebrate the feast of
trumpets, Jehovah said at Isaiah 1:13

Your sacrifices are worthless, and incense is disgusting, I cant stand what you do on your
new moon festivals, or on your sabbaths and other times of worship, I hate your new moon
festivals all others as well, they are a heavy burden that I am tired of carrying

The Bible is filled with scriptures like this, today there are those that argue that these
scriptures only applied to the 10 Northern tribes of Israel and that Judah was not included,
as if somehow Judah was part of Israel But the question has to be asked, If Jehovah
didnt disapprove of Judahs feast of trumpets celebration during the lunar eclipse, then
why did he take away Judahs lunar eclipse at the same time that he took ways Israels lunar

There are quite a few prophecies about the feast of trumpets being restored, and they all
relate to the last days, the most detailed account is the one that Revelation that i spoke of
before, John said that they would be seven lunar eclipses in a row, one every six months for
entire three-and-a-half years period associated with the Great Tribulation, after that
something remarkable would happen

that would alter our view of the Moon forever, prior to the flood the appearance of the
Moon would change every 30 days in away that most of us today could not even imagine

Immediately after the flood, a rainbow appeared in the sky Rainbows are caused when
white light which is made up of many different colours of light passes through a transparent
solid or liquid material and splits up into all of the different colours of light that the white

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light is made up of, Noah would have never seen a rainbow in the clouds before, because as
the Bible says at Genesis 2:5, God had never made it Rain

When the Rainbow appeared Jehovah said something to Noah, which is recorded at
Genesis 9:13 He said, I have set my rainbow on the clouds and it will be sign of the
covenant between me and the earth . In the ancient Hebrew language this would set
carries the connotations that the Rainbow is being delivered to the cloud from somewhere
else, when Jehovah called it MY rainbow, it would be indicating that he didnt just create the
rainbow, but that it was something that he already ha Noahs family would of known
where the Rainbow had come from, and certainly spoke about this to one another for many
years, but as time passed and generations came and generations went, detailed knowledge
about the origin of the rainbow was lost.

Centuries later Moses came along, and God used Moses to deliver his people out of
Egyptian bondage, these people were given many laws about how they were meant to live
Many of the laws dealt with religious rituals and the articles to be used during those
rituals, every religious ritual performed by the nation of Israel was either a reenactment of
historic events in the war between civilisation and creation, or a pre-enactment of historic
events which where yet to take place in that war.

One of the things that was describe in that law was the attire of the High Priest, he was to
wear a Ephod - made of white linen with a breastplate hanging from his shoulders, the
breastplates was to be made with settings holding 12 precious stones over the Priest chest,
with two onyx stones set in the shoulders We can not be certain of the colours of each
stones, since translators are still debating exactly what each stone is, but for us all that is
important is that we understand that these stones are all of different colours and all

Another very important feature according to our English translations of the Bible is
something called the Urim and the Thummim this phrase is transliterated from the
ancient Hebrew, when in fact it should not be transliterated but translated, By
Transliterating these words the churches of the world are able to convince their flocks or
congregation that there were two sacred stones put in the priest outfit that could somehow
predict the future. - I promise you that this is not the case. which Ill talk about soon to what
is really going on here.

At the very end of the Bible in the Book of

Revelation we are told about something else that is
made of 12 transparent precious stones,
Revelation was written in Greek not Hebrew, And
once agin we are not absolutely certain of what
colour each of the stones would have been, but for
the most part they would appear to be the exact
same colours as the stones in the high priests
breastplate, just listed in a different order and
different language they are called the foundation
stones of a great city called New Jerusalem
New Jerusalem is what the Bible calls the belief
system that replaces the previous belief system
called Babylon the Great Babylon the Great is
also called a great city.

Understanding that the Books of Exodus and Revelations both mention these precious
stone, and also understanding the purpose of the ancient rituals were to reenact historic
events as well as to pre enact future events which will shortly take place, we should be able
to easily come to the conclusion that the stones in the high priest breastplate represented
the stones mentioned
after the final trumpet blast at the end of the book of Revelation, studying what is written in
Revelation will help us to understand what is also written in Exodus, and studying what is
written in Exodus will help us understand what is written in Revelation.

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The first mystery to solve is figuring out what the Urim and the Thummim is ?

And all we need in order to do so is the concordance, look at one yourself online

Anyway, Urim" means Lights

while Thummim" means Perfection

So depending on which order these two are in either means Lights of Perfection or
Perfect Lights

Nothing More No Magic Stones just perfect lights.

So now that you understand that or hopefully are, lets look at how this breastplate was

Once a year on the day of Atonement the high priest would go into the most holy part of the
temple ( See image above)

First he would put on his priestly apparel, sacrifices would be made and he would in, on his
way to the most holy he would walk past ten oil lamps in part of the temple called The

Remember the Oil lamps of the 5 discrete virgins? And the 5 foolish virgins ?

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The high priest was there for the purpose to pre enacting
the figurative wedding feast of the Sun and Moon, The
resynchronisation of our heavenly time keepers, when he
entered the most holy, there would be the presence of
God a glowing cloud that was always their over the Ark of
the Covenant, this priest represented our high priest
Jesus, But in this instance he would be playing the part
of the Moon, the effort that he wore on his this particular
day was different than what he would have usually worn
because it would of been white to indicate that he
represented the full moon which is white.

Prior to the Change in the Calendar, the Moon was always

full but hundreds of years before that prior to the
flood, there was something even more spectacular about
the appearance of the Moon.

Before I can tell you about what that Moon looked like, we
need to look at some back ground information, that is
essential to understanding how the Moon appeared, as
well as why it appeared that way.

In the account of the flood, Genesis 7: 11 says that, The

Floodgates of the great water deep of the heavens opened up I am quite aware that
many versions of the Bible try to translate these scriptures to say that the waters came from
beneath the surface of the planet, but before you try to prove to me that this was the case,
please look at the original Hebrew language that is available online for free

The Word Heavens or Shamayin in Hebrew ( see below)

Strong's Concordance
shamayin: heavens
Original Word:
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: shamayin
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-mah'-yin)
Short Definition: heaven

Cannot in any way be used to indicate some kind of underground water source, some Bible that Ive
noticed try to combine the idea of water from above the atmosphere with idea of waters from beneath
the surface of the earth my inserting the word And between the words heavens and deep
which does not belong there.

A much more accurate rendering of the original Hebrew that I have not found in any bible as yet,
would be the following.

All of the sources of the great deep window of the heavens, were broken open as if struck

All that I did create this rendering is take the definition of each of the Hebrew words in this scripture
and put them in order, it could also be translated in a much simpler way by simply saying

the very thick window of the sky was shattered

This great deep window of the heavens is first mentioned in during the creation account, Genesis 1:
6-8 says that on the second day of creation

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God created the waters that are above the atmosphere and the waters that are beneath the

The waters that are beneath the atmosphere would obviously be bodies of water on earth such as
oceans and rivers, but what would the waters above the atmosphere be ?

They wouldnt be the waters in the clouds, because clouds are not above the atmosphere, plus as I
have already said up until this time it had never rained Had the waters been in the clouds it would
have probably been raining?

There are no waters above the atmosphere today, so where are they?

They are still here on the earth today, those waters are what most of our planet is still covered with
even today I guess you could say its still flooded. The Bible indicates - That the waters of the flood
reseeded, it does not indicate in anyway that the waters ascended.

At Genesis 1: 31 at the end of the sixth day,

Jehovah God inspected his creation and
declared everything to be VERY GOOD - if
the book of Revelation is about putting
everything back to the day when
everything was VERY GOOD Then
Revelation would have to address putting
those global deluge waters back into their
original place from where they came
from And in fact it does!

If you are willing to empty your mind, of

every false satanic teaching that you have
ever heard and read the book of Revelation
for what it is for yourself, you will soon
realise that it is not a book based on doom
and gloom and is actual just a book all about restoration, and Genesis was about creation

At Revelation 16:20 the Bible that after the final lunar eclipse, the final trumpet blast The opening
of the final seal, and the pouring of the final bowl of Jehovah Gods wrath all of the Mountains and
Islands will go out of existence, Geologists say that mountains were created by some kind of
cataclysmic upheaval that occurred in the distant past, none of these point to the flood but often
speak of phenomenon that contradict the flood, but if they are right about there having being some
cataclysmic upheaval then the flood would certainly fit that description, it just seems logical to me if
the waters were to slowly recede over the course of the year that Noah and his family spent in the
Ark then something had to be pushed up to make space for the floodwaters to recede down As
for the Islands going way, there is no doubt that removing all the flood waters would have that affect,
but the Book of Revelations goes into much greater detailer than just saying that the Islands and
Mountains went way

Throughout the Bible, the earth is said to be before the throne of God And the Bible calls the earth
Gods footstool, so whenever we are told about Gods throne we are also told about the earth, But at
Revelation 4:6 - We are told, that something called the sea of glass is before Jehovahs throne, so
where is the earth?

Remember that this scripture is about the appearance of the earth after God makes all things New
And Jesus is installed as ruler as Gods Kingdom, The earth in this scripture would be just as it had
been on the day that God said everything was VERY GOOD!

If we look at the original Greek version of this scripture, we can see quite easily that the translation
of the word Sea is correct and obvious, this word is used throughout the Old Testament to mean
Sea However the word that is translated Glass is sometimes translated as crystal, the reason is
that the original word actually just means something hard and transparent

So some translators choose to use the word Glass and others chose to use the word Crystal

A better translation for this scripture would be The Sea of Ice

It is a fact that the coldest spot on earth is Mesosphere, the temperatures in the Mesosphere vary
from: -120 to-150 degrees fahrenheit - This is very cold.
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Certainly cold enough to turn those returning flood waters

to ice again, the earth was still there before Jehovahs
throne just as it had always been, but only now its
atmosphere is cased in a sea of ice. Also known as the Discovered in Russia, still with
waters above the expanse also known as the window of flowing blood, chewing green
the heavens grass.
So prior to the fracturing of the sea of ice that brought
about the flood this planet would have experienced a true
greenhouse effect, no place on the earth would be as cold
as our polar regions are today, also the Arridge regions
wouldnt be so inhospitable either. - The earth would of
acted as one huge green house, hence keeping the same
temperature and a global scale.

Members of the evolution faith, say that the seemingly

instantaneous of freezing of prehistoric beasts with halfway
chewed green grass in their mouths proves that the ice age
is an indisputable fact I would counter that with the fact
that a mile think pile of crushed ice minus one hundred
degree fahrenheit ice falling on them from the upper
atmosphere could possible produce quite similar results -
Im just saying?

The Flood started on the 17th day of the seconded month

weather wise the flood would have started in a time
frame similar to what we experience around the 8th
November and would have continued all the way to what we
would consider to be around 20th January - if youre trying
to do the maths - Dont forget factor in that Noah lived prior
to the introduction of leap days, leap months and leap
years why did it take 40 days for all of this ice fall down?
I have no idea, but according to the Bible it didnt come
down all at once, However coming down in the dead of
winter probably would have allowed quite bit of that ice to
reach the earth in a frozen state, at least in the Northern hemisphere.

If you are getting goose bumps form what you have just heard that just know that I still have more to
go and Im saving the best for last.

Once the sea of Ice is restored and the planet goes back to its
original perfection, Rainbows will no longer be found here in
the clouds, but we will still get to see the effects that causes
the rainbows in the heavens, right now this sea of glass isnt
their but the atmosphere is,

When sun light hits the earth it doesnt just come to

a stop The Earths atmosphere actually has the
ability to diffuse light, which means that even
though the earth casts a shadow on the Moon, most
of that shadow is filled with diffused light, this as
the effect making the moon appear Red, some
people call this effect A blood Moon

During a solar eclipse, when the Moon cast its

Shadow on the earth, this doesnt happen because
unlike the earth, the Moon as No atmosphere - The
Moons surface is surrounded by a vacuum

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Once incased by the sea of ice again, our atmosphere will no longer diffuse light but instead act as
prism, and refract light in the same way that water droplets in a cloud cause rainbows, The Sea of
Glass will also cause a rainbow - This is not my opinion - This is straight from the Bible, every 30
days the Moon will be dominated by a different colour, and not some dull red, white or Black But
Vibrant Red, Green or Purple every colour of each foundation stone in Gods belief system known as
heavenly Jerusalem, Jerusalem comes from word meaning Peace the belief system that it will
replacing is known as Babylon the Great Babylon comes from a word meaning confusion, Paul
was referring to this change when he said That Jehovah is not a God of Confusion, But of Peace

In Revelation 4: 1-7 Gods throne is described, we are told that before his throne is the sea of ice
and emanating out from the sea of ice, is a rainbow, In this vision of the new heavens and the new
earth We are being shown that Gods Rainbow that had been relocated to the earth, for thousands
of years is to be restored right back from where it came from, those that are resurrected will never
see another rainbow in the clouds again, but the ever changing colours of the Moon will more then
make for that loss.

This soon to make place

mighty act of God is not
something that the
demons that out rule our
world could ever hope to
achieve, their powers are
limited as are the powers
of the political and
religious leaders that do
their bidding But
Jehovahs power is NOT.

That is why in the Bible he

is the only God that is ever
called Almighty God In
fact when this event take
place the demons will
already be out of the
picture along with
civilisation that they created and ran for so many centuries, Unlike Satans paper based hierarchal
religion of consumerism complete with paper calendar, Gods Kingdom will be ruled by Natural law,
and under that Kingdom time will be ruled by the celestial bodies

Unlike the thousands of volumes of rules put in place by civilisations, governments and religions
NO paper is necessary in order for Gods Kingdom to function,

Around the throne there are 24 elders, wearing white the fact that they are wearing white indicates
that unlike the confused moon that Satan claimed was his Bride, which was sometimes in the night
times sky and sometimes in the day time sky, changing from completely lit to totally dark
Jehovahs Moon will always dominate the night the crowns on the elders heads also a test to their
domination above the night The Fact that there are 24 Elders, shows that God rulers the entire
planet and not just some secular nation run by wicked human rulers in the Middle East, In Gods law
even Israel was given two different calendars in recognitions of this fact, fall in the Northern
hemisphere began on the 1st day of the 7th month, but in the Southern hemisphere Our 7th
Month would actually be their 1st Our Northern Hemisphere winter would occur during the
southern Hemispheres summer.

Our understanding today is that the tilt of the earths axes causes the
changes in our seasons, it is not possible for us to know what will
causes the changing of the colours of the Moon, But it is reasonable to
believe that this tilt in the Earths axis combined with others aspects of
the complex relationship between the earth, moon and sun will govern
the changing of the colours of the moon The Bible only says thats it is
going to be done, it does not give any details as to how.

When the breastplate of the high priest was first made at Exodus 28:30
The Bible says that Moses put in the Urim and Thummim - The perfect
lights, Moses was the only person that could do such a thing, When he came down from the
mountain with the Ten Commandments, The Urim and Thummim was coming out of his face, these
lights of perfection were so bright that he had to cover his face with a veil, just so he could talk to
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people these rays was pure light from Jehovah God, when Moses stared into the breastplate of
judgment, light from his face passed through those transparent precious stones and showed all 12
colours of Jehovah rainbow onto the pure white cloth over the high priest heart

Later lights of perfection emanated from just above the Ark of Covenant, and once a year those lights
would shine through that same breastplate onto the white cloth over the heart of whoever happened
to be the high priest that year, the high priest would only appear before the Ark of Covenant once a
year, on the day of atonement. Atonement means a putting of things back to the way they were
meant to be When the priest the entered the Holy of Holies, and the light from above the Ark shined
through those stones the high priest was engaging in a pre-enactment of Jehovah making all things
new. has recorded in the Book of Revelations 21:5

This event was often spoken of in the Bible as the marriage feast,
because it was a symbolic marriage of the Sun and Moon when they
went back into Synchronisation, just to confirm that these stones
actually represent the 12 colours that will appear sequentially on the
moon every month after the restorations of the Sea of Ice or two more
stones worn by the high priest on each of the breastplate shoulder
straps were stones that were not transparent Onyx stones, Onyx
is black these two stones represented the two lunar eclipses that
would occur annually back when the year was 360 days long.

The Last Days .

Well if we look at Matthew Chapter 24 when Jesus was speaking to his disciples, they asked him

Tell us when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your presence and conclusion of
the system of things

Jesus relied in this way, which would be a better


Chill out guys, look out that no one misleads

you because there is going to loads of
religions around saying This is the one, if
you want be saved Youre probably going to
hear reports of wars and talks of wars, but
guess what? Theres always been wars and
people have always talked of war, theyve being
doing it for years but dont let this worry you
either Because that is what Satans Empire
likes to do, they like to scare people Then no
doubt youll have all the religions jumping in
and getting involved and start saying These
are the last days everyone, join my church
Theyll be earthquake in one place after another
and food shortages, And nation will raise
against nation and kingdom against kingdom
But you guess it, thats always happened too, so
dont worry guys These things need to
happen But the end is not yet So chill out

Then Jesus said, concerning that day no body

knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor
the son, but only the father

Jesus, Here is talking about two things which can be seen at Revelation 13:5 ( Forty-two month
prophecy) Or 3 years and 6 months to be precise, or some may know it as the 1260 day prophecy
And also an event which will be taking place on earth with Satan himself. Which I will get to
shortly soon

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This is when the last days actually begin, This is when Jehovah starts restoring his planet back to
the way it was, when he looked around and thought it was very good in the book of Genesis. It will
take 1260 days to complete.

The Very first thing Jehovah is going to do his change his calendar back to 360 days, this will be the
first sign, But like it says at Matthew 24:36 - No body knows the day and hour, not the Angels nor the
son, But only the father

So what will be the first sign of his presence?

This will be a lunar eclipse, normally we are always hold of these events before they actual happen,
however on this occasion it will be complexity random This will be the 1st bowl of Gods wrath,
anyone looking up into the heavens will see a ring of fire, and this will appear to everybody looking
up like bowl been pour out upon the earth with fire surrounding it. - Bowl of wrath.

While this event is taking place, Satan will be cast down to the earth he will no longer be able to
enter heaven. During this time Jesus will restore the heavens.

This will be start of the Great tribulation down here on earth (42 months) 3 years and 6 months
prophecy. - Satan then knows his time is very short. Hence why its called a Great tribulation.

Jehovah will remove Satan and his Angels When Jesus returns he will fix the Heavens first, which
will require casting them out of heaven to earth - With Satan and his Angels out the picture, hell
restore the heavens first - While Satan and the wicked angels Know their time is short, theyll be
busy taking over control of his Empire down here on earth.

To all the nations and people that are unaware of what is actual taking place at this time then, Youll
have every scientist trying to give you every cover story theyll could possible think off, because
they do will not know themselves. - And without a doubt theyll deny the fact that this is an act of
God Yet the people of the nations will still insist in putting all their faith into there satans political
system, economic system and his belief system.. praying to there gods with no answers in return.

Then 6 months on, another one will appear this time, Their cover will become a little more difficult
to explain.

Remember The calendar will once again be 360 days, Therefore 12 months all with 30 days per
each month. Every 6 months theyll be 7 Lunar eclipses in a row, Just like John describe.

7 bowls of wrath, 7 trumpet blasts There all the same thing.

1 every 6 months = 7 bowls = 3 and half years. or 42 months divide by 7 = 6 months

Each bowl of wrath poured will restore some part of his creation, this will take 1260 days to
complete. 42 months or 3 and half years.

This is when Jesus said: Soon as you see these things taking place rejoice because you know the
end is near. - Luke 21:28

To anyone not knowing what is taking place to the world around them, It will be more then likely quite
a scary experience Not just the fact in seeing these bowls of wrath appear every 6 months, but also
all the changes which will also be taking place throughout the earth around them.

Jesus and his angels will be restoring each of the Planets to their original orbits (White Horse, Red
Horse, etc)

Jehovah said I am making all things new Not Me, with the help of you guys for the next 1000
years, in helping me make all things new

Like I said this event will take 42 months, 1260 days

On the very last and final bowl This will be beginning of the 1000 year reign of Christ, The day of
Judgement for all mankind And like I said before

A thousand years to Jehovah is like a day 2 Peter 3:8 and Jehovah also associates peace with
order, 1st Corinthians And when you get to the book of Revelation the day of judgement will take
place? the day of judgement begins This 1000 years reign of Christ, with Satan cast way and all
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his angels, they can no longer mess with peoples minds - Everyone will be given the chance to serve
Jehovah and live by his natural law just as he intended right at the beginning.

Jehovah cannot be anymore fairer then that, he knows we are imperfect, so trying to be perfect in an
unnatural world does not make any sense and he is also fully aware of this matter if this was the
case we wouldnt have had to send his son - Jesus died for ALL not some or maybe a few the
greek word POS which means All as in ALL.

1Thessalonians4:17 says "Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in
the clouds to meet the Lord in the air (actually not in the air, but simply "out of the ground"), and so
we shall always be with the Lord". Mark13:26, Revelation1:7, Mathew24:30,

Those doing the will of my father will be saved this is referring to when Jehovah gave his first laws
to Adam and Eve, these laws where simply

Enjoy my eternal rest, look after my creation the animals and plants, enjoy all the food I have
provided for you and be fruitful and spread out.

This was the very first set of commands when he looked around and said everything was VERY

Once they choose to end of that tree, which they were commanded not to they basically chose to
follow unnatural laws not natural laws - So Jehovah gave them what they wanted Everything after
that became covenant law and not natural law.

When these events do start taking place in the very near future people will talk, everybody will be
talking about whats taking place, it will probably be the only thing that people are talking about
regardless to whether they understand it or not Either way The good news of the kingdom will be
preached in all the inhabited earth - Then after 1260 days, the end of this current system will then
come to an end- Matthew 24:14

Mathew 7:6 Do not give what is holy to dogs nor throw your pearls before swine, so that they
may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open.

What this is basically saying is. Dont waste your time in telling people what they dont want to
hear, if you have some precious, why waste it on people that are not interested?

But if you think they could appreciate your precious pearl, then share it, but dont waste something
precious on someone who will not appreciate it.

On this Final bowl The 1000 years region of christ will begin- And remember, Jehovah does not do
anything without telling his people first, so we will know when his great day is soon as we see the
first bowl of Gods wrath,

A better rendering of this scripture would read, if looking at the original Greek text:

When the son of man comes in his glory and all of the angels with him, he will sit on the thrown of
his glory and all the different kinds of people will be gathered before him, and he will separate the
one from another as a shepherd separates the flock from the Male Stud goat (singular- Satan) he will
put the flock (All humans) on his right hand, and the Male stud goats (Plural - fallen Angels) on his
left, then the king will say to those on his right come you who are blessed by my father take your
inheritance the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world, as you fed me when I was
hungry, you give me something to drink when I was thirsty, you was hospitable to me, you clothed
me when I needed clothes, you took care of me when i was sick, and you visited me during my
imprisonment, Then the righteous will respond, when did we see you hungry and feed you, are
thirsty and give you something to drink, when were we hospitable to you or needing clothes and
clothed do you, when did we see you sick in prison and go to visit you The king will reply truly I
tell you, what ever you did from one of the least of my brothers you did for me Then he will say to
those on is left, depart from me you who are cursed into the internal fire prepared for the devil and is
angels, I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink,
you was never hospitable to me, you did not cloth me when i need it, you never took care of me when
I was sick, and you never visited me during my imprisonment, They will answer, Lord, when did we

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see you hungry or Thirsty, or a stranger, or needing clothes, or sick, or in prison, and did not help
you. He will reply, truly I tell you what ever you do for one of the least of these, you did not do it for
me, And then, they will go away into permanent correction, but the righteous to eternal life

In the wild, by tradition, groups of sheep and goats are referred to as herds. It is only when under
the control of a shepherd that groups of sheep and goats are referred to as flocks.

When Jesus was speaking to his disciples, it would have being common knowledge to anyone at that
time listening that a flock consists of both goats and sheep, because at that time thats how
shepherds back then worked, with both sheep and goats. One provide one thing while the other
provided the other.

Soon as that final bowl is poured, the 1000 year reign of christ will begin, anyone still wishing to put
their faith in satans political and belief system will be cut off, Satan with all his angels will be cast
aside, so that everyone will then have the chance to live according to how the creator first intended -
by living by natural law. The day of Judgement begins, And the resurrection will start taking

If people still then and only then during this time, still wish to follow how they once lived in this
current system (ours today ) and are not willing to live according to how Jehovah first intended
originally then the second death known in Revelation will apply

At some point during that 1000 reign of Christ, Jesus will then hand it back to his father. Only then
will it become the Kingdom of heaven.

If people still insist on living now they once lived and are unwilling to change there ways theyll be
cut off at the second death-

Matthew 7:21 says that not everyone who says lord lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Once this event as taken place, Jesus can be more then sure that handing it back to his father, hell
be fully confident that nothing like what the first human couple did at the begging will ever occur
again - Only then does it become the Kingdom of heaven.

However, there is also No scriptural support our evidence anywhere in the bible, to indicate that the
people that might die during Armageddon, who still insisted in putting their faith into satans belief
and political system cannot be resurrected after Armageddon. - The best way to look at this

The Bible says that there will be a resurrection of both the just and the unjust, we are taught that it
was a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous, because the wicked will not get a
resurrection, or the ones that are killed at Armageddon will not receive a resurrection, but there is
not one shred of scriptural support for those teachings.

The word that translates as unrighteous at Acts 24:15 is adikos which means those who act unjustly.
There are too many verses that associate the adikos (unjust) with wickedness. But the Bible also
says that the adikos will be punished .

2Peter 2:9 The only logical way that so many verses about this subject can make any sense at all is
to conclude that the day of judgment will take place long after the resurrection. But, before Jesus
hands the kingdom over to his father.

Acts 17:31 says "because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a
man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the
dead. Since this verse is very obviously about Jesus, who will rule for a thousand years, and since
2Peter 3:8 says "But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a
thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." And since Revelation 20:4 says "I saw thrones on
which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who
had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They
had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their
hands. They came to

Life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. I believe that it is safe to say that the Judgment Day
will be that thousand year period.

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By simply changing a couple of the keywords just a tiny bit the religious systems of our world are
able to present this story in such a way or Manner to make us believe this story is about only
humans, in their version humans are rewarded for being good and following the rules of civilisation
and its punishment for those ones who don't follow the rules of civilisation and that is eternal
burning and torture or its eternal cutting off from Gods kingdom.

But when correctly translated there is no possible way to make this story about demonic propaganda
make sense, in Jesus's version of this story in its original, is not about separating good people from
bad people, but about separating is flock made up of both righteous and unrighteous humans, from
Satan and all is Angels knowing as the fallen Angels.

I said there were going to be two major events taking place once we see this first bowl - the first one
is Jehovah restoring his creation, this process will take 1260 days

And the second major event is that of the start of the great tribulation So whats this

If we look in the book of the Book of Thessalonians it goes into great detail of this event which will
also be taking place during this time So let me try and explain these events.

2: Thessalonians 2: 3-4

Let no one lead you astray in any way, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and
the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. He stands in opposition and exalts
himself above every so-called god or object of worship,* so that he sits down in the temple of God,
publicly showing himself to be a god.

Because Satan as now being cast down to the earth - Rev 12: 7-10

And now he knows his days are numbered, so out of desperation he takes on human foam, known as
the Anti-Christ . Jerusalem is built for the 3rd time - which is another Bible prophecy.

Soon as this is completed, Satan will take his throne in the temple, professing to be christ coming to
save mankind - On very day he does this, this will also be the same day Jehovah pours his first bowl
of wrath up the earth. Satan who will be acting as christ, will no doubt claim these events are through
him. - Hell do great signs and mislead many. People of the nations will then realise its the second
coming of christ.

Revelation 13:2-4 (in fact all of this chapter is talking about this event)

Now the wild beast that I saw was like a leopard, but its feet were like those of a bear, and its
mouth was like a lions mouth. And the dragon gave to the beast its power and its throne and
great authority.

3 I saw that one of its heads seemed to have been fatally wounded, but its mortal wound had
been healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with admiration. 4 And they
worshipped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshipped
the wild beast with the words: Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?

He was giving authority to act for 42 months - Rev 13:5

5 It was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and it was given authority to act for
42 months

13 And it performs great signs, even making fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the sight
of mankind.

Revelation 17: 11 says

11 And the wild beast that was but is not, it is also an eighth king, but it springs from the seven, and
it goes off into destruction.

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Jerusalem will be the next 8th Kingdom - but it comes from the 7th - This is because we and
American will ensure this is rebuilt, in the hope of it bring World peace to the Middle East.

He will do great signs, and the kings of the earth will give him all their authority and the nation will
worship him. - And like it says he will mislead many.

During this time anyone not willing to bow down and worship him while following his civilisation, will
be killed, anyone opposition to him will be killed - The blood of the holy ones

During this time in Jerusalem once it has been rebuilt for 3rd time, including the Alter, they will be
sacrifices of both animal and of humans This will be the holy ones.

We know that this time is coming close, as there is already plans being put into place now, for the
rebuilding of this temple.

Hell even be that good, that hell also cause world peace at some point, hence the scripture at
Isaiah 2:4 And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning sticks,
nation will not lift up sword against nation, either will they learn war anymore

And, because things will be really good for all those who wish to follow him, anyone who is
opposition to this authority and kingdom will be dealt with.

And towards the end of this 42 month period, 1260 days, 3 years and 6 months after all the great
signs that Jehovah as done throughout the planet, and man still insists on putting their faith in
satans civilisation and all the good going to do then

Then and only then, when they are saying Peace and Security And that final bowl of Jehovahs
wrath will be poured out, then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them.

The fall of Babylon the Great - will be done away with for ever, his belief system, his economic
system and his political system.

The day of judgement begins the 1000 year reign of Christ.

So why will their be human sacrifices in the temple?


If you dont know who Barabbas is, thats OK. Nobody does. There are quite a few apocryphal
stories about him, but as is usually the case these stories have no basis in historical fact, and are
nothing more than fiction created by booksellers, Hollywood, and the religions of The Empire as a
means of distracting spiritual people, from discovering the vital truths recorded in the Barabbas

By the time you finish watching this video, you will know as much, or more about Barabbas than
anyone else alive. Most of what you will hear, has not been revealed to mankind for 2,000 years.

As I often like to remind people, The Bible is not a rule book for how to get to heaven, but is simply a
written history of the war between Gods Kingdom, and Satans Empire. The war between The
Righteous Angels and The Wicked Angels, or to put it another way, The war between Creation, and

When Jesus was sacrificed, he was not alone. His death was part of a much larger event. We are not
told how many were sacrificed, by The Empire, on that particular day, but when we take into account
how God feels about murder, we can rightfully say that to date, the number of those that have been
sacrificed in order to maintain civilisations demonic, pyramid scheme, would be in the millions.
From its founding, civilisation has always demanded absolute obeisance. For nearly 6,000 years,
Assimilation, Incarceration, and Extermination have been the only options available to mankind. It is
understandable that so many would choose Assimilation over the other two options.

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It is very likely that the number sacrificed on that day would have been greater than usual. Rome had
a reputation for doing things in a big way.

Thousands of the citizens of the nation, would have been in town, for the Passover festival, and as
the Bible says at Mat27:15. Releasing a condemned man had become a traditional part of Passover.
If we take into consideration just what this verse says, in its original languages, than there is no way
around the fact, that, ritual human sacrifice, had by this time, become an integral part of the
Passover celebration.

It is only logical to conclude, that the number of public executions would have been greater during
the holidays. In or around 597BC Babylon conquered and carried off into captivity the remaining two
tribes of the once powerful nation, and the Bible clearly states that when the remnant of survivors
eventually returned they would no longer be directly ruled by god, but instead under the
governmental authority of Satan.

Although loosely based on the religion that Moses had given to the people, in the wilderness,
hundreds of years earlier, The Judaism of Jesus day would be more like the religion of modern
Judaism. Moses would never have recognised the rituals being performed by The Jews, in the first

Timing the ritual human sacrifices being performed in Jerusalem, to coincide with the religious
festivals of the Jews, would have drawn in a greater number of tourist. But, ritual human sacrifice
would not have simply been a means of improving the economic impact of Passover. By the first
century, ritual human sacrifice, was the Passover.

If what I am telling you sounds far fetched, it is only because of thousands of years of religious
propaganda. Israel was an integral part of The Roman Empire. It had ceased to be a sovereign
nation over 600 years earlier.

At that time, Rome controlled all of the known world. The system used by Rome to win the hearts of
the people of the nations that it conquered at that time, was known as Panem et Circenses which
translates as Bread and Circuses. And it is undisputed, common knowledge, that the most popular
form of entertainment provided by The Roman Circuses, always involved some form of public
execution. As a people, The citizens of Judea, were no different than any other providence of Rome.
The vast majority of Judeas citizens, enjoyed the entertainment provided by The Empire.

We do know, from the information recorded in The Bible, that on that particular day, at least 4 victims
were scheduled for execution. When Jesus was impaled, there were at least two others being
impaled, on either side of him, and we are told about Barabbas who was scheduled for execution, but
was released as part of the festivities.

According to our English Bibles Barabbas was a murder, and a thief, but in the original language of
the New Testament, he was in fact, what we today might call a freedom fighter. One of the words
used to describe him is lestes. This word is consistently translated as thief, or robber, in every Bible
that I have ever read. But outside of the English Bible, it is never translated as thief. It is more than
obvious that The Churches translators know what this word means, and the fact that they all
consistently mistranslate this word is a pretty good indication that once again, the churches are
trying to hide something.

In the works of Josephus this word is consistently translated as revolutionary. Lestes would more
accurately be understood in modern English as,insurgent, terrorist, revolutionary, rebel, or freedom
fighter. The Churchs tradition of translating Lestes as thief is, by design, intentionally misleading.

There can be no doubt that people back then, complained about the Roman Authority. They, just like
people today, recognised, that civilisations hierarchy was oppressive. But many, benefited from that
oppression, or at least believed that they did. Such people were willing to not only tolerate the
arrangement, but in most instances were willing to fight to the death to defend it. The Bible calls
such people Herodians, which translates as supporters of The Heroic. Today such people are often
referred to in the English language, as patriots.

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Many Bible stories that repeat over and over again, are reenactments of past historic events, and
preenactments of future historic events. We are about to witness with our own eyes the final playing
out of the story, of Barabbas, in the very near future, and understanding the significance of this story
before the great day of The Lord, may be crucial if we wish to recognize these events for what they

To understand the Bible account, of Jesus execution, and the role that Barabbas played, we are
going to have to look at similar stories in other parts of the Bible.

Jesus sacrifice was one of the most significant events to have ever taken place in all of human
history, but it is important to understand that his death was not some kind of stand alone cure all for
humanities ills, but, part of a repeating pattern of ritual blood sacrifices. Each and every one
essential for the salvation of mankind. It is also important to understand that his sacrifice would not
be the last, and in fact, the single most significant sacrifice, in all of human history, has yet to take

Much of the information that I will be covering in this video has already been posted in much greater
detail, as parts of other videos that I have produced over the years. In this video, I will leave links to
those videos. It would be very beneficial to anyone listening to this information, to take the time to
listen to the more detailed information, in those other videos.

The very first blood shed recorded in The Bible took place shortly after Adam and Eve were cast out
of The Garden of Eden. Cain and Able were at the entrance of The Garden, attempting to get back
into paradise by making sacrifices.

According to the Bible, another aspect of the war Between Creation, and civilisation, is the
involvement of human beings in this war. Cain was a builder. Cain had been planning on creating
the worlds first population centre. Which he eventually did. As a result, he tried to gain entry by
sacrificing some of his agricultural products. Unlike Cain, Abel, his brother was what the Bible calls
a shepherd. He was trying to gain entry by sacrificing some of the animals of his flock.

At Genesis 46:34 the occupation of the sons of Jacob, is described as Shepherds of flocks. Ra ah
Tson. Which would more accurately be translated as caretakers of migrating animals. From the
story of Cain And Abel to the Book of Revelation, the struggle between the Shepherds and Builders
would be a recurring theme.

Throughout The Bible, Jesus is spoken of as both a shepherd, and as a sacrificial lamb.

As the story of Cain and Able goes, God accepted Abels sacrifice while rejecting Cains sacrifice,
which led to Cain killing his brother. Abels sacrifice of his firstlings made it possible for him to gain
temporary entry back into the paradise that his parents had been forced out of. The sacrifice of his
own life, would have gained him an eventual permanent entry into paradise. Abel like Jesus was
both a shepherd, and a sacrificial victim.

When Cain sacrificed his brothers life, he did so to protect something very precious to himself.
Civilisation. Currently, nearly every indigenous, man woman and child that has ever attempted to
live by natural law, has been sacrificed.

In one way or another we have, for the most part, all been forced into Satans fictional version of Self

The next sacrifice mentioned in the Bible took place when Noah and his family exited the ark into a
world washed clean by the global deluge. Noahs family was all that remained of humanity.

Their sacrifice would have allowed them to once again enter into a paradise similar to that entered
into by Abel years earlier. All animal sacrifices conducted in The Bible, were done in
acknowledgment of the fact that before mankind could reenter Paradise, sacrifices would have to be

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After the flood, conditions deteriorated, as people once again, chose to leave off from shepherding
living things, and instead become builders. Under the rulership of Nimrod construction began on
several cities, the most well known being Babylon.

God approached a man who would eventually come to be known as Abraham, and told him that he
wanted to take him to an unusual place. Abraham agreed, and 40 years later he and his tribe entered
into what we today call the land of milk and honey, the promised land, or The Holy Land.

Being described as The Land of Milk and Honey, was indicative of the fact that year round, the
mammals were producing offspring, while the plants were producing pollen. Such verses have
nothing to do with Gods version of any kind of holy, or healthy, diet. Once again, just as in the case
of Abel, and Noah, Abraham would be entering a paradise.

As Abraham approached the land, he stopped twice, prior to entering the land, to build altars in order
to conduct two separate ritual blood sacrifices. Later, he was forced out of the promised land, but
when he returned he stopped once again, prior to making entry, in order to conduct another blood
sacrifice. This was repeated later by his son Isaac, and even later by Isaacs son Jacob. Each left
the land in a different direction, and returned from a different direction, but if we mark the locations
of each of their sacrifices on a map, those sacrifices would encircle the spot where Jesus himself,
would be sacrificed years later.

Once again, all of these sacrifices were in acknowledgment, of the fact, that prior to humanity
reentering paradise, sacrifices would have to be made.

Jacob, whos name means grabber of the heel, which itself means usurper, eventually changed his
name to Israel, which means contender with god. His offspring eventually grew in numbers so great
that they became a nation.

As time went on, this nation became the foundation of the slave labor force of The Egyptian Empire,
but was rescued by God, and over time brought into the land which had previously been occupied by
the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And once again before entering the land, a blood
sacrifice was made. This nation would be used by God in a very special way to prove once and for
all, that civilisation, no matter how well intentioned simply can not work. And once again, the
sacrifice performed prior to entering the promised land, was a reminder to all of humanity that prior
to reentering paradise, sacrifices would have to be made.

During the journey, the nation was given the opportunity to live according to natural law, just as their
original parents Adam and Eve had been given in the very beginning. Free of the three elements that
make up every Empire that Satan has ever established. Government, Economics, and Religion.
According to Gods natural law, which we today call The Ten Commandments, no more sacrifices
would be required.

Gods law, was immediately rejected by the people.

As an alternative God decided to give them just what they wanted, a governmental, economic, and
religious law code, in the form of hundreds of seemingly arbitrary rules, governing every petty
aspect of Jewish life. But far from being arbitrary, these rules were established to act as clues
allowing us to understand other profound, yet confusing events that took place in The Bible
narrative, as well as events that will take place in the very near future.

In order to consecrate a priesthood to administer that law, the male members of the tribe of Levi were
required to perform ritual human sacrifices. The Levites eagerly complied. Once again, in
acknowledgment of the fact, that sacrifices would have to be made prior to reentering paradise.

One of the confusing laws, given to the nation by Moses, involved what we today call the scapegoat.
According to the Bible book of Leviticus, two rams were to be brought before the priest. He was to
lay his hands on them, and lots were to be cast. One was to be sacrificed by blood letting, and the
other was to be exiled into the wilderness, to carry away the sins of the nation.

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The goat to be sacrificed, was as The Bible says to be for the LORD, and the goat to be exiled into
the wilderness was to be for Azazel. Some English Bibles translate Azazel as Scapegoat, or Goat of
Departure. Neither translation is entirely accurate, and in fact the twisting of these verses, have been
just misleading enough, to help to keep mankind, in spiritual darkness, for over 2,000 years.

If we look at the two words translated as The LORD, and transliterated as Azazel, it is not all that
difficult to figure out what is being communicated to us in these verses. What is actually said is that
the goat being slaughtered was for YHWH, (possibly E Oh Wah) which most Bibles by tradition
translate as The Lord, although some render this word as either Jehovah, or Yahweh. A literal
translation of this word, YHWH, would actually be To Be.

Azazel in these verses is not translated at all in most Bibles, but is left as it would be in the original
language transposed letter for letter into an English looking, and sounding version of the original

According to most church reference materials, azel means removed, and adding an extra az at the
beginning of the word indicates that azazel means utterly removed, completely removed, or forcefully
removed. I think that this is a very important aspect of the word, but does not reveal who Azazel is,
or what this very important verse was meant to convey to mankind.

YHWH was the recognised God of The Jews, an actual living being. The Creator of everything. By
simple logic, we should be able to conclude that Azazel would likely have been some powerful living
being in some way associated with YHWH. Since the word El as used in The Bible, means God,
whether The True God, the gods of the nations, a righteous Angel, an unrighteous Angel, or even an
acknowledged powerful human ruler. We should immediately recognize that the el at the end of
Azazel means god. The word az on its own would translate as rough, as in harsh, uncomfortable, or
even brutal.

Azazel would have to be one of the main characters spoken of throughout The Bible. In this
instance, he is being referred to as the harsh god, of the harsh gods. The god in opposition to
YHWH, the True God, the God To Be.

Outside of The Bible, the only references to Azazel are found in the Book of Enoch, where it is
recorded that one of the fallen Angels is named Azazel, and in The Apocalypse of Abraham, where
Azazel is the name of an unclean bird that attempted to steal the sacrifice made by Abraham in The
Book of Genesis.

What was done annually in this religious ritual would mirror what was to be done to Jesus and
Barabbas. And once again we can determine this by examining the original ancient language words
used in the Bible account involving Barabbas, from which our English Bibles were supposedly

In our English Bibles the religious leaders of the Jews accused Jesus of sedition. Barabbas has
been accused of sedition as well. Pilot, by tradition would allow one person sentenced to death, to
go free every Passover, and rather than picking which prisoner to free himself, he would allow the
choice to be made randomly by the Jewish people. Very much like the casting of lots over the two
goats. When he offered to release Jesus called The Christ, the people rejected him, but instead
asked for Barabbas.

As is recorded in the original languages, what was actually said was Who would you like me to
release to you? Iesous ton bar abbas, or Iesous ton lego christos. If we were to translate this
passage in a fashion similar to the way that the rest of The Bible is translated, it would be rendered
as: Who would you choose for me to release? Jesus The Son of The Father, or Jesus who is called
The Chosen One?

Initially when the Catholic Church translated this passage into Latin, it was decided that Bar Abbas
be left untranslated as is common with proper names, as opposed to translating it as son of the
father. But, in these verses the definite article, the, is present, which would translate as the
barabbas. The word the, would not be placed before a proper name.

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Why his first name Jesus, was removed is actually recorded by secular history. Origen, one of the
early Church Fathers declared that Jesus could not possibly be the name of a thief, hence leaving
his name in the Bible, would be heresy. As a powerful leader of Satans Empire at that time Origen
was able to keep all references to the fact that Jesus was Barabbas actual name, from being
included in any copies of The Bible produced by the Catholic Church, after that time.

Fortunately for us, many early Greek language texts still exist, confirming that in the ancient original
language texts of The Bible, Barabbas actual name was in fact Jesus.

It should not surprise us that The Churches would put so much effort into deceiving us about the
nature of Barabbas or Azazel. The fact that they are deceiving us about both, is just one more
reason for us to come to the conclusion that the two are somehow related.

In our English Bibles Joshua and Jesus are simply the same word in two different languages. Iesous
is simply the Hellenized Babylonian equivalent of the Ancient Hebrew word Yehowshuwa. Iesous in
the New Testament is usually transliterated as Jesus, while Yehowshuwa in the Old Testament, is
usually transliterated as Joshua.

It was Joshua that brought Israel into The Promised Land. The land of milk and honey. The Paradise
Garden of God. It is Jesus that will bring us into the future eternal paradise of God. Most so called
Christians acknowledge that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was necessary for our salvation, but are
not aware of the fact that the releasing of Jesus Barabbas into exile was necessary as well.

According to most sources, Jesus and Joshua both mean Salvation of Jehovah. A more accurate
definition would be Salvation of Jah. Jesus is transliterated from Iesous, not Ie Wah Sous. Joshua
is transliterated form Yehowshuwa, not Yehow Wah Shuwa. In both words the future tense part of
the word is absent. When Civilisations final sacrifice is made we will no longer refer to our father as
YHWH, future tense, but as YH (possibly Yah) Present tense.

As the Roman Empire eventually fell, and Satan choose to move his throne to Britain, several of the
human rulers that he put into place, made the task of translating the Bible into The English language
a priority. Each and every one of them chose to follow the policy initiated by the Roman Empire of
removing the actual name of Barabbas.

King Henry IIX, produced a rather rare and relatively short lived version in 1539, King James I, in
1611, produced another version which circulated for a little over 150 years. And King George III in
1767, produced the single most popular English version of The Bible ever, which almost 250 years
later is very likely the best selling book in all of human history.

The Authorised Version produced by King George was named after King James 1, who had
authorised the previous English version of The Bible. It was sometime between the reign of Gregory
XIII of Rome, and James I of England, that England replaced Rome, as the seat of power for Satans

Many so called Christians consider The British Empires Authorised English Version of the Bible to
be the only true word of God, despite the fact that the current version is named after one of the most
evil men to have ever lived. History records that Henry and James were both insanely evil. While
George himself was simply insane.

Out of respect for the traditions of men, and lack of respect for truth, most English Translations still
conform to The Empires version of the Bible, by leaving out the name of Jesus, son of The Father.

A while back I made the statement that all English Translations of the Bible were nothing more than
clones of The King James Bible, produced by George III.

I was only able to find three Bibles out of the dozens available to me online, that restored Barabbas
name. Two of those three are on my list of recommended Bibles, The NIV, also known as The New
International Version, as well as the TEV, also known as the Todays English Version, or Good
News Bible GNT. Although both have restored Jesus, as Barabbas actual name. Neither have

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chosen to translate the words ton bar abbas as the son of the father, but I have learned not to
expect too much from Bible translators.

Very soon God will do away with all religion forever, and when that happens, I am certain that people
will be much more accepting of truth.

Now that I have explained the basics, I am going to explain what it all means. When given the choice
of who to release, the Jews, all cried out for Barabbas. When Pilot asked if instead they would
accept Jesus who is called The Chosen One. The Jews refused.

Many people recognise that they do not benefit from being ruled over by selfish wicked powerful
men. Over the thousands of years that humanity has spent enslaved to The Empire, many have
attempted to resist that enslavement.

The Bible makes no qualms about the fact that Barabbas was an insurgent. He actively resisted the
Roman Authority, even to the point of violence. The Bible strongly advises against such activities,
but at the same time makes it clear that the true rulers of human society are not human at all.

Jesus knew that civilisation was evil, and he was more than aware of the fact that The Roman Empire
was directly ruled by Satan. Just as the current ruling world empire is today. He never voluntarily
gave his allegiance to The Empire, and yet he never actively took a stand against it, either. He
understood that the time that his father had granted to Satan and his followers for ruling over the
Earth was limited, and would one day run out. He also knew that prior to that time, there would be
nothing that humanity could do to put an end to Satans reign.

When asked by pilot if he was the King of The Jews, Jesus made it clear, that his authority was in no
way associated with the political systems of man.

The Rebels obviously wanted Barabbas released because he espoused their desire for self rule
separate from the Roman authority. But according to The Bible, all of the people called for the
release of Barabbas. Including The Herodians, who believed in the Roman version of self rule. As
different as those patriots and insurgents were, they were able to overlook their differences long
enough to stand united in their struggle for independence from rule by God.

People in the first century, were no different from people today. The herodians back then just like so
called, patriots in our day certainly believed that their empire had Gods blessing. Those lestes who
violently stood against it, just like so called, insurgents in our day, felt the same way.

When Jesus was arrested, even Peter took a stand. According to our English Bibles Peter drew his
sword. The actual Greek word used here is Machaira, which would be about an 18 knife. The Greek
word machaira is where we get our English word machete. At the time Jesus followers only had two
of these machairas and whoever was holding the other one did not draw his.

What Peter did was honourable. Jesus was about to suffer an incredible injustice. It was Jesus who
had told Peter to acquire a machaira, so, many wonder why Jesus would seemingly change his
policy when Peter finally had the opportunity to use it.

There are actually two reasons as to why Jesus stopped Peter from defending him. The first one is
found at John 18:11. When, after telling Peter to return his sword to its sheath, he asked him:
Should I not drink the cup which my father has given me?

Gods word The Bible contains many prophecies about Jesus death. God said it, so it was going to
happen. Unbeknown to Peter, his attempt at rescuing Jesus from the Romans would also have been
an attempt at hindering Bible prophecy. Peters justifiable emotional response to injustice, prompted
Jesus to give him a subtle reminder as to why his father sent him.

Secondly, it should be more than obvious that Peter was not going to defeat the Roman Army with
his knife. A knife can be a very good defensive weapon against an attacker, but not when the
attacker is an army of trained soldiers with superior weapons.

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The two men on either side of Jesus, understood as they were dying, that their efforts to overthrow
the Roman authority had not and would not benefit them personally. Even if they believed that their
deaths might benefit future generations of Jews, history records that, that did not happen.

At the Passover of 70AD, just one generation after the execution of Jesus, The Romans surrounded
Jerusalem, and according to Josephus slaughtered about one million Jews. Many who would have
been present at Jesus execution, would themselves die at that same location, during a very similar
Passover celebration, along with the future generation that those two men at either side of Jesus
might have thought they were giving their lives for.

Jesus commanding his followers to acquire a sword is indicative of the fact that God recognises a
persons right to defend themselves against an attacker. But, Jesus, specifically told Peter, that
those choosing to use weapons for any other reason were deserving of death. Only the gods of
civilisation require their worshipers to engage in carnal warfare.

Anyone taking up arms in any criminal activity, or as part of an organised fighting force can not
rightfully claim to be doing so for The True God. The potential price for participating in any of the
wars of civilisation, whether, as a patriot, or as an insurgent has always been death. It is quite
possible that those choosing the life of a soldier today, whether as a patriot, or an insurgent, will
soon find themselves involved in civilisations final battle.

Obviously, the so called scapegoat Azazel represented none other than Satan himself. When Cain
killed his brother Abel, at Genesis 4:16 we are told that Cain, which means possession, was made an
exile in the land of Nod, which translates as wandering.

Abel was willing to do whatever was necessary to gain entry into Gods creation. Cain was more
interested in improving on that creation. If we compare the information from these two Bible
accounts, it is logical to conclude that Abel represented the goat for The LORD, while Cain who was
forced into exile, represented the goat for Azazel. As the Bible says Abel was killed for doing the will
of God, while Cain was exiled for doing the will of Satan.

In the very near future, the Bible says that Jesus will return. Ridding the Earth of evil. As Jesus
himself described it, he would come as a shepherd to separate the Sheep from the Goats. Or as
would be more accurately rendered, as separating the erephon, which translates as the male stud
goats, from the proboton, which translates as the flock. This work of separating will result in the
removing of Satan, and his angels, as represented by the goat for Azazel.

When this takes place, the sins of the people will not be carried away in any figurative sense, but in
fact will actually be removed from the Earth. Without the presence of the wicked spirits that
currently fill the citizens of Satans Civilisation, humanity will no longer be motivated to engage in
wicked activities.

As for the roll of those sacrificed for The LORD. All those who are killed at Armageddon, will be part
of that great final bloodletting, The single greatest mass killing in all of human history. As
Revelation says, the blood will come clear up to the Bridals of The horses. The wage that sin pays
is death, and true to his word, when human beings choose to rule themselves, sin, and by default,
death is always the result.

As Satan and his fallen Angels are driven into exile, all of the revolutionaries and patriots will be
violently sacrificed, similar to the way that Abel, The Goat for The LORD, and even Jesus himself,
were sacrificed. Everyone willing to die for the right to self rule will be given the opportunity to do

But. Not everyone will die on the great day of God The Almighty. Many of Earths inhabitants
want to be ruled by God. We love the birds, fish, and animals that God has created for us to enjoy,
and take seriously the admonition to ensure the safety and happiness of those creatures. To kill
them, and replace them, with material things is offensive to us.

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We especially love our fellow man, including those patriots and revolutionaries, who engage in
carnal warfare with one another over the legal right to self rule. And that, despite the fact, that they
are both fighting over the right to oppress those of us who refuse to participate, in their struggles.

In The Book of Revelation, humanitys final blood sacrifice is referred to as The Battle of
Armageddon. This Greek word is a transliteration of the Hebrew words Har, meaning mountain, and
Megiddon meaning crowds. But, there is a literal mountain of Megiddo mentioned in The Bible.
There are photographs available on the internet of the ruins of the fortress that King Solomon built
there. Although many now contend that it was built by King Ahab.

I have heard religious people say that Armageddon is only a figurative battle because, there were no
mountains in ancient Megiddo, but that is not at all the case. The Bible was not written in English, so
the English definition of the word mountain has no bearing whatsoever, on our understanding of the
word Armageddon. What is important is the Hebrew definition of the word har.

A har as defined in the ancient Hebrew language, would be any elevated geological formation, and
Solomons fortress is located on an elevated geological formation.

The word Har as used in Hebrew can also mean any large rock, including very large rocks, such as
the planets, including The Earth. Calling The Earth a mountain of crowds would be reasonable
according to what would be linguistically acceptable in the ancient Hebrew language, especially
within the context of The Bible.

As Rev 16:14, says, All of the Kings of The Earth will be drawn to The Battle of Armageddon.
Currently that literal location does not seem to be of any military significance, but we have to
remember that the fallen angels are consistently referred to as The Kings of The Earth, so we
shouldnt consider the importance of Har Meggido according to human standards. And if we
consider that the mountain of crowds could be a reference to the Earth itself, then Armageddon,
quite obviously would be very significant to the fallen angels.

However. The yet future Battle of Armageddon will not be the first. In the past, many battles ended
up taking place in Megiddo. Including one that took place during WWII.

Megiddo just happens to lie between quite a few nations striving after world domination, and unlike
most of the area surrounding Megiddo, the terrain is suitable for marching armies, and mechanised
warfare. However, the most significant battle to ever take place at that location, was instrumental in
bringing about the end of the Jewish nation forever.

When God chose the sons of Israel as his special possession, he entered into an agreement with
them to be their ruler, and they agreed to be his people. But, as time went on, the nation of Israel
rejected God, and demanded a human ruler. And God gave them exactly what they wanted.

The first King appointed to rule over Israel by God, was Saul. Being a man, he soon Succumbed to
the intoxicating effect of power, and became a typical political ego maniac. God then chose David as
his replacement. But Saul refused to step down, and in fact dedicated the entire military force of
Israel to the task of hunting down and killing Gods anointed King, David.

After David died, many kings represented the nation of Israel, but never again did God actually give
Israel a King. However, many Bible prophecies speak of Israel always having a King in the line of
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Jesse, and David. Jesus being a descendant of all of these men as
well as all of the Kings that descended from these men would eventually be revealed as Gods
Christos, or chosen ruler, in fulfilment of all of those prophecies.

Jehovah allowed many men to represent that part of the Earth. He even altered events in such a way
as to lead to rulers being chosen and other rulers being rejected. But according to The Bible that
would be true of all nations.

Other than Saul, David, and Jesus, none of the kings that ruled in that part of the Earth, were ever
chosen directly by God, in the same way that Saul, David, and Jesus were chosen.

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After Solomon, not one of the kings of Israel was in the line of David. The nation split into two parts,
and the nation itself began to be ruled by whoever had the most weapons and soldiers.

In fact, as time went on, the nation, was conquered by Assyria, and all of its citizens either
exterminated or sold into slavery and replaced by a race of people known in the New Testament as
The Samaritans. At that point, it should have been more than obvious that God would never again
allow Israel to exist as a nation. But there were still those that held out hope that somehow Israel
would one day rise to power again.

Even with the majority of Israel destroyed, and most of its people exterminated, there was still a
remnant of the Sons of Jacob, living at the southern tip of the land. And among them was a
descendant of David ruling over that people. And it just so happened that The Temple around which
most of Jewish life revolved was within the borders of this very tiny piece of land.

The last king in the line of David to ever rule over anything that could be considered a sovereign
nation, was named Josiah. He never ruled over the ten northern tribes of Israel, but only over the
two southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

Between Egypt, and Assyria was a highway that led right through Meggido. King Josiah received a
report that the Egyptians were marching to the defence of Assyria which was at war with Babylon.
So King Josiah took his army out to meet Pharaoh Necho II at the fortress that had been built on the
hill spoken of in Revelation.

There, Josiah was killed putting an end to any hopes that Israel may have held out, of one day being
restored as Gods unified, independent nation again. From that moment on, The Kingdom of Judah
would be nothing but another Vassal state of Satans Empire.

Over the course of time, while under Egyptian rule Pharaoh did appoint three men, in the line of
David, as his Vassal rulers over Judah, but no king in the line of David, ever ruled over an
independent nation, again. Josiahs son Jehoahaz was chosen by the people to be king, but this
only irritated Pharaoh Necho, who had him arrested and carried off to Egypt where he lived out his

When Jehovah freed the children of Israel from Egyptian Bondage, he brought them into The
Promised land, and gave them the freedom to rule themselves as an independent nation. All support
for the belief that Israel could ever regain that God given privilege, ended with the Death of Josiah.

In the yet future Battle of Armageddon, all of the Kings of The Earth will be killed, just as Josiah was
killed by Pharaoh Necho. Permanently putting an end to any belief system designed to support any
of civilisations political schemes. Whatever support from God our current political leaders may
claim to have. On The Great Day of God The Almighty. It will become more than obvious that such
supposed support, for a certainty, no longer exists.

Obviously anyone reading the Bible, or even anyone that is awake to how the world works, would
recognise that the vast majority of those sacrificed, to the god of civilisation, have been more
righteous than those doing the sacrificing. But, it would be wrong to believe that the yet future
sacrifice to be performed at Armageddon will follow the same pattern.

Those who love their way of life, have always had a deep sense of animosity for anyone refusing to
participate in that way of life. Each of us has a built in sense of right and wrong, but can usually
justify any wickedness we are involved in with the proverbial excuse of everyone is doing it. The
prophets have always stood as a constant reminder, that in fact everyone is not doing it.

It should be more than obvious that civilisation has never provided for the needs of mankind, is not
currently providing for those needs, and very obviously, does not even have the means of ever
providing for those needs. Rather than listening to the prophets sent by God, history records that it
has always been standard operating procedure to simply kill the prophets.

But, when Jesus returns, he will not be here in support of The Empire. His purpose for returning to
The Earth will be exactly the opposite of The God of Civilisation. Those sacrificed at Armageddon

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will be the ones that in the past would have been conducting the sacrifices. Before mankind can re-
enter paradise, sacrifices must be made, but this time, it will be those standing in opposition to
paradise that will die. Not those of us who love God. Not those of us who love living things. Not
those of us who love creation. And not those of us who love one another.

The Israelites had more than adequate warning that their way of doing things was leading to all out
political, economic, and religious collapse. In around 935 BC the Kingdom became divided by a civil
war. In around 910 BC Jehovah sent Pharaoh Shishak to invade Judah and plunder the temple. And
although the Bible does not catalog everything that Shishak stripped from the temple, we can be
reasonably certain that among the items plundered was the Ark of The Covenant, as the Bible never
again mentions its presence after 910 BC. And there are ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs showing
Egyptian priest carrying something that looks exactly like the Bibles description, of the Ark of the

Sometime around 740 BC The Northern Kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians.
So, it should not have taken the final remnant of the nation by surprise, when in 609BC, at The battle
of Armageddon, King Josiah, the final King of the nation was killed, putting an end to Israels God
given privilege of self rule forever. In like manner, it should not surprise any of the citizens of any of
the nations, when at the coming Battle of Armageddon, all of the current kings of the Earth are killed.

For nearly 6,000 years God has granted all of the citizens of this planet the freedom to engage in
attempts at self rule. Just as with the ancient nation of Israel, all attempts by all other so called
Sovereign Nations have failed, are currently failing, and will in the future fail.

The battle of Armageddon that is soon to be upon us will bring an end to human self rule forever.
Gods chosen ruler Jesus will take over rulership of the Earth for a thousand years, after which
mankind will once again return to living in a paradise ruled over directly by The Creator.

At John 5:19 Satan is called the god of the world. The current God of Civilisation. And as discussed
earlier, God is repeatedly called YHWH which means to be. Future tense. In English The LORD,
Yahweh, or Jehovah. But once Satan is removed from the vicinity of the Earth, The Creator will
become the absolute ruler of The Earth. Never again will people be given a choice of which god to

As our creator, only he is adequately qualified to know the best way for us to live. This planet was
designed to function according to natural law. It can not be modified to function according to the
legalism of nations.

The two insurgents alongside of Jesus, wanted freedom from Satans rulership. Of the two, one
ridiculed Jesus for not taking immediate action to free himself, while the other was able to figure out
that only action from God could bring about true freedom. Both men died because they fought a war
that they simply could not win.

In the course of history, millions have been sacrificed in mankinds struggle to keep civilisation from
failing. Under the control of the demons, most can not even imagine a world ruled by the natural
instincts put into human beings at creation.

Patriots are those willing to fight to preserve a preexisting political system, or ideal. Revolutionaries
are those willing to fight to replace an existing political system, with what they perceive to be a better
one. Both understand that the only way to establish or defend their own personal form of
government involves ritual human sacrifice, in the form of carnal warfare.

Jesus, as well as those of us who are humbly willing to follow his teachings, understand that no
attempt at ruling ourselves separate from God has any chance of success. We are the ones spoken
of at 1Cor15:51, who might never have to die, at all.

Even those who have been mislead by Satan into participating in all of these wars for freedom, will
be there when this takes place, after all, 1Cor15:52 says that those of us who never die, will enter into
the cloud, to be with Jesus and all of those resurrected. Including that insurgent that was promised
as much, while dying next to Jesus.

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If we look back through time, and carefully analyse why wars are fought, most of us would come to
the conclusion that every war ever fought was motivated by nothing more than greed, and lust for
conquest. But if we had lived during those times that would not be the motivation of the actual
combatants. Every soldier who has ever laid down his life for his country did so out of a desire to
preserve his freedom, and the freedom of his family. The Babylonian soldiers did not want their
freedom taken away by the Egyptians, and the Egyptian soldiers did not want their freedom taken
away by the Babylonians.

Even in this generation, people fought against the Vietnamese because they truly believed in their
hearts that if they did not conquer Vietnam, Communism would take over the world. Today young
men and women are involved in conquering The Muslim world for the same reason.

Anyone with any common sense at all, would have to realise that the Vietnamese people never had
any intention of conquering the world, and apparently the communist never really posed any threat
either. When The Western World failed to win the war with Vietnam, nothing happened.

As pointless as the Vietnam War was, and as even more pointless as the war against Islam is, people
are still concerned about freedom. And rightfully so.

Because, every war ever fought for freedom has in all honesty been fought to maintain mankinds
freedom from God.

As human beings, our entire history has been devoted to one brutal war of conquest after another.
Whenever one genocidal maniac dies, or retires from office, another one always steps in to fill the
vacancy. The lust for world domination is not an instinctive human trait. So we have to wonder why
so many human beings are willing to kill one another in support of whatever form of government
exists, in whatever nation they just happened to arbitrarily be born into.

People who study human governments have come up with many theories about why governments
rise and fall, and have assigned names to the different forms of government that have been tried over
the millennia since the first human pair rejected rulership by God.

Interestingly enough, most of these titles are based on the ancient Greek language that was used to
record the portion of The Bible known as The New Testament.

I have studied the ancient languages from which our English Bibles have been translated, quite
intensely lately, The books that I used to study this are the same books used by those who represent
themselves as being authorities on the subject of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Most of the
Books I have read are highly respected by academics and theologians alike. Some of the books that
I use have been in circulation for well over a hundred years.

The three words that I am going to speak about are all easy enough to look up for yourself online
with nothing more than an English dictionary, and The Stongs Exhaustive Concordance. They are
all based on the same word form, and they are all based on words used extensively throughout The

Those words are Theocracy, Autocracy, and Democracy.

According to our English dictionaries, a Theocracy is any form of government ruled over directly by
god, or based on rules put in place by god. This is in agreement with the Greek definition of the
words Theos Strongs G2316, meaning god, and Krateo Strongs G2902 meaning to rule over, or take
possession of. Theokrateo. Theocracy. Ruled by God.

According to our English dictionaries the Word Autocracy means any form of government ruled over
by one individual, separate from the populace, with absolute power, such as in a Monarchy, or
Dictatorship. The word Autocracy comes from the two Greek words Autos, Strongs G846, meaning
he, she, it, they, them, or those, and once again Krateo, meaning to rule over or take possession of.
The English definition of this word is somewhat in agreement with the original Greek definition to be

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ruled by the one. He, she, it, they, them, those. A single ruling entity, separate from the population
being ruled. Autokrateo. Autocracy. Ruled by the one.

According to our English Dictionaries, a Democracy is any form of government ruled over by a
majority of the people. Literally Ruled by The Crowd. The word Democracy comes from the two
Greek words Demos, meaning crowd, and once again Krateo meaning to rule. But in this instance I
was unable to locate the word demos anywhere in the Bible. But I was able to locate a very similar
word. Daimon.

Daimon Strongs G1142, is the word that in our Bibles is translated as demon. The full definition of
the word Daimon includes the words any god less powerful than The True God, but more powerful
than humans. Daimokrateo. Democracy. Ruled by Demons. In this instance, the English
dictionaries definition of ruled by the crowds, does not match the actual Greek definition, found in
any Concordance or Lexicon of the ancient Greek language as used in the New Testament.

I double checked every Greek reference book that I own to see if perhaps there is some other word
from the ancient Greek language, outside of the Bible, meaning people, crowd, group, majority,
multitude, or any other word related to human beings that includes any group of letters similar to
those in the prefix demo.

Within the Bible, the only words similar to demo that I was able to find are all similar in definition to
the word Daimon, such as, Daimonizoami, Daimoniodes, and Daimonion, from which we get our
English word Dominion. All of the words I found, in all of their forms include the word demon in their
definitions. Such as Demonic. Demon Possessed. And Demon like.

If we only take into consideration the basic meaning of the word Democracy according to the ancient
Greek, then Democracy can only mean Ruled By Demons. There is no way around it. But if we
look at the actually Greek word that in the Bible is often translated as crowds, then we can see how
Democracy, can mean ruled by the crowd.

The word that often gets translated as crowds in our English Bibles is Ochlos, Strongs G3793. In
The King James Bible this word is translated as multitudes. This word is formed from the word echo,
which means to possess, and is indicative of a group being directed by an owner. Someone who
possesses them. It is also defined as a vehicle, or as a second definition, a held group of people.
The thought being that an ochlos would be a group of people being directed as a single entity. It is
similar to our word flock as it relates to sheep and goats.

In the wild, by tradition, groups of sheep and goats are referred to as herds. It is only when under
the control of a shepherd that groups of sheep and goats are referred to as flocks.

Vines Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words has this to say, under the entry for the word

Ochlos. The common people in contrast with their leaders. An unorganised multitude in contrast to
Demos. The People as a body politic.

After looking up this spelling of the word demos as it appears in Vines, I was able to find a few
articles stating that the word demos was part of the ancient Greek language, from the time of Christ,
separate and distinct from the spelling defined as demon. Since I knew that this spelling did not
appear in any original Greek text, produced by any of the eight writers of the New Testament, I had to
do some more research.

When those writers spoke of the common people they always used the word ochlos. In fact the word
ochlos appears 175 times in the Greek portion of the Bible. But when speaking of the ruling class, or
members of the ruling class, the Greek portion of the Bible always refers to them as either, Archon,
Strongs G758 or Protos Strongs G4413, or several other words, completely unrelated to the word

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One article that I came across about ancient Greek, and Roman Gods, and Governments stated that
the word democracy was first used during the 4th century BC, and directly quoted documents from
that time.

In the article was a photograph of a sepulcher with a very obvious depiction of a female goddess
placing a crown on the head of a male God. Beneath the illustration were the words Dmokratia
placing a crown on the head of old man Demos.

I have seen similar stone reliefs in my research over the years, and even though the names of the
characters are always different depending on the culture, it is always the God of Civilisation being
crowned by a Goddess, very closely resembling Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, Asdartu, Venus, Juno, Diana,
Hera, Mary, The Mother of God, or any number of other Mother Goddesses. All of these are based on
the relationship between Eve and Satan.

When Eve was told that she could be like God, she believed it, and may have even craved it. She
probably thought that the freedom of self rule, would be superior to being ruled by God. What she
may not have fully understood at the time was that in order to break free from ruler ship by God, she
had to obediently follow Satans suggestion to do so, in effect CROWNING him as her ruler. Self
rule. Rule by the majority, from its beginning has always been ruler ship by the demons.

The crowds or multitudes spoken of in the Bible are the people who followed Jesus and his
disciples, in order to hear what he was saying. These crowds, or ochlos, are the same people that
Jesus miraculously fed. These crowds are the same ones that walked away, when Jesus spoke
about things that made them uncomfortable. These crowds are the same ones that, when asked by
Pilot, who to set free, yelled out Barabbas. These crowds, or ochlos, are the same ones who when
asked what to do with Jesus, yelled out, Crucify Him. Crucify Him.

The Crowd, who in the Bible are called the held, possessed and directed, people. The Ochlos, were
very obviously held possessed, and directed by the demons. How this is accomplished, is why there
is a difference between, the Daimons, Demos, and Ochlos.

Remember, that the first person to commit murder in The Bible was Cain, whos name in Hebrew,
means Possession. Cain was himself the possession of Azazel. The brutal god of the brutal gods.

Cain by his actions, proved that he just like the crowds in Jesus day, just like the crowds in our day,
was himself held, possessed, and directed by the demons.

When those possessed crowds, or ochlos, exercised their freedom by listening to Jesus, they were
taking advantage of one of the benefits of Democracy. They did so again, at another occasion when
they walked away as Jesus was teaching, because they did not agree with what he was saying.
When they cried out for Jesus to be tortured to death they were again practicing Democracy. Pilot
the ruler did not make the decision to execute Jesus. As the ruler of a democracy, Pilot left that
decision to The Crowds.

But unlike Vines definition of ochlos meaning an unorganised multitude, the crowd that cried out for
Jesus execution was very much organised. They cried out with one unified voice. The Bible clearly
states that they were being directed to do so by the religious leaders of the Jewish people.

In our day people will argue that Rome was not a Democracy, but a Republic. Those same people
will make the same argument today when speaking of Satans current Empire.

There are literally hundreds of titles assigned to each and every human governmental system ever
tried. These words were created by taking into consideration every perceived nuance of each and
every human government that has ever been tried, and by human standards, there are subtle
differences between a Democracy, and a Republic.

But petty, hair splitting arguments between people foolish enough to believe in the system, doesnt
mean a thing when you take into consideration what the true definition of democracy is.

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Since the Bible clearly shows that all of civilisation is under the rulership of Satan, then every form of
human government, whether it is called a Democracy, or called something else, must ultimately
answer directly to Satan.

Autocracy which is rulership by a single person, separate from the group being ruled, would have to
by definition, be rulership by a single demon possessed person. Theocracy which is defined as
rulership by god, would have to be rule by The God of Civilisation.

Strongs Exhaustive Concordance defines Theos, as god, whether, The True God, or any other god,
or goddess, whether righteous or wicked. And for a fact, both within the Bible narrative as well as in
literature outside of the Bible the word Theos is liberally used as the title of any and all gods spoken
of in the ancient Greek language.

A very simple explanation as to why the demos, the ruling class is distinct from the ochlos, the
possessed people, is not that difficult to figure out, The ruling class was directly possessed by
demons. Jesus called the religious leaders of his day offspring of vipers, a direct reference to their
father being Satan and his demons. Jesus never referred to the Ochlos or crowds by such a title.
When speaking of the ochlos Jesus called them sheep without a shepherd.

The ochlos were very obviously owned or possessed by the ruling class, the demos. In general it is
still true, that it is primarily, the demos, or ruling class, that is directly possessed by the highest
ranking demons, The Daimons.

Direct possession by demons is why Kings, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Popes, Patriarchs,
Archbishops, Bankers, Chairmen of the Boards, CEOs, and other world leaders are so much more
evil than the average person.

Since the resurrection of the dead and restoration of the Earth, has yet to take place, it is very
obvious that the god of civilisation has as of yet not been replaced, meaning that no human
government, religion, or economic system, is currently under the guidance of Yah.

For many listening to this information, it may be very difficult to accept that in the first century the
Jews were practicing ritual human sacrifice.

The Bible makes it very clear that this was the case, but The Empires religions, networks, public
education systems, and other propaganda outlets, have always intentionally avoided publicising this

Many argue that the story of Barabbas is a fiction, based on the fact that by Roman law, Pilot was not
allowed to release anyone sentenced to death for sedition. According to that law, to do such a thing
supposedly could have cost Pilot his life.

But, if we look at the account as it is recorded in The Bible, that is not what happened. Jesus was
not tried by the Roman Authority, but by the Judean Authority. The only reason that Pilot was
involved at all was because the Jewish authority was not allowed to carry out death sentences. Pilot
officially washed his hands of the entire affair, and gave Jesus over to the Ochlos. In affect granting
the Jews temporary authority to perform this particular execution, without a conviction from Rome.

Although we know that others were being executed that day, according to the account, Pilot did not
allow the Jews to choose from the entire group, but only gave them the choice of freeing Barabbas,
or Jesus. Since The Jewish authority sentenced Jesus, it is only logical to conclude that Barabbas,
like Jesus, had been sentenced by the Jews as well. All others being executed that day had in all
likelihood been captured, tried, and sentenced by Rome, and as such did not qualify for the option of
being released.

The fact that Jesus The Son of the Father, and Jesus called The Chosen One, were both provided by
the religious leaders of The Jews would fit in perfectly with the ancient ritual involving the Ram for
Azazel, and the Ram for The Lord. Calling Barabbas The Son of the Father, would not have

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differentiated him from Jesus so much as to acknowledge his similarity to Jesus. Throughout The
Bible, Jesus is repeatedly referred to as Gods son.

A while back one of my viewers asked me who the goat for Azazel was, and in response, I
immediately began to type out Jesus. After all, at John 1:29 we are told that Jesus is the Lamb of
God, that takes away the sins of the world. But when I thought about how the goat for Azazel was
not sacrificed, that answer didnt make any sense, so I deleted my comment, and simply typed out, I
dont know.

Later another viewer sent me a comment indicating that she also believed that the goat for Azazel
was Jesus. And that is when I started to do the research for this video. At John 1:29 Jesus really is
called the Lamb of God, but the verse does not say that he takes away the sins of the world, as the
goat for Azazel did.

The actual Greek words used in this passage, are: Airo Hamartia and Kosmos.

Airo is where we get our English word air, and is used in the Bible when speaking of bringing things
up out of the ground and into the open air, as in the resurrection of the dead, spoken of at
1Thesolonians 4:17. This word is often translated as lifted up, or raised up. In effect highlighting, or
exposing a thing, in such a way, so that everyone can see it.

Hamartia is one of many words in The Bible, that gets translated as sin, but this word actually has a
much more detailed definition than simply sin in general. This word is the same Greek word used in
archery to describe not hitting a target. Literally missing the mark. A failure, or shortcoming.

And Kosmos means civilisation.

A more accurate translation of John 1:29 would be, Look. The Lamb of God, who exposes the
shortcomings of civilisation.

Jesus means salvation of Yah. Both men being named Jesus, highlights the importance, of both the
exiled ram and the sacrificed ram. Both representing something essential for our salvation. At
Armageddon, when millions of human beings are sacrificed, the demons inhabiting them will have
nowhere to go. In effect they will have no choice other than exile. Jesus and his righteous angels
will fill the void, when that takes place.

After the resurrection nobody will ever again be tricked into entering into any kind of covenant with
any kind of angel. Natural law makes no exceptions for covenant law. The only agreement that any
man will ever be able to enter into with God again, will be the covenant to follow his natural law.

Many verses speak of Jesus death as a sacrifice. The Churches would lead us to believe that his
sacrifice was figurative.

Nowhere in the bible is there any reference to Jesus death being any kind of figurative sacrifice. The
religion of The Empire quite literally, sacrificed Jesus to The God of Religion. Jesus was not killed
because he was a criminal. He was not sacrificed to The True God. He was killed as part of the
annual Satanic ritual practiced by the Jewish faith.

Quite soon, the final battle in this 6,000 year long war between Gods Kingdom, and Satans Empire
will take place. Even now, Millions of oppressed human beings are involved in a war of revolt
against Satans Empire. Many others are contemplating joining them in that fight. At the same time,
Millions of patriots, who are not willing to give up their lifestyle stand at the ready to defend The
Empire by any means necessary.

At 2 Corinthians Chapter 10, beginning at verse 3, Paul wrote: For though we walk in the flesh, we
do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for
the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exhalteth itself
against the knowledge of God

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We are free to take a stand in defence of The Empire, if we feel compelled to do so, or we can take a
stand against The Empire as Barabbas, and the two insurgents did on either side of Jesus at his
execution. After all, while hanging there dying next to Jesus, one of the men asked Jesus to
remember him, when he entered into his kingdom. And Jesus replied by saying This very day I am
saying to you Amen. You will be with me in the Paradise.

To those involved in the religions of Christianity, the story of Barabbas only records the fact that the
crowds chose to release a crook over Jesus. Hopefully those of you who have taken the time to
listen to the information in this video realise that there is much more to be learned from this story.

If you are wondering why this information has been hidden from mankind for so long, just
understand that we are living at a very unique moment in time. All of the Bibles promises are about
to come to fruition. In the past, it was not necessary for this information to be understood, because
in the past nobody was going to experience, what we as a people will.

We are about to cross over from Satans Empire into Gods Kingdom. The Paradise of God.

Armageddon is Gods means of overthrowing Satans Empire. We do not want to fall into the same
trap that Peter fell into of believing that we can overthrow Civilisation with a machete. Even if we
have an AK47 and a thousand rounds of ammo, we shouldnt consider our position to be superior to
that of Peter 2,000 years ago.

There are many videos available on the internet of hot, hungry, tired, insurgents, with considerably
advanced weaponry, being blown to bits, by an enemy, that they could not even see. Often, miles
away, in an air conditioned building, with full bellies, sitting in very comfortable chairs, in front of
computer monitors.

God promised that he would overthrow civilisation. To attempt to do what God has said he would do,
could be considered as rebellion against God, or as elevating ourselves to the position of god.
Certainly it would at least show a lack of faith in his ability, or desire to keep his word.

Without the death of Abel, Cain would not have become an exile. The sacrifice of the goat for
Yahweh would have had no value without the releasing of the goat for Azazel.

In like manner, without the releasing of the Son of The Father, the sacrificing of the chosen one
would not have had the same meaning, without the sacrifice of Jesus, Barabbas would not have
gone free.

At Armageddon, those ruled by the demons, must be sacrificed, before the demons ruling over them
can be exiled from the vicinity of The Earth.

Even though Jesus was often followed by the crowds, or ochlos, he was also followed by others not
referred to by that title. The Apostles, meaning messengers, and Disciples, meaning taught ones.
The churches often lead their crowds, or ochlos to believe that Jesus had 12 apostles or disciples,
but that is not the case.

There were 12 men that were associated with Jesus who were very special, These men were never
given a title, but were usually just spoken of as The Twelve. But the number of those referred to as
Apostles and Disciples was never recorded.

When the final battle of Armageddon takes place, those of us who willing submit to rule by Gods
Chosen One, will not be actively involved in the struggle to defend or establish some other form of

Should we succeed in resisting the demons, we can be the ones spoken of within the pages of The
Bible as those who shall witness the end of civilisation with our own eyes.

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