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The feast of the "greater Tuesday" of Plasencia is a celebration that is celebrated every first Tuesday of the month of August to pay tribute to the traditional
market in the city which has been held since its foundation and currently held in the largest Plaza de Plasencia every Tuesday. In addition it also pays homage
to peoples and regions that surround the region of Extremadura as well as also to the life, culture and traditions not only Extremadura but interior of Spain
and even in the Iberian peninsula. Therefore we invite you to enjoy all these days of this great feast that is tourist attractions in the region of Extremadura but
which hopes to achieve someday be of national and international tourist interest.
From July 17 to August 1 exhibition of ceramics and sculpture of
More Joaquin entitled "Shapes in black".
From July 28 to August 7 exhibition of scale models of Francisco Valverde Collado
31 July to 14 August, a photographic exhibition of the choirs Plasencia Extremadura
Activities prior to Tuesday of Plasencia.
Saturday, July 29.
"Behind the scenes" work is represented in theatre Alkazar at 21:00.
Sunday, July 30.
Screening of the film "Elite bodies" at 22 o'clock entry free on the grounds of "Torre Luca"
Monday, July 31:
Screening of a video"Mapping" on the facade of the hotel "Palacio Carvajal Girn" during the evening.
Opening from the 21 hours of Arts and crafts in the streets "Santa Clara" market "Plazuela de la Catedral" "white" Saint Nicholas Street and"street"Calle Santo
Concert at the Church of San Martn of the Aba Taano African gospel group.
Starting at 20:00 the walled environment opens the Cathedral and episcopal Palace of Plasencia, known as 'La Barbacana' until the midnight.
Door of the Cathedral, known as the "stone"floors can enjoy concerts of folk groups from Extremadura with the names of "Spark", "Exit Sun" "Zangaena", "Las
Limas" and
also recreation of fencing and performances by a representation of the old media to load the Club "Plasencia weapons room" and the theatrical group
At 22:30 and "Soraya Arnelas" concerts in the main square of the group "OBK" at 00: 15
Tuesday, August 1. "The Tuesday of Plasencia"
In the main square a national contest of "Drummers" from 9 in the morning and up to 13 hours.
Contest of exhibition of fruits and vegetables in the Plaza Mayor from 8 in the morning to 13 hours.
Contest of exhibition of crafts in the streets, Santa Clara, Cathedral Square, white Street, Plaza of Nuo Prez de Monroy at the same time as the previous
Music, concerts and regional songs of Extremadura Extremadura several bands such as:
"Exit Sun" "The mountain" "Virgin of Thebes Association" and "Stale flavor"
Homage to the painter Joaqun Sorolla, at 12 noon, at City Hall, that portrayed the city of Plasencia, as Montehermoso, Extremadura and neighboring towns.
Awards ceremony of the competitions in the cultural center of the whites at 14: 00
Bullfight at the Plaza de toros de Plasencia at 21:30 the art of bullfighting with Ana Rita, Oscar Mota and Joo Moura Caetano.
Finally we leave here more detailed information, a map of the areas where the market and the activities will be placed and some pictures of the traditional
market like this one for example: