During the 2016-2017 school year, the Students for Life team and stu


dent groups helped 34 women choose life (6 chose adoption) and as-
sisted 265 pregnant and parenting high school and college students
in 37 states. In addition, we are mentoring more than 200 Students for

i e s S a ve d Life groups participating in our Pregnant on Campus Initiative. These

Bab groups work hard throughout the school year to offer services such as:

e rs
referrals to local pregnancy and parenting resource organizations, trans-

an d M ot h porting students to appointments, creating and fundraising for scholar-
ships, babysitting, collecting and donating baby items, hosting baby

showers, organizing campus pregnancy resource displays, advertising
community resources, establishing lactation rooms and diaper decks on
campus, and more!

College Students choose Life 
 Tens of Thousands raised for High School Leaders Pair Compassion
and Adoption College Scholarships with Real Help
Students for Life of America’s college train- More than 15 Students for Life groups have SFLA’s Building a Better Future program is
ings, campus tours, and group projects have taken on the task of organizing and creating new opportunities for high school stu-
successfully equipped our student leaders to fundraising for scholarship funds for preg- dents to learn how to respond to and support
change minds and save lives! nant and parenting students. These groups pregnant teens. Already, we have several ambi-
distributed between $750 and $20,000 to tious Students for Life groups leading the way:
• In April 2016, a pregnant student students on their campuses. • Piedra Vista High School (NM) Stu-
posted on the social media plat- • SFLA William Wilberforce Fellow, dents for Life has assisted 5 teen par-
form, YikYak, asking for help. Our Alexa Birkel, set out on a mission to ents in choosing Life! In several cases,
student leader, Jessica, at Colorado establish an endowment scholarship our student leader not only informed
State University- Pueblo respond- fund for pregnant and parenting stu- the abortion-minded students about
ed with a simple message and of- dents. Leading the charge, Alexa and their local pregnancy resource center,
fered to talk with her. This pregnant her Students for Life group at the but she also joined these young moms
student was considering abortion; University of Nebraska-Lincoln at their ultrasound appointments.
however, after messaging with Jes- fundraised over $25,000 in seven • At Farmington High School (NM),
sica, she learned about her local months! our student leaders assisted an abor-
pregnancy resource center’s free tion-minded peer and encouraged her
• Another SFLA William Wilberforce to pursue adoption instead. When she
ultrasounds. Jessica met with the Fellow, Lindsay Langhals, has also
student several times, and they be- later miscarried, the student leader
committed to fundraising $20,000 for helped her find a therapist to support
came close friends. The student an endowment scholarship at Mon-
chose Life, and her baby was born her through the grieving and healing
tana State University. Her fundrais- process. Another student leader at this
in late Fall 2016! ing currently exceeds $5,800.
• While sidewalk counseling, Kasey, school used the skills and resources
a leader of the Students for Life • Texas Students for Life at the Uni- that she learned through her Students
group at SUNY Geneseo, gave her versity of Texas at Austin also coor- for Life group to help a family mem-
contact information to an abortion- dinated their first scholarship! They ber choose Life!
determined teen outside the abor- provided a $750 scholarship and a • Caledonia Students for Life at Cale-
tion facility. The teen girl contacted baby shower for new parents, Valerie donia High School (MI) collected
to Kasey later to confirm that she and Benjamin, on their campus. over 200 items for a baby shower this
chose Life! spring. These donations supported two
• At Iowa State University, the pregnant teens in their school.
Students for Life club hosted a Students for Life of America Staff
lecture featuring MTV’s teen Change hearts and Minds
birthparents, Caitlynn and Tyler.
Three years later, a student cou-
While tabling with a Pregnant on Campus free
ple contacted the student group
speech board, Keri Landeche (Northeast Re-
to tell them that this event was
gional Coordinator) spoke with a Concordia
instrumental in helping them
University (NY) student who had just found
decide to pursue adoption. This
out that she was pregnant. The young girl was
couple is now married with two
abortion-minded and was panicking about her
future. Keri spent over an hour listening and
• Mississippi State University’s
talking with the girl. She provided material
Students for Life served 20 stu-
resources and assisted her with scheduling an
dent parents and their babies at
appointment with the Sisters of Life.
their annual student baby show-
er. Additionally, one MSU stu-
dent leader has been critical in * Download this newsletter at studentsforlife.org
assisting a mom who chose Life and spread the good news about our mission at
despite an extremely difficult Students for Life by passing copies out at your
situation of domestic abuse. next pro-life community event!

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