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Introducing the

Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group

Caterpillar Delivers the Best Game in Town... Caterpillar. The difference counts.
You work hard to give your customers
....Four Diagnostic Tools in One Handheld Unit exactly what they need, when they need

Dealer Service Tools 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group elevates your it; and thats the philosophy behind Cat
technicians field diagnostics capability to a new level. This single tool Dealer Service Tools.
contains the functionality for a blowby/airflow indicator, a signal generator
We provide specialized tools that work to
and counter, an electronic position indicator, and an engine timing
indicator, which were previously available as separate green box tools. reduce your customers owning and
operating costs, while increasing the
Four-tool Functionality Loaded at the FactoryActivate any or all of
the tools that you need. Once activated, the tool functionality remains productivity and the profitability of your
permanently available from the menu. entire service operation.
Field-proven ComponentryDesigned and manufactured for reliable
performance day-in, day-out.
Multi-generation PlanFuture software updates and license cards will
allow you to load and to activate additional functionality beyond the four
initial tools.
Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
Build Up and Activate the Individual Tool Functionalities
According to the Growing Demands of Your Service Operation
The concept of the 285-0910 Multi-Tool
Group is simple...provide the
functionality of several diagnostic tools
in a single, menu-driven, handheld unit
This multi-tool arrives with the software
already preloaded for four individual
tools...a blowby/airflow indicator, an
electronic position indicator, a signal
generator and counter, and an engine
timing indicator.
The technician activates an individual
tools functionality by inserting the
appropriate software license card. Once
activated, that specific functionality
remains permanently accessible from the
menu. The remaining license software
cards can be purchased as service
requirements dictate. The technician Since the multi-tool replaces four Dealer Service Tools multi-generational
needs only to insert the card in order to existing tools, the multi-tool is designed plan is to develop more tools in addition
activate the functionality. If more than to use the same sensors as the green to the initial four included in the multi-
one functionality has been activated, the box tools. The diagnostic interface tool. Additional functionality will be
multi-tool will display data from only module, which is part of the multi-tool, offered as software updates, and the new
one tool at a time. allows the multi-tool to use all of these functionalities will be activated with
sensors. For this reason, many dealers software license cards. The Cat 285-0910
will not need to purchase any of the new Multi-Tool Group sets a new standard
sensors. with a diagnostic tool that grows
according to the demands of your service
operation. Your dealership purchases
what it needs, as it needs it.

Multiple Tool Functionality From Dealer Service Tools
Ordering the Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
Step 1. Order the basic multi-tool group
The 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
consists of those items shown in the
chart below. The multi-tool is the
diagnostic tool itself. It features a
bright color display with large digits
that are easy to read in sunlight. Its
large, left- and right-handed buttons
are easy for your technician to use,
even with gloved hands.
The diagnostic interface module
(Module - DIM) plugs into the
multi-tool and adapts the various
sensors and cables required for
different functionalities to the multi-
tool. This module allows dealers to The universal power supply accepts unit to get power from a wide range
use the existing sensors from the voltages from 90 to 240 volts AC of machine or service vehicle
green box tools with the multi- for worldwide use. Power cords also battery installations. The five-pin,
tool, reducing the overall are included for worldwide use. The DIN adapter allows the cables for
investment for the collective tool internal battery is a rechargeable, the signal generator counter to plug
functionalities. The modular design nickel metal hydride acceptable for into the diagnostic interface module.
also facilitates additional software worldwide use. The 285-0903 Cable Assembly,
and functionality updates planned The DC cable accepts voltages from which includes a ground wire, must
for the future.The universal power 9 to 32 volts DC and has large be used when measuring blowby
supply, internal battery, and DC alligator connectors. This allows the with the small blowby group.
cable for the vehicle battery provide
three options to power the multi- Consist of the basic 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
tool worldwide.
Quan Part No. Description
1 285-0908 Multi-Tool
Diagnostic Interface Module
1 285-0907
1 285-0906 Power Supply (Universal, AC)
1 285-0905 Battery (NiMH)
1 285-0904 Power Cable As (DC)
1 285-0896 Adapter (5 pin)
1 285-0903 Cable As

*The carrying case included with the basic 285-0910 Multi-Tool 1 -- *Carrying Case
Group is designed to carry only the items shown in the above chart.
Do not attempt to store the sensors in this carrying case. Storing the 1 NEHS0970 Tool Operating Manual
sensors in this carrying case could damage the multi-tool.

Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
Ordering the Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group, continued
Step 2. Order the sensors for the desired tool functionalities

Blowby/Airflow Indicator
The blowby/airflow indicator allows
your technician to measure the volume
of blowby gases released through the
crankcase breather or the air velocity
through a component such as a radiator
core. Blowby measurements provide
helpful information when planning
engine repairs. Airflow measurements
identify plugged or partially restricted
areas of the cores.
Both large and small blowby groups
are available. The large blowby group
checks blowby on 3500 Series and
3600 Series Engines, including
ACERTTM models as well as on the
larger 300 Series Engines. The small
blowby group works on engines strip charts, maximums, and minimums If your dealership has the green box
smaller than 3500 Series and the with the differences. The sample rate is 8T-2700 Airflow/Blowby Indicator
smaller 300 Series Engines. adjustable, and your technician can Group, you can use the 8T-2685 Probe
The blowby/airflow indicator displays easily select between SAE and metric with the multi-tool.
blowby and airflow. It also displays units of measure.

285-0900 Blowby Tool Group (Small Engine) 285-0901 Blowby Tool Group (Large Engine)

Quan. Part No. Description Quan. Part No. Description

Blowby Pickup (Small Engine Blowby Pickup (Large Engine
*1 8T-2685 1 1U-8861
1,000 CFH Max) 4,000 CFH Max)
1 285-0903 Cable Assembly 1 9M-0164 Clamp

* Part of 8T-2700 Airflow/Blowby Group. 1 1U-8868 Blowby Hose (Large Engine)

Multiple Tool Functionality From Dealer Service Tools
Ordering the Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group, continued
Step 2. continued, Order the sensors for the desired tool functionalities

Signal Generator Group with Counter

The signal generator group is
primarily used to simulate the signal
from a magnetic speed pickup for
troubleshooting electronic controls
for transmissions. It also serves as a
frequency counter for pulsating AC
or DC input. The signal generator
group can be used for calibration of
a number of electronic diagnostic
tools. As part of the multi-tool
group, this signal generator group
allows your technician to make
frequency and amplitude
adjustments simply by pushing a
All of the cables in the 285-0899
Signal Generator Group (with
Counter) were part of the green
box 8T-5200 Signal
Generator/Counter Group. If your
dealership has that previous group,
you can use the cables from the
previous group. The five-pin DIN
adapter, which is part of the basic
285-0910 Multi-Tool Group, must
be used to connect these cables to
the diagnostic interface module.
285-0899 Signal Generator Cable Group
(with Counter)
Quan. Part No. Description
*1 6V-2198 Cable Assembly

*1 8T-5197 Cable Assembly

*1 8T-5198 Cable Adapter Assembly

Input Frequency Cable
*1 8T-5112
* Part of 8T-5200 Signal Gernerator/Counter Group.

Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
Ordering the Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group, continued
Step 2. continued, Order the sensors for the desired tool functionalities

Engine Timing Indicator

The engine timing indicator allows
your technician to measure an
engines fuel injection timing.
During the timing test, the multi-
tool will chart engine RPMs vs
degrees on the display.
For diesel engines the multi-tool
must be used with the existing
8T5301 Diesel Group - Engine
Timing and the 285-0897 Engine
Timing Pickup Group. When used
with the existing 6V-9060 Gas
Group - Engine Timing and the 285-
0897 Engine Timing Pickup Group,
the timing indicator will check the
engine timing on natural gas
engines. The timing indicator also
can check the automatic timing
advance unit on engines so the 6V-2197 Transducer, and the already have these cables do not
equipped. 5P7362 Signal Cable Assembly are have to purchase them.
The 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter, parts of the 8T-5300 Engine Timing
the 6V-2199 Transducer Adapter, Indicator Group. Dealers who

The consists for the 8T-5301 Timing

Group - Diesel Engine and the 9V-
6090 Timing Group - Gas engine
are listed on the following page.
285-0897 Engine Timing Pickup Group
Quan. Part No. Description
*1 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter
*1 6V-2199 Transducer Adapter
*1 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer Assembly
*1 5P-7362 Signal Cable Assembly
* Part of 8T-5300 Engine Timing Indicator Group.

Multiple Tool Functionality From Dealer Service Tools
Ordering the Cat Multi-Tool Group, continued
Step 2. continued, Order the sensors for the desired tool functionalities

Engine Timing Indicator, continued

8T-5301 Diesel Engine Timing Adapter Group 6V-9060 Gas Engine Timing Adapter Group
Quan. Part No. Description Quan. Part No. Description
1 5P-7437 Adapter 1 8T-5257 Fiber Optic Receiver Assembly
1 5P-7436 Adapter 1 8T-5259 Fiber Optic Transmitter Assembly
Injection Timing Transducer 1 8T-5260 Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
1 6V-7910
1 1U-5524 Adapter Cable Assembly
1 5P-7435 Tee Adapter Group
1 8T-5258 Coil Adapter Cable Assembly
1 6V-3016 Washer
1 6V-2198 Cable Assembly

Multiple Tool Functionality From Dealer Service Tools
Ordering the Cat Multi-Tool Group, continued
Step 2. continued, Order the sensors for the desired tool functionalities
Electronic Position Indicator
This electronic position indicator
replaces mechanical dial indicators
in those applications where
mechanical indicators cannot be
used. This includes applications
such as rack measurements on an
operating engine or any other
rapidly changing dynamic reading.
This tool displays displacement, a
strip chart, and maximum and
minimum values with differences
simultaneously. Your technician can
select SAE or metric units, and can
adjust the sample rates. Both of the
cables in the 285-0898 Position
Indicator Group were part of the
green box 8T-1000 Electronic
Position Indicator Group. If your
dealership has that previous group,
you can use the cables from the
previous group.

285-0898 Electronic Position Indicator Group

Quan. Part No. Description
*1 8T-1002 Pickup Assembly
*1 6V-2198 Cable Assembly
* Part of 8T-1000 Electronic Position Indicator Group..

Multiple Tool Functionality From Dealer Service Tools
Ordering the Cat Multi-Tool Group, continued
Step 3. Order the accessory case

The 285-0902 Accessory Case holds

and protects all of the cables and
sensors that are required for all four
tool functionalities that are originally
programmed into the 285-0910 Multi-
Tool Group. Dealers who have the
green box tools can use those
individual cases, but the 285-0902
Accessory Case offers the
convenience of storing all of the
cables and sensors in a single unit.

Step 4. Order the software license card

The 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group arrives
preprogrammed with the software to run
four tool functionalities:the Electronic
Position Indicator, the Blowby/Airflow
Indicator, the Signal GeneratorGroup
with Counter, and the Engine Timing
Each tool functionality must be
activated by inserting its specific license
software card into a slot on the multi-
tool. Once a tool is activated, it will
remain permanently available from the
main menu, and the license software
card will be disabled. Dealers are to
return the registration forms for their
software license cards as proof of
Media Numbers for Software License Cards
You must order the individual license
software card for each tool functionality Media Number Tool Functionality
that you want to use. The card media
numbers are shown in the chart. NETG5044 Large and Small Blowby/Airflow Indicator

NETG5045 Signal Generator/Counter

NETG5046 Electronic Position Indicator

NETG5047 Engine Timing Indicator

Cat 285-0910 Multi-Tool Group
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