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ssessment 2: Community Assessment

Description/Focus: Community Assessment
Length: 1000 words
Task: Community assessment is described as a tool and intervention. As
a tool, it enables the identification of strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats in a community, providing information
that assists a health practitioner to work with a community to
address their needs. As an intervention, it promotes community
participation in the assessment process, ownership of the findings
and engagement with the outcomes. This ownership promotes
community growth and development. (McMurray & Clendon,

Undertake a literature search and write a report on the steps
involved in undertaking a community assessment.
Preparation: Read the question carefully and identify the key areas you need
to address. Revise lectures and readings; post any questions on
the discussion board under the relevant thread. Revise CDU
Governance Documents under ‘Unit Information’. When writing
your report, ensure that you follow the three documents listed
below, as this is what your markers will be using:

 The assessment task
 The marking criteria/rubric
 The CDU APA referencing guide

This is a written report of 1000 words (+/-10% i.e. 900-1100
words). The word limit does NOT include the end-of-text
reference list. Format your assessment with 1.5 line spacing, size
12 point Arial font and use page numbering. Complete the footer
i.e. last name, first name, student number, unit code, assessment
number. Use headings in your report to signpost your work. A
minimum of three evidence based references (1 journal article, 1
textbook, 1 government website) not more than 5 years old are
required, however, use as many as relevant. You must use CDU
School of Health recommended referencing style (APA 6th).
Save the final word version of your assessment using the
filename of lastname_firstname_student
number_unitcode_assessment2. Assessments MUST be
uploaded to the Learnline submission point.

logical sequencing & flow of information  CDU APA referencing .Presentation: Written Report Assessment This assessment will be marked against the following criteria: criteria:  Ability to interpret and address topic  Written expression  Using the literature effectively  Structure.