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Certificate no: HAM 1571024/3

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Welding Procedure Qualification Certificate

(EN ISO 15614-1)
Energy - Downstream, Power and Manufacturing
Manufacturers Welding Procedure Qualification Examining body
VP17E /
Record No.: Reference No:

Manufacturer: Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH

Address: Neuss / Germany
Welders Name Perica Marinkovic

Code/Testing Standard: EN ISO 15614, Lloyd's Register Rules and Regulations

Date of Welding: 26 May 2015
Range of Qualification

Welding Process(es): 121 (SAW)

Type of joint and weld: Angle 5
Parent material group(s) and sub- 1.2 / 1.2
Parent Material Thickness (mm): 40,0
Weld Metal Thickness (mm): 40,0
Throat Thickness (mm) 1,0-2,0
Single Run/Multi Run Multi Run
Outside Pipe Diameter (mm): ---
Filler Material Designation: TOPCORE 731
Filler Material Make: Drahtzug Stein
Filler Material Size: 2,8 mm
Designation of Shielding Gas/Flux: Flux: ST55
Designation of Backing Gas: ---
Type of Welding Current and Polarity: direct current (-)
Mode of Metal Transfer: ---
Heat Input: 0,75-2,13 kJ/mm
Welding Positions: PA
Preheat Temperature: 100,0C
Interpass Temperature: 200,0C
Post-Heating: ---
Post-Weld Heat Treatment and/or ---
A i
Other Information
For further details see WPS and PQR VO17E and Techno Labor test report.

Certified that test welds were prepared, welded and tested satisfactorily in accordance with the requirements of the code/testing standard indicated
Location: Dortmund Date of Issue: 18 June 2015
Thomas Aschert
Hamburg Office

For K. Nebel: Lloyd's Register EMEA

Surveyor to Lloyd's Register EMEA

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