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ROBINSON _ MAINTENANCE MANUAL R44 SERIES 1.330 Special Torques (continued) These torques are non-standard and supersede those in Section 1.320. BLADE (2) C722-3 screws, tip balance weight 55 GEARBOX filler plug 150 (1) NAS634-105 bolt, teeter hinge inch elongation, wet Mana 'OS | and “i angatan (4) bolts, intake manifold-to-sump (10-540) 80-100, torque, center Notes: of torques, Values in inch-pounds unless otherwise specified, Values include nut self-locking torque. Increase values 10% if torqued at bolt head. Wet indicates threads lubricated with A257-9 anti-seize. For elbow and tee fittings which require alignment, torque to indicated value, then tighten to desired position. Values + 10% unless range is specified Unless otherwise specified, thread sizes 8-32 and smaller are not used for primary structure and do not require control Page 1.26 JUN 2014