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Skill Checklist - Google Certified Educator Level 2

by Eric Curts

Below is a detailed listing of the topics covered in the Google Certified Educator Level 2 training resources as
found at: In preparation for the test, you can use
this list to keep track of the skills you have mastered and those you still need to address.

Table of Contents
Google Drive Video Hangouts Blogger
Google Documents Google Calendar Communities
Google Sheets Google Sites Drawings
Google Forms Google Chrome Earth
Google Slides Google Play for Education Maps
Google Classroom Google Search Scholar
Gmail YouTube Translate
Google Groups Google+ Tech Integration
Text Hangouts Add-ons

Google Drive
Upload, create, and share files and folders in Drive
How to use Drive as a lesson repository

Google Documents
Insert Tables in Docs
Insert Images in Docs
Crop and Adjust Images
Create a Table of Contents
Add a Hyperlink
Insert Mathematical Equations
How to Use the Explore Tool to search sites, images, and Drive
Citing with theExplore Tool
Translate tool in Google Docs
Alert Your Collaborators
Tag and Notify in Comments
How to use a Google Doc as a class syllabus
How to use a Google Doc as a Multi-Media Text Set or HyperDoc

Google Sheets
Create a Chart or Graph in Google Sheets including a Motion Chart, Radar Chart
Create a Pivot table to analyze large data sets
Use functions including Sort, Filter, CountIF, SumIF, Sum, Unique
Use the Filter Tool and Filter Views
Applying Conditional Formatting to efficiently display results
Use Sparklines
Import Data Sets and Spreadsheets

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Google Forms
Use Forms to create a survey, collect data, gather opinions
Form settings - collect username, domain restriction, confirmation message, etc.
Choose a Form Response Destination
Go to a Page Based on an Answer in Google Forms
Create a Choose Your Own Adventure Google Form

Google Slides
Insert Shapes, Images, and Other Objects in Slides
Student-Created Content Using Google Slides
Use Google Slides as an Individual or Group Alternative Assessment
Package Digital Lessons using Google Slides
Interactive note-taking for students with Google Slides
Hyperlinks for Choose Your Own Adventure slideshows

Google Classroom
Course Materials: In the About section
Class Name and a Section
Editing the look (theme)
How to manage the Classroom stream
How to Share to Classroom from a Mobile Device
How to set up your classes in Classroom to differentiate learning

Enable Labs in Gmail
Recalling an Email
Saving Time with Canned Responses
Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts to Customize Your Gmail

Google Groups
Google Groups for Discussions
Google Groups - Web forum
Google Groups - Q&A forum

Text Hangouts
Using Google Hangouts (Text Chat)

Video Hangouts
Using Google Hangouts (Video Chat)
Using Google Hangouts on Air
Hangouts vs Hangouts On Air
Google Hangouts On Air - privacy settings
Ideas for Using Hangouts in schools
Ways to find people to connect with
Best practices to make your Hangouts successful
Scheduling a Hangout through Google Calendar

Google Calendar
Share a Calendar
Creating an Events Calendar
Calendar Attachments

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Embedding a Google Calendar
Create Appointment Slots to book appointments with parents
Enable Labs in Calendar

Google Sites
Create a Google Site
Add pages to a Google Site
Add media to your site - Docs, Calendars, Maps, Images, YouTube, Forms, Charts
Customizing your site - theme
Share the site
How Google Drive can work with Google Sites to create an online portfolio
Google Sites - student created sites
Google Chrome
Searching for Chrome Apps and Extensions
Manage Chrome Apps and Extensions
Create a private Chrome app collection
Managing Chrome Apps by Organizational Unit
Managing Chrome Apps Individually
How to share apps and extensions

Google Search
Google Search
How Search Operators Work
Advanced Search Web Filters
Search by filetype
Search by copyright license
Search by region
Google Image search and search filters
Use other search tools, such as Google News, Trends, Books, Alerts, Maps, Finance
Use A Google A Day
Use the Search Research blog

Create and Manage a YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel - upload videos
YouTube Channel - video sharing settings
YouTube Channel - create, curate, and delete playlists
Create and Edit Cards
Use the YouTube Editor to create interactive videos where students can be self-directed learners

Create or Respond to a Google+ Poll
Create and Manage Google+ Events

Add-ons for Sheets
Add-ons for Forms
Add-ons for Docs
Finding and Installing Add-Ons
Using and Managing Add-ons
Send Personalized Emails (YAMM / FormMule)

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Create Personalized Documents (Autocrat)
Yet Another Mail Merge to contact participants
Doctopus to distribute group documents
How to assess more effectively using Add-ons
Why you would use a blog as a teacher or student
How to create a blog
Create blog posts
Inviting more authors
Add photos, videos, or documents to a blog post
Label Your Blogger Posts
Visibility settings
Comment moderation
Word verification
Find and Join Google+ Communities
Create a Google+ Community
Posting and commenting in Communities
Community access control
Uses for Communities in schools
Inviting people to a Community
Paint and Create Charts and Diagrams with Google Drawings
Google Drawing for Demonstrating Understanding
Using Google Earth
What Google Lit Trips are and how you can use them to inspire your students
Google Maps and directions
Street View
My Maps - Create and Edit Custom Maps
Google Tour Builder
What the Google Cultural Institute is and how to use it in class
Ideas for using Maps in class
Google Scholar Search Tips
Searching for Relevant Publications (date range)
Advanced Scholar Searches (authors, publications)
Related articles
Cited by articles
Articles by author
Creating a Personalized Google Scholar Library (save option)
Creating Citations (cite option)
Scholar Alerts (create alert)
How to Use Google Translate
Tech Integration
How to personalize learning through Project-Based Learning, Flipped Learning, and Blended Learning
Provide opportunities for students to follow their interests and be more self-directed in their learning
Develop an authentic audience for student work
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Other resources
Bring me to your organization: My training and consulting services - on-site or online - link
All of my free training materials, help guides, presentations, videos, and more - link

2016 - Eric Curts - - - - @ericcurts

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