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Cort CEC-1 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric

Ibanez EW Series EWN28BGENT Cutaway Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
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Ibanez EW Series EWN28SYENT Cutaway Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
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Product: Cort CEC-1 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric
Price Paid: $849.00 (Australian)
Submitted 11/20/2005 at 08:40pm by Grant

Features :8
CORT CEC-1 Nylon string classical/Flamenco acoustic guitar
with cutaway and pickup with built in 9volt preamp.
Has a solid cedar top for warmth and mahogany back and
sides for clarity.
This is an interesting guitar in that the neck joins the body at
the 14th fret, which is unusual for these type guitars.
It also has a very nice neck shape and width of neck is not
really wide like on alot of classical type guitars.
This means it is really easy to navigate and playing up and
down the neck is a breeze. Advertisement
Frets are medium thin and look good quality.
This is an excellent quality Korean Instrument.
Cort has impressed me with several of their guitars on offer. The designs are very well thought out and
bang for buck is fantastic as the quality is very good.
Machine heads and preamp are very good quality aswell. Plugging this guitar into my little Fender
keyboard acoustic amp reveals a well balanced and warm tone that is perfect for gigging.The fishman pre
amp sounds really nice.
I play solo guitar in restuarants and lounge bars, and for the spanish flamenco material i play, this little
guitar is very well suited.
I made the purchase after playing it in the music store and hearing the great tones coming from it both
acoustically and amplifed.
A great little guitar.

Sound :9
This is a well balanced and warm toned nylon string guitar.I have tried to plug a couple of different nylon
guitars in and was not really happy with the over all balance or clarity of tone.
It really suits the percussive flamenco style i play on it.
The preamp is capable of adusting frequences alot and has a Brilliance slider as well as the usual bass,
treble and midrange controls plus volume.
All cmponents work well and the 9 volt Fishman preamp is nice to have on board.
Not much to dislike about this guitar. If you like classical/flamenco guitars, this one is excellent quality
and bang for buck.

Action, Fit, & Finish :9

All workman ship and components are good. Frets are finished nicely and there is precission to this
Action is medium low in comparison to alot of classical guitar.
Very nice and easy to play this guitar.
The quality of real wood used is impressive, as is alot of other cort guitars i have seen and picked up.
Alround very well made and finished.

Reliability/Durability :9
I guess one should treat a classical type guitar with respect.
I have had no problems with this guitar and feel it is a quality Instrument at a very good price, considering
the quality of pre amp in it and the tone of it.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Has not been required.

Overall Rating :9
Been playing 17 years and mostly acoustic guitars. This is easily one of the most interesting and bang for
buck guitars i have played in the nylon string catergory.
Great quality, tone and sounds both plugged in (thanks to the Fishman preamp)and acoustically.
The build quality and quality of timbers used is really very good indeed.
It is solidly built and the Cedar top on it is very nice.
The volume and tone is balanced and projects well.
Would I buy another, well I would always look at what else is on offer in the market place, but this one
would be hard pressed to beat considering the Bang for buck.
Sure it`s not a $2500 guitar, but it sounds very close to me.
If your in the market and not out to spend several Thousand on a flamenco type guitar, then check out
one of these, you might just be really surprised!
A Fantastic Instrument.

Product: Cort CEC-1 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric

Price Paid: N/A
Submitted 11/17/2005 at 07:04pm by Rod
Email: bac56mt at gmail<dot>com

Features : No Opinion
Hi! It's Rod again, just thought I'd update now I've had it 2 years, and it's been my main guitar.
Come on you other guitarists, must be others who've bought this model, we need your reviews!

I won't repeat what I said before.

Sound : No Opinion
Still love the sound, especially thru my Kustom KAA65 acoustic amp. Usually have EQ set with bass
higher, mid flat, and treble lower, to get a nice sweet tone, without being too bassy.
The top notes on the E and B strings, above the 12th fret, are inclined to be a tad sharp. (This is where
the Washburn NV100C and Godin Multiac Nylon shine with their more accurate intonation.)

Action, Fit, & Finish : No Opinion

Still great for the money, compared with others.
I did get it set up professionally, plays great now.

Reliability/Durability : No Opinion
No worries, it stays in it's hard case when I'm not playing it.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Haven't needed it.

Overall Rating :8
OK, I did get the Godin Multiac Nylon last year, it's sure better than the Cort, but it cost me almost double
money, and I got it for $860, a good deal for a used guitar, in top order too. Soundwise I'd say the Cort is
7/10 compared with the Godin, and in action about 7/10 too. However the Cort is quite OK unplugged,
while the Godin is quite soft. I prefer the deeper cutaway on the Godin, it allows unrestricted access to
those top frets, whereas with the Cort, you still havta stretch a bit.
I've also bought the Washburn NV100C, which seems very similar in most respects to the Godin, tho
without the midi access. I played it thru a Crate TX15 battery amp (great busking amp, ssweett sound).I'd
say it's a slightly better guitar to play, and sounds better than the Cort, being more mellow, tho its
unplugged volume is slightly softer and weak toned, tho quite OK.

I also played an Ibanez AEG10NT in a Guitar Centre store (top, friendly service), I liked it all round, lovely
tone plugged in, also just acoustic, nice action and well made, tho it only has 21 frets, and I prefer 22.

Just now, I'd say the Washburn could be best bang-for-buck, as there's an eBay dealer letting them go
for $300. Seems there's little demand for this style of guitar, tho you could get a good deal with the

Other similar guitars I've yet to try are the Ovation CC059 and CA1773, and the Takamine EAN60C.
Could have bought the Takie instead of my Washburn, but the Buzz Feiten tuning of the Washy won the

To sum up, I'm still very happy with my Cort, it's still my work-horse, tho I'll be using the Washburn mostly
next year. Whether or not I'd replace the Cort if it were lost or stolen is hard to say. I well may, and I'd still
recommend it, tho do shop around.

Product: Cort CEC-1 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric

Price Paid: N/A
Submitted 04/17/2004 at 05:47am by Rod Kingston.
Email: rodkingston<at>kooee dot com dot au

Features : No Opinion
Just a bit more about the above guitar, now I've had it 6 months, and modified it slightly.
First up, I'm still quite happy with this box in sound, looks & playability. Just did some customising, as
1. Fitted strap button to neck heel;
2. Carefully marked fret positions at 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st frets,using white-out(easily removed), as I play
up there regularly;
3. I found only one prob. with intonation - the top E string was about 13% too sharp at the 12th fret. So I
replaced the saddle with a bone one, and shaped the edge for the top E string at the bottom of the
saddle, instead of the top, to make the working string length some 3 mm longer, and this fixed it.
4. I fitted a clear scratch plate, to protect the soundboard when I strum hard. I haven't noticed any effect
of this on the volume or tone, as I was told, since the main area of the soundboard that works is below
and at the sides of the bridge.

If anyone has any queries re this work, please feel free to email me.
I rather think that this guitar is great value for money, comparable with similar models priced several
hundred dollars more.

Sound : No Opinion

Action, Fit, & Finish : No Opinion

Reliability/Durability : No Opinion

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : No Opinion

Product: Cort CEC-1 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric

Price Paid: n/a
Submitted 11/10/2003 at 11:25pm by Rod
Email: rodkingston at kooee<dot>com<dot>au

Features :9
Made in S. Korea probably in last 12 months as I bought it only 10 days ago, from local music store, &
the boss gave me a top deal!
List price was $Aus995.

This is a newer style of guitar that's only been around since the 1960's (seems the late legend Chet
Atkins working with Gibson had a deal to do with this design). In a nutshell, it's an electric classical wth a
cutaway, and a modified neck to suit steel string guitarists. That's to say, 14 frets to the body joint, and a
headnut that's 1-3/4 in. (45 mm) wide.(a classical has 12 frets to the body joint, & a 2-1/16 in (53 mm)
nut, & the fretboard is slightly curved, (flat for a classical).
So you can't really call it a classical! I'm suggesting the name "HONEY-TONE" for this style of guitar, (not
wanting to knock any other style with sssweeeett, mellow sound), seeing it's changed a deal from the
traditional Torres-type classical, and "nylon string electric-acoustic" is such a mouthful!

Here are the SPECS. for this beauty:

Body style is "baby jumbo": body is is 15-3/4 in (41 cm) wide (lower bout), 19-1/2 in (50.5 mm) long, &
3-5/16 in (9.5 mm) deep;
body is
22 frets (19 for a classical), fretboard is slightly curved (flat for a classical), & bound, & neck is a very
comfortable C shape in section;
Scale length: 25-3/8 in (65.5 mm);
Headstock: standard classical slotted style with open tuners;
Top: solid cedar;
Back & sides: mahogany-like timber;
Fretboard & bridge (standard classical type to which strings are tied): rosewood;
Pickup: "Sonicore" with active preamp (takes 9 volt battery) & 3-way EQ & brilliance adjuster.
Finish a nice satin.
Really very well made throughout, except maybe for fret ends (?).

Sound :8
Lovely mellow classical nylon string acoustic sound, good unplugged, lovely with to my Kustom Tube 12
practice amp, or better an old Eminar 200 watt bass amp at church. Usually set with EQ on 10 for bass, 8
for mids, 6 for treble, but amp EQ is flat to get nice mellow tone.
Plus nice low action (2.8 mm clearance for 6th string at 12th fret) with easy neck, so this baby is a delight
to play!
Keeps in tune well for a nylon stringer.
Not a great range of tone, compared with an electric guitar, but then, I love what it does!
Actually, the Yamaha AEX500N I had before this had a decidedly sweeter tone, in spite of spruce top -but
weak unplugged.

Action, Fit, & Finish : No Opinion

Action nice & low-(2.8 mm -less than 1/8 in clearance of 6th string at 12th fret);
Very well made overall, but fret ends could have been dressed slightly better, or is this due to this dry
climate of inland New South Wales, Australia?
Finish in natural satin, looks great!

Reliability/Durability :8
Only just bought it, but can't see any problems with appropriate care.
Yes, I'd take it to a gig without a backup - worst I think might happen is for a string to break (reduce this
risk by fitting new strings 2-3 days before, & always have spare strings).

Customer Support : No Opinion

Not expecting any probs. Cort are a good crowd, I believe.
Must check on warranty, mainly if electrics mess up. Local store will look after me, though.

Overall Rating :8
Started playing classical in 1960's, last couple years dabbled with electric, electric-acoustic (steel string)
& bass guitars, till I came across these HONEY-TONE GUITARS,& I've fallen in love with them!
Play mainly gospel, some folk/country.
My first was a Yamaha AEX500N- gorgeous sssweeeett tone amped, hopeless unplugged, & nut too
narrow at 1-5/8 in (43 mm). Would love to try a Godin multiac nylon -yeah, another HONEY-TONE guitar!

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