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Bringing Live Online 2-Way Interactive Classes to your home

For fitness, music, dance and more


Health & Fitness Clubs - $87 Billion Dollar Industry


Music and Dance Learning ~ $30 Billion Dollar Industry

Source: Charlie Blevins, Founder - LessonShark

Travel time is 40-60% of the total time spent

Source: Brandon Hall study

Online Classes cost around 10-20% lesser

Source: Study by

95% drop-out rate in online courses

Source: Bloomberg
Current Scenario

Brick & Mortar In-Home

Classes Classes

Online Solutions
The Problem

Travel Hassle
Brick & Mortar Student In-Home Expensive
Classes Classes

Lack of Feedback Existing

& Online Solutions Expensive
The Problem

Lesser Earnings Travel Hassle

Brick & Mortar Instructor In-Home
& &
Classes Classes
Travel Hassle Limited Customer

Expensive Content Creation Existing Limited Customers

& Online Solutions
Low Retention
Our Solution
An online platform where anyone can take live interactive group
classes for non-academic disciplines offered by top notch instructors

Learn non academic skills

over Live Video Conferencing

Learn from Vetted Top notch
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Learn and collaborate with

Market Size
Serviceable Available Market
Yearly gross search volume for
Health & Fitness, Music, Dance &
Arts & Crafts Classes

2 Billion+

Total Addressable Market Share of Market

Age Group: 8-14 & 18-30 2% of Serviceable Available
Market by 2021
Market Validation

Na Oh

1.6M+ 40,000+
Lessons taught on Instructors for non-academic
Takelessons disciplines listed on UrbanPro
Business Model
Business Model

We take 40% of revenue from each instructor-student


10 Million $16 $160 Million

Number of learners Average Fee Revenue

Enrollments in a year Revenue/year
$40 = Average Ticket Size
by 2021 by 2021
Our Product
1 View all Classes 2 Enroll for your class

Re Re

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Go-To-Market Strategy
Go-To-Market Strategy
Phase 1 (6 months) Phase 2 (6 months) Phase 3 (1 Year)

July 16 - Jan 17 - June 17 -

Jan 17 June 17 June 18

Health & Fitness Health & Fitness; Music Health & Fitness; Music (Guitar), Dance
(Guitar) (Bollywood Dance)

B2B Corporates Health & Fitness: B2B Health & Fitness: B2B
Bangalore Music: B2C Music: B2C
Dance: B2C
200 customers 1200 Customers
6800 Customers
Product-Market Fit for
Product-Market Fit Music Product-Market Fit for Dance

Revenue: Rs.9 lakhs Revenue Phase 2: 54 lakhs Revenue Phase 3: Rs.3 crore

Cum. Revenue: Rs.63 lakhs Cum. Revenue: Rs.3.63 Crore

Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape

Low High

Achievements! In just over 2 months!

Revenue: Rs.12,000/- Courses Live: 1

Batches Live: 1 Students Enrolled: 8

B2B Deals Closed: 3

Tied up With B2B Deals Lined Up: 3
Work Advantage, Alma Mapper
Our Team
Our Team

Mridula Chhetri Rahul Adhikari Prakash Kumar

Chief Executive Officer Chief Product Officer Chief Technology Officer
Chief Category Officer

12+ Years of BD Experience in IIT Roorkee Gold-Medalist & Multiple-time National-Level

the likes of IBM & Nestaway built businesses in Ed-Tech and Hackathon Winner and led
E-Commerce sectors technical teams in 2 startups
Our Team

Sandeep Tampi Mrinal Shanbhag Seema

Chief Strategy Officer Chief Operating Officer Senior BD Manager

Lead teams in 3D printing 12+ Years of Core Operations & MBA from Punjab University
startups and former Researcher finance experience in the likes having BD experience in the
in a key project for the Indian of IBM & HSBC likes of Nestaway & SBI
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