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Mary Joyce B.


I look forward to LTS 2 especially teaching in the children when they showed us the
testaments from previous LTS 2 students. I think that as a future educator, taking LTS 2 will give
me an opportunity to develop my teaching style and most importantly to change the life of a
child through teaching him or her how to read and write. I know that my efforts would not only
affect the child but also his or her family, and the people he or she will meet in the future. This
wont be easy, because nothing that weighs this much is easy. But I am sure this would be worth


The child from San Vicente School that was assigned to me was Renz. My first
impression about Renz was that he's a quiet boy who was comfortable in his own company.
Trying to build a rapport with him was a struggle for me. He was too quiet and he didn't answer
any of my questions nor look at me. He would fidget with his clothes or anything he could get
his hands at, and look anywhere but at me. I tried asking him on what his favorite game was but
after minutes of non-answer, I shifted to a different topic on food and family which he answered
with a quiet voice. Although he didn't continually answered my questions and I had to shift from
question to question. Which is the reason why it took us long to finish the assessment
Renz didnt know how to read but he was able to write. And when we read the book 'Ang
Pamilya Ismid' I saw how eager he was to listen to the story and that he was able to answer some
reading comprehension questions, after much encouragement. I looked forward to teaching him
how to read and somehow making him comfortable to speak to me. I know it's not an easy task
to do but I look forward to doing my best to achieve it.


My second meeting with Renz was admittedly way better than our first. At first I was
confused to where I can find him or how he looked like but thankfully he was the only one in his
class that participated in our NSTP sessions and so I was able to find him with the help of his
teacher. Ive observed that he was starting to open up to me, he smiled, laughed and even
answered most of my questions. Although at times he would play with anything he gets his
hands to, it was my duty as a teacher to ensure that his focus was on the task at hand.
We were able to finish the assessment and start on the first lesson. During the oral
reading part of the assessment, I encouraged him to try to read the words but, perhaps due to his
shyness, he still said no. I prodded him more by telling him that this would help us know where
we should start and what we could improve on, I also offered that I would read with him, and
finally he said yes. Seeing and hearing him read, even with my assistance, was a really heart-
warming sight. The struggle of waking up early for a Monday class or the conditions we were in
didnt matter because I caught a glimpse of what we could accomplish if we worked on it
There was no doubt that Renz was very eager to learn how to read, I saw it especially
when we started our first lesson even though I knew he was tired for the hours weve already
spent. His attention was on me and what I tried to teach him. He was able to participate and
answer rightly, and I couldnt help but share my baon with him to reward him for his great
efforts. There were some tasks that Renz didnt want to do, such as drawing or playing that
caught the attention of others. I didnt push him to do it because I didnt want him to feel unease
or go back to not responding to any of my questions.
I, as a teacher, had my shortcomings which resulted to our delay and kind of cluttered
session. I was able to prepare and plan for our class, which is why I wasnt able to prepare the
necessary materials. There was a lot of improvisation that I had to do to be able to teach the
lesson and entertain him. Certainly, Ive learned my lesson of coming to session unprepared and
I look forward to our next session to see how he would be able to improve.


Although I had a 5-7 PM Biochemistry laboratory exam that Monday and was really
tempted to skip class to get more sleep, I was really looking forward to our NSTP class and
teaching Renz. After all, I wouldnt want to compromise his future in reading just for my exam
that was said to be barely passable by those who already took it. Im not selfish enough to
think that my future is more important than his. Only to find out that he was absent that day. I
was really saddened when his teacher told me that he was absent, I even considered just going
home, but thankfully we were able to stand as a substitute teacher that was as eager to learn how
to read as the rest of them.
That session, I realized how it really takes so much passion, care and love for a teacher to
be able to attend class, even if they really need to skip it due to health reasons etc., because of
their consideration for their pupils. Unlike working in an office, where you can decide to skip
work and easily catch up once you came back, being absent as a teacher is not an easy decision
to make. Our responsibility in cultivating the knowledge and values of our students is not only
within the four walls of the classroom. We may not be related to them but we come to think of
their future as even more important than ours. Even if you are stricken with sadness, you cant
take an off day because you know that learning doesnt take an off day. After that session I
came to better appreciate and value my teachers, then and now.

After not seeing Renz for two weeks, we were far behind from our lesson compared to the
others. And so, before we began I told him of how I thought we should schedule our lessons for
today, that is: finish LP 1, snack break, finish LP2, snack break, start LP 3. Luckily we were able
to finish these tasks, with a lot of spare time as well. I didnt push through with finishing LP 3 as
I observed that he was getting tired and I didnt want to info-overload him.
Weirdly, it felt good when I asked him if he remembered my name and that he was able to
answer with Ate Joyce. For the past few meetings I thought that he didnt know my name as he
doesnt call me Ate Joyce. My fellow classmates, Maris and Alyssa, also told me that during
my absence Renz didnt talk nor participate much. That made me realize how much trust he had
for me and how much he had developed to opening to me compared to our first meeting. Lastly,
for this meeting, I have observed how much he has developed on his reading and as a teacher I
feel that it was my duty to push him to further his development.

I admit that I felt disappointed when we went to San Vicente and we werent able to hold the
session with our students. There were a lot more lesson plans to get through and had already
spent a huge part of the semester. We only had a few sessions left and it would be disappointing
if we wont be able to achieve our main goal, which is to help them excel in reading. I, myself,
wanted that by the end of this semester Renz would be able to read a childrens story book. I
hope we can still catch up and make up for lost time.