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Teacher: Mayra A. Vargas Z. Course: ART - 2A Book: Top Notch 2 (2nd edition) Day: 11-20
Unit: 2 Lesson: 1-4 Pages: 14-25 Skills: L-S-R-W-G

Ideas for material: Book, markers, audio, video, flashcards

Language objectives: The present perfect with for, since, other uses. Would rather + base form.
Functional objectives: Apologize for being late. Discuss preferences for movie genres. Describe and recommend movies. Discuss
effects of violence on viewers.

PREVIEW - Aim: To elicit previous knowledge.
Time Procedure Material
15 Look at the pictures. Describe each one. Explain vocabulary. Talk about movies. Read the description of each Book
movie. Talk about their favorites movies. Board
7 Pair work. Talk about their preferences of DiCaprios movies. Markers
7 Discussion. Where do you like to see movies : at home or in a movie theater? Give advantages and disadvant. Audio
15 Photo story. Elicit information of the pictures. Close, listen. Listen again and read. Comprehension questions.
10 Focus on language. Read and find expressions. Answer each person. Think and explain.
10 Pair work. Talk about the movies that are playing in Cbba. Which movies would you like to see? Or not.

LESSON 1 - Aim: To apologize for being late.
Time Procedure Material
15 Grammar. Ive been here since 8 oclock. / Ive been here for ten minutes. Show the difference between since Audio
and for. Read the chart. Practice by themselves. Since 3:00, this morning, I was a child. For a long time, 5 Book
months, 2 days. Video
20 Grammar booster. A continuing action with present perfect and present perfect continuous. Ive been living
here since 2010. / Ive been working for 10 years. Spelling rules for ing. Complete exercises.
20 Grammar. Present perfect other uses: Give examples: Ive always wanted to see Wall-E. / This is the third
time Ive seen Matilda. / Its the best movie Ive ever seen. / Ive just seen Lala Land. / I still havent watched
The Beauty and the Beast. / I havent seen my brother lately. Check the placement for these new words.
10 Grammar practice. Complete the conversations. Check answers with their partners. Grammar in use more
exercises about present perfect.
8 Pair work. Ask and answer questions using present perfect.
7 Voc. Look at the pictures. Listen, read and repeat. Pair work. Give other explanations for being late.
5 List. Compr. Listen and complete the sentences with the new voc.
5 Pronunciation. Reduction of /h/ in the present perfect.
7 Conv. Model. Look at the picture and predict where they are. Listen, repeat and practice with a partner.
10 NYC. Model the conversation using the expressions. Add questions. Switch roles.

LESSON 2 - Aim: To discuss preferences for movie genres.

Time Procedure Material
8 Look at the pictures and recognize the films and movie genres. Read, listen and repeat. Audio
10 List. Compr. Predict the genre. Write the genre of each movie according to the listening. Book
5 Discussion. Which movies would you like to see? Board
20 Grammar. Write on the board examples with would rather + base form. Shed rather see a less violent film. / Markers
We would rather not see a horror film. Elicit the rules from the ss. Read the charts and complete the Photos
exercises. Check grammar booster.
15 Conv. model. Look at the picture and recognize where they are, predict the situation. Describe preferences.
5 Read and listen the conversation. NYC. Change the conversation talking about movie preferences.
LESSON 3 - Aim: To describe and recommend movies.
Time Procedure Material
10 Before you listen. Listen, read and repeat adjectives to describe movies. Audio
7 Pair work. Write the title of a movie for each adjective. Book
15 List. comp. Listen and complete. Listen again. Complete the following exercise. Listen for details and answer
the questions.
15 NYC. Read about the movies reviews and choose one. Explain your choice. Write information about a movie
that youve seen recently. Create a conversation, describe and recommend movies.

LESSON 4 - Aim: To discuss effects of violence on viewers.

Time Procedure Material
10 At what age do you think its safe to permit children to see violent movies and TV shows? Explain why. Audio
15 Reading. Look at the title . Elicit information about that. Read and listen, then ask one ss to read. Re read. Book
10 Pair work. Discuss questions about the article.
15 NYC. Write about 3 violent movies that you know. Discuss the effects of violence on viewers.

REVIEW - Aim: To consolidate the new information.
Time Procedure Material
10 Listening comprehension. Listen the conversations and complete. Comprehension questions. Book
10 Pair work. Complete exercises B and C. Audio
7 Writing booster. Paragraphs. Topic sentences. WB
15 Writing. Talk about violence in movies and on TV.
15 Workbook.
10 Oral Review. Pair work. One group one picture. Create conversations according to the pictures or describe
one film. (record)