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Herein, contains a short but epic sea adventure set upon Faerun's western sea. Quest seekers will find
themselves serving the interest of two orders for a generous reward, by locating an artifact that grants
the wielder the ability to influence the sea and even contrive immense water portals, bridging seas
together in both the material realm and the elemental Plane of Water. However, unforeseen challenges
present themselves when the players venture by ship to the Dragon Henge Isles, and encounter the
legendary Phantom Galleon.

In the service of the Elder Elemental Eye, a familiar threat emerges; however, this time he is the captain
of the Phantom Galleon, Gar ShatterKeel! After his defeat, necromancers who serve the Eye brought
him back as a revenant form, and under their master's bidding gave him a new task far from the
Dessarian Valley. His task is clear: conquer the oceans by stealing a magical serpent's tooth called
Naurtul. It is said by some, that it came from this legendary beast in the Plane of Water, far beyond the
record of time. For eons it had laid in the dark wards of a nameless sea trench, but when it was found, it
created turmoil within the currents and tides. The Naurtul was eventually banished to a place protected
by magic, the Dragon Henge Isles.

Related Material:
This module is compatible with D&D 5th Edition rules, and is designed for 3-5 players, 3rd level, with the
option to adjust for party's strength to 5th level indicated in the "power up" sections. Most villains you
encounter can either be found in 5E's Monster Manual or Princes of the Apocalypse. If you don't have
the Princes of the Apocalypse book, that's ok, you can find references in the appendix. Some of the foes
are new, or have altered stats or minor substitutions to abide by the characters particular role. These
characters will have an * next to them denoting this, and their revised stats will be explained in the

Baldur's Gate Meeting

Through growing whispers among the crowded ports of Baldur's Gate, the company finds monetary
opportunity. They have arrived in the city port to acquire an audience with Talgron Heldstof, member of
the Order of the Gauntlet, and Rathgost Igrim of the Zhertarim. In this meeting, they learn of their
mission, their reward, and cost of failure. The other party at this meeting is a reckless drunk named
Berok, captain of the Scallion. After the meeting, Rathgost speaks to the company in private.
Talgron and Rathgost
Two unlikely partners, their own factions would not approve this union of cooperation if not for the dire
warnings of three water genasi.

Talgron, a human Paladin, hails from Baldur's Gate, but resides in Yartar to further the order's influence.
He is an older man, yet tall and lean, with a well-groomed medium length beard that hangs slightly
above the sigil of his god Torm upon his armor. His beard conceals several scars; stories behind them
invite you into a world of both tragedy and victory.

Rathgost, a rogue seeking the path of magic, is almost the exact opposite of Talgron, diminutive, long
curly black hair drapes down his face, hiding shifty eyes. He comes from Baldur's Gate as well, but finds
his home on the road with a band of warlocks heading for Bargewright Inn. He dons a tattoo of a black
mask across his upper back, venerating his own deity.

Acting as Talgron

Wise, and well versed in Faerun's history, Talgron is patient to react when conversing, observing all
angles before dealing hasty words. His voice is soft and deep.

Note: If player(s) hold an acolyte, sage, or solider background, and are aligned with "good" and/or
venerate Torm, than Talgron will give one magic item to keep as an aide. Ring of Water Walking, DMG
pg. 193.

Acting as Rathgost

Intelligent, and observant like a hawk, he uses cunning words to beguile much like a skilled knight wields
his sword in combat, strategic and with proficiency. His attempts to restrain the "weasel" within him fall
short most of the time.

Note: If player(s) hold a charlatan or criminal background he will let you borrow one magic item,
"Folding Boat", DMG pg.170.

Berok (Bare-oak)
Berok is half ogre, tall and plump, and has an unkempt appearance. Little more needs to be said about
the captain, except he believes the dire mission will grant him the wealth he had always sought and

Acting as Berok

A true drinker routinely slurs his words. If the company questions him about it, or presses the issue about
his ability to guide his ship, he might turn on them. If so, give him a "brawlers" stats instead of "bandit
captain" despite having a scimitar, he is just that inebriated.
Once the fastest vessel on the Sword Coast, its keel cut through the water like an arrow in flight, but
those days as a notorious slave ship have waned. Now a cargo ship, its infamous hull contains supplies
instead of folk as it crosses the expanse. However, the crew will testify that the subdeck still carries the
haunting laments of the trammeled.

Much like its feared reputation, the Scallion has succumb to neglect and mal-repair, and can be
described as seventy-five feet of broken planks, fractured masts, and guano catcher. Yet its captain,
Berok, is the only one with a crew daring or mad enough to venture into the perilous Dragon Henge Isles
where the fabled artifact lies. Berok is a renown drunk and blowhard; his mates bear less esteem
throughout every port along the Sword Coast.

Dragon Henge Isles

Across the expanse of the ocean, lies a group of jagged stones piercing high above its rancorous tides. Its
formation is a mystery to most mortals, and those who know its arcana, keep it secret for a reason. Void
of flora and fauna, even birds find a nest elsewhere. A strange feature exclusive only to this place are its
red veins that course inside the stone's fissures; these veins pulse with surging blood.

There are no shores, sandy beaches, or annoying tourists. There is in-fact, a small cavern located at the
water's edge of one of the isles that goes back seventy-five feet where the artifact was, and where
Marinos had traversed. But another vessel had arrived days before he did and took both the artifact and

Meeting Place
After over hearing a conversation between two sailors in East Dock section of the city, the party
interjects, and expresses their interest to them. An old curmudgeon leads them to a stone building on
the port, where he leaves them at the steps, but not before demanding coinage (DM's discretion) for his

DM: If the party refuses compensation, have player(s) roll persuasion check (DC 10) to reduce hostility,
otherwise he spits at their feet and walks away. Any scuffles, Port Soldiers intervene to mediate, delaying
the quest for a short while.

The stairwell ascends one story, and is comprised of heavy wooden steps that end at a long, dimly-lit
hallway guarded by a hooded, Dragon Born cleric of Oghma. His voice is gruff, and his words are curt,
"State your business".

If the party answers intelligently, he opens the locked door and allows their passage. A snarky response
results in him remaining obstinate. Should an altercation ensue, treat him as a 5th level cleric armed
with a mace. He is a neutral party, so a fight ending in a death on either side will polarize the faction
members against the party who will have to find a way to restore their trust.

Inside, the company members see Talgron and Rathgost in the middle of an argument at a table, and
Berok leaning out of the window drinking a bottle of rum. The argument ceases moments later.

Berok: Berok turns around and says to the party, "Aye, the tavern women are getting uglier around
here!" He then bellows out a long laugh.

Rathgost: "Don't mind this drunkard, captain of the Shipwreck."

Berok: "Haaa, that's a good name, ha!" He takes another swig of rum.

Talgron: "Don't mind either of them. I deem the reason you've come here is to find honest, profitable
work. Indeed you'll find it, but what is offered is not without potential cost."

The two faction members introduce themselves, and reveal the task at hand. Captain Marinos and his
crew of the Naiad have not returned to Baldur's Gate, and are weeks overdue. Months ago, several
water genasi approached certain members of the two factions about a powerful artifact called Naurtul,
which is capable of opening water gateways, and is thought to reside in the Dragon Henge Isles. The
captain was hired to sail there and retrieve it.

After the havoc that the Crushing Wave, and other elemental cults waged in the Dessarin Valley, all
threats must be mitigated if not extinguished. They intend to destroy this item by esoteric means.

Talgron: "If the wrong folk obtain this artifact, not only will the seas be a perilous place, but the lands
could be submerged."

Completing this vital mission yields a generous monetary reward, and a sound reputation with these
factions, emphasizing its importance. A joint reward from both factions will pay each company member
1,000 gp on a successful mission.

Just as they are about to leave, Rathgost walks over to one member quietly, and offers an added

Rathgost: He shakes one member's hand, then brings himself closer and says, "5,000 gp., each if you
bring it to me. My friends will be watching."

Talgron's concentration is fixated on a map of the sea, and either pretends not to notice the whispering,
or is oblivious to it. Should the company tell Talgron what Rathgost had said to them, Talgron delivers a
piercing gaze at him while addressing the party.

Talgron: A fool's bribe. Why trade so much in return for so little. Do not let an ill bargain addle your
hearts, go and return swiftly.
Berok will lead the party to his ship.

The Journey
Provisions are brought on board the Scallion. The captain stays above deck, while the company shares
quarters with twenty crew members. It is cluttered with ropes and nets, and smells like fetid fish. The
ship sets sail, and for a month the company endures bawdy sea songs, rough language, and a verbally
abusive captain. Berok is on a three day bender, and takes the ship into stormy waters. Waves thrash
against the Scallion's brittle hull.

DM: On the third day, have each player make a constitution saving throw, DC is 15. On a fail, they are
afflicted with 1 level of exhaustion from hurling.

On the third night, a terrible storm threatens their very lives as Captain Berok steers head-on into a hale
wave. A load bearing post gives way below deck, and smashes open the last barrel of potable water.

DM: Wine is available to only the crew, and a long rest is not possible until someone commandeers the

Command and Control

Note: The crew, who are almost as drunk as their captain, will aide in a mutiny if:

A player holds a sailor background

A player rolls for persuasion check, (success DC 8)

Killing their captain will result in either applause or a fight, in which case twenty (drunk) crew members
attack. Use bandit stats for the crew, and they have disadvantage.

DM: A player, who does not have a sailing background, has disadvantage at the helm (DC 17 to control
the ship) and is no better than the captain. Have players roll dex save (DC 14), if failed they fall prone and
take 1d6 bludgeoning damage. On a successful roll, the ship is stable and players can enjoy a long rest
except the helmsman. Berok must be restrained or he'll try to take the wheel again.

The waters remain placid to slightly choppy for the next twelve days, until they reach the isles in the

DM: Adjust exhaustion level if players got rest. Also, if they have no water or means of hydration, than
make the appropriate adjustments.

Arrival at Dragon Henge

Sea mist clings to the air, veiling the crescent moon, until faint streams of daylight permeates the grey
sky. Then a strong westward wind unsheathes the tops of twenty-three, tooth-like isles, reaching five
hundred feet into the grey air.
"Dragon Henge." One crew member says in awe. The ship draws closer.

DM: Captain Berok sails to the henge's center and looks for a sign of the artifact, a crew member spots a
small cavern. If the players are at the helm, let them determine the ships course. The Scallion is equipped
with a smaller boat named the Anchovy to access the cavern. Using the Scallion to access instead will
smash the already battered hull, resulting in players and NPCs jumping into the rough waters. Refuge
can be found in the cavern; a cavern that fills knee high with frigid water at night.

Once inside, the cavern serpentines for about sixty-five feet then ends in a room 50' high, 30' wide.
Before them stands a great statue of a menacing wave, glowering towards the floor. Its tides hold a
number of humanoid skulls, likely from other sailors. All around the floor is debris of ornate stone, like
another statue had once stood there but was destroyed. Fragments indicate the statue was of a

DM: On a successful investigative check, (DC 7), the players find a bag of twenty lustrous pearls worth
100 gp., each, under the rubble.

The statue rests upon, is a plinth that bears a symbol of an "x" with a line connecting the bottom.

DM: This is the Crushing Wave cult, the statue is of Olhydra. Successful history checks (DC 12) will reveal

A loud clamor rings through the tunnel, seconds later the cavern begins to fill with thick, red water.
Outside, they see the Anchovy in pieces amid an enormous whirlpool that is gaining in size. The stone's
blood drains into the water, which turns to chum as it mixes with fish heads from the whirlpool. Out of
the maelstrom comes a horrific vessel

Phantom Galleon
The horrifying construct of a twisted mind; no other ship in this sea rivals its size or power. Its origins are
said to have come from the Plane of Water; for hundreds of years, captains have been serving the Elder
Elemental Eye as atonement for failing their master. Only when they achieve their tasks will they be
released from duty, and given greater ranks elsewhere.

Unusual in its form and design, its shell is composed of bone, dragon turtle skin, and a black coral that
grows only in the abyssal wards of the sea. The coral serves as the ship's casing which dives deep, then
curves forward like a hornet ready to strike just below the eighth floor. From bow to stern, it is a
thousand feet long with tattered sails of woven flesh pulling this ghostly creation with great speed
through the water. Gar resides in a grim forecastle that towers above phantom shark infested halls and
enemy filled dungeons sunk far beneath its deck. Old lanterns dot the halls and rooms, and offer only
dim light (visibility halved) from the flicker of pallid flames.

Understanding the Threat

DM: You can have players submit a history check of the ship. DC is high, 15, for very few have ever
witnessed it; and none have ever survived its confines. Success yields the following: (DM choose one)

Back in Baldur's Gate, a player hears two sailors talking about a ghost ship with tentacles that
belongs to an elemental god, but is run by a lesser mortal of the Crushing Wave cult; according
to merfolk. This captain has a distinct feature, a mechanical claw where his left hand should be.

Legend heard as a youth, speaks of a piece of black coral washing ashore in a distant land. A boy,
spearing for eel, was curious and picked it up. Days later, octopus suction cups developed on the
palms of his hands. When the piece was brought before a tribal council, their mystics saw
images of ghostly sharks swimming in the air and from room to room on a terrible vessel.

Player has listened to someone quote an excerpt from the Scroll of Abyssal Depths. "Down here
in fathoms uncounted, we are prey to the songs of Hell's maidens that keep our minds fettered
and our hearts anchored in despair." (The scrolls origins are more mysterious than the Dragon
Henge Isles itself)

The ship aims its prow at the Scallion, and then four giant tentacles emerge from below the bow and
grapple it, crushing the old ship and killing the captain and the others. The sound of ancient timber
being rent apart is almost deafening. Sharks emerge by the hundreds as if summoned by a dark magic,
they indulge in the rancid chum filled sea. The remaining crew takes refuge in the cavern. Shortly after,
one of the galleon's tentacles slaps the water with such profusion that it sends a mighty wave crashing
into the same isle as the players.

DM: Those players who followed the crew, are slammed into the stone's adamant surface, and take 2d6
bludgeoning damage. Additionally, they are knocked unconscious for several rounds. For players outside,
make a dexterity save (DC 8). On a success they avoid injury, but fall into shark infested waters. A fail will
result in 1d6 bludgeoning dam., and also face the sharks.

Reef sharks circle.

DM: Roll a % dice. On even numbers no sharks attack. Odds, roll a 1d4 (sharks have Pack Tactics). If the
players are first level, the DM may adjust to only a single shark.

Then a fey mist appears, and all goes quiet. Then five small boats approach, carrying a full load of
enemies. Each boat has ten fighters ranging from bandit to thug with three water elemental

Dark Crew #1: Bandit, "Our sails are due for a repair, they'll do nicely."

Dark Crew #2: Thug, "Don't harm their flesh, we needs it. Tak'm alive!"
DM: Some hold Tentacle Rod poles (DMG) made for grappling. The unconscious are taken aboard the
boats. Those who fight back and are on the isle can, but the terrain is difficult. The enemy tries to subdue
rather than kill. Players in the water have little choice, comply or be shark kibble.

Foes: Bandit stats (MM pg.343), thug (MM pg. 350), three water elemental myrmidons*.

Once aboard the main ship, the entire company is brought down to the eighth level, and is bound
against a wall by tentacles growing out of them. The company joins other prisoners, and are tethered in
a dimly lit hall; they are bereft of all but basic garments, even their armor was removed (adjust AC if

Floor Description: 200'L x 100'W x 50'H, single corridor outside the room. The room is 200'L x 80'W x
50'H. The walls are covered in slippery algae.

Haunting songs sail throughout the sullen hall, and walking its length are two beautiful women singing a
morose ballad. A storm giant, whose mind had cracked after months of imprisonment, is taken away.

DM: Suffused within their ballad is an enchantment, and all who fall prey become victim of a peaceful
slumber, or a euphoric trance like state. Have players do a wisdom check (DC 14) to block the charm. The
ship's crew remains enchanted and other prisoners except for one. If the players succeed, the tethers
loosen. The sirens attack.

Siren*: Give these foes a commoner's stat, no club, (MM pg.345), but a dryad's Fey Charm power (MM
pg. 121).

DM: After the siren's death, their song's still echo, wisdom check again every three rounds until they
leave that room.

Thralls: The freed players, notice a water genasi, five men with a brand of a bowl-like brazier with a
burning flame upon their foreheads (Eternal Flame cultists), and a host of other prisoners. Prisoners are
incoherent. Another who is captive is an old man that speaks to the players before slipping into a deep
sleep. His garments are torn, and his feet are grotesque from the many voracious rats that occupy the
ship. His words are limited, and spoken in fragments.

Old Man: "Skin us, we become them. Guards, guards ring, key..." The rest is undiscernible.

The ground holds the bones of various beings and creatures, some big, most are medium. (Improvised
weapons hint, hint. 1d4 bludgeoning dam., for a medium bone, a large bone yields 1d4 + 2).

Far down the dark hall, they spot two men standing guard in front of a strange doorway. There are three
empty barrels the company can hide behind 40' from the first guard. The guards do not survey the
grounds, and stare straight ahead with swords drawn.

DM: An empty bottle of rum lies on the floor, the glass is dark and in the shadows. If the company moves
forward to reach the barrels, have them do a perception check (DC 10). On a fail, the bottle is accidently
kicked, alerting the guards (skeleton) who then summon two more from the other side of the doorway.
Power Up: Add four more skeletons for stronger parties. Guards take advantage on initiative.

On a success they make it to the barrels unnoticed. Upon closer inspection, these are skeleton soldiers
guarding a doorway in the form of a vertical whirlpool.

DM: When the party destroys their adversary, the guards leave behind more than shortswords. If the
players try to exit through the doorway, they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage from being slammed down
on the floor. Players remain. A simple investigation check shows that each guard holds a water cultist
amulet that serves as a key. The player just walks through.

On the other side are two more guards (or four, for strong players).

Navigating the ship's corridors:

DM: In the corridors the DM rolls a d12 for random encounter every 100; only once for 11-12 roll.

1-3, they encounter a phantom shark*

4-10, nothing

11 or 12, two humanoid bandits exit a dumbwaiter rolling a barrel into the corridor's corner
near the stairs leading to the Seventh floor. The players can avoid being seen by tucking
themselves against the wall behind two beams.

Note: The dumbwaiter has a rope and bell. If the players kill these bandits and want to ascend, they ring
the bell and it takes them to the top. Refer to the Deck section, minus any storm giants. If captured
again, the boson (DM) decides their fate.

Power Up: Rolling a 1-3, add two more phantom sharks.

Seventh Floor: ...WOTC merchandise, ladies apparel, and cadavers?

Floor Description: 300'L x 100' W x 50'H, no corridors, open floor.

As the players ascend, they become aware of a foul odor dwelling above them. When they reach the
stair's landing, they witness hundreds of bodies hanging by hooks, eerily swaying with the ship. Amid the
chill air and cracking ship sounds, madness and dread have seeped into the fissures and warped planks
of this construct. Blood and other bodily fluids soak the floor, making the terrain difficult to trek upon.
Stowaway stirge find a feast among the dead, and occasionally pester the party. Two hundred feet
further, the company sees a storm giant being de-fleshed, scraped to the bone by six skeletons and a
zombie ogre who feeds the meat to a bizarre, watery sphere. From this sphere, octopus-like tentacles
extend to snatch the flailed portions of meat. Foes are 20' away.

Foes: Six skeleton men with daggers only, one zombie ogre. The water elemental death sphere* gets its
fill and is lead away by a water elemental myrmidon* unless the company rushes them or makes a hasty
Power Up: Add two sea hags (DMG pg. 179) who are rubbing entrails and blood all over themselves.

Sixth Floor: Thought I'd never find those again.

Floor Description: 350'L x 120'W x 50' H. Two large rooms are separated by a long corridor. Each room is
80'L x 50'W x 20'H.

The characters enter the beginning of a corridor (DM, no d12 roll at this spot) with a room on the left
with a whirlpool door. Inside this room are two Crushing Wave reavers* and a C.W. priest* guarding five
large chests. A second whirlpool door lies at the end of the room.

Foes: Two reavers* have shark-toothed lined swords and a crab shield. The cult priest* is distinguishable
by his kelp gown.

Power Up: A fathomer slumbers on a chair 60' away. He awakens when there's trouble.

The chests cannot be opened, for each has a strange shelled creature serving as the lock (DC 15).

Chest 1: Their weapons and supplies except rations of food and water (re-adjust AC if required). Spell
Guard Shield (DMG pg. 200).

Chest 2: Three small bottles of healing potions, 1 time use restores all HP. Five pouches of gold worth
100 gp each.

Chest 3: Two bottles of Potion of Water Breathing (DMG pg. 188). A Necklace of Shrunken Heads*.

Chest 4: Rope of Entanglement (DMG pg. 197) and Decanter of Endless Water (DMG pg. 160).

Chest 5: Scrolls containing sea charts from other ships; a contract between Marions and the two
factions; scroll that contains a spell (casters only) Water Breathing (pg. 287 PHB).

DM: If the players bypass this room, or when they leave it, DM roll's a d12 every 100' the party travels,
but for 5-7, and 8-11 they encounter them once.

1-4, two phantom sharks*

5-7, they see a one-eyed shiver brawling with a fathomer, which spills into a room on the right,
80' down the corridor

8-11, a flurry of rats is being chased by a fathomer in the form of a water snake coming towards
them. When he reaches the party members, he turns back into his humanoid form, and either
takes them as bandits or escaped prisoners in which case he attacks, DM's choice

12, nothing happens

Power Up: Roll a 12, and a water elemental myrmidon attacks, only one encounter.
Fifth Floor: Here boy, here boy, gooood sharky.
Floor Description: 400'L x 140'W x 100'H, open floor.

They first see an open area with high ceilings hanging over a stormy, flooded reef. The ship rocks back
and forth, throwing its waters hard against the coral, and two hundred feet of this separates them from
the exit. Settled along the shore are six giant crabs.

DM: Crabs are not aggressive unless the company comes within 5', DM's decision. Swimming will require
a successful athletics check (DC 12) every 100'. On a fail, they begin to drown or suffocate.

The water's depth averages 20', and is patrolled by two reef sharks. A large chest, sunk midmost of the
pond among short stalks of seaweed, catches their attention.

Foes: Two hunter sharks (PHB pg. 330) and the chest is a mimic capable of dwelling underwater.

Power Up: Replace the hunter sharks with water weirds (DMG pg. 299).

Fourth Floor: What the...?

Floor Description: 450'L x 200'W x 100'H, open floor.

This level is the lair of the four giant tentacles that rent apart the Scallion. Most of the crew fear this
area and avoid it when they can. The tentacles belong to a bizarre, legless crustacean call a quadapus.
The room is also occupied by two cw priests* and four water myrmidons. They tend to the creature's
needs, and control it by dipping their tentacle "hands" into a wide cauldron filled with a murky brew.
Then a bell rings, and the priests command the creature to attack something in the sea (a dragon turtle).
The ship's powerful magic keeps seawater from entering the room.

DM: The enemy is preoccupied, which means if the company wishes they can move to the next level.

Foes: Two cw priests*, four water myrmidons, Creature*.

Third Floor: Grub time!

Floor Description: 600'L x 260'W x 20'H, open floor.

This level is the ship's galley and a popular place for the crew, who try to escape the austerity of the
boson on deck. Benches are half filled with enemies eating, drinking, and singing bad mariner songs. A
crew member runs below and says, "W'el be aving a gut full of tur'le soup, we gots another dragon
tur'le". The others cheer to that. But when the boson bellows, most of them leave for upstairs. The ship
lists to one side as the dragon turtle struggles.

Foes: Remaining enemies are three C.W. reavers*, one one-eyed shiver.

Power Up: Replace the one-eyed shiver with a hobgoblin warlord (DMG pg. 187) whetting his longsword.
Second Floor: How did those pass inspection?
Floor Description: 800'L x 300'W x 200'H, open floor.

Supporting the deck, are dozens of massive water pillars imbued with the ship's own magical essence.
Each pillar resembles a massive braid, one tide swirling up, and one swirling down. Ahead, two leashed
death dogs (PHB pg. 321) whose handlers are C.W. reavers, waylay the company the moment they see

DM: In the center of the hall is an ornate, red and gold rug covering a pit. Should anyone step onto it,
they will fall down a 10' x 20' shaft and into a pool of eels*. Dex save is 15. Should the company avoid
this trap, award each player 100 xp.

Two more rugs lie on either side of the aisle leaving a '10 path between them.

DM: The stretch between the two rugs is 20' and has invisible triggers that release one goliath water
elemental death spheres. If they choose to bypass the rugs, have the players make a perception check
(DC 20). On a success award each player 150 xp. On a fail, the creatures are released.

Foes: Two C.W. reavers, two deathdogs, one goliath water elemental death spheres, and eels*.

Power Up: Add another goliath water elemental death sphere.

Note: Should four of the pillars be destroyed, frozen, or otherwise tempered with, the water drains
down into the lower cabins and halls and floods them drowning all even the prisoners after two the ship
starts to falter. Anymore, and the deck crashes down upon them, killing the entire company.

Deck: Final show down.

Floor Description: 1000'L x 400'W x 100'H (includes the forecastle).

The company's actions and the dead crew and animals, has not gone unnoticed; and the company finds
themselves surrounded by more than a hundred foes (ogres, myrmidons, bandits, thugs, water cultists,
and others). The boson (hobgoblin captain) steps forth and says, "Well, ye hav made it furer than most,
but yer rampage ends here!

From the portside of the deck, other crew members yell and cheer as the dragon turtle loses, and is
yanked from its shell and strangled. The force of this event knocks most of the crew prone including the
ones surrounding the company.

DM: Have players roll for dexterity save (DC 10). If failed, they are knocked prone and take +2
bludgeoning damage.

Then the deck shutters when two storm giants jump on board, their rage is apparent and assume all
who are on board to be enemies. Those who are in range of their great swords face a grizzly fate and are
hewn in half. Reinforcements join the fray.
DM: It would be wise if the players went inside the forecastle to escape the giant's wrath. By going down
stairs, the players will encounter other enemies e.g., myrmidons, fathomers, etc. Should the players
choose to persuade the giant not to fight them, have them make a persuasion check (DC 24). Adjust the
DC if the company finds other ways to convey that they are not the enemy.

If avoiding the battle, the company seeks refuge in the forecastle through a whirlpool door. Inside they
see a hall rife with displays of decadence fouled by decay; cob webs and barnacle encrusted walls and
pillars make this apparent. The pillars have a brace of gold ends capping the column of thick glass from
top to bottom. Within this glass is an array of ghostly or undead jellyfish floating in its volumes of soupy
water. Looking straight ahead, they see the same statue as they did in that sea cave, rising from a black
fountain (a shrine to Olhydra). Ornate chalices encompass the fountains expansive base. Two kinds of
colored jewels decorate these cups, half are red, and the others are green.

DM: The fountain's water is acidic and harms the one who touches it with 1d10 acid damage. Consuming
from the red jeweled chalices will give this result too. But only the green ones will heal their wounds
equal to a short rest (PHB). Constitution saving throw to overcome the acid is (DC 15), player takes half
damage on a success.

The Revenant One: A large, dark wave from the far end of the hall cascades towards the company, but
breaks thirty feet from them. The wave drains, and standing before the party is Gar Shatterkeel. He
wears Naurtul on a necklace.

Foe: Gar Shatterkeel*

DM: If Gar is reduced to 20 HP or less, he makes a dash for the deck. If he makes it outside, he jumps
overboard and into a water portal and disappears.

The Aftermath:
Giants are ripping apart the ship and the crew. A barrel stuffed with water cultists crashes through a wall
and destroys the fountain. Pillars bust and jellyfish (harmless) spill onto the floor when a mast slams on
top of the forecastle. The hall starts to collapse and the ship lists heavy to its starboard (right). Outside,
dozens of horns bellow, and the storm giants depart upon their dragon turtles. There are no life boats
available, and the chum whirlpool returns to swallow the Phantom Galleon.

DM: Naurtul is an artifact that can only be wielded by learned beings, and will not respond to any of the
players commands no matter what spells or tricks they use. Players can try to swim to one of the isles on
floating debris. Athletics group check or individual (DC 15) immediately, then once every two hundred
feet. If they use the Rope of Entanglement, this secures the debris so the DC becomes 10. If they use the
Folding Boat change it to 8. Success will take them away from danger, the nearest isle or safe spot is a
thousand feet away. On a fail they start to get pulled into the vortex, and the DC augments in increments
by 1 every round. If the DC reaches 20, then they are pulled under and begin to drown. The undertow
lasts for five minutes.
Friends: Three days later a group of merfolk while riding upon their large sea horses encounters the
party and offer aide. They are willing to take the players to Baldur's Gate, but do not let them see the
Necklace of Shrunken Heads, or they may become hostile. As they leave, a sahuagin baron glares above
the waters edge.

Reward & Conclusion: Rathgost along with two tiefling 8th level warlocks are first to greet them
outside. When he sees they have Naurtul, he doubles his offer.

DM: If the players decide to give Naurtul to Rathgost, the players receive payment. Three months later,
tremendous waves hit every city on the Sword Coast, causing mass casualties and property damage.

If they refuse his offer, he threatens their life. But the moment he does, Talgron, and four powerful
paladins tell Rathgost and his cohorts to abide by the contract or face dire consequences. Rathgost
reluctantly is acquiescent and honors the original deal.

Once the Naurtul is in the faction(s) possession, rewards are handed out according to the players
decision. Each player is given "renown" to each member. This renown comes in the form of free room
and board wherever that faction resides, and a thick stack of val-pak coupons (just kid'n).

The quest is complete, but this adventure is just the beginning of many boundless voyages across

Magic item: The Necklace of Shrunken Heads (uncommon, no attunement is required) was made by a
sahuagin priest with powers given to him by their god Sekolah. It has a tattered rope running through six
small merfolk heads and when the necklace is used, the heads open their shriveled mouths and moan
the curse. The full effect of the curse takes place over six days. The item is attune to the bearer's darkest
intentions, and can activate by mere thought. Target must make a constitution saving throw of 13, or be

If an air-breather becomes cursed, they become restless, never sleeping and hold a ravenous hunger. On
the sixth day, they can only breathe in water. They gain no aquatic abilities save for breathing
underwater. The gills on aquatic beings/creatures will seal themselves, and lungs become their
breathing apparatus. Just as air-breathers do not acquire any helpful traits, neither do aquatic lifeforms.
The Wish spell, Greater Restoration spell, or Remove Curse can reverse the effects.

Phantom Shark: These ghostly apparitions resemble a decayed reef shark on an endless hunt for food as
they swim through the air. Their original purpose was too guard the estates of their master, a lich who
inhabits a secluded sea castle. Use the reef sharks stats (PHB pg. 336), but make the following
HP 30/XP 250. They possess Incorporeal Movement, meaning the phantom can move through other
creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. Living creatures take 1d10 force damage if it ends
its turn inside the host.

Withering Bite: 2d6+3 necrotic and 1d8+2 piercing damage. Like the ghost, the shark has resistance to all
damage types, but immune to cold, necrotic, and poison. Immune to all conditions as well.

Water Elemental Death Sphere: Large beast, neutral.

This is a ten foot sphere of nasty. Cloaked beneath rancorous waves is a creature with sixteen, 10'
tentacles. These appendages have a 7' reach beyond the water's surface and will snare anything it
deems a edible. Creature can wield its tentacles at the same time but not at the same target. If not
surrounded, the creature makes four tentacle attacks.

AC: 10 (natural armor water)/ HP: 90/ Speed: flight 10'

Str. 14 (+2) Dex. 8 (-1 ) Con. 16 (+3 ) Int. 3 (-4) Wis. 10 (0) Cha. 6 (-2)

Resistant to fire damage. immune to all conditions. Immune to cold and acid damage.

Senses: darkvision 60'

Language: None, but understands basic commands in Aquan.

Challenge/XP: 2 (450 xp)

Monster makes multi-tacks; four slaps or two slaps and two from the other damages.

Cold Slap: 1d4+2 bludgeoning damage from each tentacle.

Strangulation: if the target is grappled and restrained, the creature can choose to strangle its opponent
and is suffocating (PHB pg.198).

Bite: A grappled creature can be pulled in and bit, 1d6+3 slashing damage. If pulled in the target starts
to drown.

Water Elemental Death Sphere (Goliath): Huge beast, neutral.

WTF?, 15' of nastiness! The goliath shares similar attributes as its smaller cousin, but its reach extends
12' beyond the water's surface.

AC: 12 (natural armor water)/ HP: 120/ Speed: flight 30'

Str. 21 (+5) Dex. 11 (+1) Con. 18 (+4) Int. 4 (-3) Wis. 11 (+1) Cha. 8 (-2)

Resistant to fire damage. immune to all conditions. Immune to cold and acid damage. Senses:
darkvison 60'
Language: None, but understands basic commands in Aquan. Challenge/XP: 4
(1,100 xp)

Monster makes multi-tacks; four slaps or two slaps and two from the other damages.

Cold Slap: 1d8+ 2 bludgeoning damage from each tentacle.

Strangulation: If the target is grappled and restrained, the creature can choose to strangle its opponent
and is suffocating (PHB pg.198).

Bite: A grappled creature can be pulled in and bit, 1d12 + 3 slashing damage. If pulled in the target starts
to drown.

Creature Quadapus: Gargantuan beast, neutral. The beast is under the command of its handlers.

AC: 5 (no armor)/ HP: 200/ Speed: Stationary

Str. 30 ( +10) Dex. 5 (0 ) Con. 20 (+5 ) Int. 2 ( -5) Wis. 4 ( -2) Cha. 1 ( -5)

Resistant to bludgeoning damage. Immune to all conditions. Immune to cold and acid damage.
Senses: darkvision 120'
Language: None
Challenge/XP: 3 (700 xp)

During combat, the creature retracts its arms from the ports of the ship and flails them aimlessly.

Multi-attack: Four tentacle attacks, 200' reach, 2d12 + 3 bludgeoning damage, but has disadvantage on
the rolls.

Electric eels: Give these beasts a swarm of snakes stats (MM. pg. 338) but switch damage type from
poison to "lighting".

Crushing Wave Reaver: Medium humanoid, neutral evil

AC: 14 (shield)/ HP: 22/ Speed: 30'

Str 15 (+2) Dex 14 (+2) Con 13 (+1) Int 10 (0) Wis 11 (0) Cha 8 (-1)

Skills: Athletics +4, Stealth +4

Senses: passive Perception 10
Language: Common
Challenge/XP: 1/2 (100xp)
Sharktoothed Longsword, melee attack +4 hit, 5' reach, 1d8 + 2 slashing dam., or 1d10 + 2 with two
hands. Roll extra die if target is without armor.

Crushing Wave Priest: Medium humanoid, neutral evil

AC: 13/ HP: 52/ Speed 30'

Str 15 (+2) Dex 11 (0) Con 14 (+2) Int 10 (0) Wis 11 (0) Cha 16 (+3)

Skills: Deception +5, Religion +2, Stealth +2

Senses: passive Perception 10
Languages: Aquan, Common
Challenge/XP: 2 (450xp)

Spellcasting: 5th level caster, and uses Char. (spell save DC 13, +5 to hit with spell attacks) Cantrips (at
will): Chill Touch, Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost

1st level (4 slots): Expeditious Retreat, Magic Missile, Shield 2nd level
(3 slots): Blur, Hold Person 3rd level (2
slots): Sleet Storm

Quarterstaff: Melee, +4 to hit reach is 5'. 1d8 + 2 bludgeoning damage

One-eyed Shiver: Medium humanoid, chaotic evil

AC: 12 (15 with mage armor)/ HP: 49/ Speed: 30'

Str 10 (0) Dex 14 (+2) Con 12 (+1) Int 13 (+1) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 17 (+3)

Skills: Arcana +3, Percep. +3, Intimidation +5

Senses: passive Percep. 13
Languages: Common
Challenge/XP: 3 (700xp)

Chilling Mist: Projects an aura of cold mist within 10' of itself. If the one-eyed shiver deals damage to a
creature in this area, the creature also takes 1d10 cold damage.

Spellcasting: 5th level caster, Char is its spellcasting ability (save DC 13, +5 to hit with spell attacks)
Cantrips (at will): Chill Touch, Mage Hand 1st
level (4 slots): Fog Cloud, Mage Armor, Thunderwave 2nd level
(3 slots): Mirror Image, Misty Step 3rd level (2
slots): Fear

Dagger: Dagger weapon: +4 to hit, 5' reach or 20/60 range. 1d4 + 2 piercing damage.
Eye of Frost: Casts Ray of Frost from its missing eye. If it hits, target is also restrained. Target can end this
condition with a DC 13 strength check.

Fathomer: Medium humanoid, neutral evil

AC: 10 (13 with mage armor)/ HP: 52/ Speed: 30'

Str 14 (+2) Dex 11 (0) Con 14 (+2) Int 11 (0) Wis 11 (0) Cha 15 (+2)

Skills: Arcana +2, Percep. +4, Stealth +4

Senses: passive Percep. 14

Languages: Aquan, Common

Challenge/XP: 2 (450xp)

Shapechanger: 2x/day, the fathomer can use its action to polymorph into a serpent composed of water.
While in their water form, it gains +10' of movement. Resistant to fire, bludgeoning, slashing, and
piercing from nonmagical weapons. Immune from poison, exhaust, grapple, paralyzed, restrained,
prone, unconscious. Additionally, while in this form it can enter another creatures space.

Olhydra's Armor: can cast mage at will

Spellcasting (human form only): 5th level caster, spell casting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 12, +4 hit
spell attacks)

Cantrips (at will): Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand

1st level: Armor of Agathys, Expeditious Retreat, Hex

2nd level: Invisability

3rd level: Vampiric Touch

Constrict (serpent form only): Melee weapon attack, +4 to hit, 5' reach. 2d6 + 2 bludgeoning damage. If
the target is medium or smaller, grappled (DC 12 to escape) and restrained. Fathomer can only constrict
one target at a time.

Dagger weapon: +4 to hit, 5' reach or 20/60 range. 1d4 + 2 piercing damage.

Water Elemental Myrmidon: Medium water elemental, neutral

AC: 18/ HP: 127/ Speed: 40', swim 40'

Str: 18 (+4) Dex: 14 (+2) Con: 15 (+3) Int: 8 (-1) Wis: 10 (0) Cha: 10 (0)

Damage Resistances: acid, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons
Damage Immunities: poison
Condition Immunities: paralyzed, petrified, poison, and prone

Senses: darkvision 60', passive Percep. 10

Languages: Aquan, and another

Challenge/XP: 7 (2,900 xp)

Multiattack: Three trident attacks (trident is considered magical)
Trident: Melee weapon +7 to hit, 5' reach, 1d6 + 4 piercing damage

Freezing Strikes(recharge 6): Wielding the trident + 1d10 cold damage. Target's speed is reduced by 10'
until the end of the myrmidon's next turn.

Revenant Gar Shatterkeel: Medium humanoid, neutral evil

Fallen from grace, Gar is the lesser version of his former self. He lost Drown, forgot spells, and respect.
But he is determined to reclaim his status with his master at any cost. Gar cannot take lair actions either.

AC: 16/ HP: 100/ Speed: 30', swim 30'

Skills: nature +8, survival +8

Damage Resistance: cold, necrotic
Senses: passive percep 14
Languages: Aquan, Common
Challenge: 5 (2,000 xp)

Amphibious: Gar can in breathe air and water.

Spellcasting: 3th level caster, wisdom is his casting ability (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks)
Cantrips (at will): Mending, Resistance 1st
level (4 slots): Create or Destroy Water, Cure Wounds, Fog Cloud, Thunderwave 2nd
Level (2 slots): Darkvision, Hold Person, Protection from Poison

Water Walk: Gar can stand and move on liquid surfaces as if they were solid ground. Watery Fall: When
Gar drops to 0 hp., his body collapses into a pool of inky water, leaving behind anything he was wearing.

Regeneration: Regains 10 hp. at the start of his turn. If the revenant takes fire or radiant damage, this
trait doesn't function at the start of his next turn. His body is destroyed only if he starts at 0 hp and does
not regenerate.

Turn Immunity: The revenant is immune to effects that turn undead.

ACTIONS Multiattack: Gar is without Drown, and can make two claw attacks. Claw: Melee weapon attack
+6 to hit, 5' reach, 2d6 + 2 bludgeoning damage, and the target is grappled (DC 13 to escape). Until the
grapple ends, Gar can't attack other creatures with his claw.