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Design, Development and Fabrication of Mechanical Sieving of Sand and Gravel

Research Title
(as redirected by Panel)
Background of the Study Observe the infrastructure around us, look at the foundation of our house, subways,
(include substantial evidence/ justification streets of our cities, driveways, sidewalks, municipal building, schools, shopping
to conduct the study) centers, the highways, bridges, overpass, as well as power plants and dams, etc. If
we analyze all of these activities require the use of large volumes of natural
aggregate. According to Langer and Glanzman, (1993), about 82 metric tons
aggregate is requires in an average 6-room house, about 14,00 metric tons of
aggregate is needed in an average size of school, and nearly 50,00 metric tons of
aggregate is needed in one kilometer 0f 4 lane interstate highway.
Sand and gravel is one of the main sources of natural aggregate; crushed stone is the
other. It is the essential for supporting and maintaining economic development
activities. These materials are commonly used construction materials and are used
with a binding medium to form a concrete, mortar and asphalt and ballast. (Langer,
To have a better result of concretes and other materials, the sand should be
separated to gravel. Recent years the human had created screening method to
separate it manually. According to Sai karthik, Abhijeet Singh,etc.(2016), that in
(Add rows as needed) present scenarios it is very difficult to get laborers to work in construction industries
because of having difficulty on sieving manually.. In the same way many foundries
are going for fully automatic sieving machines. So, there is a further need for an
apparatus for separating these aggregate efficiently.
Our objective is to design a mechanical sieving of sand and gravel. According to
OLADEJI AKANNI OGUNWOLE (2012),that this process can increase the production
rate of cast products instead of the use of the manual traditional way of sand
throwing method through a mesh tray more over up to six different sand sizes can
be sample at a time depending on the arrangement of the trays.

Literature Survey Variable: No. of Ref.

(no.of reference per variable)
Procedures on creating mechanical sieving of sand and gravel 2
(Add rows as needed) All about sand and gravel 1
Research Problem Main:
The main problem of the study is to design and develop of a mechanical sieving of
sand and gravel, safe and useful for the worker.
1. What are the different method use to separate the sand and gravel?
2. What are the common problems encountered with the present method use?
3. What can be proposed to enhance the present method?
4. What features can be considered in the design of the proposed?
(add rows as needed)
Hypothesis The researchers framed the following assumptions:
1. There are different method use to separate the sand and gravel.
(Add rows as needed) 2. There are problems encountered on the different method used?
3. There are solutions on the problems encountered on the different types of
4. There are some other features that can be considered in the design of the
proposed mechanical sieving of sand and gravel.
Research Paradigm

1. Different types of 1.Applying the principles
material used of developmental research

2.Common problems 2. Providing materials to

encountered with the be used in designing
present type of method
3. Analyzing the result of
3.Proposed solutions to doing the steps
enhance the present type A designed,
of method use. 4.Identifying the problems development of
encountered in course of mechanical sieving of
4.Added features to be designing the study sand and gravel.
considered on the
proposed mechanical 5. Documentation
sieving of sand and gravel

(Add rows as needed)

Research Attributes
Research Approach Quantitative

Research Method; Design

Developmental Method
Respondents Construction Worker
Owner of Construction Supply
Data Needed Different types of method
Common problems encountered with the
present type of method
Proposed solution to enhance the present design
Added features to be considered on the
proposed mechanical sieving of sand and gravel

Research Instrument(s) Surveying


Statistical Tools Frequency


Ethical Avoidance of plagiarism

Consideration Confidentiality of data from respondents

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