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1. Kwarta Padala
Here are the most recent Kwarta Padala transaction rates:

M Lhuillier has made money transfer even easier with the new ML Kwarta Padala Gift Card.

What is a ML Kwarta Padala Gift Card?

The ML Gift Card is a SCRATCH CARD that allows you to send money any time anywhere in the
Philippines using your cellphone! ML Gift Card cards are currently available in two amounts 500
pesos and 1000 pesos.

2. ML Insurance Plans
In September 2000, M.Lhuillier Philippines has offered the insurance product to its valued
customers under the ML Pamilya Insurance Plans name, mainly focused on personal accident cover.
Now, we have four different insurance packages, namely; ML Pinoy Protect Plus, ML Family Protect,
ML Pawners Protect and ML Kwarta Padala Protecta.


It is a Personal Accident Insurance under the umbrella of ML Pamilya Insurance Plans
intended to INDIVIDUAL. It is a 3-in-1 comprehensive insurance package that provides Accidental
Death/Permanent Disablement, Cash Assistance for Natural Death (excluding pre-existing illness)
and Educational Cash Assistance. A very affordable insurance package that can be availed by any
individual with ages 18-75 years old.


It is a Personal Accident Insurance under the umbrella of ML Pamilya Insurance
Plans intended to FAMILY. It is a 3-in-1 comprehensive insurance package that provides Accidental
Death/Permanent Disablement, Cash Assistance for Natural Death (excluding pre-existing illness)
and Fire Cash Assistance. A very affordable insurance package that covers up to a Family member of
four (4) children.

A personal accident (PA) covers underwritten by MAA General Assurance Phils., Inc.,
specifically designed for each and every pawner of M.Lhuillier Philippines. Its coverage is for four
(4) months with benefits: Accidental Death & Disablement (AD&D) at P30,000.00, Motorcycling at
P30,000.00 while Unprovoked Murder & Assault (UMA) at P30,000.00.


A one (1) month personal accident (PA) cover underwritten by MAA General Insurance
exclusively for ML Kwarta Padala customers. Benefits are as follows: Accidental Death &
Disablement at P20,000.00, Motorcyling at P20,000.00 while Unprovoked Murder & Assault (UMA)
at P20,000.00.

3. Quick Cash Loans

AngTulay ng Pilipino! resonates as M Lhuilliers brand promise. It is ever more resonant in

the concept of the M Lhuillier Quick Cash Loans.
M Lhuillier started as a money lending service. Extending the Quick Cash Loans was a
natural spinoff. It remains one of the companys most widely-availed services handing cash over
instantaneously to finance urgent needs. The Quick Cash Loans has helped save lives, facilitated
access to education and enabled Filipinos to attain their dreams.

Bridge Your Immediate Financial Needs

Our Quick Cash Loans provide a way to bridge your immediate financial needs.
It is a financing facility accepting jewellery, watches, electronics and appliances as collateral
guarantees. With the highest appraisal and lowest interest rates in the industry, M Lhuillier Quick
Cash Loans offers genuine value to those who need it the most. Thoroughly-trained staff and
friendly personnel ensure that appraisals are fair and reliable and that each transaction is kept
The Quick Cash Loans are available in all of M Lhuilliers 1800 branches nationwide making it the
most accessible facility in its category. Help is available exactly when and where it is needed.
You may drop by any of the M Lhuillier branches to avail of free appraisal on gold and diamond
Renew Anywhere
For the ultimate in convenience, you have the option of renewing your loan when it falls
due. Not only do you have the option of renewing your loan. With an efficient high-quality
technology-based system, M Lhuillier lets you renew your loans at any branch of your choice. No
need to return to the branch where the loan was first extended.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are our top priority. We pride ourselves in securely packaging collateral
items to ensure their safety throughout the pendency of the loan. Every branch is equipped with
close-circuit television systems, monitored security and fire alarm systems. Aside from all these,
your items are stored in a safe within a vault for additional security.

4. Money Changer

Receiving remittance in a foreign currency? Have currency from another country and need to
convert it to Pesos?
Head off to your nearest M. Lhuillier branch. The M. LhuillierMoney Changer facility is
available during shop hours at all branches nationwide.
Quickly convert international currencies to Philippine Pesos without any hassle. We give you the
most competitive foreign exchange rates in the country so you get your moneys worth. The M.
Lhuillier Money Changer facility is designed to create the most advantages for the Filipinos. This is
where you get the best deal for your US Dollars, EURO, Japanese Yen and other currencies.


The ML Wallet is a smart and convenient stored-value card system that allows drawing and
sending cash and paying bills with just a few taps on your smartphone. It also lets you reload value
onto your Sun and Smart pre-paid mobile devices.

The ideal solution for:

Overseas Filipino Workers who regularly send money to family members and relatives or remotely
pay for expenses like tuition fees and others

Individuals who need to send money to family members and relatives in separate locations

Individuals paying regular bills with telcos, utilities, insurance companies, other third parties and
any of MLs over 200 bills payment partners

Individuals who put a premium on convenience, reliability and security.

6. Telco and TV Loading

If its total convenience you are looking for, youve come to the right place. Aside from its
long menu of non-bank financial services, M. Lhuillier continues to innovate and add to its services
to enable even more comforts for its clientele. The e-Loading service is one such facility.
Supported by a strong technology-based system, M. Lhuillier extends over-the-air loading
services for prepaid subscribers of the nations biggest and most respected telecommunications
companies Smart Communications, Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular. This service is available at all
M. Lhuillier branches nationwide!

Our partners:
Smart Communications Southbiz Ventures: MySuki System and Ayannah Solutions Inc.: Sendah
Direct System
Globe Telecom Payvenue Computer Consultants Services: IAMAX System
Sun Cellular Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc.
OlTV OlTV Philippines, High quality TV you can watch anytime, anywhere.

7. Flight Bookings Payment

be presented for
8. ML Kwarta Padala Express

It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get onboard the exciting remittance business by

accrediting to the ML Kwarta Padala network and enjoy the benefits of brand and product
leadership in the remittance industry.

1) Partner will automatically enjoy the benefit of getting on board the M Lhuillier network of
branches which counts to two thousand five hundred branches nationwide.

2) Vast and wide network all over the Philippine archipelago.

3) The ease, comfort, and convenience of going to our locations, have easily made us the location
of choice for customers in the financial services industry.