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tao Docurent 1956958. How Can We Record or Track Download Usage for OBIEE 106, or 11G Answers, Dashboard Reports (Doc ID 1356958.1) Modified: 16-Oct-2013 Type: HOWTO In this Document Goal Solution References Siebel Analytics Platform Enterprise Edition - Version [1900] and later Information in this document applies to any platform, ***Checked for relevance on 16-Oct-2013*** How can you identify the usage of "download!" option in OBIE platform ? Sometimes it is very important for customers to know about certain groups in their organization in regards to who is downloading what & how many times in regards to data, Answers reports and Dashboard reports. Tracking or recording of the respective report's usage is needed. There is no usage tracking mechanism for OBIPS. The only archived tracking of events in OBIPS is via the sawlog. Its possible to include more processing information to the log beyond the defaults by adding additional log filters to the ‘logconfig.xml' file, or by modifying existing ones. While it may be possible to add logging filters to log download operations from the OBIPS UI (e.g., filters 'saw.httpserver.request’ and ‘saw.httpserver.response’) Tt must be cautioned that any additional logging may produce a performance overhead on the OB system. iso, there is no provided way to extract records from the sawlog, save for opening it and manually searching for them in a text editor. If you want to expose additional OBIPS logging for audit/usage tracking purposes, it would be ‘your responsibility to design a process to extract/view/format those records from the sawlog. Should you wish to pursue this option, review the following documentation: + Chapter 9 of the 10g OBI Presentation Services Admin Guide (PDE) + Note 740257.1 - How To Increase SAW Logging? htps:isuppertoracle.comeprasifacesiDocumentDisplay?_a.cti-stte=pcblbor73_9688id=1356958.1 1"