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For Manufacturing
for Manufacturing
Dear Sir,

It gives us great pleasure to present to you the possibilities of building of

a Comprehensive Analytics Solution for your organization.

The emerging trend in analytics is to view business through the

binoculars of internal data super imposed with the vast amounts of
public information. In India specifically, we are now seeing, immense
possibilities with the accuracy of Public Data increasing. The emergence
of a huge amount of Demographic data available with geographic
granularity coupled presents immense possibilities.
Organizations which are reaching out to consumers directly must build
the infrastructure to view internal metrics superimposed with external

In principle we imagine the convergence of the following data layers:

Demographics income/ age etc distribution
Dynamic information like payouts of Subsidy/ rainfall/ agricultural
produce etc to provide leading indicators to business.

We have a history of working with large enterprise class customers in

India including some of the marquee names in the manufacturing sector.
This exposure enables us to have a unique perspective on performance
improvement measures.
We are very excited about presenting to you the possibility of making
analytics work for your business to answer the dynamic needs of the
We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to
working with you.

Warm Regards,
Team Computers
Analytics for What are the sales incentives for
products across competitors and which
Manufacturing kinds of schemes perform the best?
Who are my customers for different
The manufacturing industry has been products in different regions?
relatively slow to adopt analytics. Is my inventory optimized & which are the
However, it is now leapfrogging other areas that inventory is slow moving in?
sectors by applying analytics to a wide How are my distribution channels
range of business areas, from finance performing and which distribution
and supply chain to sales, marketing and channels are best for which products in
product development. which areas?
With internal and external data expanding Breakthrough insights in these specific
exponentially and data-driven insights areas can have a major impact on
becoming a strategic necessity, analytics business performance and potentially
can add value by providing answer to the deliver an impressive return on a
business most critical questions. companys analytics investment.

Some of the questions analytics can help

answer are:
Which products perform the best
and where?
What are the margins for these products
and is it profitable to keep producing them

4 . Team Computers
The possibilities with Analytics
Functional Areas Pain Points Possibilities
Supply Chain High product Maintain visibility on the
Operations development cost and timelines and quality
time of inputs received from
Quality Control
Poor collaboration suppliers.
Inventory Control
across supply chain View the performance
Maintenance partners of various stores and
Sales and Warranty Lack of visibility into branches and correct
supply chain events inventory levels
High inventory
Visualize routes and
Adhering to delivery
performance of transport
vehicles to maintain
Lack of flexibility to costs and manage
accommodate changes delivery schedules.
in production schedule
Segment potential
Poor customer customers for targeted
experience marketing based on
demographics, income
levels and Agricultural
Improve customer
service experience by
22.56% 40% 62.12% proactively bringing
products to customers.
Identify and correct pain
point of customers in
their life cycle journey.

5 . Team Computers
Unleash Big Data Capabilites.
Move from lagging to leading indicators.

Lagging Indicator s Leading Indicator s

CRM Data


ERP Data

Dashboard s
Sentimen t
Intelligenc e

The possibilities:

Correlate rapid changes Monitor product failures

in occupational structures, and gaps in servicing
per capita income and capabilities for increased
financial inclusion customer satisfaction
across the country to and maintenance of the
product Sales brand loyalty

Pinpoint the probable Track Service Quality at

causes of areas not the Product and
performing as per sales Organizational Level
and service targets based

6 . Team Computers
Manufacturing Chat BOT

Augmented Intelligence
on Mobile
Access anytime anywhere
Take Analytics to mobile
Create curated dashboards for mobile
Have visual access to data across top

Analytics Available on Chat

Ask questions and get answers
Directly from data, no human
intervention required
Create visuals based on queries
Continuously evolving to suit your
viewing habits and preferences
Reference based dashboards, anytime

7 . Team Computers
Consulting Framework
Studying Business Context and IT Setup
Analytical Requirements
Hardware, Software and Business processes
Identification of structured and unstructured sourced
for fulfillment of requirements

The Analytical Process

Bridge data gaps by integrating multiple data sources
Data modelling for effective comptation
Visualization for easy interpretation
Security and governance

Analytics for Smarter Workforce

Take analytics to each layer of your organization
Insights made available on mobile

8 . Team Computers
Parle gets full visibilityof its supply chain, sales
and stocks with Team Computers

Pain Areas
Ensuring order fulfillment Rapidly sensing and responding to
High costs and lack of visibility of changes in the consumer demand
inventory levels across the supply chain Extensive manualwork in preparing the
sales MIS reports

The task in hand was to implement an analytics solution to keep

track of stock levels, sales and shortfalls

An application developed in less than An association of 10+ years with Parle
two weeks, to monitor stocks and through their BI journey
manage inventory Ability to interact with SAP data, as
Instant and easy access to sales MIS to Qlik integrates well with SAP, in
end users with Qlikview real-time along with visualization of
information in a wide variety of charts,
graphs and tables

9 . Team Computers
Every time we needed technical guidance, we got experts from
Team Computers,who are very well conversant with QlikView.
They always simplify things and haveanswers to our problems. The
satisfaction level we get from the Team personnel,is hard to get from
other IT solution providers.

- Sanjay Joshi, Senior Manager - IT, Parle Products

10 . Team Computers
Analytics can give you a competitive edge across both the product and service lifecycle
by providing forward-looking insights.
It is important, before jumping into an analytics initiative to:

Think about your business strategy and existing analytics

projects and capabilities. Draw out your strategic
priorities over the next few years and develop a phased
analytics strategy to align with it. Use the insights
generated from analytics to tweak strategy.

Once the business issues and needs are defined, find the
right tools and technology to suit these needs and your
existing business infrastructure.

Use analytics across all levels of your organization for

maximum value addition.

To learn more about how analytics can spark business insights in manufacturing, please
contact us

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