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Write in your journal on Blackboard about the following

a. Resources(books, articles, videos) accessed

Podcast for week 1 & 2 - By Linda Chaousis

Class Notes by Bass, Riggio and Questionnaires
50 Reasons This Generation Cant Get Its Sh*t Together And Actually Shouldnt -
By Lauren Martin
What is Transformational Leadership? By Linda Chaousis
Article: From Transactional to Transformational Leadership: Learning to Share the
Vision- By Bernard M. Bass
Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve By Jim Collins
360 feedback: Authentic Transformational Leadership By Bernard Bass
Value Based Leadership: Why is it important for the future of your organization?
By Richard Barret
Video/You Tube: Why People Should be Anyone Be Led By You - Rob Goffee and
Gareth Jones [ Also their article with the same theme]
Video/You Tube: What it takes to be a great leader Roselinde Torres

b. Key messages you received from your research for this week and class

The first week was about the introduction to the course and the coverage was very broad
as it gave us the insight and the meaning of Transformational Leadership and all the
materials presented was evidence based. It is important to live the life of today while
focusing on the future knowing that the world is so dynamic with rapidly development
hence the speed of change incredible fast. There is no point to embrace the past simply
because that is the way life should be this is the message from Lauren Martin.

In addition to Lauren, Rob and Gareth on their article as well as the video clip on Why
People Should be Anyone Be Led By You I have been motivated and encouraged by
their four key ideas: reveal your weaknesses; become a sensor; practice tough empathy;
and dare to be different, a point which Lauren emphasized on his article.

I devoted my attention to the last point dare to be different due to message behind it
and the brief explanation by authors that is Capitalizing on whats unique about
yourself lets you signal your separateness as a leader, and motivates others to perform
better. Followers push themselves more if their leader is just a little aloof. This
message is similar to what Linda proofed in the class and also from Bernards article
on From Transactional to Transformational Leadership covered in week 2 .
The stress from Linda on the use three filters has been vital to me and from that day I
cannot stop reflecting on the message behind these Roselinde Torres three key
questions: Where are you looking to anticipate the next change to your business model
or your life? What is the diversity measure of your personal and professional
stakeholder network? Are you courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made
you successful in the past? Subsequently, she raised an important point that is go along
get along. In brief the key general message that I have gained from week 1 I can simply
put it in four words dont hold the past.

Richard Barrets concept of value based leadership as the means for future organization
was my central message for the week 2 and clearly connects the above paragraph with
an emphasis on the future. Knowing your values is an important message and again the
questionnaires that I filled helped me to understand my values which link with the need
to be authentic transformational leader.

c. Your personal view about the elements of Transformational Leadership from all
of the resources weve introduced

Transformational Leadership is centred on the main four components: idealised

influence (Charisma and Behaviour), inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation
and individualised consideration. I have spent substantial amount of time reviewing all
the resources provided in class, and from these resources I have come to realize that all
evidence gathered strongly support these four elements and was much impressed by the
research that conducted in the church as it lay down the validity of these elements.

My personal views and from the life experience on work environment as well as family
matters, although I have to declare that prior to this class I didnt have any idea of these
four elements, clearly reflect the clarification behind these elements. Also they match
with the evidenced based resources provided in the class.

I came across one criticism on idealised influence specifically on charisma. Those

criticised pointed out that certain charismatic transformational leaders misuse the
privilege and could not support the followers in any case. In my opinion this criticism
doesnt hold water as they failed to understand that there are pseudo-transformational
leaders. Thus those who do so are not typical transformational leaders instead their
pseudo. In my conclusion to this part I strongly believe and side with the elements of
transformational leadership.

d. What this means for you and how you will conduct yourself at work
The word transformation means moving from one stage to another stage, prior to this
class I didnt have the knowledge about transactional or transformational leadership.
The contrast between the two was not clear to me and what I knew is all about
leadership but not to this level I am now exposed to. Understanding the two makes my
life better and it was not that difficult to relate the components of transformational and
transaction leadership with what I have been observed in the real world, it is like I was
a deaf but able to see now I can hear and see means that it is easier to align this
knowledge to the practical world.

From the moment I filled the questionnaires and realised who am I and the body of
knowledge that I am continuing to gain from this program, then there is no doubt that
today I am different from yesterday. This means my focus is ensuring I am authentic
transformational leader and not pseudo nor transactional leader. I have to mould and
live the present with the guidance of three filters that is Roselinde three questions and
Lauren 50 reasons

e. Questions that you are reflecting on or new paradigms or frameworks that you
see emerging

It is very important to be in this situation of paradigm shift by letting go of the past. I

have to learn to let go and embrace the present and future. The main filters are the three
questions of Roselinde Torres: Where are you looking to anticipate the next change to
your business model or your life? What is the diversity measure of your personal and
professional stakeholder network? Are you courageous enough to abandon a practice
that has made you successful in the past? Since these three are primarily the important
compass toward my paradigm shift it worth ask myself on the main question of
Roselinde - What it takes to be a great leader? Hence this will remind me the need to
watch again the 9 minutes clip.

In addition to the above questions, I think it is vital to ask myself on these big questions
which also form the foundation of my transformational leadership: Why People Should
Be Anyone Be Led By You? Value Based Leadership: Why is it important for the future
of your organization? The database of questions will continue to grow as I dedicate my
time, energy, and commitment in the class so as to clearly understand the knowledge
provided that will facilitate the creation of new questions.