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What do you do when you are what stands between worldwide

peace and a possible invasion that will claim every life?
As an Outerworld Investigation Agency member, it is your
duty to know how to destroy the most common link between
Earth and other worlds: a portal.

Every portal can be erased from the page of existence, even

after it has been successfully opened. The catch is that
different types of portals behave in different manners. It
is important to know what kind of otherworldly doorway you
are dealing with before you act.

So what are the most common types of portals?

Bound portal
Portals can be kept open through any type of material
(usually stone) that has been tempered with magically.
These portals are usually characterized by the swirling
passage itself, surrounded by the enchanted material. More
often than not, these “Bound Portals” will resemble a
gateway (see Illustration A.)
A.: A Bound Portal.

Bound portals can be eliminated by dismembering the

enchanted material binding it to its place. Like most
“supernaturally-enhanced” objects, bound portals have their
weak spots. If struck with enough force, these weak spots
will bring the portal closer to collapsing. The weak spots
of a Bound Portal are as follow: the lower-right inch, the
lower-left inch, and the uppermost parts. Illustrations B
and C show a bound portal’s weak posts.

B.: The “weak spots” of a bound portal. C.: Another example of a bound portal’s “weak spots”.
“free” portal

Referred to as “free”, these portals are not constrained to

their location in any way. “Free” portals are unbalanced
and highly unpredictable. You should act with extreme
caution around them, as they may display an assortment of
erratic, life-threatening behaviors.

“Free” portals should be expected to randomly “spit out”

harmful projectiles, cause bolts of electricity within and
around them, as well as exert an extraordinarily magnetic
pull which is likely to “suck in” anything within yards of
it. “Free” portals should be destroyed as soon as possible.

D.: Interior of a “Free” Portal

These portals are definitely tougher to get rid of in

comparison to Bound Portals. There are two steps which
should be taken:

1)One must place/fling an object known as a

“Magnetic Disruptor” within the portal.

A Magnetic Disruptor is a highly complex piece of

technology meant to neutralize the force caused by the link
between two realms, found within the portal (See
Illustration E). Use of a magnetic disruptor is not
necessary to destroy a “Bound Portal” (though recommended),
but it is mandatory in the destruction of a “Free” Portal.
E.: A “Magnetic Disruptor” being charged.

Once the Magnetic Disruptor has fully reacted with the

portal, nothing will be able to travel through it. The
portal will cease to be a passageway between two realms,
and instead become nothing but a mass of unstable energy.
All that is left to do now is contain said mass of energy
and stop it from causing any further damage to its
surroundings. This can be accomplished through use of the
“Thermonuclear Power Alembic”, or more commonly known as
the “T.P.A. Vacuum” (See Illustration F).

F.: A typical T.P.A. Vacuum.

2) One must aim the T.P.A. Vacuum at the

interior of the portal and activate it
through the large button located on its right

Once activated, the T.P.A. Vacuum will “suck in” any

uncontained mass of energy in front of it, and then
stabilize it. Once stabilized, the energy within the vacuum
can be used as an offensive projectile, or simply shot into
the air, where it will spread in a non-harmful way.
Congratulations! You are no longer a “Portal-Closing
Dummy”! You know every fact necessary to annihilate any
unauthorized portal this world and others can throw at you.
Aimed with the highest technology known to humankind, there
is no stopping you as a merciless O.I.A. Agent!