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Smart Planet 1 Unit 6 Standard Grammar

Name Class Date

1 Rewrite the sentences using the short form

of the verbs.
1 I am talking to my friend.

2 We are having a good time. 3 Whats the dog doing?
3 He is playing tennis.

4 They are coming for dinner.

5 She is writing a story. 4 What are the tigers doing?
6 You are speaking English.

2 Look at the picture and write five sentences

using the present continuous.
5 Whats the man doing?

6 What are the students doing?

4 Circle the correct answers.

1 We never are going / go to the cinema.
 2 The kangaroos are jumping / jump now.
 3 Tigers are fighting / fight for food.
 4 I always am cooking / cook dinner.
 5 Kevin isnt learning / doesnt learn German at
 the moment.
6 My friends are doing / do their homework every
3 Write the answers using the present day.
5 Put the verbs in brackets in the present
simple or present continuous.
1 I my mum now. I
cant speak to you. (call)
1 Whats the girl doing?
2 We football every

Saturday. (play)
3 In the photo, the lions .
4 Dolphins always in
the sea. (jump)
2 What are they doing?
5 Mr. Smith is a teacher. He
 in that school. (work)
6 In England it normally
a lot. (rain)

PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2015 Unit 6 Standard Grammar