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Smart Planet 1 Unit 5 Standard Grammar

Name Class Date

1 Put the words in the box into the correct 4 Write sentences using There is / There are
column. and a / an, some or a number.

breadeggbiscuitcheeseolive 1 2

countable uncountable
egg bread
biscuit cheese 4
olive fruit 3
vegetable water
snack rice


2 Complete the sentences with a / an, some or

1 We need some potatoes, some
onions and some eggs to make a Spanish
2 Susie never eats any fish. 1 There is some tomato ketchup.
3 Does Peter eat an apple every day? 2 There are two pizzas.
4 Do you want a biscuit? 3 There are some / three fizzy drinks.
5 Have you got any bread to make 4 There is some water.
5 There are some / six eggs.
6 Can I have some water, please?
6 There is a fish.
3 There is a mistake in each sentence. Write the 5 Match to make sentences.
sentences correctly.
1 c There is a a burger stall near the park?
1 I have got any bananas in my bag.
2 d Are there b six plates on the table.
I have got some bananas in my bag / I havent got
3 b There are c a supermarket in my town.
any bananas in my bag.
Its very big.
2 Do you want a cheese?
4 a Is there d any nice teachers in your
Do you want some/any cheese? school?
3 Oscar never has some milk for breakfast. f There isnt
5 e any bananas in the fridge.
Oscar never has any milk for breakfast. 6 e There arent f any ketchup on the table.
4 Ive got a tomatoes and two oranges in my
lunchbox. 6 Circle the correct answers.
Ive got some tomatoes / a tomato and two 1 How much / How many students are there in
oranges in my lunchbox. your class?
5 Can I have any chips, please? 2 There is many / a lot of water in the bottle.
Can I have some chips, please? 3 Are there much / a lot of olives on the tree?
6 Emily takes some sandwich to school every day. 4 How much / How many burgers are there on
Emily takes a sandwich / some sandwiches to the table?
school every day. 5 There isnt much / many milk in the fridge.
6 Is there many / much rice on the plate?

PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2015 Unit 5 Standard Grammar