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Demon the Descent Embeds (2nd Edition)

Name Description Pool Source

Make an object irresistibly desirable to all humans
Manipulation +
present. Causes anyone affected to gain the obsessed
Apple of Discord Expression Vs. FoH 93
condition and will actively work to gain the object
and prevent anyone else having it.
Causes a target to no longer care about social Manipulation +
Anarchism repercussions for their actions. Causes all appeals to Politics - FoH 94
peers, law or authority to be ignored. Composure
Breakdown When the target tries to use a skill selected by the Wits + Medicine - FoH 94
Embed user, they will instead use a different skill Resolve
from the same category (Social, Physical, Mental).
Attack someone in plain few without anyone else Manipulation + DtD
Bystander Effect
choosing to intervene. Intimidation 125
Invoking the Butterfly effect and providing an
Cause and Effect unrelated stimulus, the Demon causes a small event Wits + [any Skill]
of nearly any sort to take place in their presence.
The Demon renders almost any object flammable or DtD
Combustion Wits + Science
prone to explosion. 126
Manipulation +
Cool Heads Prevents or ends a combat immediately, as those DtD
Prevail involved relax. 126
Manipulation + DtD
Deafen Literally deafens a select victim.
Medicine - Stamina 126
Manipulation +
Causes a victim to reflexively take the opposite DtD
Devil's Advocate Subterfuge -
stance to the demon's most recently stated position. 126
Activates alarms or sirens in the nearby area,
Fire Drill penalising the perception rolls of anyone who does Wits + Science FoH 94
not know it is a false alarm by the Demon's Primum.
Encodes an action that has previously been
performed to happen again under the same
circumstances. Requires an exceptional success or a
success on a chance die to perform. Repeating that
Fractal Reality Wits + Science FoH 95
action (performing an action with the same skill) will
automatically cause an exceptional success on a
single success. All future uses after that are penalised
with no 10-again.
Manipulation +
Forces a target to react slowly, potentially penalizing DtD
Hesitation Intimidation -
initiative. 127
Silences a combat, allowing it to take place unheard Dexterity + Brawl - DtD
by those nearby. Defense 127
Allows the demon to mitigate the damage taken from DtD
Just Bruised Wits + Medicine
almost any source. 128
Knock out a victim with a single blow for a defined Dexterity + Brawl - DtD
Knockout Punch
period. Defense 129
Force the outcome of an event that contains only two Manipulation + DtD
Left or Right?
possibilities, such as a coin flip. Science 129
The demon achieves a specific desired ends through Manipulation + DtD
Lucky Break
random chance. Occult 129
Merciless Enables the demon to casually massacre large Dexterity + DtD
Gunman numbers of individuals quickly with a firearm. Firearms 130
No Quarter The demon intensifies a fight, causing all those Manipulation + DtD
involved to aim to kill or maim their opponents, Brawl vs. Resolve 130
refusing to back down.
Heals a target, potentially even of aggravated DtD
On the Mend Wits + Medicine
damage. 131
When entering a password in a computer or machine,
Password Entropy Wits + Computer FoH 95
you will enter the correct password.
Die for a number of hours equal to Primum, after
Manipulation +
Play Possum which time come back to life. Damage taken after FoH 96
'dying' is restored, but wounds suffered prior remain.
The demon breaks an object, causing a new object of
Manipulation + DtD
Raw Materials similar size but of the demon's choosing to appear in
Crafts 131
the location by happenstance not long after.
Causes a ripple effect with the entire scene suffering
misfortune and extra damage. Any damage taken will
Ripple be suffered again next turn with the same severity Wits + Science FoH 96
and half the total amount of damage from a
secondary but related source.
With a touch, the demon cripples a device such that it DtD
Sabotage Dexterity + Crafts
will no longer function until repaired. 131
Allows the demon to utterly destroy small objects DtD
Shatter Wits + Crafts
with a touch. 131
Manipulation +
Shifty Eyes Causes a victim to distrust another chosen individual. Subterfuge -
Allows the demon to stumble upon an individual
Special Someone matching certain desired criteria, though never a Wits + Empathy
specific person.
Causes someone to trip over and suffer the "Knocked Wits + Athletics -
Trip FoH 96
Down" tilt. Dexterity
Increase the number of successes on the prior roll by
Victory at any one. The result of the "Victory at any Price" roll
Wits + Science FoH 97
Price determines the toll the Demon pays in blood for use
of this ability.
Prepare a perfect ambush for some victims, gaining DtD
Ambush Wits + Stealth
surprise for the first round of a combat. 132
Manipulation +
Weakens the desire of a target's allies to continue
Intimidation vs.
fighting. The target's allies will easily suffer the
Call Out Presence + FoH 97
beaten down tilt, run away or surrender after minor
The demon curses a combat with imprecision and
Manipulation + DtD
Check Backdrop confusion, such that all firearm attacks that do not
Firearms 133
take at least one turn aiming will automatically miss.
Data Retrieval Become capable of viewing any data that a device Wits + Computer FoH 97
has ever recorded or observed, but only at the time
point that you specify.
Deletes electronic data more completely, penalises
Data Wipe any attempts to recover the data by the Demon's Wits + Computer FoH 98
Download DtD
Temporarily grants bonus Skill dots to a Demon. Wits + Computers
Knowledge 133
Enables the demon to perform extended actions and DtD
Efficiency Wits + Academics
tasks with greatly increased speed. 133
Causes a victim to get engrossed in some distracting Manipulation + DtD
activity. Expression 133
Perfectly blocks a victim from being capable of Manipulation +
Freeze Assets spending or acquiring any form of money for one Academics -
day. Resources
Moves even very large objects a short distance with a DtD
Fulcrum Point Wits + Science
simple push. 135
Functional Change the functional purpose of a tool, allowing
Wits + Crafts FoH 98
Identity you to use its bonuses towards a different purpose.
Fungible DtD
Swaps the demon's skill ratings for a scene. Wits + Academics
Knowledge 135
Retroactively alters a human's fate so that they
become wealthy or gifted and gain merits. A week Manipulation +
High of Birth FoH 98
later, the God Machine will send an angel to Politics
investigate the individual.
Dramatically change the value of an object, or
Knock-Off Dexterity + Larceny FoH 99
change an equipment bonus.
Grants the demon the ability to perfectly use and
Like I Built It understand an object or structure, gaining bonus dice Wits + Craft
to its use.
Manipulation +
The Map Is Not Inhibits a victim's ability to gain any sort of DtD
Academics -
The Territory knowledge or benefit from printed materials. 136
Fills the demon's ears with a comforting sound, that DtD
Miles Away Wits + Expression
grants bonuses to resist distraction or suffering. 136
Allows the demon to use any other character's action
Momentum to springboard their own, granting bonus dice based Wits + Science
off that character's roll.
Manipulates probability so that the Demon will
Wits + Larceny -
Open Sesame "discover" that a door, window or other entrance to FoH 99
Special Penalties
somewhere is unlocked.
Grants the ability to the demon or others to sense DtD
Read Hostility Wits + Subterfuge
hostile intentions of new arrivals to the scene. 137
Right Tools, Right Allows the demon to use virtually any tool for any DtD
Wits + Craft
Job task. 137
Shift Transfer the burden of some baleful effect, such as Manipulation + DtD
Consequences harm or embarrassment, from a beneficiary to Occult - Varies 137
someone or something else.
Improves a vehicle's stats to closely resemble that Dexterity + Drive -
Soup Up FoH 99
often depicted in Hollywood. Special Penalties
Moves a demon to the top of the Initiative order, DtD
Strike First Wits + Brawl
even if they were surprised. 138
Scans a scene, psychometrically determining the DtD
Synthesis Wits + Investigation
cause of recent changes. 138
Marks a person or object, allowing the demon to Dexterity + DtD
Tag & Release
unerringly be capable of finding it for several days. Expression 138
Penalizes the use of tools in a task, possibly even Manipulation + DtD
Tools Into Toys
rendering it impossible. Craft 139
Changes the nature of Trivia in the world so that it Manipulation + FoH
becomes truth. Expression 100
Significantly reduces the damage from incoming DtD
Turn Blade Wits + Weaponry
melee weapons. 139
Makes an action take twice as long to complete, due FoH
Wasted Time Wits + Science
to hiccups and small issues that go wrong. 100
Allows the demon to briefly dislocate from her cover, Manipulation + DtD
performing actions elsewhere and unsuspected. Stealth 139
Manipulation +
Associate and Change a single fact about the relationship between Socialise (Vs. FoH
Integrate two people. Can be detected by unseen sense. Resolve + 100
Allows the demon to convince anyone that they have Manipulation +
Authorized the legal right to be where they are doing what they Intimidation -
are doing. Intelligence
Change total dots in the target skill to three and one
Wits + Persuasion
Clothes Make the speciality OR gain three specialities and one extra FoH
Vs. Wits + Target
Man dot in the target skill temporarily, but the demon is 101
branded an Impostor.
Cuckoo's Egg Allows the demon to replace an object with another Dexterity + Larceny DtD
of comparable size, while forcing the owner to fail to 140
Allows for the Spoof ability to make the user appear
as another Supernatural type. Allows the ability to Manipulation + FoH
Deep Cover
determine the flavour of supernatural after the first Occult 101
time experiencing being observed magically.
Forces some targets to look away from a desired Manipulation + DtD
area, and to not look back for some time. Expression 140
Causes a target to find the demon a reminder of Manipulation +
Don't I Know DtD
familiar faces, improving the demon's social standing Subterfuge -
You? 141
with the target. Resolve
Earworm Infects a victim with a consuming thought, which Manipulation + DtD
penalizes perception and focus. Expression - 142
Going Native Temporarily turn yourself into a human. Wits + Socialise
Manipulates the memories of participants in a
Manipulation +
Homogeneous previous scene, forcing all witnesses to believe a DtD
Subterfuge -
Memory cover story to explain its events chosen by the 142
Forces a victim into a deep sleep for several hours, Manipulation + DtD
Identity Theft
while the demon usurps their identity. Subterfuge 142
Prevents listeners from mundanely eavesdropping on Manipulation + DtD
Idle Conversation
the demon's conversations. Socialize 143
Allows the demon to produce a random instance of
virtually any desired object from their pocket, DtD
In My Pocket Dexterity + Larceny
provided it has not been established as not being 143
there already.
Jams the ability of angels and the God-Machine to Manipulation + DtD
detect demons in an area. Subterfuge 144
Allows the demon to detect hidden objects in an area
Last Place You DtD
and grants bonuses to find them, though it does not Wits + Larceny
Look 144
inform the demon what those objects might be.
After having scored an exceptional success or a
failure on an action, contrived circumstance allows
for a dramatic turnaround, or change in the user's
fortunes. The change in fortune results in that action FoH
Like the Movies Wits + Academics
having been performed with a single success, but 102
with a narrative twist. The narrative twist is
beneficial if it was an exceptional success, but
negative if it was a failure previously.
Allows the demon to specify a target individual to be
a "living recorder" for specific duration. The demon Manipulation + DtD
Living Recorder
can later touch the recorder and experience all that Investigation 145
they did during this period.
Lost in the Crowd Enables the demon to remain perfectly undetectable Wits + Stealth DtD
by mundane means so long as they hide in a crowd of 145
at least ten people.
Curses a victim such that they lose the ability to
Manipulation + DtD
Meaninglessness comprehend all attempts at communication, in any
Academics 145
medium, for a short time.
Manipulation +
Causes the Demon and the target to be mistaken for FoH
Mistaken Identity Persuasion -
each other for a number of hours. 103
Targets of this Embed are forced to forget the demon
was even present in a previous scene at all, instead Manipulation + DtD
Never Here
coming up with their own explanations for events she Stealth - Resolve 146
caused there.
Forcing onlookers and the general area to try to
rationalize what they witness, the demon gains a
Manipulation + DtD
Occam's Razor bonus to compromise rolls for manifesting obviously
Persuasion 146
supernatural effects like Exploits and Demonic
Causes a brief psychic split. The demon can feed
Partitioned DSG
fabricated information to a telepathic read, and can Wits + Subterfuge
Memory 100
multitask a pair of Mental actions.
Allows a Legend to remain active permanently, FoH
Persistent Legend Wits + Academics
instead of disappearing at the end of a scene. 103
Instantly transforms the demon's outfit to meet Manipulation + DtD
Quick Change
desired specifications. Subterfuge 146
Assume the identity of a dead person, which for the
Manipulation + FoH
The Voting Dead period which the Embed is active replaces the real
Politics 103
identity of your cover.
For one scene, strips a victim of their ability to Manipulation +
Unperson identify themselves to anyone, even those intimately Subterfuge -
familiar with them. Composure
Traps a supernatural being in their current form,
preventing them from changing. Demon (or non- Dexterity + Brawl
Wave Function human supernatural) forms cannot turn into humans, Vs. Stamina + FoH
Collapse human-forms cannot turn into demon forms Supernatural 104
temporarily and Demons in cover cannot separate Tolerance
from their cover in any way.
Vaporizes all physical traces of the demon from a Manipulation + DtD
Without a Trace
scene. Investigation 147
Manipulation +
Causes the target to speak nothing but the whole truth FoH
You Can Tell Me Empathy -
about a subject. 105
Across a Crowded Enables the demon to whisper to any target or targets Manipulation + DtD
Room he can see. Subterfuge 148
Animal Manipulation + DtD
Issues a task to an animal.
Communication Animal Ken 148
Tasks an animal with delivering a message to a
Animal Manipulation + DtD
specific person, who will be able to comprehend the
Messenger Animal Ken 148
creature's expression.
Borrowed Allows the demon to lend out their skill dots and Manipulation + DtD
Expertise specialties to other people. [Granted Skill] 149
Causes a target to operate based on faulty
Common Manipulation + DtD
information that "everyone knows", penalizing a skill
Misconception Science 149
Enables the demon to understand any conversation DtD
Eavesdrop Wits + Empathy
he can see. 149
Sparks a vile rumor about a victim, which rapidly Manipulation + DtD
Everybody Knows
spreads memetically. Subterfuge 150
Informs the demon of who in a group would most
Find the Leak desire to talk about a particular topic, and grants Wits + Empathy
bonuses to encourage them to do so.
Manipulation +
Forces a mortal to make an honest and heartfelt DtD
Freudian Slip Empathy (-
response to the last thing the demon said. 150
Informs the demon of the target's Aspirations, Virtue, Wits + Empathy - DtD
Heart's Desire
and Vice. Composure 151
Causes a spark of clarity in humans that allows them
Manipulation + FoH
Imagine to see the world free of the God Machine and grants
Persuasion 105
conditions appropriate to such a life-changing event.
When in eye contact, gives a look that causes total
body paralysis while maintained. The victim will Manipulation +
The Look slowly die of organ failure or pass out if The Look is Intimidation -
maintained for an extended period, but external Stamina
damage breaks the effect.
Use social activity to cause a target to speak freely
about information that they would not otherwise Manipulation + FoH
Loose Lips
share, removing Doors. The victim passes out with Socialise - Stamina 106
only a hazy memory of the interaction afterwards.
The demon whispers a short tune or phrase which Manipulation +
Marco Polo anyone present is forced to complete, ruining stealth Persuasion -
and ambushes. Composure
Forces a miscommunication in a conversation
Mercury Manipulation + DtD
between two targets, which the demon then gets
Retrograde Subterfuge - Wits 151
bonuses to exploit.
Manipulation +
Instills an idea in a target, and grants the demon DtD
Muse Expression -
bonuses to encourage the target to act on it. 152
Causes a person to only say what the Demon wants
Manipulation +
The Only Word them to say. Can either apply generally to everything FoH
Expression -
That Matters the target says, or can be coded for specific trigger 106
Curses a victim with nightmarish hallucinations that
Recurring Manipulation + DtD
last for days, penalizing all Mental and Social rolls
Hallucinations Occult - Resolve 152
and forcing regular breaking points.
Allows a Demon to create sensory links between
another individual or a group of individual that FoH
Remote Link-Up Wits + Socialise
allows them to share their natural senses (e.g. vision 107
or hearing.)
Causes the target to temporarily support the Demon's
argument in a debate, removing a Door and being FoH
Rhetoric Wits + Subterfuge
temporarily sympathetic to the Demon's point of 107
Grants the demon knowledge of the dynamics and
Social Dynamics status of all those within a group, granting bonuses to Wits + Socialize
social interactions that exploits this knowledge.
Manipulates a target into divulging information that
Social they shouldn't under normal circumstances. The Manipulation + FoH
Engineering information also provides a +1 bonus to a later, Persuasion 107
related Computer, Investigation or Persuasion roll.
Instills a secret message into a medium such as a
song or a work of art, intended for a particular Manipulation + DtD
Special Message
recipient, who will understand the message when Expression 153
they are exposed to the media in question.
Causes a target to suffer incredible hardship that lasts
for several days and escalates over that period. Once Manipulation +
Strength Through FoH
the effect ends, the hardship disappears but the target Intimidation -
Adversity 108
may come out ahead having laboured under Resolve
conditions that are resolved.
Learn a target's fears, breaking points, loved ones,
Wits + Empathy - FoH
Sum of all Fears derangements or Conditions that could be exploited
Composure 108
to scare them.
Curses all those present on the scene with the
Manipulation + DtD
Tower of Babel inability to communicate with anyone else for a few
Socialize 154
Causes a single target to see a fleeting and vague Manipulation + DtD
Trick of the Light
illusion of the demon's specifications. Investigation - Wits 154
Inflicts a victim with crippling paranoia, preventing Manipulation +
Trust No One them from making use of merits that depend on Subterfuge -
others, or even to interact casually with friends. Resolve
Allows the demon to listen in to what the God-
Voice of the DtD
Machine is saying in an area, which may inform what Wits + Craft
Machine 155
angels are up to or other such knowledge.
Change your voice to perfectly imitate any other
Manipulation + FoH
Vox voice or mimic other sounds previously heard as the
Expression 109
Demon sees fit.

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