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Initial Evaluation- Recognition Homework

Ingles B1

Nelson Enrique Parra Acevedo

Cdigo: 88251713

Tutor: Milton Alonso Murillo

Grupo: 900003_57

Universidad Nacional Abierta Y A Distancia - UNAD

Escuela De Ciencias Sociales, Artes Y Humanidades
Programa De Psicologa
Septiembre - 2016
1. Part

Answer the questions below

a- How many activities do you have to do in this course?

Complete the chart.


Initial Evaluation: Recognition homework 15 06/09/2016

Preknowledge test 10 06/09/2016

Writing Assignment- Activity 3 75 17/10/2016

Unit 1 test Activity 4 50 29/11/2016

Speaking Assignment- Activity 5 75 10/11/2016

Unit 2 test- Activity 6 50 29/11/2016

Unit 3 test- Activity 7 50 29/11/2016

Creating your blog- Activity 8 50 10/11/2016

Final Exam- Activity 9 125 11/12/2016

b- There is an activity where you have to meet with your tutor by skipe or
another media, which one is it?

Speaking Assignment- Activity 5

b- Your tutor name is, Milton Alonso Murillo yuor course director is Maria
Cristina Otalora, and your group is 900003_57.

d- Complete the chart.

What can you find in.


In this forum you will find news related In this space you can contact your tutor
to classroom activities, dates, and participate in the subject(s) he or
etc...You'll also find instructions of she has opened. Please, take into
different types, so you can download account that this forum is to give you
them onto your computers. Finally, here advice and guidance on the course
you can find different tutorials to contents and activities. If you have a
centralize the publication of documents. particular question or technical trouble,
please write to your tutor.

e- How many exams does the final evaluation have?

Only one final exam in the 3 units.

f- In this course do you have to present collaborative activities?

Three collaborative activities.

Now, lets talk about you

a- Whats your name?

Answer: My name is Nelson Parra Acevedo.

b- How old are you?

Answer: Im thirty five years old.

c- Where do you live? (City and neighborthood)

Answer: I live in the municipality of Risaralda Dosquebradas .

d- What are you studying?

Answer: I study psychology program

e- What do you do in your free time?

Answer: enjoy the day with my family

f- Who do you live with?

Answer: I live with my mother,sister,nephew.

3 part: Answer the following questions completing the chart.

Is English important in your Is Is English important in your life?

English important in your life? Why? Why? Career? Why?

The main reason why learning English is very important for my

English is so important is because career as a psychologist , because
English is essential to finding work. it makes me more competent and
English will give us access to gives me the opportunity to reach
better education and so much the people from different parts of the
possibility of a better job. Our job world so we can understand their
opportunities will multiply as we cultures
master the language. Both
government departments and
multinational companies,
regardless of your field of work ,
the English always bring me
advantages in ascending or access
another job, helping me to improve
my current job situation.