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Joint Statement by Members of the Faculty and Administrators at Western Michigan University

We are shocked and alarmed to learn that one of our prospective students, Mujtaba'a al-Sweikat,
faces imminent execution in Saudi Arabia. We understand that he and thirteen other young men
were accused of crimes related to public protests in the country in 2012. Mujtaba'a was only
seventeen at the time he is alleged to have attended these protests.

According to information provided to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for
Human Rights, Mujtaba'a was arrested at King Fahd International Airport on 11 December 2012.
He was not given a warrant or a reason for his arrest and, in prison, he was subject to sleep
deprivation, beatings, cigarette burns, solitary confinement, and other forms of torture or
suffering. After this mistreatment, he confessed to various crimes. He was brought into court
without benefit of representation, and he was convicted and sentenced to death on the sole basis
of a confession extracted by torture.

On 21 November 2016, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights requested that
the government of Saudi Arabia prevent the execution of Mujtaba al-Sweikart, annul the
sentence of death in his case, and ensure his re-trial in compliance with international standards.

Founded in 1903, Western Michigan University is an R2 university in the Carnegie Classification

of Institutions of Higher Education and enrolls over 20,000 students. Our purpose since 1903 has
been to promote and encourage the free flow of information and ideas. As academics and
teachers, we take pride in defending the rights of all people, wherever they may be in the world,
to speak freely and debate openly without hindrance or fear. We publicly declare our support for
Mujtaba'a and the thirteen others facing imminent execution. No one should face beheading for
expressing beliefs in public protests.

Mujtaba'a showed great promise as an applicant for English language and pre-finance studies. He
was arrested at the airport gates as he readied to board a plane to visit our campus. We were
unaware that at the moment we were ready to welcome him, he was locked away, beaten and
tortured and made to "confess" to acts for which he was condemned to death.

President Donald J. Trump and other U.S. officials should be robust and vocal in defending
freedom of expression the world over. If U.S. citizens stay silent as another country attacks this
freedom, we undermine the very foundations of democracy.

We owe a responsibility to Mujtaba'a and all thirteen others facing execution to do everything we
can to save their lives. These death sentences were imposed based on "confessions" extracted
through torture in secret trials that fell below international standards. We urge our elected
leadersincluding President Trump and U.S. Secretary of State Rex W. Tillersonto use their
significant influence to stop these executions.

We remain ready to welcome Mujtaba'a al-Sweikat to our campus.

22 July 2017
Endorsed by the faculty members and administrators whose names appear below:

Betsy M. Aller Jon D. Holtzman

Ariel L. Anderson Pamela E. Hoppe
Sisay Asefa John A. Jellies
Kuriakose K. Athappilly Jason E. Johnson
Suzan F. Ayers Paul A. Johnston, Jr.
Cathryn D. Bailey William A. Johnston
Lisa E. Baker Katherine Joslin
Todd J. Barkman Richard Junger
Bob Bensley Mitch Kachun
Luigi A. Berto Donna Kaminski
Jeremy A. Blair John A. Kapenga
Linda J. Borish David N. Karowe
Elizabeth Bradburn Richard Katrovas
Jose Antnio Brando Alan Kehew
Gerald L. Brooks Cynthia Klekar-Cunningham
Charles R. Bruce Carla M. Koretsky
Sharon L. Carlson R. V. Krishnamurthy
Susan M. Carlson Todd M. Kuchta
Joetta K. Carr Kathleen A. Langan
Donald F. Cooney Mariana Levin
J. K. Corder Adriane Little
Linwood H. Cousins Irma M. Lopez
Steven G. Covell Vincent Lyon-Callo
Whitney DeCamp Casey D. McKittrick
Hector L. Diaz Meghann F. Meeusen
Elise DeDoncker Timothy J. Michael
Robert J. Dlouhy Ann M. Miles
Kimberly D. Doudna Michael G. Miller
Michael J. Duffy, IV Matthew S. Mingus
Margaret H. Dupuis Lisa C. Minnick
Lofton L. Durham Christopher C. Nagle
Edward Eckel, III Nina Nelson
Nancy Eimers Susan K. Nelson
Jacqueline T. Eng Thisbe Nissen
Beth Kozbial Ernst Natalio S. Ohanna
Daniel J. Farrell Onaiwu W. Ogbomo
Bruce G. Ferrin Pablo M. Pastrana
Susan K. Freeman Alisa M. Perkins
R. W. Fuqua Lewis R. Pyenson
LuMarie F. Guth Glinda J. Rawls
Duane R. Hampton Tim Ready
Edward L. Harkness David Wyss Rudge
Andrew J. Hennlich Jorge Rodriguez
John Saillant Karen S. Vocke
Eve Salisbury Luchara R. Wallace
Jana K. Schulman Wilson J. Warren
David S. Smith Allen T. Webb
John M. Spitsbergen Caroline B. Webber
Gwen A. Tarbox Carol A. Weideman
Grace C. Tiffany Kristina S. Wirtz
Mary-Louise Totton Nicolas Witschi
Houssam A. Toutanji German A. Zarate-Sandez
Robert G. Trenary