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ECE dept.SVIT, Bangalore -560064, Karnataka, India
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ECE dept.SVIT, Bangalore-560064, Karnataka, India
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ABSTRACT: SOC (System on Chip) is an integrated circuit which integrates all components of
an electronic system or other computer system which can include radio frequency components,
analog and digital, together with mixed signal blocks for implementing functions. SOC based
embedded application have become common. Usually in the past, the term SoC has referred to an
Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). ASIC is also an integrated circuit customized for a
particular use. For over two years now industry professionals, academics and designers worldwide
have had access to development boards that use the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC from
Xilinx. Which is a latest technology as its an fpga cum processor. Zynq can be reconfigured and
reprogrammed like fpga. The project is to design hardware for video application and make PCB
board schematic for a video display application based on ZYNQ SoC platform and also to develop
software in VHDL for PAL to VGA display.

KEYWORDS: - Zynq, pal, vga, orcad, vivado


The trends of generating the video and broadcasting it on a bandlimited channel along with an
implementation covering all the functionality are the challenges which designers, manufacturers or
industries face nowadays. Earlier for video processing DSP functions were used. DSP functions
can be implemented in two types of platforms one is field programmable gate array and other is on
digital signal processor. FPGAs are a form of highly configurable hardware while specialized form
of microprocessors we could say is a digital signal processor. In digital signal processors where
deterministic latency and processing efficiency are often critical, the result is zero or minimum
isolation between. There is access to each task so that they can utilize the processor resources in
order to run efficiently. This brings the incomplete verification coverage. As the complexity
increases, the lines of code increase so do the processor cores and this all lead to a greater effort of
devotion towards the software testing. FPGA offers a more flexible platform for implementation of
DSP algorithms. Each task will be allocated with its own resources so that it runs independently.
All the tasks run with its own dedicated resources for each step thereby eliminating a large
unexpected interaction between the tasks. So by referring FPGA vs. DSP design Reliability &
maintenance paper which is mentioned in references we could analyze both the platforms and
choose a suitable one.

As the title of our project our task is to design a Zynq SOC based hardware platform and develop
software in VHDL for PAL to VGA format conversion for video display application. As per the
requirements the hardware we are designing is for video application it consists of many
components like Camera, Multi format video decoder (video ADC), Zynq SOC, video DAC and a
display unit. Wherein we are providing an analog camera input which is in PAL format to the
Zynq processor for processing and then it is displayed in VGA format on the screen. Fig.1
represents the proposed block diagram of the video application. Where we are giving analog
camera input format to the ADC. This ADC is a multiformat video decoder which supports PAL,
SECAM, and NTSC and gives YCrCb output along with Hsync, Vsync and field signals. Then this
output is further processed in the Zync All Programmable SOC. After processing of the given
input the output is passed to DAC. This DAC is a digital-to-analog converter with a feature of
triple high speed, on a single monolithic chip. At the end the output of DAC is given to display

Fig.1 Block diagram


As this project is very vast so for schematic board design i.e. hardware design we have made use
of many components like decoupling capacitor network, bank of resistors, batteries, power
module, crystal oscillator etc. For schematic board designing we have used OrCAD Capture CIS
tool. OrCAD Capture enables fast and intuitive schematic design entry for PCB development or
also for simulation. The CIS (component information system) is very helpful as it integrates itself
to automatically validate and synchronize externally sourced data. Easy-to-use and powerful thats
why the OrCAD Capture tool is most widely used schematic design solution. It supports all
designs like hierarchal or flat designs even from the simplest to the most complex ones. OrCAD
Capture allows designers to make change component names, pin/gate swaps and backannotate
layout changes. It has a large library of schematic symbols and we have facility to add net lists
which are in a wide variety of formats. Component information system integrates the schematic
design application with the capabilities of a CIS. The CIS has also another feature where it allows
designers to search, populate and identify the design with preferred parts. Because of this easy
access to particular part information and component databases it reduces the design time spent by
the designers on searching those particular parts.

Zynq 7000 All Programmable SOC has six devices those are Z-7010, Z-7015, Z-7020, Z-7030, Z-
7045, Z-7100. These all devices are available with different packages so according to our
requirement, functionality or budget we can choose any one of them.


After the logic implementation on ZYNQ-7000 we got the desired VGA display. For the YCbCr to
RGB conversion where the 8-bit each of YCbCr data is converted into 8-bit of RGB data has been
achieved by the mathematical equation (1) as shown below:

Fig.2 below shows the simulation result of the conversation from YCbCr to RGB by using
equation (1) as explained above

Fig.2 Simulation result of YCbCr to RGB conversion module

After the conversion of YCbCr to RGB these RGB output data will be sent to a VGA controller
which will be displayed on a display unit.Fig.3 shows the five signals of vga those are hsync,
vsync, red, green, blue along with the clock and reset. Hsync and Vsync are synchronization signal
that keeps count of horizontal pixels and horizontal lines respectively. Red, green, blue are the
output pixel data.

Fig.3 Signals of vga


Video surveillance
Military applications

Medical imaging
Broadcast camera
Industrial motor control, industrial networking, and machine vision
IP and smart camera
Video and night vision equipment


The hardware development i.e., the schematic board design for the video display application based
on Xilinx SOC platform and developing a VHDL code for the PAL to VGA format display has
been successfully implemented.

The hardware designing consists of many factors that should be taken care of and components
procurement has to be done before deciding on the components. Developing a Schematic board
design for this video application project is like building a blueprint. And the software or logical
part that is the conversion of an interlaced video to non-interlaced i.e., PAL to VGA is done using
VHDL and the same has been simulated on Vivado tool.


SOC- System on chip

VGA- Video graphics array
PAL- Phase alternating line
IP- Intellectual property


I take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude towards my guide Prof. Venkatesh.M,
Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sai Vidya Institute Of Technology,
Bangalore for his generous guidance, help and useful suggestions.


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