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1. A diplomatic mister to the highest order sent by one country to another Ambassador
2. A substance which kills germs - Antiseptic
3. The study of living things- Biology
4. A study of ancient things- Archaeology
5. The whole mass of air surrounding the earth - Atmosphere /tmsf(r)/
6. One who starves the body for the good of soul Ascetic
7. That through light cannot pass- Opaque
8. State of growth between boyhood and youth Adolescence /dles()ns/
9. Medical examination of a dead body - Autopsy
10. To Cut off a part of a persons body which is infected - Amputation
11. The dead body of human being- Corpse
12. A dead body of an animal - Carcass
13. A doctor who treats heart diseases - Cardiologist
14. Branch of the medical science which studies the nervous system - Neurology
15. A specialist in mental disorders Psychiatrist /sakatrst/
16. A study of animals- Zoology
17. One who believes in God- Theist
18. One who looks at darker side of thing- Pessimist
19. A doctor who treats skin disorders- Dermatologist
20. Murder of self - Suicide
21. One who looks at darker side of thing - Pessimist
22. One who believes in God - Theist
23. A study of animals - Zoology
24. Govt. by King or Queen - Monarchy
25. That through Light cannot pass - Opaque
26. A study of ancient things - Archaeology
27. A life history written by someone else- biography
28. Words written on Tomb of a person - Epitaph
29. One who looks at the brighter - Optimist
30. Any medicine which destroys germs - Germicide
31. One whose wife has died. - Widower
32. One who tests eye sight and sells spectacles - Optician
33. A place where water is collected and stored - Reservoir
34. A place where orphans are housed - Orphanage
35. One whose case the lawyer pleads - Guilty
36. People who speaks two languages - Bilingual
37. Medical examination of a dead body - Postmortem
38. A contagious disease which spreads over huge area - Epidemic
39. Loss of memory Amnesia /mnizi/
40. The study of cells- Cytology
42. Where dead bodies are kept for past mortem. - Morgue
43. A person who does not believe in God.- Atheist
44. One who lives on others - Parasite
45. Notice of death in News Paper - Obituary /bturi/
46. One who spends less - Miser
47. One who possesses many talents - Versatile
48. One who is not easily pleased by anything - Fastidious
49. One who sacrifices his life for a cause- Martyr /m(r)t(r)/
50. An instrument for viewing objects at a distance -Telescope
51. An unknown person Anonymous /nnms/
52. Award given after death Posthumous /pstjms/
53. Congratulate somebody in formal manner -Felicitate
54. One who eats human flesh-Cannibal
55. Fear of disease -Pathophobia
56. First speech - Maiden
57. Instruments which makes smaller objects larger -Microscope
58. Killing of another human being -Homicide
59. One who betrays one -Traitor
60. One who is more interested in himself -Introvert
61. One who is more interested in others -Extrovert
62. Place where govt. records are kept -Archives
63. Power of reading thoughts of others -Telepathy
64. Responsible according to law -Legitimate
65. Paper written in ones own handwriting -Manuscript /mnjskrpt/
66. Person who does not believe in any religion Pagan /pen/
67. Animals living on land and in water - Amphibian
68. Appointment by two parties to settle a dispute -Arbiter
69. Art of cutting tree and bushes into ornamental shape -Topiary
70. At the same time -Contemporary
71. A dead body of an animal- Carcass
73. Borrow ideas and steal others words is called -Plagiarism
74. Care taker of a public building -Custodian
75. Change ones mind too quickly -Vacillation
76. One who looks after patients - Nurse
77. A physician who assists women at childbirth - Gynecologist
78. One who lives on vegetables - Vegetarian
79. A girl who is going to be married - Bride
80. One who is recovering from illness - Convalescent
81. One who practice medicine - Pharmacologist
82. Study of body - Physiology
83. A doctor who treats the diseases of bones - Orthopedist
84. A specialist in eye diseases - Oculist/ Ophthalmologist
85. The Branch of medical science which deals with the diseases of children- Pediatric
86. The Science of the diseases of the human body - Pathology
87. Undergrounds caves with burying places for the dead - Catacombs
88. To give up the throne or other office of dignity Abdicate
89. Absence of Government Anarchy
90. A person who is out to destroy all government and order Anarchist
91. A person liable to be called to account for his action Answerable
92. Government by one Autocracy
93. Government by the rich Plutocracy
94. Government by the small group of powerful people Oligarchy
95. Government by the nobles Aristocracy
96. Government by the people Democracy
97. One who is not sure of the existence of God Agnostic
98. To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease Aggravate
99. To understand something completely - Assimilate
100. A medicine which produces insensibility- Aesthetic
101. A substance which kills germs - Antiseptic
102. Medical termination of pregnancy - Abortion
103. The Science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human body - Anatomy
104. A woman who cannot conceive - Barren
105. The Study of living things - Biology
106. The Study of the cells - Cytology
107. Scientific Study of the structure of substances - Chemistry
108. A doctor treats skin diseases - Dermatologist
109. The Treatment of female diseases - Gynecology
110. Scientific Study of old age and its problems - Gerontology
111. A state of long-sightedness - Hypermetropia
112. The Science of health and its preservation - Hygiene
113. An Instrument for increasing the volume of the voice- Microphone
114. An Instrument to viewing minute objects - Micrometer
115. A drug or other substance that induces sleep - Soporific
116. Recovering from illness - Convalescent
117. Study of Disease - Pathology
118. One who questions everything - Cynic
119. One who hates mankind - Misanthrope
120. One who doubts the existence of god - Agnostic
121. One who only thinks of welfare of women - Feminist
122. One who pretends to be what he is not- Hypocrite
123. One who thinks only of himself- Egoist
124. One who is fond of entertaining guests - Hospitable
125. One who has strange habits - Eccentric
126. That through which light cannot pass - Opaque
127. Transfer ones authority to another - Delegate
128. That which is not likely to happen - Improbable
129. The area over which an official has control- Jurisdiction
130. That which cannot be satisfied - Insatiable
131. One who is unmarried - Celibate
132. A remedy for all diseases - Panacea
133. That which cannot be read - Illegible
134. A person not sure of the existence of God - Agnostic
135. Detailed plan of journey -Itinerary
136. Giving undue favours to ones own kith or kin -Nepotism
137. A school boy who misses classes frequently -Truant
138. One who readily believes everyone - Credulous
139. A country ruled by two country -Condominium
140. A dramatic performance -Masque
141. A ladys purse - Reticule
142. A man of odd habits -Eccentric
143. A man who dances to the tunes of his wife -Henpecked
144. A nation engaged in war -Belligerent
145. A person behind time -Antiquated
146. A person who wishes to throw his establishment -Anarchist
147. A place of good climate - Sanatorium
148. A place of washing dishes adjoining kitchen -Scullery
149. A religious song Hymn
150. A remarkable talent -Prodigy
151. A short but amusing story-Anecdote
152. A verse letter-Epistle
153. Act of killing ones wife - Uxoricide
154. An animal story with a moral -Fable
155. Contempt of God -Blasphemy
156. Creature having both male and female organs -Hermaphrodite
157. Cure for all disease -Panacea
158. Custom of having many husbands - Polyandry
159. Custom of having many wives -Polygamy
160. Dealing of counterfeit things -Forgery
161. Disease which is spread by contact - Contagious
162. Doctor who treats children -Pediatrician
163. Equal in rank -Peer
164. Fault that may be forgiven -Venial
165. Favouring own kith and kin -Nepotism
166. Fear of bathing - Ablutophobia
167. Fear of becoming bald - Phalacrophobia
168. Fear of being robbed -Harpaxophobia
169. Fear of crowd -Ochlophobia
170. Fear of darkness -Lygophobia
171. Fear of death -Nicrophobia
172. Fear of dentist -Dentophobia
173. Out of date things -Obsolescent
174. Intentional destruction of racial group -Genocide
175. Interval between two events -Interlude
176. Just punishment for wrong doing-Nemesis
177. Fear of failure - Atychiphobia
178. Fear of foreigners -Xenophobia
179. Fear of God - Zeusophobia
180. Fear of going to bed -Clinophobia
181. Fear of height -Acrophobia
182. Fear of making decisions -Decidophobia
183. Fear of poverty -Peniaphobia
184. Fear of property -Orthophobia
185. Fear of radiation -Radiophobia
186. Fear of riding a car -Amaxophobia
187. Fear of school -Scolionophobia
188. Fear of sex - Genophobia
189. Fear of speaking -Lalophobia
190. Fear of speed -Tachophobia
191. Fear of water-Hydrophobia
192. Fear of words -Logophobia
193. Food agrees with ones taste -Palatable
194. Funny imitation of a poem -Parody
195. Giving up throne by the king -Abdication
196. Go back and forth -Shuttle
197. Government by a single person-Autocracy
198. Government by the Gods -Theocracy
199. Government run by a dictator -Autocracy
200. Group of three novels -Trilogy
201. Incapable of being wounded -Invulnerabl
202. Incharge of museum /Pitch -Curator
203. Indifference to pleasure or pain -Stoicism
204. Language difficult to understand -Jargon
205. Large scale departure of people -Exodus
206. List of explanation of words -Glossary
207. List of goods with their price -Invoice
208. Longing for something -Nostalgia
209. Loop of rope is called -Noose
210. Loud talk or speech -Harangue
211. Man having the qualities of woman -Effeminate
212. Man of lax moral -Licentious
213. Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him -Cuckold
214. Mania for setting fires -Pyromania
215. Mania for stealing things -Kleptomania
216. Mania for talking -Logo mania
217. Mania for travel -Dromomania
218. Mania of being important -Megalomania
219. Medicine which lessens pain -Anodyne
220. Member of a band of robbers -Brigand
221. Morning prayer -Matin
222. Murdering of a family - Familicide
223. Murdering of an infant -Infanticide
224. Murdering of Brother -Fratricide
225. Murdering of husband by his wife -Mariticide
226. Murdering of the king -Regicide
227. Murdering of tyrant -Tyrannicid
228. Old age when a man behaves like a fool -Dotage
229. One who believes one is God -Theo mania
230. One who believes that everything is predestined -Fatalist
231. One who believes that pleasure is the chief good -Hedonist
232. One who collects coins -Numismatist
233. One who comes from a village and considered stupid -Bumpkin
234. One who compiles dictionary -Lexicographer
235. One who cuts precious stones -Lapidist
236. One who deserts his religion -Apostate
237. One who does not care for literature -Philistine
238. One who does not respect something sacred or holy -Blasphemy
239. One who does not take definite stand -Evasive
240. One who draws maps and charts -Cartographer
241. One who eats everything -Omnivorous
242. One who fights for the sake of money -Mercenary
243. One who forsakes religion -Renegade
244. One who has many talents -Versatile
245. One who has suddenly gained new wealth - Parvenu
246. One who has unreasoning enthusiasm for the glorification of ones country -Chauvinism
247. One who hates knowledge and learning -Misologist
248. One who is bad in spelling -Cacographic
249. One who is guilty of firing property -Arsonist
250. One who is neither intelligent nor dull -Mediocre
251. One who is not the citizen of country -Alien
252. One who is talkative -Garrulous
253. One who is the most powerful -Omnipotent
254. One who is very careful and particular -Meticulous
255. One who is very well versed in any subject -Connoisseur
256. One who lends money at high rate -Usurer
257. One who loves all and sundry -Philanthropist
258. One who loves books -Bibliophile
259. One who passes through the gate without taking permission -Trespasser
260. One who pays too much attention to his clothes and appearance -Dandy
261. One who plays a game for pleasure not Professionally -Amateur
262. One who pretends illness to escape duty - Malingerer
263. One who reads only books - Bookworm
264. One who sacrifices his life for country - Martyr
265. One who sneaks into a country -Infiltrator
266. One who speaks many languages -Polyglot
267. One who studies skin and its diseases -Dermatologist
268. One who studies the formation of the earth -Geologist
269. One who talks continuously -Loquacious
270. One who thinks human nature is evil -Cynic
271. One who totally abstain from alcohol -Teetotaler
272. One who travels from place to place -Itinerant
273. One who treats female problems -Gynecologist
274. One who wants to see others unhappy -Sadist
275. One who works in return for being taught the trade -Disciple
276. One who works without getting any salary -Honorary
277. One whose attitude is to eat, drink and merry -Epicurean
278. Opposing arguments -Rebut
279. Part of a church in which bells are hung -Belfry
280. People in rowdy scene - Rabble
281. Person different to pleasure and pain - Stoic
282. Person obsessed with one idea or subject -Monomaniac
283. Person pretending to be somebody he is not -Imposter
284. Person who believes God is everything -Ban theist
285. Person who believes others - Credulous
286. Person who enjoys sensuous enjoyments -Epicure
287. Person who has long experience -Veteran
288. Person who hates women Misogynist
289. Person who holds scholarship at a university -Bursar
290. Person who is against ordinary society especially dressing -Hippy
291. Person who is always dissatisfied - Malcontent
292. Person who is made to bear the blame - Scapegoat
293. Person who kill others for political reason -Assassin
294. Person who lives alone and avoids other people -Recluse
295. Person who loves nature -Aesthete
296. Person who makes love for amusement -Philanderer
297. Person who pretends to have more knowledge -Charlatan
298. Person who regards the whole world as his country -Cosmopolitan
299. Person with a beautiful handwriting -Calligrapher
300. Person without manners -Rustic
301. Persuasive and fluent speech -Eloquence
302. Physician who delivers babies -Obstetrician
303. Place where birds are kept -Aviary
304. Place where cows are sheltered -Byre
305. Public building where weapons are made and stored -Arsenal
306. Place where women dwelled (Ancient time) -Harem
307. Place which provides both board and lodging -Inn
308. Plants and vegetation -Flora
309. Poem narrating a popular story -Ballad
310. Poem written on the death of someone loved and lost -Elegy
311. Policy of political party -Manifesto
312. Ride on someone else back -Piggyback
313. Ridiculous use of words Malapropism