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NPV Scheduler

The complete strategic mine planning system

From Geological Methodology

Model to Mine Plan Geological Model
Import a geological block model with grade, lithology,
topography, surfaces and mining boundaries. Digitize
NPV Scheduler is the most complete and plan data. Model may also contain recovery, cost and
versatile tool for strategic open pit mine slope information.
planning on the market. Functionality
spans everything from preliminary Economic Model
modeling through to building detailed Input commodity prices, mining costs, processing
costs and recoveries to create a three-dimensional
life-of-mine plans with practical economic model with intrinsic block values.
push-backs and scheduling.
Nested Pits
Benefits Generate a set of nested Lerchs-Grossmann (LG) pit
shells that represent varying economic parameters
and generate an Ultimate Pit Optimal Extraction
Optimized strategic mine plan with design and Sequence (OES).
schedule contained in one system

Ultimate pits are optimized for maximum cash flow
(base and precious metals) or maximum reserve
Practical Pushbacks
life (industrial minerals). Pits are optimally sequenced Use the LG shells, Optimal Extraction Sequence and
to maximize NPV or achieve material blend pushback targets to generate practical pushback
shapes that respect good mine design practice.
Fast, practical, mineable pushback generation
Sophisticated scheduling, blending, stockpiling, grade
optimization, process optimization, production
Optimized Schedule
targeting and haulage optimization Schedule pushbacks according to production targets
and mining constraints for maximum optimization.
Easy-to-use methodology with multiple layers of
Refine the schedule with blending and cut-off grade
sophistication, from quick studies to detailed mine optimization. Include haulage truck hours as an
plans optimization target.
Global offices

Inside NPV Scheduler

Level 3, 41-43 Ord Street
West Perth WA 6005
Tel +61 8 6462 0900


Determining Pushback Level 15, 120 Edward Street

Brisbane, Queensland, 4000
Tel +61 7 3248 0000

Belo Horizonte
Alameda da Serra, 360 7o andar
Pushbacks are based on LG shells, but Vila de Serra Nova Lima MG
practical mining requires careful formation of the Tel +55 31 3264 9377
final pushback shapes. NPV Scheduler creates CANADA
the pushbacks using LG shells and the Ultimate Montreal
3200 Guenette
Pit OES, but it also optimizes the push back
shapes for practical mining, while retaining the Mine Flow Optimizer Saint-Laurent, Quebec
H4S 2G5 Canada
Tel +1 514 341 2000 ext. 2404
maximum possible NPV. MFO increases NPV by optimizing cut-off grades. Sudbury
It adjusts the schedule to create more value by 866 Newgate Avenue, Unit 2
Sudbury, Ontario P3A 5J9
mining a higher grade of ore earlier when that Toll-free: 1 800 240 6941
Tel +1 705 688 0101
outweighs the cost of wasting or stockpiling
lower grade ore. Vancouver
2000-1066 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2

Geo-Risk Assessment
Tel + 1 604 601 8233
First Pushback ? Last Pushback ?
GRA provides a mechanism for understanding Santiago
Santa Magdalena, 75
the risk associated with the uncertainty of grade
Visualization, Animation
Oficina 903, Providencia
Santiago 751-0038
distribution in the resource model. It does this Tel +56 2 2334 5952
by considering conditionally-simulated models in
and Reporting the strategic planning process. GRA generates
505A, 19A West Chegongzhuang Road
Beijing, China 100048
a set of risk-rated pits which can be used to Tel: +86-137-0122-9235
NPV Scheduler has a wide variety of reporting
limit the impact of grade uncertainty on planning
and visualization options, from full reports with COLOMBIA
outcomes. Calle 29 N 41 - 105 Of. 1206
customizable content to 3D rendered life of mine Edificio Soho
Medelln, Antioquia
Capital Costs
Tel +57 - 4 - 403 17 75

New Delhi
NPV Scheduler can model multiple types of 601, Elegance Tower
Jasola District Centre
capital costs such as pushback start-up costs, New Delhi - 110 025
costs that occur at fixed times or are associated Tel +91 11 41290000
with the removal of material within specified
boundaries. Karaganda
201, 2 Lenin Street
100012, Karaganda
Republic of Kazakhstan
Haulage Optimization Tel +7 7212 425138

In order to produce a schedule with practical Callejn del Capuln #101, esquina con
Avenida Torren, centro Histrico
haulage fleet requirements NPV Scheduler Zacatecas, Zac.

Material Allocation allows the inclusion of haulage truck hours as

C.P. 98000
Tel +52 492 22 122
an integral optimization target. The scheduler
Optimizer will allocate blocks taking into account their
Av. Manuel Olgun, 335 Oficina 503
transport requirements as well as their material Torre Link Tower
MAO examines the processing of each block Surco, Lima - Peru
types and values. This is in contrast to other Tel +51 1 434 2727
(leach pad, mill, stockpile, waste etc.) and
systems that typically provide tools to analyze the
reallocates it to a new method based on overall SOUTH AFRICA
haulage requirements after a schedule has been Johannesburg
economic value. MAO optimizes stockpiling 9 Fricker Road
developed. Illovo Boulevard, Illovo
and multiple blended products (e.g. iron ore & Johannesburg, 2196
Republic of South Africa
industrial minerals) where production targets and Tel +27 11 772 7960
varying product specifications can be blended
from different inputs. Wells
Unit A, Underwood Business Park
Wookey Hole Road,
Wells, Somerset BA5 1AF
United Kingdom
Tel +44 1749 683 350


10901 W. Toller Drive #205
Littleton, CO 80127
United States
Tel +1 303 985 7713
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