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School of Architecture,Building & Design


Individual Assignment 1

Students are required to attempt a building services problem question

and write a word-processed essay on the essay topic below.

The following guidelines should be strictly adhered to:

1. The minimum and maximum word limits for the assignment appear
at the end of the assignment. These limits should be adhered to,
otherwise the student will be penalised. Each submission should
include a word count.

2. Footnotes/endnotes should be included in the essay. A bibliography

should appear at the end of the essay. The bibliography should
contain all relevant material consulted by the student, whether
referred to in footnotes or not and material in the bibliography
should be arranged under the following headings, where applicable:

Building By-Laws
Internet resources
Other resources

Words in footnotes and bibliography should not be included when

taking into account the essay word count.

3. Footnotes/endnotes must be used for referencing and further

reading only and should contain as little text as possible.

4. The completed coursework assignment must be submitted, prior to

the submission deadline (see below), by submission via a softcopy
to the lecturer note that further information on this will be notified
to students in advance of the submission date. Note that one
submission only is permitted to avoid multiple submissions (where
a later submission by a student is stated or intended to supersede
an earlier one). Students must be satisfied that the version of the
completed coursework is the absolutely final version prior to

1 March 2017 Semester

School of Architecture,Building & Design

5. The completed coursework assignment must be submitted by the

following deadline: MONDAY, 29 May 2017 16:00 hours

Extensions to this deadline may exceptionally be granted.

Applications for an extension should be sent, with full reasons, to
the lecturer.

Any extensions should be applied for as early as possible and will be

considered at the sole discretion of the module co-ordinator.
Applications close to the deadline should be avoided wherever
possible, and unless made at the earliest opportunity, are likely to
be refused. Please note that pressure of work, unless exceptional
and verified, will not be accepted as a valid extension justification.

Failure to submit the completed coursework assignment properly or

by the stated submission deadline will result in the students scoring
marks less 5 marks per week of delay for the assignment.

6. Any deviation from the above guidelines will be penalised, either by

a zero score or a lower mark.

2 March 2017 Semester

School of Architecture,Building & Design

Individual Assignment 1

Malaysia has recognised green technology as one of the key drivers of

national economic growth. To achieve this, the Government is currently
reorienting its policies to promote and develop green production.

In developing the Green Industry in Malaysia, the Malaysian Government

had introduced the National Green Technology Policy on 24 July 2009.
The policy focused on 4 pillars, namely Energy, Environment, Economy
and Social. Green Technology shall be a driver to accelerate the national
economy and promote sustainable development.

In line with the green technologys policy, critically analyse and

discuss the various ways how air conditioning systems can
enhance green technology.

Minimum word limit 1,200 words

Maximum word limit 2,100 words

3 March 2017 Semester