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Robotics & Coding STEM Curriculum

Coding Robots powered by CoderZ

Introduce students to the concepts of Robots and Code with CoderZ, an online
learning environment for programming real and virtual robots.

The Robotics & Coding STEM Curriculum brings your students up to speed with
code and robotics in no time. This 45 hour program will teach your students to solve
STEM problems through code, using math and engineering to overcome challenges.
CoderZ uses engaging simulation so students will have immediate life-like feedback
and can work from any computer, even from home, making sure all students get to
code their robot even when time and resources are limited.

Use visual (Blockly) or text editors and test your code with simulation
Log into CoderZ anywhere, anytime to continue learning
Developing the pathways to STEM
Promote 21st century skills like computational thinking and problem solving
Coding Robots
Course outline and learning objectives:
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
What Are Robots? Driving Lesson Wherefore Art Thou?
Robots are problem solvers. Driving a robot is no simple Use geometry, math, encoders
Learn what makes up a robot task. We will learn how and loops to see how you can
and how to solve problems in to create and control the accurately navigate your robot
industry, medicine and even at movement of robots by and bring it home.
home. controlling its motors through
basic code.

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

Look Around Take Control What You See
Driving the robot around is Two-state and proportional You are now ready for
great. Sensing whats around control are simple techniques variables, state machines
it and reacting to it is even that will help you master your and three-state controls.
better. We will learn about robot. Learn about ultrasonic With these you can use light
controlling distance and using and gyro sensors and take sensors to follow lines and
optical sensors to look around. control of your robot. much more.

Week 7 Week 8 Week 9

Watch Out Reach Out Its A Wrap
Overcome obstacles using Search for objects using scan Time to put those mad skills
advanced coding techniques techniques and remove them to the test. Face the challenge
and control best practices. using a manipulator. Its more and put all youve learned into
Tweak and tune your code to challenging than you think. practice. You will need it.

CSTA compliant and NGSS aligned

PBL approach

Flipped classroom ready

Start working with CoderZ now!

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