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Group Assignment
Students are required to attempt a building services case study group activity and
prepare a written case study report for this activity.

The following guidelines should be strictly adhered to:

1. You are required to select a building as a case study project.

2. Observe the building services systems taught in this module.

Objectives of the activity:

1. Describe the purpose of the building as a case study.

2. Discuss the existing types of system.
3. Identify the problems, comment on TWO (2) systems; compare and contrast
the current system with your recommendation and solution.
4. Justify your finding from item 3 and recommend the best system for this

Requirements of the assignment:

1. Students shall form a group for this assignment with 8-12 members per
2. Student shall submit a written report and oral presentation on the submission
3. The length of written report shall be at 5000-6500 words.
4. Student shall include each member job scope / work done / area of
involvement in the appendix section of the report.
5. Schedule of conducting the case study activities shall be included in the
appendix of the report.
6. Final submission of the assignment shall include a hard copy report and a
soft copy (CD) for submission.
7. 10% from total mark will be deducted for the 1st day of late submission and 5%
subsequent day.
8. Submission deadline of the assignment report is on 19th June 2017.
9. Presentation schedule at 19th, 21 th and 22th June 2017.
Assignment Learning Outcomes:

1. Students shall be able to identify and explain relevant information related to

fire protection system, vertical transportation system, mechanical air-
conditioning system and electricity generation and supply system at the end
of the activity.
2. Students shall be able to illustrate the services construction in schematic
diagrams. Distinguish and differentiate the installation of various types of
services in a building.


The group assignment is a formative assessment. It will carry 30% weightage for
the Building Services Two module.